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Author(s): Raider Croft
total rating:4.68 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 5 6 8 6
Ceamonks890 2 4 4 4
DJ Full 5 7 7 6
dmdibl 3 4 3 4
eRIC 3 5 6 5
eTux 2 4 4 4
Jay 4 5 6 5
Jerry 3 5 5 6
Jose 2 5 7 7
manarch2 2 4 5 4
MichaelP 4 6 4 4
Obig 4 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 6
Ryan 3 5 5 5
Torry 2 4 4 6
category averages
(15 reviews)
3.27 5.00 5.33 5.13

Reviewer's comments

"This is rather a visible step down in quality, I'm afraid. The construction of the Mansion environment isn't too badly done (although the decor was quite bland), and the five switch puzzle was a nice idea, but everything else was just tedious. I'm not the biggest fan of Mansion levels, but even here I found the backtracking nature of the gameplay to be nonsensical and only served to artificially prolong the duration. You also get a bit of a remade version, with the Mansion in ruins and a few hostile dogs and guards, although there's still not a lot of excitement going on." - Ryan (03-Nov-2018)

"UNITED STATES: This is my least favourite level set of the series. It was simply boring. Huge rooms with a reimagined Lara's Mansion now renamed Frost Mansion. More back tracking than you can shake a Scion at and to make matters worse you start off with no weaponry and Lara is in a dress she got at a charity store, it was so torn. Again the mazes were simplistic and the one button puzzle easy (provided you saw the clue). These two levels just had no place and in my opinion should simply have been omitted. Overall a 2." - Torry (01-Apr-2018)

"The two levels in the United States are in the same place: Frost Manor. They both consist in finding buttons, backtracking, killing some guards, exploring the inside and outside of the mansion. It became quite tedious and boring. It was interesting to see some parts of the mansion destroyed in the second level. The best are the cameras, textures and sound. Some objects make a change and now they're textured like TR4-type. Also Lara's outfit is a nice one. She resembled a bit like Sophia Leigh." - alan (12-Mar-2018)

"This part I don't like. A manor level with a lot of backtracking, then the same level altered, with more backtracking and revisiting all the rooms but one, for nothing more than keys and switches. Like the author himself has already proved before, revisiting familiar parts can be an advantage but only if done good. Added one point for the broken aquarium and fishes in the corridor, that's a wonderful idea and many rooms should contain something equally creative. But I took one point for secrets, neither challenging nor useful and the last one opens with neither a hint nor a warning just like I dislike the most." - DJ Full (21-Mar-2017)

"This two levels are the same mansion with some added rooms in the second one. Basically and, except the five switches puzzle, you'll waste all the time running up and down pressing buttons or looking for keys to open doors. In the second level I had to revisit the same globe room several times. As usual, I liked the helping cameras and the musics; also the texturization is better here. There are a lot of pickups, found a couple of secrets and my friend only killed a couple of enemies. This two levels were the most tedious from this adventure. We'll see in Portugal..." - Jose (07-Dec-2015)

"And with that, we find ourselves seeing the builder take several steps back from a number of improvements that he's made over the course of the series(leaving me to presume that these are earlier attempts that Raider Croft forgot to release before the India sections and decided to just roll with it.) Unfortunately, the general quality just doesn't hold up as well, in comparison to some of the earlier released parts, with noticeably blocky and empty rooms, sloppy texturing, incredibly tedious gameplay and finally, an absolutely dreadful maze that you have to go through twice in order to actually complete both of the 'USA' sections in question, being the absolute bane of the overall experience offered here. I have to admit that by now, I feel like 'Lara Croft Regresa' has long outlasted its welcome and hopefully the 'Portugal' sections serve as a satisfactory conclusion, for all the trouble that Raider Croft has had to put players through up to this point. But I'm not holding my breath. Either way, can only be made worth recommending towards hardcore fans of home-themed levels and for no other reason beyond that." - Ceamonks890 (20-Sep-2014)

