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Author(s): Skyler Ortega
total rating:7.08 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andi Croft 8 9 9 8
Blue43 6 7 7 8
DJ Full 7 8 8 6
dmdibl 8 8 9 8
Gerty 4 6 7 5
herothing 6 6 5 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 6 8 7 7
manarch2 5 7 6 6
MichaelP 7 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 7 7
category averages
(13 reviews)
6.62 7.31 7.31 7.08

Reviewer's comments

"There's a lot of aspects of this levelset which is pretty good and have had a decent amount of time and effort put into them: the varying change of sceneries, the choice of dramatic music, the tense and very well thought enemy encounters and item placements. However, a few irritations crept up throughout my time here, which caused me to rate this the way I have. Firstly, although the location changes were a nice touch, a lot of the rooms are bare, square and crudely textured, Lara seems to die from dropping from shorter distances than usual, a couple of the cameras got stuck (not a huge issue in my case), there was a slight frame rate drop mostly due to the overuse of plant objects and there were a tad too many long climbs for my taste. So there were a few aggravations, but the good points may counterbalance them, so give it a shot." - Ryan (26-Feb-2018)

"This one is annoying since the readme. So the builder's aware of buggy fog but no, instead of fixing or removing he begs us to play with VolFX to get his vision. As I said it's very important to me, so I took the no-reload challenge... for about two minutes - the author obviously understood his fatal pits barely cause death so he reduced Lara's life instead of improving the map. Where does one get such ideas... but if I finished Max Payne sharing the same nonsense I also endured this, even after with eventual reload all the fog began to only give lagging for no visual improvement but disturbance in return. Later on such black spot made me overlook a baboon resulting in replay-forcing crash but that was nothing compared to the confusion of initial level - the intended path is absolutely untellable from numerous shortcuts, extending the game runtime twice or thrice. Sounds like any player who respects his time would bin this game already, so I didn't and I was rewarded with next levels which appear much, much, much, much better. The lighting is consistently meh and texturing shows plenty of wallpaper but the scenery is stuffed with fitting objects and native enemies, elevating this building aspect to the most prominent of the author again. But once more what I liked the most was a simple change from day to night at the jump from first to second part of hidden realm - this very well highlights the effort Lara has made so far and introduces new mood (or new moon) much like how transitions should, here note switching between particular chapters is also understandable but it could be supported by some cutscenes to give the storyline more background. Next the underwater section of Magmoor Seas deserves mentioning for its efficiency, as you can perform a strongly atmospheric exploration dive constructed with little work and thank the author for infinite air. The caves offer a tower climb and underground temple, often feeling more like a boxy castle so that might be why this section was my least favourite. Finding the last gem in Venice is a bit messy in keys and weird traps but on the other hand it brings unexpected nostalgia. The following conclusion made me laugh when I noticed the manor is still burning for all this time. Out of curiosity, after doing the final battle the regular way I cheated for more golden shells to check their actual power and I think they should be much stronger - it would be great if finding them all provided ability to defeat the ultimate boss with only their weapon used. SUMMARY: It's very hard to specify if this game is more or less enjoyable than the Destruction prequel because pros and cons of each episode are different. The whole series could be seriously improved but you can really define it as an adventure worth to play as such. Flawful but recommended." - DJ Full (11-May-2016)

"In nearly every level there are lots of glimpses of the builder's talent, but in total this game failed being good totally. I think the main problem in here is that the builder added so many objects, high-res textures, sounds etc. that he has neglected to put them to at least decent use, most of them are simply misplaced and the game is very buggy and uneven to play. Also, no special care has been made for architecture, since most rooms, if one takes away the multitude of objects, are very, very plain. With all those objects and those shiny textures, the game is actually much more atmospheric, even if they are faultily placed. The gameplay is too much relying on too easy platforming, new moves are put to good use but in general the progression is getting way too tedious after several levels - it's not fortuitous I needed two years to finish this game. Overall this is a game with potential but it didn't really work for me. Stumbled upon (because I didn't search) six secrets in about two hours." - manarch2 (06-Sep-2013)

