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Author(s): miss-anti
total rating:1.81 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cory 3 3 0 1
DJ Full 2 0 1 2
eRIC 2 4 0 1
EssGee 2 3 1 2
eTux 2 2 0 1
Gerty 1 2 0 1
Jack& 3 5 4 5
Jay 2 2 1 1
Jose 2 3 0 1
MichaelP 2 2 0 0
Orbit Dream 1 2 0 1
Oxy 5 5 3 3
Ryan 2 2 0 1
category averages
(13 reviews)
2.23 2.69 0.77 1.54

Reviewer's comments

"This level seemed like a veritable mishmash of enemies objects and textures. It's basically a straightforward linear traipse through a blandly designed Egypt environment, being attacked by guards (who curiously emit fire burner sounds when they die) and huge bird monsters from TR2. There are stretched and missing textures around and a plethora of missing sounds. I liked the outfit but that was about it." - Ryan (30-Jan-2017)

"A game a little bit unfinished, with its constant lighting, missing sounds, stretched textures and too much pickups to grab (as a result, we use at about 5% of them only). But generally the atmosphere is good. There isn't much to do in this level: you enter following chambers and side lockups in search for items only, with one platforming area and some spikeballs to avoid being not enough to consider the gameplay as average. Puzzles: throw a switch to open a door, throw two switches to open a door, don't throw any switch to open a door... No creativity, then. SUMMARY: Egypt. Egypt, egypt... You have already seen all these things and much more in original TR. So this level is not worthy of playing unless you have nothing else to do." - DJ Full (14-Oct-2010)

"Lara traveled to Egypt to find mysterious artifact. Rooms are too square without any placed lights - mostly you pick up ammo, medi-packs and weapons. Area looks like an ammunition storehouse with too high ceilings. On your way will be also some scorpions, some surprise rolling-ball death-traps and some soldiers to fight. 30 minutes of linear game-play - shatters to shoot, monkey swings and switch levers to open doors. I didn't find any secrets. Her outfit is cool. I also liked dark textures in the end and didn't kill the birds. :-)" - Oxy (14-Mar-2009)

"A short level with a very simple architecture, wafer thin walls, very stretched textures in very high rooms, no puzzles, no background music, missed sounds, no cameras, no lights,... There are hundreds of pickups you'll not need and some nice weapons, several traps (spike balls falling), pull some switches to open some doors and nothing more. I liked the enemies, the customized motorbike and the outfit, but they are not enough to be a decent level." - Jose (06-Jun-2008)

"There seems to have been a great deal of effort gone into the adding custom outfits, inventory, guns and a nice shiny bike. Unfortunately not the same effort has been put into building the level. Twenty minutes of bland tall rooms with water-gurgling enemies, masses of texture faults, invisible door blocks, a pointless bike ride, enemies appearing before your eyes etc etc. Most of your game time is spent picking up the stockpile of inventory that litters the level. At least there are some gameplay elements, with a few rollingball traps, ambushes and levers to locate and pull and monkey swings to negotiate. However the biggest workout Lara gets in this level is the number of times she touches her toes making pickups. Essentially a shooter - best for die-hard fans only." - EssGee (03-May-2008)

"Forget the backpack, you'll need a couple of shopping trolleys to cope with all the pickups. Yes, it's a debut level and massive amounts of inventory items aren't the only typical newbie hallmarks represented here. I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from building a level - I admire anyone who even attempts it - but I do think sometimes new builders should get a second (or third) opinion as to whether a level is ready to release, because honestly this isn't." - Jay (14-Apr-2008)

"Not much to add to my fellow reviewers - this debut 'level' had no rhyme or reason, texturing totally at random, lighting not existing, resulting atmosphere zero. About 60 or so pickups in the less than 20 minutes you will spend here, none of which you really need for some guards, many scorpions and two big birds you shoot at the end. Admittedly I did die once under a falling boulder but after the first three had missed Lara without me even paying attention I thought it would continue like that. The outfit is nice, as is the bike, even though it had no sounds in my game. Some of the (few) levers are actually wrongly triggered and do not even need to be pulled to open the related door. Back to the drawing board I would say..." - MichaelP (14-Apr-2008)

"Another level where one used the new moves but forgot that there is more to building a level than new moves. Numerous stretched textures, quite a few missing and although Lara can use the bike in the beginning, there isn't much more than riding through long, long empty corridor. There is an ammo pick-up galore and that is it, really. Invisible blocks in front of doors, when Lara dies she makes a burning sound, as do the enemies. Lightning is overall very bright, the enemies appear out of thin air, pushing of quite a lot of blocks to reach a door and that is it. Oh well it is a first after all, so back to the drawing board and take your time to get the basic straight. The outfit and the bike are nice and probably made by someone else." - Gerty (11-Apr-2008)

"Here's a level for compulsive packrats! As you can guess, there's pickups galore - more than you'll ever need in the level - I'll actually dare say you can just pick up the grenade launcher you find fairly soon and maybe one or two ammo packs along the way and you're set for the whole level. While technically I could categorize this level somewhere between shooter and race, given your resources you'd have an overwhelming predominance even in some of the more unforgiving shooters out there, and this is not one of them. Taking about 20 minutes to get through (possibly a lot less if you follow my advice and don't pick up anything that stands still) there's not much memorable about this level in a lot of ways - the outfit and some of the custom objects are nice, but don't really make up for the huge uninspired, unlit, badly textured rooms, complete absence of music (despite a number of audio tracks being provided with the download), complete absence of atmosphere and creative approach and a plethora of other things that might have turned this into a somewhat enjoyable game. It doesn't crash or have any serious bugs, I'll give it that - but that's a weak consolation if there's nothing worth recommending to play this for as well. I guess now that the initial curiosity is out of the way, the author might actually approach the tutorial level/manual seriously and start giving us some enjoyable levels instead!" - eTux (08-Apr-2008)

"Well, if you like picking up pick ups then this is certainly the level for you. It's not that you need them because once you pick up the grenade gun it is all plain sailing. There are enemies that appear out of nowhere, incredibly stetched textures and wrong way doors. It lasts 15-20 mins but the beggining is most fun with the motorbike, the best bit technically is the fall through floor and the pushable block puzzle. There is a weird boss at the end. Give it a go if you want to but it was not my kind of level." - Cory (05-Apr-2008)

"well this level is a waste of time huge empty rooms is more a shooter loads off medipacks and weapons and ammo for 4/5 guys and 2 giant birds only no puzzles no secrets in fact is a 10 min totaly waste off time i think is a debut level from the autor i would give 1 in the line but dont wanted to be cruel....... dont recomand to download an play this level........" - Jack& (05-Apr-2008)

"You know what I'm going to say by now,don't you? It's a typical beginners level,which means it has a lots of....oh,what's the point? I'll let you all fill in the blanks." - Orbit Dream (05-Apr-2008)

"A 17 minutes raid in straightforward progression , bearing all the marks of a first level. The Egyptian setting is very "chaotic" to say the least. This level should be reworked. The weirdest thing in it is the total absence of music. Looking at the script txt file, it seems the author has coded 118 as background audio loop ! There is a custom motorbike , a new outfit for Lara, and even the new animation when she pulls up on a block. Enemies are various gunmen, little scorpions and a couple of giant guardians birds at the end." - eRIC (05-Apr-2008)
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