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Author(s): Christian_c
total rating:7.28 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 8 8 8
Ceamonks890 7 8 8 7
dmdibl 8 8 8 8
eRIC 7 8 8 8
Gerty 6 6 7 7
guss18 7 8 8 7
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jerry 6 6 8 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 8 8 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 6
Phil 8 8 8 6
Ravenwen 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Scottie 4 5 5 4
Shandroid 7 7 8 8
sonnyd83 7 8 6 8
Treeble 7 7 8 8
Vaughnage 6 5 7 5
category averages
(19 reviews)
7.00 7.32 7.63 7.16

Reviewer's comments

"Now this is a level that I actually haven't played in a very long time, but upon watching a video on YouTube of the original TR3 Aldwych map upon completing this remake, it appears to be more or less the same in terms of structure(aside from slightly altered scenarios in accordance with the TR4 engine's general limitations at the time/lack of some objects from TR3 altogether & somehow much more darker lighting than the original level). As you can imagine, the latter issue led to quite a significant amount of frustratingly disorienting moments where the way forward was made all the more unclear, thanks to barely being able to see diddly squat beyond the range of my flares, requiring quick glances at the walkthrough often to retain my bearings. But aside from the lighting issue, this is a fairly above-average recreation from a builder, whose talents were probably better spent on crafting his own levels instead in retrospect. A shame he never went on to create anything else afterwards." - Ceamonks890 (19-Nov-2017)

"Remakes; you either love them or hate them. In my case, it's been ages since I last played the original Aldwych which evidently inspired this level, although I do remember it very well. It's a very faithful remake: the secret locations remain, the gameplay follows the same format (some parts may have been removed or newly added), but this version is so damned dark, that it downgraded the experience slightly. Still if you're a fan of TR3, you could do worse." - Ryan (19-Aug-2017)

"This is a one-shot from 2008. It appears to be a remake of a TR3 level (indeed, its title is Aldwych). Unfortunately, unlike TR3 we don't have a gamma adjustment option in TR4, and it's so blasted dark here that I kept bumping into walls in between the forced barrage of flares. If not for Harry Laudie's thorough walkthrough I would have binned it early on. But it's actually quite fun to play, taking me a full hour and a half to complete. The constant backtracking got to be a bit tiring near the end, however, but the game has a definite beginning and end, with lots to do in between, and you get a generous five secrets thrown in for good measure. The enemies are thugs and dogs for the most part, maybe exclusively, but the marvelously effective HK5SD you get early in the game took care of them in short order. Recommended as a solid, middle of the road level that offers loads of gameplay." - Phil (29-Jan-2015)

"For those who have played the original Aldwych level, you will notice hardly any difference here. The gameplay, texturing, architecture are very true to the original, so I won't go through it here. There are improvements though, less hassle with some crawlspaces, more time for timed run, the MP gun, and some areas slightly lighter, and flames harder to get past. There's also one or two issues such as missing sounds, a trapdoor under a train not closing properly, the missing drill - Aldwych didn't feel the same without it, and missing ticket machine. This is a good quality remake and worth playing, although it's best not to have played the original in a few years. Gameplay time 45 minutes." - sonnyd83 (13-Dec-2012)

"A lot there is not to this level to say. It is the TR3 level Aldwych. As far as I have the original still in recollection, only a few places were changed. At a place the climbing texture was turned about 90 degrees and at two other places there are other wooden grids. There is a mistake in the conversion: The tube does not kill Lara, it is pushed her only a little to the back. Now I do not realise so completely what I should hold from this level. Can one copy such a thing so point-exactly? I can fancy it not really, indeed, I am a layman in this area. On the other hand, he has written also in the Read-Me, which he has got the original and has inserted a few changes. Does something like that go? I do not know it. Personally it seems to me in such a way, as if the levelbuilder lacks ideas for own level. Or has it been on the contrary a good idea to make such a thing? I do not know it. I can decide here neither for one, nor for the other. As the levelbuilder also writes in the Read-Me, he wants to introduce to us his favorite kind. The players who do not know the original will take here absolutely her pleasure. However, I already know the original, hence, this level does not accept to me at all." - Scottie (16-Apr-2009)

"To begin with I had problems playing this level with the included exe, so I used the original one and that worked fine.
Indeed this is a remake of the original Aldwych level and it is quite well made even if it is a bit dark in some places. Some objects are missing like the drill coming down to make Lara get a move on, some sounds are missing too, and the train didn't kill Lara, it only pushed her aside. Gameplay-wise it is quite like the original level, so it is not easy to rate this level. In the end it is neither less nor more than a remake. It would have been a good idea to keep the location but change the gameplay, so the level could have been more attractive to the players than replaying the original level. But that is only my personal opinion." - Jerry (22-Jan-2009)

