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Author(s): birdmonster
total rating:2.63 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 2 2 2 2
Ceamonks890 1 2 3 2
DJ Full 3 3 1 3
eRIC 2 6 5 2
eTux 3 4 3 3
Gerty 3 6 3 3
Jack& 0 2 1 0
Jay 2 2 3 3
Jose 2 2 2 1
Larson 1988 3 10 4 0
manarch2 1 3 4 2
MichaelP 4 6 3 4
Orbit Dream 1 2 1 1
Ryan 2 3 2 2
category averages
(14 reviews)
2.07 3.79 2.64 2.00

Reviewer's comments

"Shooter by class, shooter by nature. There's a rather eclectic variety of enemies, heaps upon heaps of ammo, stretched and repetitive textures and endlessly looping music. It certainly tries to do something different, but it didn't really work out." - Ryan (31-Dec-2016)

"The game has some switches but is primarily combat-oriented and we get a lot of ammo to deal with the baddies: 72 revolver bullets, 48 normal shells and 72 wideshot ones. The point is we never find any of these weapons and at least the shotgun would be necessary for killing the T-Rex. Somehow I managed to escape the jaws with a milimeter of lifebar but I still don't like it blinking till the end of a level. The uzis can be later useful for quicker defeat of torso mutants, birdmonsters and some misc enemies, and since the author seems to like the overgrown chicken enemy more than I do, I expect to fight more of these in his later levels what I'll happily do provided with enough bullets. Graphics consist of no particular scenery made of grid division painted with texture floor + walls + ceiling, interrupted with huge fields of generic material and very few occasional landmarks reaching standards of decency. If lighting is adjusted, it goes from brightest sunlight to pitch black darkness, with as little transition as possible. Thankfully, the flare amount is acceptable in the first dark zone and more than sufficing in the second one so nothing is too much against the player here. SUMMARY: Linear Egyptian shooter without much thinking involved." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2016)

"While the builder's demonstration of several TREP features(from enemy corpses which don't vanish to red-colored flares), is nonetheless impressive alongside some rather relaxing ambiance, it's a shame all that potential has to be buried amongst yet another bad debut release. Gameplay relies far too much on shooting enemies and running down empty boxy rooms with simplistic platforming aspects included within them, lighting and atmosphere generally fall flat, texturing is painfully repetitive and the enemies/objects just feel thrown in with no rhyme or reason for their inclusion, other than birdmonster more than likely thinking it was cool. So overall, not recommended in the slightest." - Ceamonks890 (05-May-2015)

"This is a debut level with large boxy and wallpapered rooms. The Egypt textures from TR1 and Unfinished Business. There is not much to do than pull a few switches. The rest is combat or avoidance. There is one pitch-black room where you run around firing the pistols to get a little light since the flares are used up quickly. I did like the sounds as many were right from TR1 like the footsteps, pistols and push block. The builder tried to spice up the level by throwing hordes or enemies into the game. There is a wild mix of mummies, ninjas, crocs, pigs, demigod, Natla, bird-monsters and a T-Rex. Only recommended for those who love to shoot a lot and have already played everything else." - Blue43 (18-Oct-2010)

"This level has so many enemies to shoot one could think some other (unnamed) builders were at work! I have to be hard and rate Gameplay low as it consisted on running and shooting. Not more. Well the sound was acceptable, but that's the only thing good here. Textures were streched and looked same on floors walls or in different rooms. Not to forget - pitch dark areas where you have to go searching for keys. Resumingly I can just say "Don't!"." - manarch2 (14-Oct-2010)

"A short level builded with big square rooms without furniture; only walls, floor and a textured ceiling. Some pickups for the shotgun and the revolver, guns I coudn't find so I had to go through the level always avoiding a lot of hard enemies. Some jumps, some switches, all the rooms lightened the same bright way and nothing more. No puzzles, no cameras, no sound effects,... I only liked the background music." - Jose (10-Apr-2008)

