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Author(s): Amanda Lepore
total rating:2.65 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Cory 4 3 1 1
DJ Full 5 2 3 6
EssGee 4 4 4 4
eTux 2 1 0 1
Gerty 2 2 1 1
Jay 3 2 3 2
Jorge22 4 5 8 7
MichaelP 3 3 2 2
Orbit Dream 2 2 2 2
Roli 3 3 2 2
Ryan 2 2 2 3
Samu 2 2 2 2
sonnyd83 4 5 7 6
Treeble 1 1 1 0
category averages
(15 reviews)
2.80 2.53 2.60 2.67

Reviewer's comments

"A return to the status quo across all design areas(with the risk of seizures for those who suffer from epilepsy, being at their absolute highest here). So for all intents and purposes, don't play this if you're one of those at risk. Or better yet, don't play this release if you don't suffer from epilepsy(because yet again, you're not missing out on anything of value). Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (05-Apr-2019)

"Ecstasy indeed. The walls of this level are positively adorned with pictures of hallucinogenic drugs and the initials LSD and XTC. Not only that, but a few hallways also display pictures of what looked like Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani, of all people and the textures flash rapidly in a seizure-inducing manner. The spike traps showed a vague sign of creativity (still a bit of a stretch, though) but the maze was just an unnecessary and tedious addition (it's also accompanied by a Mariah Carey song, for fans out there). This is the final level in the series, and again only for hardcore reviewers." - Ryan (30-Mar-2019)

"I don't know if Michael should feel honoured or deeply offended that he gets name-checked quite so often throughout this typically infuriating level.Everything about it is intentionally horrendous(although it must be said that,from a gameplay perspective,the timed spike run was actually a pretty decent challenge).If the constantly psychedelic animating textures don't do your head in,the soundtrack certainly will;and the Maze is a classic definition of the expression 'the final insult'. Like its predecessors,this level amuses briefly;but should ultimately be avoided by all but the most obsessive reviewer." - Orbit Dream (25-Apr-2013)

"Well, that was just weird! Was like being at a rave and rock concert simultaneously, music seems to switch from rock to dance, and some of it plays in reverse, very strange. Then we have the entire level flashing with self indulgent textures, and we even have a room dedicated to other level builders. There's various faces, and body parts, and even the name Hilary Clinton scrawled in places! Once you've taken an aspirin or two, it's time to play, and this one, has some spike traps and rolling balls to avoid, and a hand of Orion to activate the balls. Even the hand of Orion hasn't escaped the new colour scheme. And a zombie thrown in for good measure. More to do and a baddy to fight, door to open with a lever and then a zombie, and another room with water, and more baddies. Swimming under water is quite something - it's not like before because here it's just one colour flashing on and off, and music is weirder too, and the size of the room is just huge and takes ages to swim through! Biggest I've ever seen. Here we collect 2 halves of Lepore's toy, then open the large door with them, and negotiate more spikes, this spike corridor is very slow and tedious in that you have to slowly step to the edge of each block before jumping forward to avoid getting spiked. Next some jumps and rolling balls, followed by a jump switch and a monkey swing. The next bit is the longest maze I've had the misfortune of getting stuck in! There's no clue as to where to go, and the soundtrack is quite appropriate, found the end eventually, and then the laughter starts! Oh my goodness. Then a load of women come to pester you, so the escape is to finish the level. I notice a cackling Sophia Leigh when Lara dies occasionally, sounds familiar....Sound fx are all ok apart from that. All in all, incredibly psychedelic, like downing 50 cups of coffee one after the other. This builder is at the opposite end of the scale to me - I create very logical levels with little fantasy, where as this is all fantasy and no logic. Net gameplay 25 minutes." - sonnyd83 (21-Jun-2012)

"This level perfectly shows the reason why drugs should remain illegal. Epileptic textures gain 3 points, for psychedelic lighting this level gets another 3. I liked Amanda's final laugh very much. It took away negative emotions the maze had caused. 1 point for it, and for the background mix - a bit tiring after several minutes of listening, but all in all very original. Feeling of being inside a drugged mind is very strong. It's a pill of extasy indeed, so I give 2 points for the atmosphere. But I don't like the most annoying spike trap I've ever passed. SUMMARY: Obligatory level for those who like confusion, coincidende and pink." - DJ Full (27-Oct-2010)

"A true return to the origins. This level will cause you retinal burn as nearly 95% of it flashes in red and blue and to make matters worse, you come across a humongous maze that abuses of that flashing texture (and if that wasn't bad enough, you run through it while listening to Mariah Carey). After finally working your way out, what you get is a most disappointing random area with the finish trigger. It would seem even the author herself got bored in the process... 20 minutes. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)

"Just what you'd expect in another Amanda Lepore outing. Psychedelia, drug references, stalker chicks and the music. One stroke of brilliance is the Lara gunshots which have techno-dance beat attached to them so that you can kill enemies in time with the music. Smart move putting calming music on during the loooong maze. Provides a brief quirky interlude between other stuff." - EssGee (15-Dec-2008)

