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Author(s): Bibi
total rating:7.76 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 8 9 8 9
Blue43 7 7 8 8
Christian 7 7 8 8
Diz 6 8 7 8
DJ Full 7 6 8 8
dmdibl 7 7 8 9
eRIC 6 7 9 7
Gerty 6 7 8 7
High Priestess 6 8 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 9
Jose 6 6 8 7
Josey 9 10 10 10
manarch2 8 7 8 9
MichaelP 6 8 8 8
misho98 7 9 8 9
Orbit Dream 7 7 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ruben 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Scottie 8 8 7 9
TheStig 7 7 8 8
category averages
(21 reviews)
7.10 7.57 8.10 8.29

Reviewer's comments

"Lara embarks on a quest to retrieve the presents for Kurtis and Winston, both of which have been stolen by the Grinch. Although this is a mansion level (usually not my favourites), I actually quite enjoyed this one, probably because I didn't have to backtrack too much. Aside from the usual key-finding, there's also a lengthy object puzzle and a moderately tight timed run to accomplish. I also liked the festive ambience and the next- generation surroundings. At the end, the Grinch is left to fend for himself while Lara and her friends get warm! Well, that'll teach him." - Ryan (21-Oct-2017)

"This was a beautiful version of Lara's home and a treat to see Kurtis. The background music did become slightly irritating after a while but it wasn't a major issue. The pushblock puzzle was simple yet a little tedious. I have not marked this down for the awful timed run even though this is why I gave up on this level the first time I played. It's this sort of challenge many enjoy so it would be unfair for me to knock points off due to my ineptitude. Instead I cheated and used the corner bug and made it around to the second and last present via the perimeter wall then the gate opened and from there I merely had to open the back door from the garden's side :D There's more than one (uninteractive), Grinch up on the roof so I am glad I managed to get up close and personal for my efforts!" - High Priestess (09-May-2017)

"An Xmas mission in the classic Croft manor of winter setting. The storyline is well told with help of custom role-play speech and great camera work, but the interaction is limited to ordinary keys, pushables and switches while the Xmas theme surely allows to bake a better pie. Audio could be more varied either - a peaceful level doesn't mean all tracks must have the same mood. All in all a simple yet enjoyable one." - DJ Full (19-Aug-2015)

"This was a very enjoyable level. The gameplay was mostly a "use a switch to go to use another switch" but it featured a block puzzle and very fun timed run. The atmosphere was good enough, I liked the fact that there were no enemies. The camera hints were very good, showing you where you have to go. Textures were nice, as well as the lighting. Recommended!" - misho98 (26-Nov-2011)

"This was a very enjoyable home level for adults and children alike. The auther used the home textures from the ghosts of croft manor level. You have to search for kurtis and winston's presents. It is a very peaceful and enemy free level. Kurtis's present was pretty annoying with the push block puzzle (or was it winston's?). This level is good and is a lot better than what I can do! Recommended to everyone." - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)

"A very nice and beautiful level, suitable for children and perfect in its style. It is simple and has no difficulties, except for a time run that is not very hard. There are no bugs; the level is wonderfully playable and enjoyable, showing a good deal of technical expertise. And besides being continuous, the lovely background music changes according to the environment. Thanks and raid on,Bibi!" - Josey (13-Jan-2011)

"While I am usually not a big fan of Lara's Home levels because I end up running around like a headless chicken, this one was easy on the player with a fairly well defined sequence of events and tasks to accomplish, nicely guided by camera work in a good looking and slightly varied Lara's mansion. Nothing much out of the ordinary here with keys and items to find and then a slightly too tedious push puzzle for one present and a very manageable timed run for the other. 30 minutes of a relaxing Christmas level - just the way it should be - and always great to have a builder come back and release a level after so many years. Hoping to see more from Bibi in the future..." - MichaelP (22-Dec-2010)