"Slowly but steadily, I'm working my way through this series since over two years now, this might me an indicator on how gripping it all is. Looking at the levelinfo page, I though this would be a rush through very bland and uninspired rooms, well that's true in a way but actually it's not that bad as I thought. The texture placement is sometimes okay, sometimes still not very competently done with several oddly placed textures and rooms that don't seem to be cared off at all. This time, the builder has tried to add a story to the level that pans out in-game, as a concept this works but it all feels like a poor attempt. Lara has changed clothes to work her way into the bureau of the owner of the mansion (which looks suspiciously similar to Lara's own) to steal a scroll, but the way the second level connects to the first is still a mystery for me and the story provided in the download was a bit strange too. But every single effort put into the storyline gets messed up by the near-unbearable gameplay which only consists of finding the next lever, and believe me the builder is fiendish enough to send you back and forth between two rooms (that of course aren't close by) so often that you simply have to get dizzy after some time, and the only halfway decent task in this two-parter was the switch puzzle with a hint in the maze. This is the definitive lowlight of the series and I was glad to finish the game in just below 40 minutes, with five secrets found." - manarch2 (09-Aug-2013)

"While never much more than average in every category,these two house levels (they're supposed to take place in the USA;but you can't fool me - this is Lara's Mansion all over again)are just about creative enough to prevent boredom from setting in until the latter half of part two,when the builder see's fit to resume his trademark gameplay style of sending the player back and forth over wide expanses in order to tiresomely pad out the gameplay. Nonetheless,there are imaginative touches here and an attempt to develop some sort of (somewhat half-baked) storyline.The amusing indifference of the guards in level one is nicely contrasted with their chamnge of heart and determination to shoot her to bits in part two (make sure you find the Revolver as soon as you can on the ground floor of the Mansion);but nothing can prevent the whole story from becoming tedious;and the technical abilities of the author are not high enough to entertain the player with particularly good-looking environments.Despite the occasional fun moment,this is really for die-hard Mansion fans only." - Orbit Dream (17-Jun-2013)

"And it's one step forward, two steps back with the author. You lose all of Lara's guns (ammo, flares and medipacks remain safely in your possession, though), and due to the rather peculiar way the playable character looks - I ventured a guess that she was not meant to be Lara - but perusing the readme-s revealed that it's her alright, only working undercover to infiltrate the mansions:
The Frost Mansion (2, 3, 4, 4) 22 min, 2 secrets - Mr. Frost's mansion it may be, but it deceptively bears the likeness of Lara's own haunts, so you will get your bearings around here soon enough. But if it wasn't apparent earlier on, by now it should be pretty clear how formulaic the author's level building style is - at least for the "Regresa" series. You spend most of your time running around over vast expanses of the ordinary landscapes, stumbling upon a key or a button, and then you get the token maze - which isn't as big or bad as it could be, but still an annoyance and lazy gameplay on the author's part. A 'formulaic' style isn't even bad in itself, but it does become a distraction when as transparent as in the author's work here. By taking away a good part of Lara's inventory, the author stumbles on the age-old question - how to keep Lara occupied if she's unable to go around killing things? I did rather enjoy the undercover pseudo-stealth solution offered here, but all that said - there's just no making up for the fact, that you spend most of the time just running from point A to B.
Rescue (2, 4, 5, 4) 24 min, 0 secrets - Just because it was so fun the first time, here's an encore of the same house setting all over again. I must say I don't get in terms of the story - why we must have both of the levels back to back? What or whom exactly is she rescuing? Why did everyone and their grandma's dog suddenly turn hostile? - but, alas, here we have it - and I must say, as nice a change of pace the faux-stealth level before was, I enjoyed the house while it's in ruin and chaos much more. It's quite interesting to compare the differences, and as much as I hate the mindless killing - it has to be said that it gives an illusion of busyness compared to the rather tame first part. This could have warranted a higher gameplay rating in itself - but then the author comes back around to that dreadful yo-yo backtracking shtick of his, where you're deliberately sent between 2 locations a couple of times just to elongate the time spent here. After amassing over 200 flares so far, the end of this particular level is the first time I ever had to use one, so the "Regresa" series hereby gets the seal of approval for players concerned about darkness in custom levels.
The author risked doing something different in terms of story and gameplay here, but - it's not so much that the risk didn't pay off, and more so that the all too familiar house settings and every other deficiency that has plagued the series so far worked against it. The series so far has been ambitious, but without specific gameplay goals and work to back those ambitions up." - eTux (11-Mar-2013)

