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Author(s): Sascha MG
total rating:6.96 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 6 7 7 7
eTux 7 8 7 8
Gerty 6 7 7 7
Jay 6 8 8 8
JesseG 6 8 7 8
Jose 5 6 7 7
MichaelP 6 6 8 7
Moonpooka 6 7 7 5
Orbit Dream 6 7 8 8
Phil 7 8 8 7
Ryan 7 7 7 6
Treeble 7 7 7 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
6.25 7.17 7.33 7.08

Reviewer's comments

"A d├ębut level and once again, an only attempt. A great shame, as this indeed showed potential, although some parts annoyed me personally. It's too dark throughout the level. Not pitch black, but fairly annoying. The bluish lighting in some rooms gave the old Cleopatra's Palaces textures a boost though. The backtracking from Point A to B got annoying as well, particularly through a spike trap and back. Some jumpswitches are sneakily hidden and there is some shimmying to do and some gems and a Portal Guardian to find. Not bad at all." - Ryan (23-Apr-2017)

"Here's another one-shot from a builder who showed some promise, although the level certainly has its flaws. It's dark throughout, as others have noted, and the backtracking is so severe as to become nerve-wracking. Instead of using a trigger to deactivate corridor-blocking spikes, you're obliged to take damage (not once but twice) by having to walk, run or sprint through them after they've been activated. Finally, a reach-in switch at the end is accompanied by wall-switch-pulling animation. On the other hand, I've always enjoyed raids in an Egyptian setting, and the environs here are quite pleasing to the eye. Total time for me was a bit more than 40 minutes. Harpies and demigods are the main enemies, although a beetle horde and a skeleton show up early. Harry Laudie has contributed his usual straight-to-the-point walkthrough. For completists only." - Phil (18-Feb-2016)

"This is a nice, basic 30-minute raid in a cleopatra's palace setting. The looks are pretty good, though a little wallpapered in some sections (such as crawlspaces). The lighting is nice and colorful, but a bit too dark in some spots, like the beginning chamber. Your progress depends on some concealed jumpswitches which are a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but they are not too abundant this time around. You also must locate puzzle items in the various chambers (which look a bit too alike) while fending off beetles, harpies and demigods, and performing shimmying routines, finding hidden routes and avoiding drowning during a rather tight underwater run (which I enjoyed). One thing that was a bit tedious was the collective amount of backtracking needed. Decorative objects are well done, but the hole switch has the wrong animation, and some switches do not give you camera cues so a bit of guesswork is needed, though the existing fly-by sequences are fine. The author did a good job, overall." - SSJ6Wolf (22-Nov-2008)

"Despite being released earlier this year, this level is a very standard cleopal-wad level. Gameplay is very simple and linear, although it has a little backtracking as you quest for the items to proceed. Nothing really stands out in this level, but I haven't spotted any flaw so I guess things even themselves out. I never found the Scroll, though, and for the most part the level was very silent. 30 minutes. 11/08" - Treeble (02-Nov-2008)

"A quick little Cleopatra level in the usual textured style. First off, my only complaint is how dark it was, and I eventually gave in and added some flares to my game. Maybe I missed them as a pick-up, or maybe there just aren't any, but I sure needed them or I would never have seen the dark crawl spaces. Other than that I enjoyed this little run around. There's only one trap and that's some spikes to run through, but enemies are about by way of beetles, harpies, a skellie and three demigods. Lara needs to find a pillar, blue gems and the portal guardian to proceed. There's quite a bit of climbing to do as well, so make sure your legs are up to it. All in all not a bad level at all, a pleasing run through and nothing too taxing for the brain." - Moonpooka (09-Sep-2008)

"I still like them though, those Egyptian levels. This one is no exception. There are a few minor gripes as I found an invisible door and a few textures could be applied a tiny bit better. The lightning was great, but if you use this dark, do throw in some flares, as I couldn't make it with the few Lara had. The level itself isn't so big so there is quite a lot of travelling back and fro (not my favourite game play I admit) and getting your hands on some Gems, and the Hathor Effigi and the Ornate Handle is a must. Look for levers are they are hidden pretty well. Nicely done." - Gerty (26-Apr-2008)

"A very solid little debut level in a classic cleopal setting. It flows in a rather linear fashion with a bit of backtracking here and there, nicely supported by good camera work and the only thing that might have you stop for a moment are a few well hidden jumpswitches and the prevailing darkness that is a bit overdone in places. Nice trip back down memory lane for 30 minutes." - MichaelP (15-Mar-2008)

