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Author(s): Daniele
total rating:6.31 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 7 6 8 7
eRIC 7 1 7 7
Jose 4 5 6 7
manarch2 5 5 7 6
MichaelP 7 6 8 8
Phil 6 6 7 7
Ryan 5 5 7 7
sonnyd83 7 7 7 7
category averages
(8 reviews)
6.00 5.13 7.13 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"Admittedly it's been a long time since I played "Survivor", which this is essentially a copy/paste remake of and while I may not have remembered every single part of it, I can remember enough to come to a conclusion that this is an inferior version. I quite enjoyed the original, but didn't have at all a good time with this one. All of the original gameplay is present, but alongside far too many butts, switches, spike walls and even an odd finishing trigger in the first room. I also don't remember having to wade through a swampy corridor in complete darkness. I would definitely recommend playing Emoo's level instead over this." - Ryan (03-Mar-2019)

"Not good that a "builder" copies almost exactly the same level from another author and releases it with another name. I've played Emoo's level several weeks ago and soon I noticed the same rooms, the same tasks and the same gameplay. I can't give the same ratings 'cause this level has more defects (a finish trigger in the second room?), but the review could be similar. If you've already played the original level this one is not worth to play." - Jose (16-Nov-2016)

"It's been a while since I played and reviewed Emoo's level which serves as the "inspiration" for this one. Enough time has passed that I didn't remember much of it, but the sentiments I expressed in my review of Emoo's level (Survivor) mirror the way I feel about The Lost Jungle. I guess the intervening years have made me less charitable, as I'm not inclined to award the same high scores that I did earlier. Lots of switches, some of which have to be pushed more than once, too many gates to open, too many spike walls, more butts than I could count, etc. My screen at the end showed a bunch of blank fields, so I don't know how long I took, but I know I found all six secrets documented in Harry Laudie's walkthrough. It wasn't a waste of time by any means, but I've played better TR3 levels." - Phil (19-Oct-2016)

"Much like other reviewers, I saw very little point in pursuing through this one much, as this is essentially just a mere copy/paste of Emoo's 'Survivor' level at the end of the day, albeit much less professionally done(with changes that are so utterly trivial and pointless), that you might as well go and play the vastly superior aforementioned release by Emoo instead. At least that way, you would be rest assured in knowing that you wouldn't suffer from any bugs or sloppy triggering on your way to completing the game." - Ceamonks890 (21-Oct-2014)

"First of all, I have to make a confession: After twenty minutes, I couldn't find any significant change (except the ones mentioned below) to the original "Survivor" and there is no need to replay the same level you have already played a few months earlier, so I quit this game. Some of you might say that this is contradictory to what I plead for, but this level is truly a waste in all respects. The builder copied all the rooms from the original level - perhaps with the only intention was to get the gratitude for something the builder obviously wasn't able to, and for this the level would deserve 0's in a line. But since you actually can play this one without having tried "Surivor", I try to be fair and rate this level "normally". The only changes until the point I quit (and according to the walkthrough, there are not many) were also not really showing a decent work. Since my ratings are related to the ones in Emoo's level, I will only show what I have changed. GP: 5 (7, -1 for copying, -1 for all those deleted medikits and the finish trigger right at the start). EOS: 5 (8, -1 for copying, -3 for all those butts in Laras way, +1 for the TR 1 outfit in an unofficial level). ASC: 7 (8, -1 for copying). LT: 6 (7, -1 for copying). Nothing else to say than repeating what the fellow reviewers have said: Don't download this one but rather real levels like the original level." - manarch2 (22-Jul-2012)

"This is a well built recreation of Temple of Puna in India. The main aspects of the gameplay are pushing some blocks to access higher areas or switches, then pulling switches, negoiating some swamps and many traps, the main trap here is the moving spike wall, and a sort of a maze, some of it in complete darkness. You do have to go back to near the start a couple of times but this means it not so linear. You also do quite a few timed runs which range between easy and hard, then a big boss fight (or two, three). There's not that many health paks so use sparingly. Would be nice to know which door a switch opens but it doesn't hinder you as you ccan easily find out. You can actually hit the finish trigger in the second room of the level, best not to tread on the square with a sword on it. The only baddies I can see are snakes and monkeys but appropriate for the setting. The level has a pleasant atmosphere with good texturing but lighting in one part is pitch black. Sound is original TR3 and well chosen, you get warning's when required. There's a couple of Lara butts floating about. 1 and a half hours net gameplay (took 3 hours in reality)." - sonnyd83 (06-May-2012)

"You may as well choose the easy way out that the builder (intentionally or not?) offers you here and hit the finish trigger after a few seconds as you run over one of the shiva swords. And then instead spend your time playing the original level by Emoo that not only served as the basis for this one - it essentially is the same level, except for a few very marginal and uninspired changes in object placement, which probably took all but a few minutes to execute in the editor. I am not rating this down much vs Emoo's level, as I understand the level file was shared with his consent, but if you get to choose which one to play, I would, like eRIC, suggest you go for 'Survivor' instead." - MichaelP (11-Jul-2010)

"This is Emoo's Survivor level , with only a few changes and not for the best. I understand that Daniele wanted to experiment some changes , but this level should not have been released. The few changes are about the placement of Lara that is different at the beginning , a Shivah sword you can collect but is useless, a weird and annoying wrong"finish trigger" near this beginning, and a few objects changed. The rocket launcher is replaced by a crossbow , medipacks and torches by objects you can't collect , reminding the 'butts' objects in some faulty TR4 custom levels. If the author wanted the level to be harder because of the absence of medipacks why not removing them from the map instead ? Anyway if you have played Survivor , there is no need to play The Lost Jungle. I could have rated zero in all categories, i deduce only points in the objects category for the mentioned reasons , and one point in the other categories ; I reckon it is a completely subjective rating, but how can one rate a plagiarism ? Play Emoo 's level instead !" - eRIC (12-Nov-2009)
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