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Author(s): Raidermatty
total rating:6.63 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Diz 6 6 7 7
dmdibl 6 4 8 9
eRIC 2 5 8 8
Gerty 4 6 7 7
Jay 5 7 7 7
JesseG 4 7 7 8
Jose 6 6 7 7
manarch2 4 5 7 7
MichaelP 4 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 3 8 9 10
Ryan 4 6 8 9
Scottie 7 7 8 8
TheStig 6 8 9 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
4.69 6.23 7.69 7.92

Reviewer's comments

"Probably a bit of a redundant review here, seeing as a demo version 2 was released not long after this one, but I actually really liked the looks of this first one. The atmosphere and textures are extremely solid, and the enemies and lone timed run provide a bit of a challenge as you progress towards the finish trigger. Then it just abruptly ends as you enter a tantalising new area. Not bad as far as it goes." - Ryan (20-Apr-2019)

"This level here from Raidermatty is technically fine, but as you would expect from a level bearing the 'demo' moniker, it's a tad on the short-time. Technically it's all very good, with the texturing & lighting to a high standard for something based primarily off TR3 textures. The sequence with the jumping burning platforms was a bit of a pain if I'm honest. I've also noticed that version 2.0 of this demo was launched just a few months later, so it will be interesting to see how the two compare. All in all I got around 15 minutes of gaming time from this demo. Not bad, but personally I'd recommend waiting for the full release. Stiggy" - TheStig (15-Jun-2011)

"Do not see the point of this version 1.0 , as all is finished in 10 minutes with many things undone , given the tantalizing view of the other area on the other side of the buildings. This is all well done and can give appetite for more of it though with enemies and pickups well placed , good audios and lighting. The main challenge with the timed door and the fires is doable but not that funny. Technically quite good." - eRIC (13-Nov-2010)

"It probably took me longer than all the other players to finish this game, due to my fear of height and that nasty tight timed run but I got to the finishing trigger. Hope the builder leaves this as it is and starts a new level, as I am not looking forwards to more of this adventure, but that is my personal taste. Also not such a fan of demo's, I never understood why someone makes a demo in the first place. Oh well, all in all a small adventure, let's leave it at that." - Gerty (18-Oct-2010)

"This is a Demo in the purest sense of the word. It's like something on a Disc which you picked up for free with a Games magazine.A Taster - no more,no less.The construction is grand;the lighting is superb,and objects are used most effectively.The gameplay is fine,to judge from what you're actually allowed to do.You basically shoot a couple of people and perform a rather tight timed run...and then it ends;with many tantalising glimpses of places still unreached.Great,as far as the 15 minutes go." - Orbit Dream (19-Sep-2010)

"I am a big fan of TR2 / TR3 and here I have felt at home immediately. Above all also, because London was almost already my favorite level in TR3. Above all if one could walk around as well as here on the roofs. The only negative point was the missing sound of the switch of the first door. Though the time run was quite scarce, but with the right strategy one could make him. It would maybe quite feel well if the player had a little bit more time, because just beginners and opportunity players could have here problems. Nevertheless, otherwise I hope very much that the ready level is as good as this demo." - Scottie (17-Sep-2010)

"This is indeed a great locking demo that promises of more to come, but it is actually also a very confusing demo, because it lets you wonder whether you have completed the tasks that can be completed or whether at this point in time you cannot actually go further. I did get the shotgun secret but missed the second one. And the timed jumps across the burner platform are not that hard to do once you figure out the best way to pass them. So in the end, this 10 minute appetizer is all nice and well, but I feel should not have been released in this state. Hope we get to touch a fully playable version soon." - MichaelP (17-Sep-2010)

"It was a nice little adventure with TR3 feeling. Old City level and Lud's Gate level were changed a bit and we got this demo of it. Apart of few levers there wasn't much to do but the flame part was quite challenging because it was timed. Nice remake atmosphere and textures promise a very good full level." - manarch2 (17-Sep-2010)

"I really like bouncing around the rooftops of London (or the city of your choice). I like the 3D aspect and the non-linear route choices. This, like many demos, gives an unfinished feel as there are areas you can see but can't get to and I really hope that in the finished version all those areas will be accessible. Not much in the way of gameplay, but in a 10 minute demo there are limits to what the builder can achieve. I found no problem with the lighting but I have a brand new monitor and I feel those with older ones may suffer. I'm looking forward to a full sized version." - Diz (16-Sep-2010)

"Good appearance, a well done start inspired by the Sophia Leigh city episode, with scenic view of buildings with playable sections that Lara seems unable to reach yet. After climbing all the way up (and some unsuccessful drops down to dead-ends), Lara finds another area through a crawlspace where, again, everything has a finished look. Although this is a brief demo, it builds anticipation for the completed version. If the purpose of a released demo is to invite comments, I suggest the timing for the jumps across the burning platforms was too short. When Lara pulls the timed underwater lever, it is impossible to break the camera shot of the door opening, and impossible to maneuver Lara while this camera sequence continues. If the camera shot could be broken (or Lara could move), this would be less frustrating. It is hard to score a demo, but it appears this will be an accomplished level." - dmdibl (16-Sep-2010)

"This is very much a demo, insofar as you can only accomplish a limited amount of tasks for now in what appears to be a very well made re-creation of Sophia's office from the official TR3 London levels. As I felt really frustrated at not being able to continue playing, this must surely be classed as an extremely successful demo. More please." - Jay (15-Sep-2010)

"Since I've rated other demos as if they were full levels, it is only fair that I do so here, hence my lopsided scores. If you've played the City level from TR3, you will immediately feel at home with this level - the author has the textures, sounds, and objects down pat from that level. The story is that it seems Leigh has started a cooperation across the street - after all, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - and you have to infiltrate the building. However, besides the brief moment of nostalgia there isn't very much to experience in this short demo. You will climb a few ledges, kill 2 baddies, swim a little, and then pass a tricky timed run with flaming ledges, which would be the highlight of the gameplay. The environment looks nice however, just add a bit more lighting. I have a feeling it might also be dark for some players, but I cannot say for sure. It looks like a solid level so far, so the builder should keep up the good work. Finished in 12 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (14-Sep-2010)

"This demo is very short to can give it a higher score, but I think the final release will get it. Inspired on a London TR· level with the same textures, outfit, musics... First scenary is the same, but further you'll find new rooms and tasks. It's not good that the author let you reach places where you can do nothing, like the top of the ladder with the zipline or the high room in the corner where you'll find only a switch with a cover; in this cases players can think about looking for something to can proceed wasting their time when they can do nothing. Environment looked very dark in my PC, and the timed run with the water and fires near the end was very hard, I think only for expert players. Even so, I think this could be a good level with a high score changing a bit bad details like this but, of course, it'll be a decision only from the builder; I think builders release a demo to get opininons from the players and make their levels beter... (or not). We'll see the final version..." - Jose (14-Sep-2010)
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