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Author(s): B. Howaito
total rating:6.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Daffy 7 7 7 8
DJ Full 8 8 7 6
eRIC 6 7 5 6
Gerty 5 7 6 6
herothing 6 8 7 9
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 5 6 6 7
MichaelP 6 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 9 9
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 6 6 6 7
Scottie 5 5 7 8
Spike 5 5 4 4
category averages
(13 reviews)
6.15 6.69 6.77 7.15

Reviewer's comments

"This is a shooter, which is never my favourite genre of custom levels. Although the enemies here don't appear as en masse as they do in other levels of this type, I still felt it was a bit overdone for my taste. Aside from that, and the looped background audio which got on my nerves after a while, this was a pleasant little level in a floating islands setting, although I saw nothing really extraordinary here. The enemies have been neatly modified to represent variations of Lara herself and the main objective is to make your way up to the top, gain the waterskin, drop down, fill it and get back up again to end the level. A pleasant enough level, but probably not the right choice for those expecting a more cerebral experience." - Ryan (03-Mar-2018)

"I don't like non-mindless shooters, but this one is good - Astrodelica Epilogue mixed with Winter Choice. Except that the author was plainly wrong with apparent thinking the game is short enough for the soundtrack not to tire ears, the level is anyway his greatest achievement, with careful texturing and twisted yet logical architecture (comprising of a stone snake, floating meaty head and weightless volcano) being both top notches of him, and huge rudders raising a stone island plus a part of surrounding ocean into midair giving an experience of weird but stable surreal flying balance. Same thing I've once seen in Inchdix's Obsidian Heights, which also have a strongly-felt REASON to float. Of course, as supposed to happen at Howaito's, lots of dog-mutated, cloned Laras and creeping heads of our heroine attack a Lara-mutated Who. Is it a metaphor of fighting yourself? I'm curious what Benjamin creates when he returns from the university. Feign grab required in one moment, to get You directly under a shelf You've just fallen from. This causes some confusio, but is easy to solve when You wake up in the morning after having enough sleep. No secrets, anyway a revolver is hidden so it might count as one. SUMMARY: Throw the music out after looping it twice, so You can better focus on puzzles and enjoy this crazy little apocalypse. Recommended." - DJ Full (19-Jul-2012)

"Quirky and fun. This just over 30 minutes adventure is many things, but it is certainly not your run of the mill custom level. The Doctor Who intro is fun and when you run into your first green Lara Clone right at the start you know you are in for an oddity. But aside from the Lara heads chasing you and the even stranger Lara dogs, there is also a decent amount of platform jumping, finding a not always so obvious path up the floating structures and that was fun to play through. Unfortunately there is a pretty big backtrack needed as well to fill your waterskin and personally I thought that the needed 'trick jump' near the end spoiler the overall impression a bit. But that aside this was a unique and different adventure and enjoyable to play." - MichaelP (08-Nov-2009)

"Not a level for my taste. Confusing gameplay with a lot of enemies to shoot (I couldn't find the uzis); you have to visit the same places a lot of times. Excessive enemies in my opinion, this converts the game only in a shooter, with no puzzles, but a lot of jumps and manoeuvres. In this island there are not hints to know where to go and even if you got the waterskin (your final goal) it's difficult to figure out the place to use it. The horizon is too much near and the background music is not appropriate. Enemies appearing anywhere without sense and a psyshedelic design of the architecture don't make of this level a piece to remember. But the effort is always appreciated." - Jose (06-Nov-2009)

"This level takes place in a rather original decor which I think successful on visual plan. The gameplay without being extraordinary is nevertheless amusing to play. The enemies are curious, strange dogs and hens put gloves more impressive than dangerous. Music, I must say that I appreciated a lot this piece well regulated but I understand that in a continuous loop some think it is tiresome. Hats off to the constructor for his originality." - Daffy (02-Oct-2009)

"A level with good potential to entertain, as the setting offered a huge playground, and if sometimes it was fun, it would have been a lot better without all the"redoing", so the gameplay could have been better thought of to guarantee a better gaming experience. Anyway thoughts and efforts have been put in the architecture, and there is a certain dose of originality. The texturing could have been better cared of too, and I quickly changed the background audio loop for a more pleasant one. I quite liked the simple traps with the boulders , and the big beards killing some of the green women. [48 minutes]" - eRIC (26-Sep-2009)

"It's very much a shooter, but it's a shooter in interesting surroundings with some extremely bizarre enemies - big birds and various others, rather cleverly re-textured from Lara body parts. Apart from bumping off all the enemies and trying not to run out of medipacks, there's also some interesting climbing to do up the tall structures, in search of a waterskin. Nothing difficult to achieve and if you have a good head for heights there's quite a lot of fun to be had." - Jay (20-Sep-2009)

