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Author(s): Emanuel Top
total rating:7.70 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 8 8 7
eRIC 8 7 8 8
eTux 8 8 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 8 7 8 7
Jose 6 7 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 7
Ryan 7 8 8 7
SeniorBlitz 7 9 10 10
Shandroid 7 7 7 7
Treeble 8 8 8 8
category averages
(14 reviews)
7.43 7.71 8.07 7.57

Reviewer's comments

"This is quite a gem, it was really enjoyable to play through since the builder managed to create a really atmospheric and pleasing setting with the use of the tomb raider 4 assets, and the gameplay, while simple manages to keep you entertained (I also like how getting both secrets can lead to opening a shortcut which skips a lot of backtracking, a very nice reward). The level can get quite dark sometimes, but, that isn't much of an issue since the author provided more than enough flares to get through. The only negative I can think off is how short this level is, and how abrupt it ends." - SeniorBlitz (31-Jul-2018)

"This is an enjoyable standard Egyptian level that could just as easily have been released during the fledgling days of the LE. It starts out in bright, sunny climes, but soon Lara enters the dark underground sections filled with mummies, scorpions and ninjas. Don't worry, she'll see daylight before the end of the level. The main goal is to collect the Eye of Horus, but the Hands of Orion and Sirius are also important. A few tunnels were rather mazelike, but this is balanced out by a nice flipmap sequence and enemy encounters. I wasn't a fan of the overall darkness, but aside from that, it's definitely worth a look. Well done!" - Ryan (23-Mar-2017)

"Here's a pleasant old school Egyptian raid that most of us would enjoy. All of it is familiar enough, but the variety in gameplay makes the 50 minutes pass quickly. Much of it is too dark for my taste, but you get plenty of flare pickups to lighten things up. At the end you're supposed to be able to kill a ninja to obtain the second eye piece to open the iris door and run forward to the finish trigger. My ninja never showed up, and by using DOZY I saw that he was on the other side of the iris door, making both of us quite inaccessible to each other. Aside from that rather inconsequential bug, everything fell into place quite nicely. Recommended for a bit of nostalgia." - Phil (08-Jan-2014)

"First impressions were most discouraging:lots of mazes,heaps of darkness.Worry not,for this adventure develops satisfyingly throught the 50 minutes of its length,becoming a fun 'hunt for two Hands' quest somewhere along the way.There's a well thought-out flooding-and- draining puzzle;a degree of backtracking requiring an amount of thought;and very solid construction throughout. Darkness is a problem,inevitably;although the builder probably treads as fine a line as is possible in order to maintain the appropriate subterraenian ambience;and the adventure succeeds in building to a grand Finale with massed ranks of angry bedouin. If you can easily forgive the dark and generally labyrinthine environment,this is well worth a go and should be better known." - Orbit Dream (11-Nov-2010)

"For a first and even with the TUT wad, this is a nice little adventure. There are a few"mistakes" like the illegal slopes in the outside area; also the textures can use some TLC. It is quite a dark level but you find more than enough flares. There is nice use of a flip room and for sure some swimming to do. Main goal is to get your hands on the Eye of Horus but that is almost at the end of the level. In the mean time you explore this Tomb that indeed is filled with water." - Gerty (02-Nov-2010)

"I forgot I recently played this level and somehow forgot to review it. I loaded it up and started playing it and it looked really familiar, then I read the walkthrough and was sure I had played it. This level isn't too bad of a raid. I do not like mazes at all and this one had non-destroyable mummies in the mazes...yay! There was definitely some well-thought-out areas where you remove the water and then gameplay changes. However, I got pretty confused in several spots and was thankful for the walkthrough. If you like Egypt levels, this one is not the best, but definitely not the worst and worth your time." - Shandroid (01-Nov-2008)

"While the title gives away the main idea of the level, there's not so many watery areas. As a matter of fact, at the beginning you'll even think that "maze" would be a better suitable title because quite a few areas have a mazey feel to them. The outside area has a few illegal slopes and the end of the world is within reach, but since you spend so little time out there it's not such a big deal. The lighting is very dim, but most of the time you can see what's going on -- and if you can't, the author has made sure you have enough flares (I finished with well over 100 of them in my inventory). The main puzzle of the level has you draining and flooding one room to reach other areas and while the concept is not ground breaking new, it's effectively used here. Other than that, expect a solid tut1 level and don't expect to find the second Eye piece within the tomb (I honestly thought I'd have to go through the entire level again since I just could not find it anywhere, ROFL). 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 10/08" - Treeble (20-Oct-2008)

"A solid level with a flip the water switch to dry/flooded and an alternate route ending makes this a fun, interesting raid. It is dark but the author has provided much more than the necessary flares. The mazes had me using more flares than I can remember ever having used before. Really good secret placement in which you get a crossbow and an early shotgun. Unfortunately, the Ninja that had the missing half of the Eyepiece seemed to be behind(not in front of) the closed circular door and no way for Lara to get to him as the piece he was holding combined with hers would open the door. Tried a few different ways but he always remained behind the door. No problem since it was the end of the level. I am looking forward to Emanuel's next level and hoping there will be one and one set in a different atmosphere." - Bene (17-Oct-2008)