"Short and sweet here. Basically a re-stamp of the old Core Design Croft Manor with a Christmas theme, and a few new & modified areas. Nice, simple straightforward gameplay which shouldn't challenge you too much or have you searching the forums for clues. Definitely suitable for kids as there's no nasty's to worry about and the inclusion of the Grinch character is quite funny. Texturing and lighting are both good. Simple, relaxing, and a good 30 minute raid that should leave you relaxed and in the Christmas spirit. Stiggy" - TheStig (21-Dec-2010)

"The grinch stole the Christmas-gifts for Kurtis and the butler. Lara has find to find them to save Christmas-evening. A simple story and a short level taking place in and around Croft Manor. The only highlight is a well built timed run for one of the presents. It's not an outstanding one. But it's a nice level worth to be played." - Christian (20-Dec-2010)

"Although this level was not released as part of either Advent calendar, it exudes more Christmas charm than several that were. It's Lara's version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" - with an unwanted guest. After a short raid of about a half hour, all's well that ends well. Winston and Kurtis have their presents, and the Grinch is outside in the cold. You've seen it all before if you've played any house levels, but the surroundings have been modified to fit the season, with music to match, and there's a nice timed run near the end to spice things up a bit. The kids and new raiders will especially enjoy this one, although it's recommended for players of all ages and skill levels." - Phil (20-Dec-2010)

"A short(ish) Advent level based around searching for presents for Kurtis and Winston. Personally, I'd rather have shut him in the freezer as usual rather than getting him a prezzie! Set in Lara's mansion and grounds it's all rather straight forward. A timed run that's not tight and a long, rather boring, block puzzle are the only alternatives from switch and object finding. I found that the block puzzle glitched half way through when I swapped from pulling to pushing and I had to start again. The areas are nicely built and the lighting is fine throughout. I really liked the Grinch and putting him on the roof where you couldn't shoot him was inspired. (Oh, for a pistol and sight!). Excellent music by the way." - Diz (17-Dec-2010)

"Nice comeback from Bibi with this little adventure where the Grinch hides the presents that are meant for Cutis and of course Winston, the butler. Sounds were very soft at my end and when I cranked it up, the music was overpowering. But all in all a nice level apart from a very tight timed run." - Gerty (16-Dec-2010)

"A short level easy to play, but not a fast gameplay 'cause it's no lineal and you can reach places and can't proceed. Based about pull some switches and find some keys, there's only a timed run and a puzzle (four moveables) and it's very easy. Simple architecture, huge rooms where you'll have to run through long distances only to find switches to pull. Nice musics and good environment, but there's a sensation of empty rooms and large areas with nothing to do. There are a couple of animations (at the beginning and at the end) but no much more to say. Once you give the presents to Kurtis and Winston the level finishes. Not bad but not very interesting." - Jose (16-Dec-2010)

"Wow! You have here a perfect example of a short level that is still absolutely fun and worth to play. After 25 minutes full of interesting puzzles outside and exploring in the mansion. Textures look nice and the manor was well builded. Outside area looked fine, christmas sound was great. I hope the builder keeps on building because I think she is very talented." - manarch2 (15-Dec-2010)

"A beautiful christmas raid in Croft Manor with Lara looking for the two stolen gifts she has bought for her friends .The evil Grinch will have to wait another lonely year to achieve his purpose.What a lovely music ! Thanks Bibi and welcome back !" - Ruben (15-Dec-2010)

"This has a lovely premise of the Grinch making off with gifts for Kurtis and Winston, though the Grinch gives Lara a sporting chance to retrieve them. A nice load.bmp of the Grinch and a broken Christmas tree ornament. Croft manor looks serene in snow, with decorated tree and Christmas lights about the hallways. Game play is short and sweet. The semi-hidden front-door key was charming and original, and the timed pillar jumps for the Kurtis gift had the right difficulty for a Christmas level--easier than what the author would normally do. I did get fooled into looking around in the garden to use the garden key. But this is still a home level, and once more familiar levers do curious things. The presentation is fresh, and of course the Grinch swears he will follow his defeat with a (tougher?) rematch next year. He has a whole year to plot his revenge so it should be interesting." - dmdibl (14-Dec-2010)