"I can forgive a debut level many things - large empty rooms, minimal gameplay, bewilderingly random choice of enemies, even occasional pitch black areas - but not the earthquake, sorry, no, that's just something that, to my mind, no level needs under any circumstances. Unless you actually enjoy spending most of a level playing with nausea inducing shaking going on, I really wouldn't recommend trying this one." - Jay (17-Mar-2008)

"A 25 minutes level with TR1 Egyptian textures and a variety of enemies , ninjas , panthers , flying mutants , bird monsters.... These latters were no threat to Lara so I did not kill them, but I suspect that they were maybe holding the weapons as I did not find any. The rooms are too big , the lighting non existant , there is only one audio track used through the level , there is a couple of black areas, and there is no puzzle. The most "thrilling" moment was when lara had to manage not to be killed by the fire bowls thrown by the giant mutants after a long shifting action. The end battle was kinda fun, but the level suffers from the lack of good ideas and the looks are not very good. The best thing in this level are the sfx sounds." - eRIC (15-Mar-2008)

"well i dunno how can be builded such a bad game .... graphics 0 gameplay 0 alot off empty big rooms monstly in total darkness ........ this game is the worst from all wich i played ................ is a total waste off time i cannot recomand at no one ........." - Jack& (14-Mar-2008)

"Huge walpapered rooms,unmarked climbable textures,swathes of pitch-black darkness,a bewildering array of monsters and heaps and heaps of ammo lying around.Yes,it's a 'debut Shooter level'. Those of us who have experienced the majesty of Edward Orhue's 'Section 13' will find this something of a masterpiece by comparison,but it still remains a tedious business to run from huge room to huge room shooting monsters all the while.Play only if you're content to waste 30 minutes of your life." - Orbit Dream (14-Mar-2008)

"Was glad that in this level one could use the flycheat and I only needed it for the flares, as there are some pitch dark areas in the beginning and the flares found later on don't help you with the beginning. Finding a Key and levers that is all you have to do. Running from one huge empty room to the next, climbing long surfaces and swimming long distances. There is also an earthquake and that went on a tad too long though. Lightning is non-existing as it is either too bright or too dark, textures are applied as wallpaper but hey it is a first debut. For those among us who like a good fight with enemies, eat your heart out." - Gerty (13-Mar-2008)

"Well, this was uhm.... random! :) I loved the soundtrack. :D" - Larson 1988 (12-Mar-2008)

"Well, that was fairly random. The best way to sum this up is a generally undemanding and uninspired TR1 Egypt style raid with a ridiculous selection (and amount) of baddies, a plethora of ammo (though I only managed to find only the Uzi's closer to the end) and a few extremely dark rooms. And not one of those where you read a reviewer's complaint about a level's darkness and can't help but wonder if you've played the same game, but pitch black rooms with a minimum of flares provided thanks to the modifications of the exe. But the only real problem with that is that the darkness hides a vital switch and key pickup, and the worst thing that can happen if you stumble out of it before time is that you'll have to backtrack for it soon enough. As I did - and unfortunately that's one of the most memorable gameplay moments I had here. The rest is just running through needlessly large rooms, shooting enemies every now and then till you fairly abruptly reach the finish trigger after finding an unmarked climbable wall. Though you could do considerably worse, I'd still probably recommend to give this a miss for players, and an encore viewing of the manual and tutorial for the builder of the level before pursuing other projects." - eTux (12-Mar-2008)

"A debut level that shows a few classic mistakes: oversized square rooms with uniform, wallpaper like texturing, almost no lighting apart from some pitch black areas and fairly linear unexciting gameplay for just under 30 minutes. What it does stand out for though is a huge and rather diverse array of enemies, mixed in a way that is so hilarious that it is almost funny. Good enough to get started with the editor - now onwards and upwards..." - MichaelP (11-Mar-2008)
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