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Author(s): kevindatsun
total rating:5.03 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 5 5 6 5
Ceamonks890 4 5 5 4
DatoDavid 6 6 7 5
Diz 5 5 4 5
dmdibl 5 5 5 5
Gerty 4 5 5 5
Jay 5 4 5 5
Jose 3 4 6 5
Lara_Fox_Croft 4 5 7 6
manarch2 4 5 5 4
MichaelP 5 6 6 4
Orbit Dream 4 4 5 5
Quentin 5 5 6 4
Ryan 4 5 5 5
sonnyd83 6 6 8 6
category averages
(15 reviews)
4.60 5.00 5.67 4.87

Reviewer's comments

"Bearing no resemblance to the earlier demo version, this brief four-parter nonetheless provides some quick-fire entertainment for those who don't expect too much and at least shows signs of improvement - always encouraging. Rooftops is simply a sort of descent down from a couple of buildings while being bombarded by hordes of zombies (that you can either kill or leave be), while Road to Nowhere is an even more brief (but fun while it lasted) motorbike ride. The third (Warehouse) is the most substantial, and contains a few tricky laser traps and searches for items and buttons, plus more zombies by the dozen. It then ends with a fairly intense fight against the Torso boss, of course made easier because of the plentiful ammo and medipack supplies. Nothing complicated or extraordinary, but the textures are somewhat more refined this time around and it provides 30 minutes of simplistic enjoyment." - Ryan (28-Apr-2019)

"This level is not so short, the gameplay is interesting, the shoot moments, the use the motorcycle, the laser (I managed it with difficulty) and the boss (which is stuck into a wall sometimes) are also nice. Textures are sometimes wallpapered and the atmosphere is dark. Number of enemies and weapons are various. And I don't think there were secrets." - Quentin (23-Mar-2014)

"So, how did the full version of this levelset turn out, in regards to the previous demo released a mere two months prior, at the time? Well, one thing's for certain. The game is at least a bit more fun to play, with four short levels having you traverse some rooftops, ride a motorbike, explore a factory and kill off the torso boss(as it looked in TR1), to access a helicopter and escape from the zombie apocalypse. Now, from the basic description alone, you'd think that would be a interesting premise to play through. And it is. It's just a shame that the builder didn't really expand the idea much from the previously-released demo. Thankfully, there have been improvements made in some areas, with some competent lighting used, a few well-chosen tracks to reflect the atmosphere(even if the constant repetition of them does start to become ear-grating after a while) and none of the enemies or few objects used feel the slightest bit out of place for a setting like this. Unfortunately, not everything was given the proper attention it deserved. The texturing is still just as wallpapered as it was in the demo(including a few missing textures in some instances), the level design is quite unremarkable to run around in and the gameplay itself, while not bad, doesn't really offer anything taxing or exciting overall and you'll practically forget what you just experienced upon completion. In conclusion, while I would have liked to see some things expanded upon(such as a proper explanation for how Lara ended up in this zombie apocalypse in the first place or have a lot less ammunition and medipacks to pick up in order to contribute more to the survival horror feeling), this is still a decent if somewhat average levelset to play through. If you want to take a break from the usual tomb raiding and mindlessly gun down zombies like a maniac, than this might just scratch that itch for you. If not, steer clear." - Ceamonks890 (14-Mar-2014)

"Missed this one but then I see that I only reviewed the first one David made. Still stuck in his latest level (due to a bug and too lazy to start all over). So Zombies it is this time around. Well you can avoid them as you don't have the shooting power at the start but once you find the shotgun they require one or two shots and they are dead. Bike ride was sort of fun, as long as you kept the pace up. Pity that most pickups were in plain sight, scattered all over the place. Hardly any nook or cranny to explore, what is a pity though. That huge monster was hard to shoot and you do have to kill it or else you be running around in circles till the day you die. Some textures were missing a bit sloppy though." - Gerty (12-Nov-2013)

"04.12.11 I didnt know what to expect from this but I was pleasantly surprised, especially since this builder is so young. I was the same age when TR first came out 15 years ago. Anyway, the atmosphere was quite intense and reminiscent of 3 Tomb Raiders - Last Revelation, Underworld, and Angel of Darkness, in that order. The theme music was particularly good since it made my enjoyment of the game that much greater. I enjoyed the parts which were particularly challenging, such as the lasers (3rd level), the nice long bike ride, obviously the endless hordes of zombies, and spike traps on level 1. The texturing was in some places superb, and some places not, but it got better (along with the gameplay), and there were some nice flybys too. Id suggest that enemies shouldnt be able to pass through blocks, and perhaps an artifact or two could be collected on the way, but all in all, a great pleasure to play." - sonnyd83 (10-May-2012)

"Remastered indeed, this relatively short set of 4 levels provides significantly more fun than the original release. In Rooftops (7 min)you avoid plenty of zombies and need to kill a flying demon for a key. I liked the idea of the spikes popping out of the monkey swing. The Road to Nowhere (3 min) is an improved version of the bike ride with better textures and a few fun jumps to accompish with the bike. Warehouse (12 min) is the longest level of the set, but it is mainly long because of repetition, ie finding buttons and keys and avoiding zombies and more zombies in a fairly bland warehouse setting, which does kind of work though. Good use here of the lasers, which provide for at least a little bit of a challenge to get through unscathed. And then it culminates in a battle with the good old TR1 torso monster - always fun. (3 min). So, all in all a little under 30 mins of quick and unpretentious entertainment." - MichaelP (06-Mar-2012)

