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Author(s): Yizzy
total rating:6.81 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 6 6 7 7
eRIC 6 8 8 7
eTux 7 7 7 6
Gerty 6 8 8 6
Jay 7 8 8 7
Jose 7 6 6 7
Kristina 6 6 6 7
MichaelP 6 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 6 8 6
Phil 8 7 7 8
Ryan 7 6 7 7
sonnyd83 8 7 6 8
Treeble 6 6 6 6
category averages
(13 reviews)
6.69 6.77 7.00 6.77

Reviewer's comments

"Aside from the somewhat persistent darkness and some dodgy sounds with the swinging blades, I found this to be a quite nicely crafted and hectic little adventure through a classic environment. The native and mummy attacks were a tad tiresome and the maze was just set up to be an annoyance in the otherwise fast paced gameplay, but otherwise there's an enjoyable mix of traps, jumps and a couple of neat sequences in the form of cages and raising blocks. Aside from the darkness, the setting is solidly textured and the atmosphere is nicely done. No masterpiece, but it entertained me and that's all I ask for." - Ryan (04-Jun-2018)

"The level begins with the tune from Temple of Karnak, probably least tense one from TR4. The texturing here is ok but not brilliant, some aren't matched up correctly or upside down, however the path with paw prints is a nice touch, and natural stone at either side is good for atmosphere. The texture/lighting gets a little better inside the building, the lights are nice coming through the ceiling. There's some skulls on the floor. You must avoid some darts here, they'd be better if they came out of the mouths on the wall though. There's a couple of routes you can take here. The one I took ends with blades, a few jumps and flames. Texturing is very nice with suitable edging to stone walls, and foliage. Here we meet our first enemy - some baby spiders. There's some nice looking flameholder objects here, and walk-through cages over deadly water, a jump is madeover a tied flamme, and some boulders fall, doors open and attack begins by a tribesman (TR3 crash site), texturing and atmosphere is quite cold and cave like, like the caves level of TR1, then we have a nice rising block puzzle with mystery sound when you enter the room, you pull one switch one block rises, pull the other, the other rises, but first one sinks. There's a few spikes to enjoy too. After the blocks puzzle, get past more blades, the balde sounds are loud as there's so many playing at once. The next bit has some waterfalls behind gates, following this is a very chlostrephobic area with a sinister atmosphere - like being buried alive, with zombies, there's an issue in the underwater area if you go up to get out of the water, you get stuck in stone floor. Anyway, a hand and key is collected, many difficult wraiths appear followed by many blades on slopes, medipacks are used often here. Next difficult bit, after backtracking, is a sliding spike wall room, I love the lighting in here, then a few testing jumps, and then mutants, fin ish trigger is not far after. There's plenty to do in this level and fairly linear gameplay and route but a little exploration is required. Architecture is a mix of cave and temple and is 3D with upper and lower areas, and texturing is fairly good with a range of textures which get better into the level, although it is hit or miss, lighting is dark and light where required and has appropriate colour depending on room. No camera's are used here." - sonnyd83 (18-May-2012)

"This level starts nicely with a TR1 caves look and fluent game play and also an interesting block raising sequence. Unfortunately it soon changes quite dramatically into a somewhat strange mix or dark maze environment with mummies walking around and burner rooms with climbing areas full of annoying blades. The architecture looks a bit thrown together and the rooms aren't well connected, but the texturing is nicely done and also the lightning doesn't give much to complain about, except for the already by previous reviewers mentioned flare and torch bugs and also the pitch dark maze. There are a variety of enemies that range from mummies, skeletons, bat, large mutants, tribesman, spiders and wraiths. Overall it is not a bad level and it had plenty of action and other interesting things going on, but in the end I was glad when it ended. If you don't mind a bit of confusion and are not afraid of checking the walkthrough once or twice, this might be fun level, especially if you are looking for something that can be easily finished under an hour. (40 min, 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (19-Nov-2011)

"I'm rather glad that one's finished! It certainly wasn't dull.Quite the opposite,actually;but the en-masse enemy attacks became a little wearying after a while.Coupled with rather too much darkness and the overall effect is probably less than the author intended,which is a bit of a shame as this is a well-designed and solidly built adventure in typical Tinnos style which manages to keep its momentum going from first moment to last.There were a few rooms which appeared to serve no purpose,and that Maze was an undoubted annoyance,but the atmosphere was well engendered and the gameplay had a decent linear flow. Not a classic,perhaps,but it deserves to be better known." - Orbit Dream (25-Mar-2009)

"I've decided to play something other than the BtB Peru levels before I'm worn out, and I'm only halfway done with those. So, I picked up this one level. The signs of a first level show up, and even though the first few rooms didn't look bad at all soon the dark corridors took place and they felt a little monotonous. There is a really mix of textures from all the games here, so you get a bit of Peru, a bit of Antarctica and a bit of India. There are a few rooms that had me reloading a few times, such as the slopes/wall blades/wraiths room and the run through the moving spiked walls. After collecting three Katala artifacts, you're ready to leave. 30 minutes. 02/08" - Treeble (24-Feb-2008)

"Even with the bug of the fire at Lara's stomach the level is not bad and has some interesting tasks, the worst for me was the return through the dark corridor with the mummies and with the flare bug. Deal with the wraiths and blades while opening the exit door was hard too. I couldn't find a way to return to the tittle sceen and had to exit with the administrator task. This ruins full of traps will be another real challenge for Lara." - Jose (27-Nov-2007)

