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Author(s): townsieboy
total rating:4.31 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 6 5 7 7
Blue43 4 4 4 5
Christian 4 3 4 3
Daffy 5 5 6 6
Diz 5 4 5 5
DJ Full 4 4 4 6
dmdibl 4 4 5 5
eRIC 3 4 3 4
Gerty 3 4 5 5
Jay 4 5 5 5
Jose 2 2 2 3
Leeth 3 4 5 5
manarch2 3 3 4 3
MichaelP 3 5 5 5
Miriam 5 5 4 5
Orbit Dream 3 3 7 7
Ryan 2 3 4 5
Scottie 5 5 6 6
TheStig 4 3 4 3
Zhyttya 3 4 5 4
category averages
(20 reviews)
3.75 3.95 4.70 4.85

Reviewer's comments

"A speedy jaunt through a quite pleasing setting in the classic settomb style, but with no real exciting gameplay, although you can't deny that what there is is very much full ahead, with no break in the proceedings. A couple of artefacts to find, some mild traps to avoid and a few easy enemy encounters. There's unfortunately not enough gameplay to speak of to earn a higher score from me though, but I might have elected to score it a 3 if the ending hadn't been so abrupt. Maybe it's time for this builder to consider building longer levels - the talent is certainly there." - Ryan (26-Mar-2018)

"A good improvement from the last level done by this creator but still a lot to be done. The Atmosphere was actually a big improvement, the music was a bit random and the lighting could be a bit better. But the textures used were good.. There are no real puzzles and the game play is straight foward.. Lack creativity.. Its just an averege level" - Leeth (06-Aug-2015)

"Good improvement from the last game created by this author. However it still has a very basic game play. The lighting was a pain, the whole level it's almost completely dark, and no flares are given. I had to use the pistols in order to explore the level. Overall good improvement on what it fail most on the last game created by this author: the atmosphere." - Zhyttya (06-Aug-2015)

"Compared to the 'Temple of Light' Townsieboy's previous release this level represents evolution in one key You navigate through a tomb of Seth type environment opening various doors with floor levers. There's been more effort here to make use of light and shadows to add depth to the room. Texturing still needs work and is repetitive, but everything is well placed. The author also might want to consider triggering things like torches a bit sooner, as seeing them suddenly blink on when you step in a room isn't ideal. In total I got 10 minutes of gameplay from the tomb of Satan. Definitely improving :) Stiggy" - TheStig (12-Jun-2011)

"This levle was pretty fun for e even though it was short. Enemies were scorpians and the textures were pretty repetative but they were placed correctly. Very short but very fun." - afzalmiah (30-Mar-2011)

"A little adventure in the Tomb of Seth fashion lasting 7 minutes. Interesting enough to get through even if the tasks are fairly simple. Some efforts have been put to create some shadows , the red cave walls have repetitive texturing, but the author has improved since his first release." - eRIC (01-Nov-2010)

"There is more to do in this second level of this builder. But it is still a very short level. Keep at it as there is a lot to learn and perhaps one day there will be quite an adventure for us to play." - Gerty (04-Oct-2010)

"The tomb of Satan is a very short level which is played without big complication, to say no. They find there Lara's big classics which do not surprise really the players been used anymore. Decors are correctly constructed although a bit dark by instant. This game is the good beginning for a starting player. The author shows that he can use the editor of level and that he has good ideas, I do not doubt that his next levels will be better and better." - Daffy (27-Sep-2010)

"Second level of this author, released only 3 days after the previous one, and we can already see a lot of improvement, like we expected after "Temple of Light". The level is short, but interesting. Gameplay is still linear, but there are some traps added and well placed enemies included, so this time we CAN die in several points of the game. Also, burning floor tests players' agility. And the author already knows how to use ladders and multiple triggers. Again, he forgot to place a sound of getting a secret. SUMMARY: Now we all know Satan is Egyptian guy... Keep it going, townsieboy. It's very good You believe in us here on trle, and when You learn something related to the Editor, You share this news with us immmediately. Next time show us something really complex. This level is for everyone who needs a classic, not very challenging, Egyptian break." - DJ Full (15-Sep-2010)

