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Author(s): Mr.Croft
total rating:2.16 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 2 2 3 2
DJ Full 3 2 2 4
eRIC 1 2 4 2
eTux 2 2 3 2
Gerty 1 1 2 1
Jay 2 2 3 3
Jose 3 2 1 3
manarch2 3 1 2 1
MichaelP 2 1 3 3
Orbit Dream 2 2 3 2
Oxy 2 2 1 3
Ryan 2 2 2 2
Scottie 2 3 3 2
Treeble 1 2 3 2
category averages
(14 reviews)
2.00 1.86 2.50 2.29

Reviewer's comments

"Rather flawed gameplay here - an invisible pole, harmless blades and boulder traps and some simple climbing. Not saying there wasn't challenge here, but this left me feeling rather dissatisfied. The stretched textures and crude environments didn't help either. To be fair though, I've seen far worse attempts and I liked Lara's outfit." - Ryan (22-May-2017)

"This level only comprises of entrance hall, main hall, two side challenge rooms with puzzle combos and an escape corridor. Few white ninjas were added to spice up exploration but the wideshot ammo given is the least efficient possible. Texturing is mostly applied without logical transitions and with ornamental or stretched tiles occuring too frequently, but it's also quite varied and fitting, and while the pool water does not animate, there's an attempt on scrolling waterfall instead. Lighting is sometimes flat and sometimes it isn't. SUMMARY: A beginner's try, but not a complete failure - the bulk of construction makes sense." - DJ Full (03-Sep-2015)

"This level should be a demo and the question is now what does that mean:
- Should the complete level look the same?
- Should it be an appetizerl?
- Will the level builder simply show his current state of development?
Be that as it may, it is luckily only a demo. Should out of it become a complete level, has the level builder still a lot to do. The problems are: Monotonous textures, stretched textures, partly paper-thin walls, high rooms, partly monotonous lighting and opponents whose weapons have a water sound. After only 18 minutes one is already at the end.
But it is luckily only a demo, so we can hope the the best for a possible complete Level." - Scottie (26-Apr-2011)

"Completely forgot to review this - this level has got Btb'08 textures, but don't think it's of the same quality! Textures used were shockingly bad and gameplay wasn't much. Bedouin did not fit in the Peruvian Temple. One of many levels that I can't recommend on any way." - manarch2 (21-Dec-2010)

"You don't go into a level with 'Demo' in the title (and an average 2 rating)expecting very much,so I wasn't too put out by the fact that this lasted 10 minutes and had stretched textures all over the place.It must be said that the Gameplay for those ten minutes (while predictable) wasn't bad at all;with many jumps,spinning blades,star-gates and enemies to encounter and deal with;and a reasonable attempt at constructing straightforward rooms (although Lighting and Textures need a lot more work).It showed that the builder understood the concept of Gameplay well enough;and there's every reason to suppose that,should a full-sized level ever emerge,it will be eminently playable." - Orbit Dream (24-Dec-2009)

"Nothing interesting in this short demo; some jumps, some traps, some white ninjas to shoot and a item to place. Paper walls, ilegal slopes, stretched textures, no puzzles, no cameras, no sounds... The author needs to work some more to release a decent level." - Jose (08-Oct-2008)

"According to levels I played lately this one is quite pretty. It's good example what good textures can do. Even simple level can look good. This demo is very promising beginning to complete level one day. A little more care and this would be very decent level: illegal slopes should be removed, traps should work properly and harm Lara, and stretched textures shouldn't be used (you can break high walls and pillars by using F5 and F6 on keyboard). Game-play was boring. Also textures which belong together should be chosen more carefully, I got the impression, that they are dumped together in some places. Also wallpaper effect is visible, because the textures which uses the same pattern must be some kind without a special meaning (without faces, marks etc.). Good luck." - Oxy (05-Oct-2008)

"The amount of levels still released using TimJ's BTB08 wad as a base is astonishing and nothing short of a compliment to him, considering it's been about over a year since the creation of that wad. While this might not be the most sophisticated and successful level made out of it, least of all, it proves my point. It falls in pretty much every trap a beginner who's neglected the tutorial can, starting from stretched textures, oversized rooms, bad lighting to rather awkward placement of objects. That said - the 10 minute romp actually wasn't that bad and with some effort from the author might produce a level with some dignity in the end, assuming this won't be one of the countless demos that doesn't amount to anything. I did miss the shotgun for all the ninja fights, but maybe I just overlooked it somewhere. Not without a promise of greater things to come, but I don't exactly see masses of players falling over this one as well." - eTux (05-Oct-2008)

"Well, I like Lara in the outfit. Black becomes her. Obvious fault is the gameplay - much too easy to bypass the spinning blades and, I guess once that's done, the circular wall saws don't move. There's a disappearing pole and some of the textures need improvement. But this is a demo and the first few moments showed promise. Perhaps this will actually grow into a completed level showing needed improvement because there is a hint of possibly better things to come." - Bene (02-Oct-2008)

"I have to feel a certain amount of sympathy for this level - it was the first thing I played after Trix's brilliant Time Odyssey so it hadn't the faintest chance of shaping up to those dizzy heights. Regrettably, it doesn't even come close. It's short (as befits a demo), quite bright and cheerful but a bit slapped together. There are a few basic jumps and traps to avoid and quite a lot of ninjas to kill. Not a bad first attempt, but as a demo it didn't exactly leave me begging for more." - Jay (30-Sep-2008)

"Another level that can be somewhat deceiving at first sight. I am particularly a big fan of Peruvian textures, so this may have hit a soft spot on me, and even though the care is noticeably gone after the first room (ignoring the wallpaper effect on the ceiling, it actually does look somewhat good!) I still think a possible final version could have some potential. At least, as far as visuals are concerned. Gameplaywise you're after the two pieces of the Ba cartouche, one requires you to leap through a series of tall columns and the other requires you to negotiate three rotating knives circles (actually, there are spinning blades and falling boulders in that room as well, but I'd rather pretend they were not there at all). There are also a few wafer thin walls along the way. Like I've said, with some work and perhaps more dedication, the final version could be a worthwhile level. 10 minutes. 09/08" - Treeble (29-Sep-2008)

"Well that was short and sweet and as the title says: a demo. It is a first and I am still amazed that you clearly can see that one doesn't read anymore but now one glances through the manual. Oh well, each its own." - Gerty (29-Sep-2008)

"Another short debut level which actually benefits from a good choice of Lara Model, audio and texture set (Peruvian) and then screws it all up in the execution (thin walls, stretched textures). Gameplay is simple with collection of two halves of a cartouche and killing of half a dozen ninjas that are totally out of place in the setting. 10 minutes." - MichaelP (29-Sep-2008)

"A simple Peruvian level which lasts only ten minutes, where Lara has to face two quests to combine a cartouche, one with simple jumps on pillar , the other with randomly placed ploughs on a platform, and a corridor with stargates. The white ninjas are out of place, and the design of the rooms need a lot of improvement, the pillars are not segmented, the water is unanimated and there is thin walls too." - eRIC (27-Sep-2008)
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