"A great deal of hard work has been put into this potentially ambitious level set,and much of it is certainly quite enjoyable;but ultimately each and every level contained considerably more irritations than pleasures,and I was nowhere near as immersed in this as I should have been.Level 1 is a rather vast outdoor exploration adventure,with copious end-of-the-world moments,and a style of forward progression that is somewhat obscure;and,thanks to pointless collectable objects and at least one unopened door,constantly had me believing that I was doing the wrong things and was therefore on the perpetual brink of a terminal impasse (which,fortunately,never happened.) Levels 2 and 3 took place in an unnecessarily cluttered jungle ( which caused severe lag on my PC),and mainly involved searching the undergrowth for cunningly concealed levers;while levels 4 and 5 were predominantly set in very dark temples and caves,but with the same type of gameplay as previously experienced.Finally,there is a change of visual style for level 7,with a reasonably enjoyable excursion to a sunny Mediterranean town. Throughout,the gameplay throws up annoying bugs - hang levers which don't always activate something correctly and which can't be re-set;baddies which are supposed to drop all-important objects but don't always manage;places you're not supposed to get to.Lara's animations have been modified,and not always sensibly;and she has a bad habit of loudly grunting (in the manner of an eastern-european tennis player) at the smallest of exertions. It's clear that the builder has tried hard in all the categories;but quite often to an adverse effect ( an overabundance of objects;too many dark areas); which is such a shame,and just goes to prove that less is more. Nonetheless,he's got the enemy:ammunition ratio pretty much spot on;and just the right amount of medi-packs are provided. Altogether,this was 3 1/2 hours of eventful but often aggravating adventuring;recommendable to those with patience and somewhat low critical faculties." - Orbit Dream (13-Feb-2013)

"For some reason this offering has not quite convinced me, despite being an ambitious project as a whole. But it does suffer from a number of smaller glitches and a certain level of careless lack of attentiont to details that prevent it from leaving a much better impression on the player.
Phendrana Drifts (7/7/6/6, 30 min, 2 secrets): A fairly bare setting in the cold with some basic platforming that is kind of fun if and when you know where you are going. You retrace your steps a few times though and the camera work is there but no particularly helpful. There are some hard to kill tinman-elves and a bit of an odd course for the bike with one particular spot that I found rather hard to get by.
Phendrana - the other Realm (6/7/7/6, 20+20 min, 3+2 secrets): A much friendlier and warmer, tropical setting here at first. The level is massively overcrowded with objects, not always to its advantage. There are mutants, tigers and crocs to kill and again plenty of ledge hopping to accomplish, making use of Laras new moves. A watchout: Do not try to take the bike from level 1 to level 2, as I did for the fun of it. It won't work, but you will likely face reload crashes when you do - at least I did. In the second part it has turned night and you get to trigger a series of mill wheels and maneuvre a series of traps (squish blocks and spikes).
Magmoor Seas (7/7/6/5, 25 min, 2 secrets): An interesting but rather unrealistic premise to see Lara swimming with an endless supply of air. And there are indeed some looong and boring swims to manage in this level. There is also a rather odd mix of enemies to encounter and once inside it is all rather dark and unfriendly and gets tedious at times, like with that loooong ladder to climb.
Magmoor Caverns (8/8/7/6, 25 min, 3 secrets): Probably the best level of the set for me. You are treated to some interesting jumps up a tower and through caves and this gets combined with a decent variety of enemies to battle, so the action is pretty constant here. Thankfully you can totally ignore the two dragons and just run away from them and also the Seth boss (aquaman) is a quick encounter only that you swiftly run away from.
Venice (7/8/7/6, 25 min, 2 secrets): I guess I would not have recognized this as Venice except for the familiar textures and red awnings. The architecture is fairly simplistic and the progression is fairly linear but still fun to make your way through the various luscious gardens. The contrast to have this bright daylight level after the dark caverns works really well.
The Illusionist (not rated, 2 min): Here the story comes to an end with a rather impressive drama scene and then a rather underwhelming quick boss fight that looks more challenging at first glance than it really is." - MichaelP (04-Aug-2011)