"This could have been an even better debut if not for a pitch black maze area which majorly spoiled whatever fun I had in the other part of the 30 minutes spent here, let alone the fact that the flare bug occured on top of this. That aside you get a fairly solid TR1 style setting (with oen or two missing textures) in which you get to find three artifacts and hte noisy blade room and spike wall run were probably the highlights for me." - MichaelP (20-Nov-2007)

"This is a nice little level, ideal for a 45-minute diversion that won't tax your brains or your playing skills too much. The graphics are superb, and the lighting allows the player to enjoy them. Gameplay is rather straightforward and predictable, but everything is put together well. You start in a setting reminiscent of the very first TR1 level, but the feeling of deja vu doesn't last very long as you start getting down to business. Recommended for players of all skill levels." - Phil (16-Nov-2007)

"This one is short, thirty minutes for me, and has many dark places. That underground maze was rather unpleasant although you have a torch to help you out and find your way to the next area. There are a few jumps and many mummies especially inside the maze. Most of the level has to do with buttons and switches. Also the flare bug doesn't help at all when you have many darkish areas. It has a basic gameplay and is suitable for novices but due to the fact that it lacks a good challenge it might not interest more hardcore players." - Kristina (05-Nov-2007)

"I really should be better disciplined after playing so many levels, but every now and then I will forget to write down my review of the level I just finished. So had to play this one again and although I did remember some parts (as the pitch dark maze and Lara sprouting a flame from her stomach) that was clearly not enough to review it properly. It starts out all innocent but wait a bit and you will be in a trap galore. I have to say that in the black maze, the second time around, I cheated as I added flares and the Grenade Launcher, as I just hated it to throw down the torch and pick it up again because of that bloody flare bug that kicked in. At least with throwing flares on the floor I had a better time to get through the maze. The trap galore was fun to do and it helps a bit to shoot the wraith so they leave you alone so you can fulfil the tasks that you have to do there. I was also puzzled as some things didn't make sense to me and I see that I am not the only one. But give it a try as there are some nice challenging parts in here and overall you will have a good time." - Gerty (03-Nov-2007)

"This debut level certainly has its moments, but just as well is not entirely without problems. Set in a Peruvian cave setting, this is actually a fairly atmospheric level with good use of textures and lighting, though unfortunately a bit on the dark side. I never needed to use the flares, so can't vouch for the flare-bug, but there were some glitches as far as the torch goes, which I have not seen in any other level out there. It makes the level come across as a bit rushed, but overall doesn't harm its appeal. If anything - I never really found a use for the torch, so was somewhat confused if it had any other purpose than illuminating your way through the darker bits. As far as gameplay goes - there's nothing particularly complicated here, but there are some exciting sequences involving moving walls, wraiths, blades and Tinnos mutants that maintain the intrigue until you've gathered the 3 artifacts you came here for. Overall - one of the better debut levels I've played recently - definitely worth a go." - eTux (30-Oct-2007)

"Another pretty good debut level, hurrah. It's such a relief when builders don't release a level for public consumption without having obviously done a great deal of initial work familiarising themselves with the level editor. The flare bug did kick in at one point, although a torch was provided, presumably in compensation as I never found another use for it. Lara herself also spent a while on fire, which was an interesting (although I'm sure unintentional) effect that luckily didn't do any harm health-wise. This is quite an assault course in places, but medipacks are generously supplied. The enemies, whilst not numerous, are used most effectively and you might just want to save your uzi ammo for the end of the game." - Jay (29-Oct-2007)

"Well done for a first level. There are 3 different sections in it and you'll get 3 artefacts as rewards. The first part is Peruvian with a rather easy gameplay and good atmosphere. Then we reach an icy outside area with natives and a temple with firstly easy puzzles but afterwards more challenging tasks. It is a pity that the flares bug occurs in a pitch black maze with zombies : even the torch suffered from the bug, and to see something I had to throw the torch , progress a bit , collect the torch and so on. This maze is not that big but I really hated to find my way in there , how fun is that ? And I had to do it again when coming back. Meanwhile there was a great challenge which was quite fun : Climbing a long ladder while being attacked by many wraiths and survive , and at the top raid a room with many plinth blades , and still with the wraiths on pursuit. At least, there was enough medipacks. The last part of the level is not Peruvian anymore but South Pacific with another good challenge with platforms and moving spike walls. It took me a while to know how to make the whole sequence without loosing any health at all. I also liked how you have to jump into a crawlspace without the usual method. Some more enemies , skeletons and a couple of Tinnos poisonous mutants and you get your 3rd well deserved artefact. The looks of the level are okay, it seems that the firsts sections were more atmospheric than the lasts ones, while those were more challenging. There are a few things that did not made sense to me. There is firstly near the beginning a great room with fire burners and blue textures but with nothing to do , then there is a rope in the big outside area that serves no purpose, and finally what was the real use of this underwater switch where you kill the wraiths ? Mysteries unsolved. All in all a strange level, with some good moments , a couple of challenges , and a big downside : the flares bug. Anyway this promising new author with this first offering of 50 minutes seems to have good ideas." - eRIC (20-Oct-2007)
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