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Author(s): Turbo Pascal
total rating:2.52 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 2
DJ Full 3 3 3 4
dmdibl 3 4 3 4
eTux 3 2 2 2
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 1 3 2 3
manarch2 1 3 2 2
MichaelP 1 5 1 2
Nuri 6 5 3 3
Obig 2 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 3 4 2 2
Ryan 2 3 2 2
Treeble 2 2 2 2
category averages
(13 reviews)
2.38 3.08 2.15 2.46

Reviewer's comments

"The first level is the most playable level, 'cause it's longer and there is some action shooting enemies and doing some jumps; even so I think there are excessive enemies to shoot, only pull switches to open doors and drag the block a very long distance was too tedious. The remaining levels are only that: test levels without interest where the author shows how to use flipmaps in TR2 to create certain situations. Only interesting for unofficial editor builders." - Jose (23-Jan-2018)

"Example Level is (I'd assume) an equivalent to the official Playable Tutorial Level, but there's something incredibly aggravating here in the form of a pushblock that you need to drag across a narrow hallway... the time you take doing that is about 40% of the time you spend here, where as the other 60% you're shooting or jumping (with the occasional swimming as well). Portal Trick is rather trippy but conceptually interesting, with overlapping yet independent rooms, an effect that I seem to recall eTux used in his BtB-Venice level, but I might be wrong here. Manual Portal Trick showcases one-way doors and Opera Lighting Room, a light bulb. 20 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)

"A series of five short test levels, four of which will take you six seconds at the most. The "Example Level" is the only one with any rhyme or reason to it. You get some yeti and barracudas to battle, some simple jumping, an overlong block pushing task and a boss battle. On the whole, while these "tutorials" might be educational for the builders out there, it is not really worth bothering with for players." - Ryan (03-Sep-2016)

"One simple but quite challenging blood bath level with nicely developing enemies, useful weapons and an unnecessarily tough pushblock, plus four sets of separate test rooms I will treat as a bonus. One door in the first unit gives a little chance to get stuck but it's close to the beginning so nothing that bad. Not sure what the light switch is about as I couldn't find any. I also don't understand the jade room but since it was connected with the previous level I would provide it with some combat to utilize remaining uzi bullets. SUMMARY: A rare case of a test level with some actual plot." - DJ Full (30-Jan-2016)

"Five short test-levels. One of them is a 5-10 minutes adventure with MANY enemies and a boss at the end. The other levels show you some "effects", that you can use in the TR level-editor." - Nuri (09-Jul-2015)

"Another series of test levels from Turbo Pascal, only under the TR2 engine this time around(not that it really matters a whole lot though, as he's still demonstrating a lot of the same features here.) The main 'Example level', which will take up most of your time, is nothing more than a rehash of the same rooms that he's used for his TR1 and TR5 engine-based test levels(and I suspect identical results for TR3's version too, but I'll get to that soon enough.) While its nice to fight some enemies from the Tibet levels of TR2 again, it would have been nice to have the gameplay shaken up, even a little bit. The other levels included with the download however are not quite as substantial, demonstrating things like textures, room trancession effects and for some reason, the 'Opera Light Switch' effect. At the end of the day(much like a good amount of Turbo Pascal's releases), its only worth recommending towards builders who plan to use that specific TR game engine to craft their own creations and not for those who simply want to play a well-crafted adventure." - Ceamonks890 (24-Jul-2014)

"The only real level in this series of set pieces is definitely a bit of a shooter. Lara runs through a series of quite well made, arctic like rooms, battling massed hordes of tigers and yetis, plus a boss ending with the big bird baddie. Short, but quite exhilarating." - Jay (07-Apr-2011)

"The ratings really only refer to the 'Example Level',which is a fun fifteen minute run-around (dull block-pushing task notwithstanding) with an eclectic variety of ravenous beasts in profusion.It entertains,and that's enough for me.The first Portal Test is a clever and unusual illusion,and worth a glance for the disorientation it induces;the second Test,less so.The remaining two seemed entirely pointless. As with other Test levels,you wonder why the builder chose to upload these work-in-progress examples into the public arena;rather than just keeping them on his Hard Drive for private reference." - Orbit Dream (29-Oct-2010)

"One level with tons of animals to shoot and a bit gameplay, two levels with an (nowadays not so) interesting trick with room changing and one level like "Lara in a Box", with a bit more lightning. Oh, and I forgot a little maze-like level, but with nothing in or outside the maze. What else should be said?" - manarch2 (18-Oct-2010)

"The Example level at least gives you some nice shootouts with tigers and yetis and the rather cool bird monster as a boss at the end of the 15 minutes it takes, but it is spoiled by the tediously long block pushing part in the middle. The rest of the 'levels' are simply showcasing a few editor features, so more interesting maybe for junior builders." - MichaelP (28-May-2010)

"EXAMPLE LEVEL - This is the only test level that offers any play, and warrants being rated. Appears similar to the author's TR5 test level, but Lara goes through it backwards. A beginning fight with four tigers, and then with six yeti at once, is exciting. Having to move a push block through narrow passages is less so, although it wouldn't be a Turbo Pascal level without push blocks. Lara picks up Uzis and faces the Bird Monster at the end. The lack of a sprint key is felt, as all Lara can do is closely circle pillars and hope to gain a little distance on him. This level works better in TR2, with its enemies. (2) PORTAL TRICK - Two adjacent portals, both open to a huge room that is as wide as the current room; but the rooms they show and lead to are different. (3) MANUAL PORTAL - A one-way portal: Lara steps through in one direction, but can't go back. One sees this a lot in custom levels, usually with mirrors or glass portals. (4) OPERA LIGHTING - The center of the stage is brightly lit, the edges dark. Nothing for a player." - dmdibl (10-May-2010)

"It is an action oriented level. Enemies are Yetis, tigers, and the birdmonster. Of course we get harder weapons too. If you like the battles, you have to see this level." - Obig (11-Apr-2010)

"Example Level - of the package of 5 levels, this one is the closest to a proper level and those who have played Turbo Pascal's TR5 level might recognize this basically as the same level, though the level starts where the aforementioned one ends, so you basically play it 'backwards'. The enemies can give you a hard time if you don't pay attention, but generally there's nothing too stressing here.
TReditor 3D Test Level - seems this was tested for a reason unknown to anyone but the author himself, as there isn't anything that you can necessarily play here.
Portal Trick - of all the levels this one will most likely raise the most eyebrows as the effect of the overlapping rooms is pretty cool indeed. Worth a look for a minute or so before you get bored going through the rooms.
Manual Portal Trick - again, this probably illustrates a point nicely, but there isn't anything to play here per se.
Opera Lighting Room - this one seems just as perplexing from player's point of view as the second level of the package. It's basically a room with a spotlight.
Overall - there definitely is a nice idea or two hidden in here, but apart from the first level they might seem more appealing to level builders rather than players." - eTux (28-Jan-2010)
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