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Author(s): Eelkemama
total rating:7.81 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 8 8 7
Diz 8 7 8 8
dmdibl 8 8 9 9
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 7 8 7 7
Jorge22 8 7 7 8
Jose 8 8 8 8
Josey 9 10 9 8
manarch2 6 7 8 7
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
Mister-B 8 9 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 7
Ruben 8 9 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
Soul 6 7 9 7
TheStig 8 8 7 7
category averages
(18 reviews)
7.67 8.00 8.00 7.56

Reviewer's comments

"You can always count on this builder to be a little bit sneaky and devious in her levels and this is no exception. There's a lot of jumpswitches and levers hidden in quite sneaky positions that do require you to be observant in the otherwise quite linear gameplay. The first level (In the Caves) was a bit too dark in places and not very puzzling, but it does break you in nicely for the second level. This was definitely my favourite of the set as the surroundings were more pleasing to the eye and the gameplay was more intense and varied, and the horse riding was a very nice touch. The third level, The Tower, did seem a bit, as Michael mentioned, unfinished as it was more confined and a lot more straightforward, although nonetheless entertaining, but the final level did provide it with a much needed burst of energy as you meet up with the girlfriend. Overall, a fun adventure with a couple of sneaky touches and should be accessible to everyone." - Ryan (08-Jun-2018)

"Quite an epic adventure in length (I netted nearly 5 hours), you enter an intricate (if ocassionally dark) land of puzzles and wide-area exploration. The outdoor spaces are probably the most sucessful elements of the level with some tight timed runs to get to grips with. Some of the interior spaces are less sucessful and not always textured with the same level of attention. Gameplay wise there is a good flow, unfortunately the solution to a couple of the puzzles did illude me leaving me hopelessy stonewalled untill I consulted the walkthrough. Some of the levers are very well hidden and blend into the walls, and as I think I've stated previously for Eelkemama's levels, if I doubt shoot everything in sight!. While this is a strong and varied adventure it needed just a little more polish to be a great one (less use of the TR4 music queues for instance which always feel odd when set against environments other than Egypt. Definately one for your play-list, but keep the walkthrough handy. Stiggy." - TheStig (03-Feb-2013)

"This is quite an adventure in which I found regrettable some nasty flaws. Like getting into a pit but no way to get out, Lara also wouldn't grab a ladder (glad I had a savegame I could go back to). The question I asked myself is why is it that some pushables you can climb on and why some are not. Funny enough I did like the Vespa bit although the reason using a jump lever to give an avalanche so the Vespa could slide down is beyond me. A pity you only used it for such a short distance. Be aware for hidden en very well blended in levers and the"if in doubt shoot everything in sight" rule applies here. Lighting was OK, can be approved upon, textures, some do need checking though. I liked the way the secrets were hidden and I stumbled onto most of them in my search to continue the game. A bit too much back and fro for my liking though" - Gerty (25-Jun-2012)

"In the Caves (7/7/8/6, 45 min, 6 secrets): The adventure starts with a mild challenge as you get a timed jump/run through a poison room very near the start, but from there it turns into classic builder trademarks with fairly linear progression and (generally too many) sneakily hidden jumpswitches. There are even a few moments where you can get stuck, so watch your savegames. The timed run with the timed counting down on screen is nice and the little math lever puzzle was a nice change. The three keys you need are easy to overlook, so keep your eyes open.
A City Somewhere (8/9/8/8, 45 min, 3 secrets): My favourite level of this set. It starts with a nice flyby and you get to explore a small city setting in a non-linear fashion. There is some good use of the torch and the horse riding is truly unique and original, so it is easily forgiven that you can get to places on the horse that you are not supposed to get to. I loved the funny moment after touching the picture ;) And then it all finishes off with a small water scales puzzle. A refreshing change of pace from the usual style this builder offer for us.
The Tower (7/8/7/7, 45 min, 3 secrets): It starts with a nice mirror room, but this level feels oddly unfinished. The load screen is wrong, the tasks are fairly linear again, but at least nicely spiced up with a bit more traps along the way. Later it turns into a bit of a switch hunt and I thought the cartoonish textures were as much out of place as the use of transporters to move Lara around.
Meet the Girlfriend (8/7/8/7, 40 min, 3 secrets): Somhow Lara lost her crowbat with the leveljump and has to find a new one here. The last level is actually quite enjoyable again with a more comprehensive set of push and raising block puzzles throughout as you explore a kind of castle and its surroundings. The agility test near the end was not too hard but actually quite fun and a good choice to top things off as you finally meet up with the girlfriend after almost 3 hours of net gaming time." - MichaelP (04-Dec-2011)

