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Author(s): Pemon
total rating:3.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 4 4 3 2
dmdibl 5 4 4 4
eRIC 5 5 4 3
Jay 6 4 6 5
Jerry 3 3 3 2
Jose 4 4 5 4
manarch2 4 4 3 2
MichaelP 5 5 3 2
Obig 5 5 4 4
Orbit Dream 3 4 2 2
Ryan 4 4 4 3
Treeble 3 3 3 3
category averages
(12 reviews)
4.25 4.08 3.67 3.00

Reviewer's comments

"I had a random crashing spot near the beginning using my custom TR3 kit, so I had to download the bundled version to replay this one. Clear signs of a first try all over, with very simplistic level design with odd shapes for no reason and a general lack of care towards textures and lighting. Triggers all work as expected, and there's even a boat ride towards the end — one that could hide quite a fair share of gameplay elements, but fortunately it's just one key you need to locate and it's in a rather convenient spot —, but really nothing to write home about. 25 minutes. 11/19" - Treeble (01-Dec-2019)

"The author already wrote it in the readme file: simple architecture and texturization. Even so, the level is not so bad; pull some switches, look for some keys, shoot some enemies and take some jumps in certain areas. I think I missed a part of the gameplay in the room with the monkeyswing and many fire ledges, but finally finished after the drive with the boat. There is certain backtracking if you don't explore carefully all the places 'cause you can easily miss a key and have to go back for it. There are enough guns and ammo to shoot the enemies; as usual I missed some objects to ornate the rooms and some puzzles. Anyway the level is playable and enjoyable. Take a try." - Jose (30-Jan-2018)

"This short TR3 level provides a couple of enjoyable gameplay moments: the long boat ride and the great jumping sequence in the final room. The rest of the time, you'll be picking up keys, pulling levers and shooting enemies in rather unattractive rooms. Not the worst TR3 level out, but not the best either." - Ryan (16-Oct-2017)

"An ultimately bland and uninspired arctic release with boring gameplay, unconvincing level design, lazy nonsensical texturing, non-existent lighting and a generally lackluster atmosphere effectively destroying any real sense of place or interest that this level could have potentially conveyed. From my point of view, I'd say this is another one worth skipping over entirely, as its rather clear from the get go that the builder himself didn't put enough effort into it, to justify the download." - Ceamonks890 (14-Oct-2014)

"A rather uninspired game and fairly functional in its setting too. Textures were placed carelessly and rooms are often very boxy, but the gameplay has a few moments like the platforming in the penultimate room, the boat ride and the negotiating of the fire traps, but more than often it's just the usual key search and gameplay is pretty boring. The enemies were nicely placed, there always was enough ammo when you found the desert eagle and thus the fights were quite fun, but I was rather glad when I finished this level after exactly 25 minutes because it just seemed to move on and on without any special achievements." - manarch2 (01-Dec-2012)

"It was a great adventure. We are on a base, and we have to swim too, and on the end we can see the icy, snowy landscabes by the boat. Enemies are baddies, dogs, and a mutant. There are many challanges too. We need to be professional in swimming, climbing, jumping. We have to find the keys too, there are almost invisible like in the labyrinth :) But it isn't that hard level, I can suggest it for everyone. Nice textures too." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"I got more from this 30 minute level than I had expected as it flows quite smoothly most of the time in this Arctic/Base setting and only occasionally I found it tedious to search for one of the small keys in a fairly large boxy area. But the level has a great plus in that you navigate around in a boat which was great fun and a few of the needed jumps were cleverly designed, particularly in the last room. Architecture, textures and lighting are rather crude and really take away from having a lot of fun here, but it is not a bad effort nonetheless." - MichaelP (19-May-2010)

"An arctic level, although Lara doesn't take damage from swimming in cold water. A beginning effort by the author with large boxy rooms. It has swimming tasks, monkeyswings plus slope jumps, squishy doors, and Lara navigating the Zodiac boat (Lara's pigtail disappears in the large water area). The usual guards and dogs get shot. Playable. For once Lara gets a generous supply of Desert Eagle ammo, so use it freely." - dmdibl (31-Dec-2009)

"Pemon 's first level show that he was more interested trying to provide some gameplay than about caring about the setting. The rooms look rather bare, the texturing is often repetitive/unrealistic , while the lighting was pleasant (although it seemed absent in the last part). There are interesting moments , such as reaching the inside of the walls , the door that behave like deadly scissors once opened , the navigation with the motor boat (underused though) and the monkey swing/jumps sequence at the end. I wonder what was the use of that button inside that closed door in the fire room. I could jump over that door but got stuck in the invisible block behind it :] [30 minutes]" - eRIC (13-Nov-2009)

"Who would have thought that riding a motorboat would be such a dull experience? You simply putter around a large non-textured lake until you find a key and a door...and that's the highlight of the level! The rest of the adventure consists of listlessly textured,boxy rooms;enemmies which are triggered right before your eyes;un-lit,non-atmospheric locations;unmarked climbs and monkeyswings;plodding gameplay.There isn't even an objective to your quest.A few squishing doors and a couple of gun battles are the only entertaining moments." - Orbit Dream (13-Nov-2009)

"This is definitely a superior offering in the TR3 category and quite well captures the feel of the original Antarctica level. It has a much longer playing time than most too, definitely more going on in terms of gameplay and is slightly more challenging than usual. There are a lot of guards and dogs to battle, but pick-ups are generous. If you like the TR3 atmosphere, you really could do a lot worse than this one." - Jay (30-Sep-2009)

"The more TR3 levels I play the more I get the reason why there are so little reviews for them. This one is another example on how to build a ... well, not so enjoyable level. Mostly there is only one or two textures used in each room, which are all angular shaped, and lighting is bland throughout. Gameplay is reduced to shooting some dogs and guys, collecting items and some keys and avoiding a couple of squishing doors. Using the boat was the only highlight maybe. I still don't know where in the world I was - a ship, a base, or what? And what was the purpose of being here?" - Jerry (12-Sep-2009)
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