"Well, here's a neglected gem of a level if the review count for it is anything to go by (because, you know, you have to take the highly secret, organized, underground level player community in account, just to be on the safe side)! Sure it's just a Cleopatra's Palaces inspired game, and as such doesn't really initiate any novelty revolutions that will fry the brains of Tomb Raider players for generations to come, but it's a decent level on its own and that has to count for something as well. It's nicely paced overall (with the occasional annoying backtracking moment or two... or more) taking me a total of 30 minutes to get through all of it - mainly consisting of finding some sneaky switches and crawlspaces. On a more negative side - at times it seemed that the game dragged intentionally either via tedious courses (shimmying in the final area) or a bit overdone backtracking. As far as the looks go, bar a few texture errors it's visually stunning, and the vivid lighting gives it a unique flair. I didn't find it too dark on my PC, but a flare pickup here and there wouldn't have hurt, as wouldn't a couple more camera hints, that would've clarified some of the less obvious moments, despite it not being a confusing game generally. The enemies are what you'd expect from the wad, but nicely put in use with only a few beetles in the beginning, and then more harpies being summoned as you progress and ending with a demigod battle. In a nutshell - it's an excellent debut level from the author from start to finish, well worth a go, especially if you like the Cleopatra's Palace style games." - eTux (13-Mar-2008)

"Allways the same defect in many levels from scratch. How much does it cost to the builders place some packs of flares in the game? I never could understand it. Again, a level with many dark areas but only with three flares in your inventory. Evenmore there was nothing interesting for me in this game; only look for some jumpswitches in the darkness and place some gems was a poor gameplay. On the other hand, design is good as well as textures, cameras and sounds; no bugs and no tricky tasks, few medipacks and enough ammo. With some puzzles and less darkness it could be a good level." - Jose (02-Feb-2008)

"It was rather nice to see the old Cleopal textures again, I always did like them. This is a debut level and a very well made one too. It is rather dark so I'd give yourself some more flares if I were you, but that apart it's very playable. Avoiding the horrible beetles at the beginning of the level will almost certainly cost you some health as they even follow you underwater, the persistent little devils. The other enemies - skellies, harpies and demigods - are easier to deal with, although they can also be challenging. It's not a complex level and well within everybody's capabilities so if you fancy a classic Cleopal raid that you can accomplish in well under an hour, try this one." - Jay (20-Jan-2008)

"First-time builders are getting better and better,you know! Although this game has its faults,construction isn't one of them;the texturing is flawless and architecture is often very impressive,although the level was generally too dark for my tastes (no extra flares were provided).It's the backtracking that rather lets it down,with far too much retracing of steps. The final shimmy is also flawed,as a close-to-hand Pillar causes collision and seemingly prevents her from making the maneuvre,although this can be circumvented with a tricky-ish jump.The builder might also consider making the secrets rather more worthwhile attaining(a big medipack,perhaps)rather than simply being standard ammo pickups,which were scattered regularly throughout the rest of the level anyway.Enemies (although standard to the Cleopal wad) are used well and tend to attack in groups,and a few traps and rope-swings spice things up nicely and keep the adventure moving speedily along. Gameplay is generally of the 'find the sneaky hang-lever' variety and quite linear;but the adventure has a polished appearance and smooth flow to it,and (who would have thought I'd ever say this?)it's good to see the traditional old Cleopal wad make a reappearance after all these years!" - Orbit Dream (07-Jan-2008)

"I don't know why this Egyptian level of the typical Cleopatra palaces persuasion is named like this as I did not found any scroll. I am grateful that some builders still build Egyptian levels as there are not so many nowadays, and this level which is the first from the author is quite decent. Maybe a bit too dark and with minor glitches (an invisible block in front of a door, a few textures that are not well applied, and I'm pretty sure I've found two secrets but they did not registered in the statistics) , but this is quite a solid effort , no great puzzle to solve here and no tricky traps either, but the progression is good, some enemies (the beetles or the skeleton at the beginning while you are searching for a jumpswitch) are well used, flybys are well made , and the good looking rooms have an appropriate decor. A pity it lasts abruptly after 35 minutes ; we can hope the author will present the sequel in the future or another level of his imagination." - eRIC (05-Jan-2008)
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