"This TR3 mansion level is admittedly no masterpiece, but it does have the odd moment of pleasure, not least the lovely TR3 music themes. The mansion is not the classic layout, but is still huge and largely empty, apart from loads of guards who are apparently doing no harm at all, despite which Lara decides to shoot one of them and steal his crowbar. Hmmm. The mansion and garden textures aren't especially appealing, but the low lying mist covering the outdoor areas does add a real touch of atmosphere." - Jay (26-Jan-2013)

"Shorter than the other parts of the series, but still too long at about 45 minutes for the two levels. Why? Because it is a huge and rather empty Mansion and you get to play through it twice - once peacefully and a second time with guards shooting at you (and a few mosquitoes and dogs thrown in for good measure). There are five secrets to collect and unfortunately you need to work through the unavoidable hedge maze in both parts. The hint for the five switches in part 1 was a nice idea, the far too many times of having to go up and down and back in part 2 was not. This may have worked a little better at the beginning of the series, but right where it is, it really serves as a painful anticlimax. Can't wait to get to Portugal now..." - MichaelP (24-Oct-2010)

"1: The Frost Mansion - We play the level in Lara's Home. There are many enemies at her home, but if we won't atteck them, they will let us. If we want, we can't kill them at the beginning, 'cause the revolver what we need. Unfortunately we have to kill one, because of crowbar. We must collect 2 keys, and push the reel. Pick up the map at the grasslabyrinth because you can see the 5 buttons. There are 3 secrets, with medipacks. I liked textures too. 2: Rescue (The Frost Mansion Remix) - The continue of the Frost Mansion level. Baddies, dogs, waspes in the home. We have to find the falled helicopter. At the beginning of the level we havent pistols, so let the work to the policemans, with patient. In the house we get the Revolver later, then we can kill everyone. We have to find two keys, pell-mell in the house from the basement to the bathroom. There are 2 secrets on the level. Great textures, I can suggest this great adventure for everyone." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"This is unconscionable. This late in the game the author decides to sneak in his earliest efforts, which are not even as good as the first India level of this series. The Lara construct is bad; watching her animations is painful, such as when she climbs a ladder. These two house levels are chunky and sloppily textured. As in the first India level of this series, game play consists of either aggravating mazes, or running between two points, yo-yoing back and forth to press a button. Interminable. The player only wants this to end." - dmdibl (20-Dec-2009)

"Two levels in and around a mansion , I like the idea of the hint for the 5 switches combination , but the maze was confusing. The distances of the mansion are large , but the map is not complicated. I notice a few objects showing up intermittently but that did not hinder the gameplay. Not a lot to do , the second level is the first revisited after the invasion of enemies and damages done to the mansion." - eRIC (20-Dec-2009)

"Compared to the previous levels there is nothing new in this two-parter gameplay-wise. You find yourself in an unbelievably huge house with randomly spread switches and tediously long runs from one end to the other. And worst is you have to do this house and the gardens in both level parts. But at least you get a welcome change in part 2, since you can deal with some guards then. I did not manage to get hold of the secret in the spikes room, as Lara was killed every time I tried to lower her on the spiked block, and trying the other side of the block she got stuck in an illegal slope. Technically there are recurring graphical bugs meaning some objects (enemies and items) are vanishing from time to time making them almost impossible to spot (e.g. the key in the chapel)." - Jerry (17-Oct-2009)
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