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Author(s): Clarence Hill
total rating:8.13 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 9 8 8 9
eTux 7 8 8 7
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jack& 8 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 9 8 8
Jose 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 9 8 9 9
Oxy 9 8 7 8
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Samu 8 7 7 7
Shandroid 7 8 7 7
sonnyd83 9 8 8 8
category averages
(15 reviews)
8.20 8.13 8.13 8.07

Reviewer's comments

"What a debut this was and this author managed to recreate a manor layout and add some very enjoyable tasks for 8 beetles and several globes. My favourite was the timed trapdoor run. A nice motorbike ride to finish the level. Try it, it is highly recommended." - Ryan (12-Jan-2016)

"We are led to believe that this takes place in a castle in South America, but it looks too much like Lara's mansion to convince me. All the textures are the same as are the gardens. There are 4 grand staircases all leading to 4 pyramids, this looks quite impressive. The aim of the game is to firstly locate several golden balls to open all the doors, then secondly to complete 8 tasks to acquire 8 red beetles. These go in the 2 pyramids, which gives you parts to a wind up mouse allowing you to pas safely and pick up an Ankh, then the inevitable final showdown with a demigod, and escape on a bike, although there's no finish trigger. he tasks in this game include stepping on non deadly tiles, shooting underwater box with revolver, stopping harpies attacking Lara clones, 4 long jumps to either corner of the complex, each with something nasty to avoid, spikes, skeletons, timed trapdoors and more. Texturing and lighting are applied nicely so no complaints there. 1 hour 15." - sonnyd83 (12-Aug-2013)

"This castle is like big Lara's mansion, with gardens and trees. Lara's task is to find the stolen ankh. Enemies are harpies, skeletons, retextured demi-gods and little beetles. You will also find enough medi-packs and weapons, so no big fret here. Game-play is very entertaining, every room (except the main hall, which is mirrored) is different and nice textured. One easy timed-run, one double rope jump and harpies, attacking Lara double, will give you some adrenaline. I also liked the timed fire in the catacomb area, where water turned to lava. Basement catacombs are very nice build - I admired the architecture (it's just few little rooms, nothing that special, but I liked them very much). Every room in castle is locked with globe (they are different coloured). You must find 8 beetles to open the front door and drive your way home." - Oxy (18-Apr-2009)

"The Mansion meets Cleopatra's Palace in the Phillipines...what comes out of that mix is a busy raid inside and around a mansion with plenty of globes to find and use to open doors, no less than eight beetles to feed two pyramids that will give you the mechanical beetle and allow for your escape with the amulet on a bike. The tasks are many and while the classical ones they are presented in a professional manner here, including the Lara doubles being attacked by harpies and the wandering flame the ignites a pool. The black bottom of the horizon did not look so well outside and due to the non-linearity of the level you could end up spending quite some time running around wondering which area you may have missed. Enemies are only a few harpies, demigods and skeletons that are easily dealt with and the three secrets are fun to find. All in all, a well rounded debut level that will keep you busy for almost an hour - or longer, if you take your time and admire the mansion." - MichaelP (15-Apr-2009)

"This was a pretty nifty little level; a good one to play after a couple month absence. The level is essentially a key quest but instead of keys, you must locate globes that are placed in locks that are beautiful out-stretched hands. The level is not difficult, but there are a couple traps that take a bit of effort. The atmosphere is bright and textures, although not as advanced as other levels, nice to look at. I loved the hiding place for the wind-up beetle. I was a bit annoyed by the constant music playing in the background, but it wasn't bad enough to stop playing the game. All in all, a nice little level that won't take too long." - Shandroid (22-Jun-2008)

"Here we have a very entertaining castle level. The manor is magnificent and it's very well ornated with retextured objects from the cleopal wad and another custom objects. The level is not lineal but you'll not need to return to the same places more than one time :D. There are a lot of globes and scarabs to find visiting all the nice rooms from this big mansion. No much but well placed enemies and some dangers, but not too much difficult for the gameplay. No many dark areas :D and some nice musics and good cameras complete a very enjoyable level you can play." - Jose (06-Jun-2008)

"If you have been beset by recent levels that are over in the blink of an eye and just come up lacking(in so many ways) or if one or two seem unplayable because of difficulty and have been wondering what the future of TR custom building is, then wonder no more. This new builder shows that the future may be secure. There's a flow of gameplay, good texturing and just plain good puzzle solving that's engaging and a throw back to intelligent design. Set in what should have been a castle(as per the title) but is, instead, a glorified manor home, its release has come just in time to shine in an uneven playing field and to remind us why we are all so caught up in Lara and her latest doings. One thing to remember is that sometimes Lara needs to be placed just so to shoot an object or else it's game over with nowhere to progress. There are mistakes - such as the never ending tile raising and lowering when Lara steps in certain spots (or maybe I just didn't understand what was happening) but this is one level that should renew your faith that yes, TR seems to still draw creative, intelligent and capable new builders that hopefully, will be with us for a long, long time. Well done, Clarence!" - Bene (22-May-2008)

"This is actually a glorified house level, where most of the action takes place indoors. However, don't let that description put you off, as you'll get a solid hour's worth of gaming enjoyment out of this one. There's nothing particularly new here, or flashy, and in fact the gameplay is a bit on the easy side, but you get a little bit of practically everything. For this reason I'd recommend this level especially for beginning raiders, to give them an opportunity to practice a variety of moves that never require repetition to a frustrating degree. The lighting is excellent, too. I played this one on my home computer, which has been accused by some as being the source of my problem with "dark" levels. However, I could see everything just fine in Cebu Castle, thank you, so I continue to reject the notion that my aging monitor is the culprit. Recommended." - Phil (06-May-2008)