"There are four levels in this pack providing about 2.5 hours of gameplay. The tasks are multiple and refreshing, as the initial tasks in the first level, the block puzzle with a fixed camera and the sentrygun room in the first level, the horse, the jail sequence and the (unfortunately trial and error) water puzzle in the second. The third and fourth levels are rather slow, as there are only visual differs from the first level and the occasional tedious pushblock puzzle and lots of lever pushing. Texturing was mostly clean with some mistakes only (wallpaper effects in long rooms), there was a huge tga file in my opinion as there were a lot of textures to admire and thus a lot of locations, which also had a negative side - the areas seemed to have no logical connection and the storyline also doesn't really help here. Not only visually, but also gameplaywise everything is too easily knitted and there is not a bit of complexity in most of the levels, only the second, city level provided a bit of exploration and that also was my favourite level (by far). The only tricky things were rather unfair in my opinion, as too well hidden passages (the "mousehole" for example) I also think lighting could be better, as all parts of a single area felt to be lit uniformly. What I found good is that there was a huge amount of different objects in this level, especially in level 2, unluckily most of them had no collision when riding the horse so that felt really strange. Also, there were too many object in the furniture shop, but too less in many other parts of this game - sometimes there were vast areas without any object, only with simple architecture, which felt totally unreal. There are 15 secrets scattered throughout this game, but why hidden so easily, mostly on the way? With the exception of the second last secret in the last level, all other secrets nearly could not be missed in my opinion, as normal gameplay was harder with all those hidden passages and keys. Despite of my rather bad ratings, I can recommend this level for the second level and the pretty nice sound choice here only - this was pure raiding fun. The first level is good too but when I think about it, it only wasn't that bad only because it was the first level; only the first few tasks are quite fun here too. Try it out, maybe you like this level more than I did." - manarch2 (25-Nov-2011)

"An easy-ish game with loads of keys and levers of all sorts. It's a long way till Lara meets her friend (the princess character), some puzzles are easy, some make you think a bit,in some parts there's a bit too much of the push and pull sort of thing and I wonder why Egyptian guards were used. There are a few traps as well but not that many, it's more like the kind of search-till-you-find game. The settings look nice at times but duller at others. The sounds are just ok. The occasional accent when someone speaks in English is funny. Of all the four parts, I may have liked the first two (caves and city) better. Still, I'll admit I had some fun while playing this creation, so thank you Eelkemama." - Jorge22 (16-Nov-2011)

"Most of this level set was just a joy to play, with nice little puzzles and fun gameplay throughout, my favorite being the city. I was a bit troubled by a few areas where Lara would become fatally (for the player) stuck. Builders really need to make sure that a save-happy player doesn't get stuck somewhere and not be able to keep playing. There was one area, in the Tower level, where Lara drops down into a hole covered by a trapdoor where there is a lever. My Lara would not ever grab hold of that ladder, no matter what I did. Finally, I loaded an older savegame, and had Lara go on her hands and knees on a non-ladder side and back in to the hole, and work around to the ladder and make sure she eased herself down each rung. If Lara does not do this, the ladder is not detected. The walkthrough and the readme ought to say something about this. Moving on, I thought this levelset was nicely done and didn't stress me out with intense gameplay, although a bit more difficulty and creativity in places would have made the puzzles better. For instance, in the caves level, there is a platform and fire puzzle that could have been so much more challenging. Lara had the ability to do that new move and hang from the ledge and by hitting jump and back she automatically turns and jumps. I started doing this, thinking, "cool!" but in fact, Lara pulls an underwater lever and all fire goes out, making the jumping sequence boring and easy. Just a bit of food for thought. I am still perplexed why Lara's friend knowingly put herself in a place that was ridiculously difficult to get to, and why were there baddies? It was more like "Lara rescues her girlfriend" but maybe she's a bit of a sadist. Nonetheless, this is a great little game, recommended for everyone." - Shandroid (29-Oct-2011)

"Just as in the case with Lukasz Croft (speaking of which, his last level was released more than a year ago, his longest dry spell since he started building), we've come to depend on Eelkemamma for long and entertaining packages that don't create a great deal of stress for the gamer. For some reason I found this adventure of nearly five hours a bit too dark throughout, so hopefully the next release will be a little easier on the eyes. If you've played the earlier levels you'll know what to expect - lots of levers and jumpswitches, some of them quite cleverly concealed, and a generous supply of secrets sprinkled throughout the levels. Not a classic, but certainly worth the investment of the download and the time necessary to play all four levels. Recommended." - Phil (17-Oct-2011)

"Gameplay is nice and gentle , not too easy for the expert and not too difficult for the beginner. This game has that certain little something I like about Elkes levels. The 9 in the second slot is , of course, for the "don`t touch" sequence alone. And even if Lara drops into a pit and you cannot hear the sound of crashing bones ,don`t worry . All you miss out is the sight of a dead body lying on the ground.So if you feel like it drop her a sandwich and make her well,otherwise just hit the load button. Good game ." - Ruben (06-Oct-2011)