"This a well-done winter-mansion style level with a nice storyline where Lara has two find the gifts for Winston and Kurtis. The game play is easy and after a few searches for keys and levers Lara discovers the presents and has to get to them with quite a bit of push block work and a nicely done timed run. The textures and lighting were very good and with some extra decoration everywhere and Christmas music in the background, this is a relaxing and peaceful level to play and another good choice for a level that will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit. Also, as others mentioned it is nice to see a builder resurface, who hasn't released a level in seven years. Very nice!" - Blue43 (14-Dec-2010)

"Now here's a surprise return of a builder from yesteryear - and what a charming way of re-introducing themselves to the Level Editing community! This is a thoroughly pleasing 40 minute seasonal adventure,which offers just about enough challenge to keep players entertained for the duration. Indeed,the only weak moment was the rather laborious (though neatly devised) object pushing task.Everything else was well judged,including a tight timed jumping sequence,a few sneakily placed levers and a 'hidden-right-in-front-of-you' Key. Texturing and Lighting were of a very high standard;voice acting was entertaining,while the accompanying music was tastefully chosen. Objects were creatively selected and placed well;and the atmosphere was the typically charming ambience we've come to expect from these seasonal offerings. It was perhaps a shame that there were no secrets (at least,none that I could find);but the Mansion scenario was (for once!) very well utilised,and the storyline quite endearing. As a return to the world of Level Editing,Bibi Kroft should regard this as a minor triumph." - Orbit Dream (13-Dec-2010)

"Nobody can detain Lara. Absolutely nobody. Even the bad Grinch not. If the guy simply hides thus the presents for Winston and Kurtis. But the Grinch has made the calculation without Lara. And we could play a nice small Christmas level, because, finally, one hears somewhat once again from Bibi Kroft. And we could play a nice little Christmas level, because at last we hear once again some of Bibi Kroft. You have to imagine it! Seven long years there was no level from her and now she appears suddenly without notice and makes us players a merry Christmas. Well, the tootling in the background irritates a little bit, but this is a taste thing and about taste can be anyway argued well. However, the sound was absent now and again. Thus, for example, the underwater lever had no sound. The time run was generally no problem and the riddles were relatively easy to solve according to the season. This level is exactly the right change after a stressful gift purchase marathon." - Scottie (13-Dec-2010)

"Another short and sweet Advent level, this time from a builder we haven't seen around for some years. It's a nice storyline. Having decided to buy presents for Kurtis and Winston (perhaps to make up for all those times she shut him in the freezer), Lara finds that these have been stolen by the Grinch (and what a lovely bit of retexturing he is). Cue a treasure hunt in the mansion and grounds. Finding the two presents involves a tightish timed run and a lengthy push puzzle respectively; otherwise it's mainly about finding keys, one of which is delightfully well camouflaged. The mansion itself is a most pleasing mix of old and new style - traditional in layout, but with a lot of the 'new' objects and textures. I thought it worked very well. I also liked the accompanying Christmas piano music; it was very soothing." - Jay (13-Dec-2010)

"Quite a pleasant Christmas level , which is basically a Lara's home level with different textures , with snow , and with a fun storyline, well presented and well concluded. The author has really made a good job to introduce and support the storyline with the grumpy Grinch , Kurtis and Winston , and appropriate audio voices. The other audios , the loops , are all pieces of piano music. There is a few levers and some keys to find , an extended pushable objects puzzle , and I noticed that it is possible to completely avoid the timed door to get one of the two presents outside as Lara can reach this area by reaching the top of the walls encircling the mansion. Of course it is more fun to get this present the intended way , as this timed task offers a bit of challenge with a series of curved jumps atop of pillars. All this makes a well rounded and relaxing level , easy and not very long , quite appropriate for the season. Well done. [ 40 minutes ]" - eRIC (13-Dec-2010)
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