"After having played"The Angel Within" a while ago, I thought I would try one the builder's earlier creations. While this game is definitely very ambitious and one can tell it has been built with a lot of love for decorating and detail, it does have a lot of flaws, which keep it from being rated higher.
Gameplay & Puzzles: The game play in this multi level adventure varies from exploration to combat and was relatively easy as there are hardly any really difficult jumps or tight timed runs, but one can definitely get lost quickly. More than once did I read through the walkthrough, in order to find out what to do next. The one thing that sticks out right away in this level is the Lara's animations and moves. While some are nice looking and some are very useful and help the progress in the game, like the ability to jump straight up from gap to gap, others are rather awkward to look at. The pull up and roll forward or the shimmy comes to mind. Most bothersome of all was the fact that there was a new animation for falling, which on it's own would have been nice if it was used on very high falls, but unfortunately it was also used for simple drops and safety drops, causing Lara to die in situations that would have caused minimal health loss (or maybe none) in a regular game. I did have to laugh at one incredible long tower climb and following fall in to a waterhole.
Enemies, Objects and Secrets: I did find 15 secrets and some of them were more or less well hidden. There were a variety of enemies, which reached from wolves, tigers, dogs (Dalmatians), fairies with swords to soldiers and even a final boss fight, which was actually pretty easy once I figured out how to approach. Enemy placement was kind of funny at times (intended or not), like the hook man who comes out of the bathroom running towards Lara
Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I think there was a good atmosphere, especially in the caverns and seas levels, but I did have mixed feelings with the sounds. Some of Lara's sounds were changed and some not for the better. The camerawork was OK for the most part, but it was very annoying that sometimes the camera got stuck after pulling a switch and the look button didn't work.
Lighting & Textures: Definitely very nice texturing and I also liked the lighting for the most part. There was a lot of growth and decorating and mainly high-resolution textures, which was really nice to look at, but really made the game hard to play. All the plant life in the second level slowed my game down to a couple of frames per second, which made it almost unplayable. I had to cut way back on the resolution and even that didn't help much either. Luckily the rest of the game was fine and there were only a couple of small graphics problems like the un-textured tops of the moving blocks and some times certain textures would just disappear for a moment or so.
I did enjoy this adventure as a whole despite some of the flaws and I really have to say that the builder has advanced a lot since then. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone, as there was definitely a lot of effort to put this together and the looks and atmosphere of this game is very nice overall." - Blue43 (14-Oct-2010)

"The author improves with each release, so this is far better than "TR Destruction," with well-done landscapes which enhance large-scale explorations. Once again, most of the play is based upon Lara's new moves, either hanging from a crack and jumping straight up to a higher one, or jumping backward from it. In order to play this it will help to have a bright flat panel monitor, and fairly new computer equipment. The author's readme lists the expected responsiveness for various computer equipment; pay attention to this. Two levels are crowded with vegetation: palm fronds in Lara's face, grasses hiding pickups, tree roots tripping her, plants everywhere blocking the way. These levels are attractive, but packing them with objects slowed down my computer. I could objectively measure this by hitting F5 for the savegame screen. Then the up/down cursor keys would barely move from one slot to another, and moving to the top slot was a struggle. These levels are huge, yet Lara goes to their farthest reaches just to throw a switch to raise a block near the beginning. Freelance exploration through all the vegetation would have been difficult, but with a walkthrough Lara can move efficiently. Play was better once Lara was past those two levels. "Magmoor Seas" is good, with Lara swimming with an unlimited supply of air. Some new animations look awkward to me, such as Lara's stretched out legs in a back flip. Lara climbs a record-breaking ladder, then falls from it thrashing legs and arms--not attractive. Lara rigidly holds out her guns in front as if targeting, so there isn't much difference when enemies pop up. Lara climbs a half-height block not by stepping up, but with a vigorous somersault and a yell as if she is delivering a karate chop. A modification unique to these levels is that Lara's health is cut in half, and a 10 down-click fall will kill her. In practice this means that making normal jumps down to ledges results in a bone crunching fatality, and this is not acceptable. There are a lot of little oversights like when demon women attack they sound like TR4 tinmen. I have already played the author's later release, "The Angel Within," and there he is more conscientious about details. Overall, if you like the new moves, and are a fan of big exploration and impressive sights, then you'll appreciate these levels." - dmdibl (01-May-2010)

"Funny though, the farther I got into this level the more irritated I got. It is just a plain sloppy level. Lara swinging through rocks/stone ledges is one example. Invisible blocks in front of doors, nasty collisions where you had to jump over and over again before you could pass the obstacle, other objects had no collision at all. Moving blocks with no top on them. Tallest ladder ever to climb up and as I was getting really bored I looked at Lara's feet, she has two right foot LOL. Also she looks utterly ridiculous falling down in the water. Nasty bug in Magmoor seas, when you slay the two mutants and are looking for two Orbs, better find them both before the bodies disappear (they vanish after saving as well) after placing one orb, as then you are up the creek without the other orb you need. There are more stuck moments with no way out and that does spoil it in a major way. What a ridiculous roll Lara makes when she has to climb up and what is that with the way she keeps holding her guns??? That is not natural also loose the shimmy animation, as something new in this case is certainly not better. There is an illegal slope when you find the end of the world right at the start, found even more illegal slopes, very nasty. Also when using the jump switch something is not quite right the way she does things. Call me fickle and I will not blame you, as I am. Couldn't get out of a couple of screenshot when Lara pulled a lever, nasty. Had a major shortage of medipacks and that was for me the deathblow. Either this hasn't been tested properly or the builder ignored his testers. And loosing your HD and all the data, due to a fire?? That doesn't cut it for me" - Gerty (17-Jun-2009)