"This game is amusing, and flows very nicely. It is not difficult; has first class puzzles, requiring a lot of attention and raidering disposition; and Lara riding a horse deserved a double ten by itself. It was a real beauty! The final sequence of the climb was somewhat boring, and perhaps some textures, also, but who cares? This level rejoiced my raider heart, despite the fact that it was not perfect in terms of quest atmosphere." - Josey (05-Oct-2011)

"Solid set of levels with the well-known peculiar style from this author. No much problems to advance if you explore carefully all corners looking for well hidden switches and crawlspaces; sometimes the author place camera targets to help but another times you must look for yourself small details through huge areas like in the third level. Strange that I got all 15 secrets, some hidden and another ones throwed anywhere in easy locations. Few enemies and plenty of ammo for the revolver, you'll not need to use the pistols even with the bats. I found places where lara got trapped and can't go back (reload) and some CD triggers without the "One shot" button, but no serious bugs. Particulary it was a very entertaining adventure nice to play for me. Recommended." - Jose (26-Sep-2011)

"This four-part level is a strange mixture. It's all quite well made, if a little bland, and there are some very good and imaginative features but it seems all mixed up as though the builder had good days and bad days and kept the lot. There are lovely features such as the horse and needing the apple to get it to co-operate (I particularly liked the way the horse objected if you hit anything!) and then weird things like activating a door by picking up a medi-pack! I liked the way the builder indicated timed runs by use of a timer countdown although the time actually allowed was very generous (I think I had 6 seconds to spare on one and that was my first attempt at it!) but I wasn't too keen on hidden climbable surfaces such as the fourteenth secret. The builder went to the trouble of making large areas, sometimes quite complex areas at that, just to have the player do one thing in them, a switch or a pickup, which made me think that the gameplay was too sparse and spread-out and somehow unsatisfying. The puzzles were, on the whole, quite good although some of the block puzzles were a bit long-winded. Little agility testing and only a few baddies, dogs, bats and guards. My time was four hours thirty five but I spent a lot of that looking for all the secrets" - Diz (23-Sep-2011)

"There is quite a bit of creativity shown in these 4 levels. What sticks out to me is the horse you can ride on, that's really neat. Some of the block puzzles are interesting. The downfall is that some of the other puzzles aren't very puzzling. In one particular example you match 3 blocks to the corospondingly textured tiles, and if that wasn't obvious enough a diagram is put up on the wall to tell you what to do. Once I had to push a block from one corner of a large room to the opposite corner, how dull. Other parts of the adventure felt like they had no logic at all, for instance I was running around an aquarium and all of a sudden a trapdoor opened in the previous room out of sheer luck. Texturing is decent but a bit wallpapered at times. More camera cues would have helped, especially for events where two different routes open up, but it only shows you the one you're not supposed to go to yet. Overall it is an average series of levels, but with some unique flairs in it that are worth a look." - SSJ6Wolf (22-Sep-2011)

"This is a four parter from Schwarzmama with a playing time of about 4-5 hours. There are many highlights in this game. I found the tightrope walk along a light cable very original and a few other things. There is everything a raider would want in this level; timed runs, climbing orgies, block puzzles to name just a few. Also the automatic gatling gun made a reappearance after too long an absence. With a distance of 25km covered, there is an enormous amount of running around. I found the level to be very dark in places and unfortunately the vast majority of switches were jump switches in dark corners which had me searching for these switches most of the time. But all in all this was a very enjoyable raid with nice scenery and music. Apart from a few bats, dogs and guards there were no enemies to speak of. This level is definately worth playing but be prepared to be stuck a few times." - Mister-B (21-Sep-2011)

"In the Caves: Firstly I would just like to say how lovely it is to be in caves and not be stumbling around in impenetrable gloom. Actually it starts out with a pretty pool area, full of brightly coloured fish and something else you will require before too long so examine the area carefully. Once in the caves, the action moves along nicely, mainly exploration with some neatly hidden switches timed elements, puzzles and a sadly very short bike ride. A City Somewhere: It's an attractive contrast to the caves even if Lara's initial reception is far from friendly. When you reach the part that instructs you not to touch the picture, under no circumstances should you obey this directive as the consequences of disobeying are hilarious. Lots of fun stuff to do in this section, culminating in a lovely horse ride and how nice to see the scales and water skins puzzle again. The Tower: I was glad to see a collapsing tile run in this section - I always enjoy those. The goal here is to find four shaft keys and if you find yourself stuck, you've almost certainly missed either a well hidden jump switch or a shootable bit of greenery. Meet the Girlfriend: Guards, dogs and block puzzles predominate in this part, but Lara does finally get to meet up with her female friend. It's an extremely pleasant raid - gameplay is just varied and interesting enough, whilst still being readily achievable. Recommended to all players." - Jay (20-Sep-2011)