"Easy game play in a ten-minute darkish Egyptian level, which seems more of a test project. The author has switches raise a block, mostly to see if triggers work, and boulders chase Lara down a ramp, though they aren't any real threat. The Eye of Horus door was odd, a solid black, so one couldn't see a spot to place the combined eyepiece, though it looked like it must be an eyepiece door. A few visuals, like the lava lake far below, show promise. Seems a rather hurried release." - dmdibl (10-Sep-2010)

"Short and sharp, dodge a couple of boulders, kill some jackals, find some objects, that's it! It had the feel of the middle part of a much larger level and, as such, wouldn't have been a bad part. By itself, it doesn't really stand alone. I liked the way the set was built and the lighting was good, especially the way the burners turned on to illuminate your path as you approached them - nice touch. The enemies were jackals which, as you had all the room in the world to manoeuvre, didn't cause any problems. No puzzle solving, timed runs (apart from the aforementioned boulder) or agility. I would like to see this level expanded upon and developed." - Diz (10-Sep-2010)

"As I said in my previous comments for this builder, it seems that he's testing new features from the editor and he want to take an opinion from the players. Well, from my side, I think you'd better take an effort about building a REAL level the best you can (it can be good or bad, don't worry) and don't let players waste his/her precious time playing very short proyects and writing comments about your new advances with the editor. (All people is free to play or not play, to comment or not comment, of course). There are a lot of people in many forums who can help you if you want. Please, you must consider this. From my side, I'll never play your next levels if they're not a serious project. Sorry." - Jose (09-Sep-2010)

"A brisk, under ten minute dash through an Egyptian environment to throw a few levers, find a Cartouche, Timeless Sands, an Eye of Horus and shoot a few jackals. There's also an Uzi to be had, but you really won't need it. No masterpiece certainly, but a visible improvement on the author's debut level, so a step in the right direction." - Jay (06-Sep-2010)

"I have not found Satan though, but on the other hand quite a good small level. The textures were applied proper and the lighting was substantially better than with his first level Temple of Light. However, it would have quite felt well if one had found the Flarepackage earlier, because it was sometimes a little bit too dark. The camera hints were very nice. And a few nice small riddles also existed. All together a good level for Occasionally and substantially better than Temmple of Light." - Scottie (06-Sep-2010)

"A steep learning curve to be seen here, as this is a quick (7 minutes) and basic, but still solid level using the standard Tomb of Seth materials of the editor. Some effort has gone into lighting, although mostly to create dark corners. You get a series of dogs to kill, a secret to find, some decent use of flames and a nice view of the octagon spikes. And then a very sudden ending. So, the potential is all there - now James needs to learn the patience to actually build a decent and holistic adventure and not only a short snippet of a raid like this one..." - MichaelP (05-Sep-2010)

"Better than first level of author but still straightforward gameplay with lever-pushing and few key items. Very short level (8 minutes) with only dogs and skorpions to shoot and only one little fire puzzle. Also ends sudden with pushing a lever which I still don't like." - manarch2 (05-Sep-2010)

"This level hasn't story and it is amazingly short. Consequently, there are a few points to talk about. Gameplay and puzzles: gameplay was very easy and there were some traps, but it wasn't challenguing at all. Enemies, objects and secrets: secrets are good, there are also enough flares but I didn't seee anything different or special. There wasn't any camera. Finally, textures looked very repetitive and lighting was sometimes too dark. In resume, this is an amateur level with a short and easy gameplay, some traps and an acceptable approach. There's a lot of work to do with geometry in order to create challenguing platforms." - Miriam (05-Sep-2010)

"This builder learns fast; the problem with the huge rooms is nearly solved, there are some elements of interesting gameplay ,there are some traps added. There's still much work to do concerning lightning. But all in all there's lot of improvement to see compared to the debut-level from a few days ago." - Christian (05-Sep-2010)

"Nice improvement over the builders first level. Much better lighting and the rooms are properly sized. The game is straight forward, a boulder trap, a couple of dogs and levers to pull. It is quite short (about 10 minutes) and unfortunately ends a little sudden, but it was fun while it lasted. Obviously a very talented builder who is learning fast. Well done." - Blue43 (05-Sep-2010)

"A much improved 2nd level-building attempt.The textures are generally clean,and the lighting is effetive at creating the atmosphere.The gameplay is linear but fluent and never pauses for breath - which is fortunate,as you'll be through in under ten minutes.It's another 'no medipack needed' level;but fun,for all that." - Orbit Dream (05-Sep-2010)
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