"The start was rather confusing for me as all the rooms downstairs looked alike, but getting my bearings, this was rather a fun level to do. The hunt is on for silver and golden globes, to open all the doors, up- and downstairs. You also need the Revolver and the Sight in order to continue as well as the Scarab and the winding key. Keep an eye out for jump levers though. Some rooms have small puzzles and some not. All in all gather the eight Ruby Beetles and Lara will leave on the bike (if she chooses) with the Amulet of Horus in her backpack. I even found two secrets (arrows+ crossbow) thanks to vimmers as I completely forgot that I opened a trapdoor outside." - Gerty (26-Apr-2008)

"'Pon my soul,but what an impressive debut that was!The Gameplay was beautifully judged and expertly designed (I loved the way all the elements which had seemed so confusing initially,all came together with perfect logic)and the adventure provided continual and enjoyable challenge from first moment to last.Texturing was superb and the atmosphere was absorbing,marred only by the excursion to the roof which allowed glimpses of the edge of the playing area. The quest for the 8 scarabs was most ingenious and cunningly divided between 'thinking puzzles' and athletic challenges,while enemies were used sparingly in order to keep their attacks all the more undesirable. The amount of additional puzzle-pieces to collect (miniature orbs;effigy;mechanical scarab) was perhaps a little excessive, but it ensured that every inch of the playing area was thoroughly explored and thus utilised extremely well. If only the 'unmarked combustible squares room' hadn't been there,I would probably have awarded a 10 for Gameplay.In all other respects,this was right up my street:non-linear but nonetheless logical to follow;decent stroyline;well-placed enemies;creative puzzles;superbly flowing and absorbing Gameplay.Waste no more time reading these reviews;download and play it now!" - Orbit Dream (24-Apr-2008)

"In my opinion this is very good level considering it's the first level which author has released. Your tasks is to find an artifact which is hidden inside a big castle where's roaming plenty of monsters. Environment is not particularly unique and creative and it's mainly inspired by Lara's mansion from official TR games. However, it looks pretty nice and author has managed to avoid beginner mistakes like stretched textures or boxy rooms which you can often find in beginner levels. Gameplay is rather non-linear and you have to explore a lot to find 8 beetles to acquire the artifact which you're looking for. You have to complete various tasks such as jumping tasks, push block puzzle and there's also an interesting room in the level where you have to figure out which of the floor tiles are lethal and which are not. I liked this level and I think that author has potential to build even better levels in future." - Samu (20-Apr-2008)

"This fast paced level that takes place in a manor located in the Philippines but quite inspired by Lara's own manor, has everything to keep you entertained. Simple enough puzzles but lots of them and varied, a few enemies (bolt throwing birds, skeletons and demigods) here and there and a multitude of usable objects plus three secrets that you can definitely find. Its best feature must be its breathtaking momentum. Clearly recommended for some nice tomb raiding fun." - Jorge22 (19-Apr-2008)

"It's quite an intriguing level this one and definitely one of the most interesting mansion layouts I've seen. Your mission basically is to find eight beetles, which give you access to the mechanical scarab to enable you to grab the artefact you came for and escape on your trusty motorbike. There's a lot of rooms to explore along the way and you get to perform a variety of easy but well devised tasks, plus there's much fun to be had riding the motorbike round the house and grounds. This is a very nice debut level indeed and I enjoyed it very much." - Jay (19-Apr-2008)

"A very pleasant debut level - I was wary at first because of its unmistakable likeness to the same old Lara's Mansion setting scenario, but over the course it proves that it rises above that, including its fair share of tasks like a set of jumps in all their forms (pole-swings, rope-swings, timed trapdoor jumps) at the houses highest level and a variety of tasks on its other levels in your quest for the 8 ruby beetles. While its a fun, an approximately hour long adventure, it all boils down to a fetch quest as you pick up the next (undoubtedly cool looking) globe to open the countless doors of the house, and at times (especially in the beginning) everything seemed to be quite random - like the door closing and implying you won't have the chance to go out for a while, but not too long into the level you actually are required to, to climb on the roof of the structure to kill a random baddy who holds the next key item. Also the whole collection of most of the bronze globes seemed unnecessary as you could essentially reach the central structure using one of them as well. Moments like those made me wish for a more structured approach from the author's side, but all in all they are minor gripes for the level as a whole item - and don't trouble you too much. The looks are typical to a Lara's mansion type of setting and use a lot of symmetry in the setup. Though they don't stand out for anything in particular they're pleasant to look at at all times - if only the roof area seemed quite underused and bare. On the whole - it's an excellent debut from the author, and I think we can expect a lot more coming our way from this author." - eTux (19-Apr-2008)

"nice little level from Clarence i like it ... is in old style TR with a beautiful castle ......... u need to colect 8 scarabs to get the gold mechanichal scarab wich needed later to deactivate some spiked floor and get the egyptian cross .......not manny enemyes .some demigods and some skeletons... u need to get at all rooms in the castle to get the items needed for progressing the game even u need to get on the roof off the castle for 1 item ...... not hard jumps or complicated puzzles so far but very pleasant 1 hour gameplay ........ at final u get on the bike and leave the castle across the door wich u open .this builder have potential and i want to see another games builded by him good jobb Clarence ..." - Jack& (14-Apr-2008)
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