"I'm not quite sure what to think about this level. Some areas were nicely crafted and lighting was mostly OK, though a bit flat. It still felt somehow rushed imo as gameplay was partly completely uninspired. It's not just that there was loads of back and forth just to lenghten the gameplay-time, but there were also some dead ends (dark pits where Lara easily survives the drop, but can't get back up again) and many times I had the feeling that the author just placed an object for the sake of having such an object in the level, without thinking if it actually fits the environment. Why was there a Vespa in these dark caves if its only task was to destroy one of those motorcycle walls from TR4's "City of Dead" that also didn't fit at all? Why does a jumpswitch set a pile of wood alight without being connected to it, and how can such a pile of wood create an explosion? Why do I have to pick up a medipack in order to open a door? There were some really nice ideas (I loved Lara's week in jail) but mostly I was just baffled about the illogicalness that was present throughout the game. Recommended if you're looking for a nice raid." - Soul (19-Sep-2011)

"At the start I thought this was the most enjoyable outing that the author has given for Lara, but despite a good beginning there are a few patches with inconsistencies and unevenness. There are four levels and each takes about an hour and a half to play, though some seem to pass more quickly than others. I enjoyed the first level, In the Caves, both for gameplay and appearance, though maybe Lara was lucky. After using the waterskin to put out a fire, she immediately went back to refill it for later use, thus avoiding delays others reported on the forum. The naturalistic design and the lighting used in the caves made them pleasant to play, and there was a steady progression, Lara always finding something to do. The 7-6-3-2-1 switch puzzle caused brief head scratching; the secrets are fine. The change to the second level A City Somewhere meant a change to an entirely different sort of gameplay, but it is a matter of personal taste as to which level one enjoys more. Suddenly Lara is on a pure hunt for quest items and keys. This causes a lot of slow searching, but for those who like this type of genre this will be good, and we again see Lara riding the horse. The "Do Not Touch" picture was great--can anyone possibly resist this? Another place I liked was the beginning of level four, with its hunt for the crowbar. Lara found all fifteen secrets, and only the fourteenth secret is a little misleading. Yet even while playing this, I felt that a different author sometimes took over--there are sections where play becomes routine. The teleporting in level three felt unnecessary. There were places where Lara had to light a flare and run along the walls of rooms to find a push block, or a block that is shootable. That means Lara has to check everything, running along walls of many rooms to check for concealed blocks, which is a drag. The four levels appear combined as an afterthought, so play is inconsistent. In level one, Lara uses a waterskin to put out a fire in front of a floor lever. In level two, Lara gets the same small waterskin, and finds a fire in front of a wall lever, so it is logical to try putting out the fire in the same fashion, but this time it doesn't work. Instead Lara gets a large waterskin to do a scale puzzle. In level three, Lara is confronted by a type of wooden door which needs a crowbar. In level four, Lara starts by seeing the same type of door, but the crowbar has disappeared from inventory. It is more natural to have disappearing crowbars and waterskins only when Lara is never going to use them again. It is hard to define what makes some play or sections better than others, but overall this is a fun adventure." - dmdibl (19-Sep-2011)

"This multi level game is a bit of a mix of good and not so good things without being bad at all. First off, the level is simple, straightforward with minimal amount of backtracking. The game play involves mainly finding many colored keys, access cards and other items that will usually open doors to new areas. There are also lots of more or less well-hidden wall switches and an unusual high amount of jump switches throughout the level. If you have played"Lara and the Four Shafts" you will know. The main problem with the game play in this level is predictability: Without having to search or think a lot, you just automatically know there is going to be at least one jump switch in the room and if you are missing a key, check the plants, windows or maybe it is just laying there in plain view in some corner anyway. On the other hand there were some nice, yet uncomplicated block pushing actions, a little bit of torch use, some water skin usage and a couple of short and easy combat sequences. On the agility side there is a bit of climbing, jumping and rope swinging and some timed runs - all quite easy. The atmosphere was nice, the texturing looked decent in most areas. The room architecture was a bit of hit and miss, as some rooms looked beautiful and others were a bit boxy looking with some rather bland textures and no decoration whatsoever. The lighting was a little flat and uniform and in the darker areas I found myself constantly looking through the binoculars or lighting flares since things were really hard to make out at times. Overall it was an enjoyable raid, fairly stress free and relaxing, but without any real highlights. Definitely recommended for play - especially for newer players, since you won't find any tough challenges or frustrating puzzle sequences and you get to ride a horse. The walkthrough could be summed up in a single sentence: Light a flare, look for a wall switch, a jump switch and see if any of those blocks are pushable. That should really get you through this level for the most part. Hard core raiders might get bored with this one, but I guess it is impossible to make it perfect for everyone. (3h 7min, 13/15 secrets found)" - Blue43 (19-Sep-2011)
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