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Author(s): Tomb Biker
total rating:0.79 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 0 2 0 1
DJ Full 0 1 1 2
dmdibl 0 2 1 1
eTux 0 1 0 1
Gerty 0 1 0 1
High Priestess 0 0 1 0
Jay 0 2 1 1
Jose 0 1 0 2
manarch2 0 2 0 1
MichaelP 0 5 0 0
Orbit Dream 0 1 0 1
rtrger 0 3 2 1
Ryan 0 2 0 0
category averages
(13 reviews)
0.00 1.77 0.46 0.92

Reviewer's comments

"Another of that test levels without interest. This time the author shows the results of a new technique to create new trees. Evenmore one of them is floating in midair. Only for TR3 builders." - Jose (22-Jan-2018)

"Four pretty pines which are out of reach and a pool that's too shallow to really swim in. Like Forrest Gump I just "kept on running" towards the end of the world and into the blackness but didn't stick around long enough to grow a beard." - High Priestess (19-Jan-2017)

"You can't disagree with the title, you do get a pine tree, four of them, actually. And a pool to swim in. Nothing else though. Never mind, it's another quick review." - Ryan (19-Jul-2016)

"Some of these levels have really attractive titles - Little Confuse World; The Pyramid of Fire; Whats Behind The Door; Is He Immortal. Here's a Pine Tree which could apply to a relaxing campsite in the highlands. These two words actually reminded me of the whole Whetstone county of San Andreas - while memories of this game managed to blur for years that passed, that single unforgettable wild location remains the one which would fit me to live in forever. Of course we should remember such organic complexity will be never possible to execute in our level editor in scale as large as it was done out there, nonetheless a similar atmosphere could be achieved if some Polish and Finnish builders teamed up so You could just dream of putting up a tent in their world after some Travelling, cook a fish on a portable gas-jet and eventually have some rest inhaling the resin aroma of mighty spruces. Not all of this can happen here, and the majority won't, but still we have these few spruces to look at without attention dispersed, and we can have a bit of refreshing swim in the nearby lake while contemplating the surrounding infinity." - DJ Full (26-Apr-2015)

"This is the one and only level by this builder. The only thing to do here is to run around and have a look what is behind the trees." - Gerty (20-Mar-2015)

"Another simple test level that demonstrates the possibility of inserting user-created objects into the TR3 engine(via the pine trees mentioned in the level title), with nothing else to really do beyond that. So only worth a quick glance, if you're willing to see how far the TRLE community has come over the past decade, otherwise look elsewhere if you're wanting something to actually play." - Ceamonks890 (24-Sep-2014)

"You're promised a pine tree, and that's exactly what you get here - four of them in fact (although I have to say they look more like spruces to me, or at least not much alike the pines I usually see around where I live). It's easy to judge from a point of view of present-bias, where such innovations as having tree objects in your level is hardly gasp-inducing, so it's a bit hard to imagine that something like this ever was sensational, but who knows - maybe it was. It can serve as a reminder how far the community has come." - eTux (25-Apr-2012)

"Yes alright,this is a completely pointless review;but I'm actually awaiting a response to a different level on the Stuck Forum and thought I'd squeeze in a quick review in order to fill in some time,but really..this was all too pointless. (Although I'm obliged to point out that the title is inaccurate,as it ought to be in the plural)" - Orbit Dream (03-Apr-2011)

"One for pine tree enthusiasts only. You actually get four of them, but you will have to admire them from a distance as you can't get close. Other than that, there's a shallow pool to have a quick paddle in. No finishing trigger." - Jay (07-Mar-2011)

"One-room test level without finish trigger. Four trees which are well done, but nothing more. Swim and jump a bit in this no-exit area." - manarch2 (26-Jul-2010)

"It is all about showing off four trees. Would have been nice to at least place all of them on solid ground and avoid the end of the world all around this place." - MichaelP (13-Jun-2010)

"About, er, pine trees. Apparently, creating a 3D model in TR3 was a big deal, though such things are now commonplace. The four pine trees on a ridge look fine, definitely three dimensional. One tree should have been set farther back to hide its floating base. Pine trees are all there is." - dmdibl (09-Jun-2010)

"No need to review this one, as it's obvious that this is just a test level. Pine trees scattered in the other side of the room, for better enviroment. They look good, indeed." - rtrger (06-Jun-2010)
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