"My new home computer, complete with 28" screen, arrived while I was in the middle of this level. I don't think the raiding community will have to endure many more diatribes from me concerning dark levels. Anyway, this is an average-length level with several surrealistic touches, such as bright green Lara ninjas, disembodied dogs with Lara heads, and even a horde of Lara-head beetles. The game map is quite small and confined, with all of the action taking place on an island with a tall structure that must be scaled several times. Not a bad level, but not one to write home about either." - Phil (17-Sep-2009)

"Floating Islands, in and out of the water, not my cup of tea, as my fear of heights did kick in again. Apart from a shooter I hope you have your thinking cap around. Lots of jumping to do and some of them are not so apparent. You main goal is get the waterskin and then of course place the water into scales. Although this was a nice surprise to see something so completely different from a lot of other levels, this is not so much one of my favorable game-play for me though. I spotted textures that could use attentions and the lighting was a bit flat. My secrets chimes didn't work but I saw later that I forgot to convert the audio, my fault. Got too spoiled with previous downloads." - Gerty (17-Sep-2009)

"Wow,that was a different experience;even from Mr Howaito! Actually,this is very difficult to objectively rate in terms of Gameplay,because you don't really do a lot other than run,jump and shoot;but the quality of the jumping is very high,with a wide variety of acrobatics to perform in order to work your way up a surreal physical structure.Enemies are numerous and often amusing;while the quality of the texturing and overall architecture comes close to Richard Lawther for creative surreality.Sound and cameras are used well to enhance the experience (although the continuous musical theme - appropriate though it might be - becomes a little tiresome after a while)and forward progression is never too tricky nor obscure - until the very end,when I was forced to perform a notoriously buggy maneuvre in order to complete the level;which (if,indeed, was the appropriate method)seemed highly unfair and spoiled the experience somewhat. Nonetheless,this a hugely entertaining and often riotous experience,and is unquestionably Benjamin's most technically accomplished and enjoyable level yet." - Orbit Dream (05-Sep-2009)

"This level is a typical example of the fact which is a nice packaging nothing if the contents are bad. The completely textures look very good. The level architecture is a little bit strange, because there are no right buildings. But, nevertheless, the ways upwards are no problem. The big problem is the whole rest. There is only one piece of music. And one hears this constantly. Once hear is still ok, but in long-term loop it irritates. There helps only to remove the audiofile from the folder, then is order in the count. Opponents are dogs and SAS-Soldiers. The dogs look like Lara and are not entire textured, thus they are to be seen only partly. The SAS-Soldiers also look like Lara and carry poison-green gear. These soldiers often appear suddenly behind Lara and one is surprised, who shoots then there now. Furthermore they also shot at Lara if she cannot defend herself. To is not a lot to do here. Because it is a shooting level, one must shoot until the doctor comes. And find a water bag. After about 45 minutes of quite desolate Gameplay I was at the level end.
Result: It gives good made shooting level and it gives bad made shooting level. This level is a bad made shooting level in nice packaging." - Scottie (05-Sep-2009)

"If there's anything particularly good to be said about this level, it's the originality. Running from a horde of disembodied Lara heads is more than your usual level offers, and the rest of the enemies also have their own personal "Lara-flavoured" touches added to them. Sadly, as a wise man once said, "disembodied heads do not a good level make", and as such the rest of the level as a whole fails to excite. Gameplay isn't exactly mind-numbingly boring, but the reliance on simple jumping sections and a ton of enemies within a generally unstructured environment led to a mostly uninteresting experience. Visuals are also uninspired, with messy texturing and poor lighting throughout. Atmosphere is also somewhat lacking, and while I personally enjoyed the music (though whether that means I have either impeccable or atrocious taste in music remains to be determined), the consistent looping will likely get pretty old after a while for many players. Cameras did pop up here and there, but the fact that they pointed at a door yet cut off before the door actually opened, led to quite a while wandering clueless before I actually noticed it had been triggered after all. The secrets I found weren't too difficult to find, and the messed up triggering led to me having a grand total of 230 (which I'm guessing is probably a tad higher than the actual number of secrets in the level). Many areas looked particularly bare, and they could have done with a number of decorative objects dotted around. While the level as a whole is definitely more madcap than your usual LE fare, the overall quality lets it down greatly." - Spike (05-Sep-2009)

"Err, wow. Are you sure this is made by B.Howaito. If so, this is a major improvement from his last pieces of work. This is a solidly textures and well built level, the only thing that let it down was the things inside it. The architechture is a bit strange since i failed to spot any 'buildings' but none the less, it is still a fun adventure. Gameplay wise, all you do is run around doing very long jumps, shooting people, and climbing around. Sound is used fairly well to help you interprete what isw going to happen next, as is the camera. I don't like the musical theme that keeps going on and on, it become very tedious and i had to turn the sound off. Enemies are SAS Dogs and Guards, they magically appear before you sometimes and they aren't entirely textures, either that or it was my computer which i doubt. I don't think there was much of a story towards this but it was a fun level and i congratulate the author. Well Done. Grade = B+" - herothing (05-Sep-2009)
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