"I must be getting used to the new moves, because I had little trouble getting around in this six-part level (seven if you count the concluding boss battle). Yoav has provided a compact walkthrough of five pages, about a page per hour based on my experience. You get a lot of variety in tasks and settings, and I was delighted to see in one of the levels that Lara has real feet and not those stumpy amorphous appendages that we've had to endure up until now. The level with all the (to me) superfluous foliage seemed somewhat sluggish to me, as if the resources of my computer were being taxed to their limits, and this is something I've never experienced before, not even with the NGLE levels. There's plenty to do and see here, and I'm surprised that this compilation has not been rewarded with higher ratings. Recommended." - Phil (14-May-2009)

"It seems that the author was very hurry to release the levels and only was occupied in place objects and enemies, because there are many defects in the construction in some levels: paper walls, missed textures, bad placed doors... and in the design: sometimes you don't need to pull the switches or open the doors to reach the places. Another times you can fall into places and you can't go back. Although there are enough flares, some levels are too much dark and it's difficult to explore and find the items you need. Few puzzles, the game was based about find hidden switches and Lara's movements. I've climbed the most longer ladder in all thousands levels I've played. I liked the enemies, sometimes well placed and the objects, as the new guns and nice textured places too. Sometimes when you trigger a camera, you must step out of the tile to recover the view. Some background musics were not very appropriate, in my opinion are very strident. Not bad the levels but not for my taste." - Jose (17-Apr-2009)

"This is a nice level serie.It is in the older tomb raider style and some new animations are inside.Lara can hang on a block or cave and she can jump up un the next higer stage.she can make backflips from a little hole in the wall.That,s nice. I love the old tomb raider animations mixed with newer ones.I don,t like the animations from the newer tomb raider games and so I can play this game with a lot of fun. I like the nice textures and the wunderful colours.Yes, some testures are stretched or you see a flashlight,but all in all a good work with all the areas.You are coming in diffrent levels.You are crossing jungle areas,caves venedig and a nice water area .Lara can not die in the water.It is a deep sea,so it is funny to look around. The last level is playing in venedig.You can jump over the red balconys (love the old venedig style from TR 2) and run through green gardens.The end you must kill van croy.when you have a good place,it is easy. The enemies are all cathegorie.You find soldiers,dogs,ninjas,sharks,crocodiles,and some find not so many health packs and munition.So you must save a little bit. The puzzles are easy.But the athmosphere is nice.So you can live without heavy puzzles. One music is playing in each level from beginning till the end.So I have delete the file in the audio folder.So I can play it better. I have a lot of fun to play this level.This is one of the the first levelserie I play to the end in the last time with many fun." - Andi Croft (10-Apr-2009)

"Interesting level. Unfortunately there isnt much to it though. The only thing i can pick out which was fairly good was the Lighting, some of the textures were stretched, but apart from that. A very good try" - herothing (05-Apr-2009)

"From the readme, you will note that there are issues with the game running slowly in places. I found one section virtually impossible to play on Vista as it was almost frozen, but it ran much better on XP. There are other small faults flagged up in the readme so don't neglect to look at it. I'm not a big fan of some of Lara's new moves - the ledge jumping etc., is great, but some of her other animations just look clumsy and she makes some really distracting (and unladylike) noises. Plus, the gameplay does tend to revolve very much round the moves in question, which means you often find yourself in large and ostensibly complex areas that in reality involve nothing more than a bit of climbing and button pushing. It does however encompass an excellent variety of good looking locations, including an intriguing underwater area where Lara can survive without air. My favourite part was Venice (well apart from having to shoot Dalmatians. I mean, what next? Labradors?). Overall, it is fun to play and certainly impressive in scope, but don't expect to be challenged." - Jay (05-Apr-2009)
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