"This is surely one of the weirdest levels I've ever played. Texturing is quite a mess containing every colors in every room and the blinking textures almost caused me a headache. Gameplay wasn't great either and largely you just have to find items and switches to open doors, shoot some ninjas and avoid obstacles like falling boulders. The worst thing in my opinion was however the spike trap corridor which is a way too hard to complete. Audio tracks are neither great and after a while they started to irritate me and I had to turn volume down. Even if this game is quite unique it didn't make an impression on me and I surely wouldn't like to play it again." - Samu (09-Aug-2008)

"By now you should know I am no fan of Amanda Lepore (sorry dennis) and I know the builder can do much, much better than this dribble. Saying that as for gameplay this was rather nice, the music wasn't to my taste but each its own. The flashy lights don't bother me much, apart that it is straining on my eyes. Oh well, last one I am told." - Gerty (27-Jul-2008)

"Well what I can tell about this level? Another bad level, from Amanda Lepore... Gameplay: not too bad, but boring, and sort. The theeet spikes are hard ;-) :-D The labirynth = suicide! Enemies, objects: some ninja, some rolling ball, and annoying objects. Atmosphere, sounds, cameras: Everything are very bad, nothing special. Lighting & textures: The extasy texture make me an eye cancer minimum... very annoying... lightings too! a good council: let everybody keep clear of it!! ;-))" - Roli (13-Jul-2008)

"I didn't realise ecstasy was a hallucinogen, but wow the colours - my eyes, they bleed. This is a typical Amanda Lepore production, which is sufficient warning I think. Actually, I enjoyed this a bit more than most of the other offerings in this undoubtedly unique series, probably because it had its tongue even more firmly in its cheek than usual. If you are going to play it however, I'd wear sunglasses if I were you." - Jay (05-Jul-2008)

"Ummm... not sure what to say about this one, the gameplay, even though it was quite fun and well thought out, was somewhat spoilt by the flashing textures and ludicrous songs. Enemies were used quite well and the spike corridor required lots of thought but the boulders posed no dangers at all and the outfit and retextured levers, even though they added to the crazy atmosphere, looked horrific. I still laughed when I heard the gunshot sounds but the maze spoilt whatever nice bits of gameplay there were. I recommend you play this game, if not to give a good send-off to Amanada Lepore, then to try out the spike corridor (the best bit of the level by far) and see how quickly you can get through it. Just in case you still don't know who Amanda Lepore actually is (unlikely) then I will give you a hint: Their name was in the level." - Cory (04-Jul-2008)

"The final Lepore instalment. I believe this series was badly misunderstood by many, which I think is a shame. The idea of impersonating someone and creating a somewhat psychedelic, sometimes irritating, atmosphere according to the character was, in my humble opinion, perfectly well achieved. The gameplay was always quite simple but I don't think that it was mainly about gameplay, anyway. About this particular level, it is the very most flashy in the series, almost like a bad trip, with LSD and XTC written all over the place and quite suitable music in the background. "I don't know much about clothes but my hair looks fierce" - lol, I won't forget that one! Rating this *joke* level in the same way you would rate, say, Lara in a Box, seems pretty unfair to me. Play it if you want something truly different, not really as a gameplay masterpiece but more like an experience." - Jorge22 (03-Jul-2008)

"I'm not sure this is the level I needed to play before going to sleep, but so it has happened, and I'm glad I have the whole night ahead of me to forget about it. If I feel I've been somewhat more lenient with the Amanda Lepore saga up till now, this really pushed it over the edge for me. I didn't mind the huge maze (Michael's method works well - and if the Mariah Carey song has ended, you're either unconsciously enjoying the experience or are lost) and the tricky spike hallway, while outstayed it's welcome (as has the whole AL saga, but I'm hearing this is the last installment) was actually fairly clever, but the flashy textures and overall trippy atmosphere really spoiled it for me this time. One could bare it for a few minutes, but this obviously will take you up to 15 or 20 minutes to get through, and my eyes were exhausted by the end from the bombardment of the ugly MS Paint made textures - and while this probably was never something the author was overly concerned about for this series - bringing your players to that point is really not the best way to make an enjoyable game. Overall, if you're a casual player, I'd strongly advise you against even downloading this, if you're a fan or hardened reviewer, you'll probably know what you're getting into anyway, so you probably don't need me to say 'yay' or 'neigh' to make up your mind, whether you really want to rob those minutes from your life, when you could've done something more enjoyable, like, say, watching the wallpaper peel off the walls. But to look at it from the positive side - if this is what it feels like to be on drugs, it has solidified my 'anti' stance permanently now." - eTux (02-Jul-2008)

"The final instalment of the Amanda Lepore Joke series of levels is even more colourful and flashy than its predecessors, so avoid this at all cost if you have trouble with ever blinking (red/blue) screens. We know the type of audio that hits us from the other levels and if you cannot stand it, you can of course always switch it off. That aside, the outfit is again quite unique and there is a bit of simplistic gameplay and then a tricky spike run - or rather a: walk-carefully-to-the-edge-of-each-tile-and-jump sequence, followed by a boring maze where to good old trick of keeping your right hand on the wall all the time eventually brings you to the final room. 15 minutes and while the first instalment was kind of funny in a strange way, I am glad we have this behind us now as it has gotten a bit old quickly." - MichaelP (01-Jul-2008)
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