"The first impression is that this level is another chapter of the "Playable Tutorial" saga, but I do not mean to infer that there is nothing creative about the level. There are in fact quite a few imaginative aspects as you raid this tomb, for example the access to various areas depending on whether you have the chamber flooded or drained of water, and mummies appearing next to each sarcophagus at one point. The builder acknowledges the darkness of the level, saying it was for the atmosphere and that enough flares are provided. While the lighting does provide good atmosphere, and there ARE plenty of flares, the darkest parts turn out to be the confusing labyrinth sections where I got a bit fed up and turned up the gamma to get through. At first baddies are not too threatening, some slow mummmies and little scorpions, but it all goes haywire at the end when many armed baddies rush the temple. The builder only gives you more weapons if you find two secrets, and I only found one, but I had just enough medpacks to survive on the pistols. Texturing for the most part looks good, but some textures are quite squished or stretched, especially on diagonally divided tiles. Cameras are setup well. Overall I found it to be a pleasant raid besides the dark maze parts." - SSJ6Wolf (16-Oct-2008)

"It's well builded this level with a decent architecture and well textured, but too much dark. At least I found a lot of flares to light my way :D but it's not the ambience I like (perhaps another players). There are some puzzles but too many levers to pull. Pull a lever, go to another room, pull another lever, go to the previous room, pull another lever,... and so. For me was tedious. Enemies are only scorpions and mummies, and some ninjas at the very end. Secrets are not difficult to find if you are always with flare in hand and explore the dark areas. I liked the cameras showing you what the levers trigger (what a relief!) but few more. Not a bad level but not for my taste." - Jose (29-Jul-2008)

"It is a fairly safe bet that this new builder has learned his skills by properly following the manual and then he crafted a solid and classic 45 minute long tut1 level as his debut. This adventure looks good, has a nice flow with good camera work and a nice variety of tasks throughout. It is a bit too dark in too many places, but enough flares are provided if you explore well. The two secrets are well hidden and worth finding, although I thought one has to be found in order to be able to finish the level (?). The highlight is clearly the well designed water flip room, the lowlight is the overall maze-like feel to the level, which might get you easily confused a few times." - MichaelP (18-Jul-2008)

"I've always supported the notion of new builders starting out using only the basic wad and texture sets to learn how to build levels, and it seems this level in particular could be used to support and advocate that notion, as it's an all round excellent raid through the familiar tutorial settings. It's all centered around one puzzle that requires you to repeatedly flood and drain an area, with each particular state cleverly being used for its advantages and disadvantages to get the most out of the surrounding area, thus also forcing the player to think in which state should the particular setback be overcome. The level also stands out for the clever use of the earthquake in the beginning and for a rather peculiar population of scorpions that nest in this tomb's vases. At times I was annoyed at the maze like structure of the underwater tunnels, which were made more annoying due to their prominence in the gameplay, but enduring them is a small price to pay for all the enjoyment you get out of this otherwise! Enemies are what you'd usually expect - some mummies, the scorpions, and a nice, dramatic showdown with a handful of ninjas closer to the end. Highly recommended if you want a solid, classic level, that is a pleasure to play through all the 30+ minutes it should take you to get through. Found 2 secrets." - eTux (28-Jun-2008)

"If a Tut1 debut level normally has you heading for the hills at a brisk canter, you're not alone. It's the point at which I usually recite my reviewer's mantra a few times - 'I have given up the right to cherry pick, I must try and review every blasted level that comes along, however painful the experience'. I therefore fired up the level with gritted teeth and low expectations and my first pleasant surprise was to find it solidly built rather than looking as though the builder had spent about five minutes learning the level editor before rushing out something awful. My second pleasant surprise was to find the gameplay good too - a nice classic raid with some flooding and draining work, which I always enjoy. It's all quite straightforward, but well thought out and fun to play. If only all debut levels were as good as this. Nice one, Emanuel." - Jay (20-Jun-2008)

"Let'em coming ! The Egyptian levels, yeah even the tutorial ones that have good technical qualities and interesting progression. Almost one hour to complete this level and it was an absorbing raid. The enemies are the usual suspects, with maybe too many little scorpions hidden in vases, and no ninjas before the final showdown. The author has made a very good work with the standard audio tracks, the setting is solid and lighting competently made. There are only a few outside areas, most of the time Lara is underground and it's pretty dark down there. There are more than sufficient flares so that's not a problem. There is quite a dose of swimming to be done and the main puzzle consist of draining/flowing an underwater system of corridors and a temple in order to get access to the artefacts you need for progression. I think I've missed a secret area somewhere for one door in the 2nd hole by the Jeep remained close. A good level !" - eRIC (19-Jun-2008)
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