"I really wanted to like this hour long trip down memory lane, but there are two key attributes to this level that made it hard for me to do so: 'Remake' and 'very dark'. It has been way too long since I had played the original TR3 Aldwych, but I certainly do not recall it as pitch black as this remake is, and I also do not remember running around that much, not being sure whether I go in the right direction and that really spoiled the fun. Even to the extent that after a short moment of deliberation whether I wanted to go and backtrack for that elusive 5th secret, I decided to call it quits and finished the level. That all said - make no mistake that the builder has done solid work here and it may be quite appealing to fans of dark London levels, but deep inside I hope that he will have a change of heart and instead of building more 'Remakes' actually go for an original level of his own. The skills are definitely all there..." - MichaelP (22-Jan-2009)

"Aldwych, I did like the original and although I am not fond of city levels, that one did capture me. This however did not. Of course there are some bits missing that were in the original, but that is OK. Overall the place was too dark. I hardly remembered the gameplay so I was running around this place as a headless chicken and I don't like that. I can see that the builder put a lot of eefort in building this remake, a pity though, because if he would have done a original level, my marks would be much higher." - Gerty (05-Dec-2008)

"It's really the same than the original level with very few modifications (only the coin and the ticket don't appear and few more) so there is nothing more to say about this work. Scenes are very well builded with all kind of details to exactly look as the original level, even with the same pickups in many places. Aldwych was one of my preferred levels from TR3, but this time it's too much dark in some places. At the very end I could not open the last door to get the fiveth secret." - Jose (04-Nov-2008)

"This is a bit difficult to review and rate, as it is practically a faithful remake of the classic Aldwych level from TR3, with better-looking textures and a new Lara model. The original happens to be one of my personal all-time favourite levels, and considering I can't run TR3 anymore on my computer, this remake was quite a pleasant surprise, moreover since it is such a good one. Basically the settings and gameplay are the same, although a major trademark is missing: the drill in the shaft. This trial is replaced by trapdoors, which work quite well and it's a nice surprise element, although the drill at this point was something of a must. Most of the other puzzles are there, including the maze to open the entrance to the masonic temple as well as the three timed doors - although I didn't find them tough in this remake (but I can't tell if it is because the builder was more generous when making the timed events, or it's just a result of personal practice). Some enemies run into walls and get stuck there, and at the last platform you can't climb on the traincar (and naturally there are no flares to get from the top of it). Atmosphere and texture wise all is very good, it really feels like you are playing the original level. I would be very interested to play more TR3/London remakes by Christian if he is planning to rebuild the rest of those levels as well." - Ravenwen (30-Oct-2008)

"I'd like to start by saying I like levels that come with an exe file but I wonder why several builders haven't yet updated their systems to at least XP, which has already been outdated for some time now, thus avoiding extensively slow loading times for, I'm guessing, most people. That means I had to install the game, of course, so much for the exe. Apart from that, this is a remake, quite similar but not as good as the original Aldwych from TR3, which I've played numerous times. But I was curious to see it... The textures seem fine and most settings and solutions are quite like the original. Good for anyone who hasn't played TR3, but do keep in mind that the original is fully playable on XP and, I'm assuming, Vista. So, why not go for the complete game instead, especially when it has other much nicer levels? Anyway, I liked it and thought it was well done, it was just no novelty." - Jorge22 (29-Oct-2008)

"I didn't really find this an interesting level. I didn't make it completly to the end because it wasn't interesting, but I was almost there. The gameplay, as i have said, is boring, but you could get some kicks out of it if you wanted to. The enemies weren't very great, and the objects were okay, to the best. The atmosphere was creepy, which was great, but there wasn't great sounding things. The textures, weren't bad, but not great, same with the lighting. I can't say I don't recommend this, but if your looking for acutal fun, go to a different level." - Vaughnage (25-Oct-2008)

"Aldwych. How many memories I have of this level -- and mind you, they're anything but positive. I was never too fond on the City levels of Tomb Raider 3, except for the last one in which we fought Sophia Leigh. The rest of them felt just too long and too confusing to be enjoyable. While this remake doesn't change my opinion, it was interesting to play (considering how often the authors pick TR1 levels to remake themselves). There were, however, one too many doors that never opened but I still reached the end. There's a somewhat elaborate switch/door puzzle that hindered my progress for a while, but when I drew on paper the design of that room, it proved to be simpler than what my first impression was. I do have one complain, though. There's one room where you have a monkeyswing to reach a crawlspace, when the door behind the crawlspace was open, rats would come out -- enemies in crawlspaces are a big no no. For some reason, the rats got Lara stuck, but backed off for a couple of seconds for whatever reason, so I immediately took the opportunity to get Lara out of the crawlspace. Had they been scorpions, Lara would have never moved off that spot again. 60 minutes, 4 secrets. 10/08" - Treeble (20-Oct-2008)

"Well, I loved it and it could be because I didn't remember much of the original. There's a hellish series of drops down a pit only to turn around and climb back up. The ending is abrupt: actually I just wanted it to go on longer as did the original. Plenty of flares and they are needed. I'd much rather carry a torch around as using the flares becomes tedious after awhile. I would still be wandering around looking for a necessary key if it weren't for forum help. But nothing diminished my enjoyment and as I said, I loved it. Download it and see how much you remember (yes, there are differences) and if you missed it the first time around, I think you will still enjoy this version. Recommended for all." - Bene (19-Oct-2008)

"This was a pretty good Aldwych remake that I enjoyed a lot. I really loved TR3 and can't stand to play the original because I only have it on the PS One which has insanely long load times. It was fun to visit Aldwych on the PC. Most of the level is the same as the original with a few differences like there is no giant drill and the train doesn't hit Lara and send her somersaulting into the tunnel. I was a bit surprised the author didn't try to make more changes to spice up the experience a bit more for those of us who have played Aldwych so many times. I did see in the forum that a few people didn't think the last secret was attainable, but it is. The goodies just aren't as awesome as the original game. If you liked this level originally, you will still like the remake it is nicely done." - Shandroid (19-Oct-2008)

"I'm always in two minds about remakes of the official levels. Yes, it's a nice nostalgia trip, but I think I'd rather builders put all that time and effort into making something new. Obviously it was wonderful to see remakes of TR1 as the original game had pretty awful graphics, but by the time the London levels were released that was no longer the case so a remake of Aldwych does seem a bit pointless. Still, it's well done and, apart from a few details, a very faithful reproduction of the original. It certainly represents a quality debut level, but I would like to see this obviously talented builder produce something utilising his own imagination next time." - Jay (18-Oct-2008)

"I am not a big fan of remakes simply because I have all of the Official TR games and can replay them at any time. But for a remake it is fairly good and for those that have never played the original is should be an enjoyable raid. There were a few items missing and a few dark areas that I don't remember in the original but overall it didn't hamper the gameplay. I can recommend it for those that want to take a walk down memory lane." - guss18 (18-Oct-2008)

"Good for those who enjoy remakes. If you haven't played TR3 in a while, it may come as a shock to you how much you have forgotten. This remake of the Aldwych Underground, London, is faithful to the original, and the author has put much care into it. It can be recommended for curiosity value alone, and as a good reminder of how difficult TR3 could be with maddening switch sequences, or switches triggering trap doors at the other end of the level. But the remake doesn't duplicate the hard-wired features of TR3, so I did encounter problems. The first thing I noticed was how really dark this level is. In TR3 one could adjust the gamma level upward, so many areas seemed more playable than this remake. The Penny and the Ticket are missing, and I felt nostalgic for them. (The ticket booth area is especially dark in this remake.) That huge drill that descended as Lara dropped frantically down a shaft is missing. Lara was supposed to walk across that drill later to get a Masonic Temple key, and now that is problematic. The underground dwellers have been faithfully reproduced visually, but one of them ran at Lara, missed, and ran straight into a wall and kept running into it--not the way I remember their behavior. Most of the secrets are here, though some pick-ups are missing. The timed runs are easier than I remembered them being. And I was baffled by the abbreviated ending. In the original Lara encounters a last underground dweller, and he runs off to open a door (it is crucial that she doesn't shoot him before he opens this door). Then she pushes a button and can go a long way back for a final secret, a rocket launcher. In this remake, no matter how I played it, I couldn't get that final ruffian to open the door, even though the button was visible through the window. I'm not sure if the author intended that door to be opened or not. So TR fanatics may prefer to play and replay the original TR3. This is a well made level, so others will enjoy it." - dmdibl (17-Oct-2008)

"The remakes are easy to review but not to rate, even for the well made ones , and this is the case here with this good remake of the TR3 Aldwych level. If the 'subways' do not kill Lara, and there is no drill in the big pit , the author has managed to recreate faithfully this level which , without being the best level of TR3 was a very good one. At least the map is rather complex , and even knowing already much of what can be expected in this ruined subway station ,there was still a couple of places where I wondered where to go or what to do next. That is a good sign that the original level had a good replay value. On the hunt for the 2 lodge keys and the Masonic hammer, I could have fun with the breakable ledges in the big pit, with the 3 timed doors which seemed to be very easy when compared to the levels made by the fans, and some good other puzzles too. I don't know much of German but I think that the key objects have not been aptly renamed in the script as they appeared as 'laden' in the inventory. The author has made a solid work for the nostalgic of this original level that I could finish in one hour. I can't rate any higher for lack of originality, but I've appreciated to replay it." - eRIC (17-Oct-2008)
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