"Gameplay&Puzzles: Too easy, no real puzzles...The level is playable. Ennemies Objects& Secrets: Ennemies "zombies" where not a problem. objects where not so bad, a bit repetitive. Secrets? I don't remember secrets... Amosphere sound&Camera: I got the impression to be in a zombie land, musics from AoD help to build the atmosphere. Camera where good. Lighting and textures: Lighting was good, I think textures must be improved. Keep working, you can improve, we all can improve with work, hold on! ;)" - Lara_Fox_Croft (06-Feb-2012)

"The author wanted to create a creepy atmosphere for this set of four small levels; he got it, and musics were aproppriate, but few more. Lara advances only preesing some buttons/switches and looking for keys to open doors; there are some laser traps and I can't remember more. Rest of the level consists only about picking up hundreds of clips and ammo and avoid zombies (mummies). I only used the guns at the very end, when fighting with Torso. Some fixed cameras, but I missed some cameras when pressing buttons; monotonous texturization and squared rooms full of boxes. Noting interesting, but a good attemp to learn about the editor. Encouragement!" - Jose (23-Jan-2012)

"This is a very short levelset. I enjoyed it. The author sure need practise, but I liked his style. The first level isn't built so well. Some textures are badly placed. The lighting is quite good though and the music made a spooky atmosphere. The second level was even shorter, with a bike ride and nice jumps. It remind me "Underworld" a bit, but maybe it is because of the music. Lighting is good here too. The third levels seems better in texturing, but worse in lighting. I was impressed with the lighting of the first two. The gameplay is getting some points from the avoiding laser tasks, but collecting so many ammo from everywhere is annoying. I liked the music of AOD in that level. The last level with the boss fight was simble, but nice. It is good to fight with an enemy who needs many ammo to be beaten. This horror levelset is funny and nice to spend few minutes." - DatoDavid (11-Dec-2011)

"An improvement over the very strange demo version of this game, at least in the last three levels. The first level was rather crude in its appearance, with horrible huge squaric looks and untextured walls. All you did was jumping around some platforms (with very few fun moments though) and at the end have a fight with three hawks. The second level was maybe atmospherically the best one, with a nice bike sequence that was the main part of this level, and I liked the surroundings with the greenery objects and the textures are quite appealing if you don't look too carefully on them. The third level was set inside, with more enemies and fun to overcome laser traps, but gameplaywise this was not very fun as you only searched for loads of buttons throughout the whole level. The last level only was a long boss fight against the nicely remade TR 1 mutant boss, and as you needed to carefully grab every package of ammo in every level (and not kill every single zombie) this was a nice task to do. Next time though, Kevin, spend a little more time to place textures - the last two levels were better in that though; also try to put more variety in gameplay, e.g. some puzzles or jump sequences. Also, try to not make audio that comes again and again when you run over a certain tile, this was very annoying. Keep up building!" - manarch2 (10-Dec-2011)

"A definite step up over the demo, which apparently only served to inspire this original set of four short-short levels. Lara toys with zombies in level one, running around picking up ammo. Level two is a bike ride, and only a bike ride--I couldn't find any pickups--and might have worked better as a speed run. There are still missing textures among rocks that mark the bike route. Level three is the most developed, with rooms in a warehouse, the texturing and atmosphere improved, and hallways with rotating lasers. Level four is a battle with a TR1 torso monster, which takes almost exactly three times as many shotgun shells to kill as it did in TR1. After finishing, I had to reload the ending in this room to check statistics to find how long the levels took (about 35 minutes), and found that if one reloads after the monster dies the exit door will be closing, and Lara will be trapped. Simple levels, but showing real progress." - dmdibl (08-Dec-2011)

"Well, this fun shooter is definitely a big improvement over the earlier Demo version. While it is still more or less a simple shooter and key/lever-using adventure, the builder has taken the criticism to heart and added a lot more game play. There are several climbing areas, a rope walk, laser traps, a nice and relaxing bike ride and a great boss finale. Nice to see the giant Torso from TR1 revived. The other enemies are"zombified" mummies and satanic birds. Everything in this level can be and should be killed, but some take a lot longer than one would expect. The room architecture has also improved and there is more decoration in form of boxes, plants and technical stuff. The lighting is also a lot better for the most part but the texturing is still a bit of a hit and miss, as there are quite a few little areas that were left out of the texturing process. Nevertheless, this level was fun and if you want something simple without puzzles and lots of searching and getting stuck, get your guns ready! Recommended. (38 min, 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (06-Dec-2011)

"Don't be misled by the description of this as a four parter - yes it is, but each part is very brief so in total it only has about 35 minutes gaming time. The first section involves evading zombies (and yes, they do lurch faster than they did in the demo) whilst picking up supplies. The second part is entirely taken up with a fun bike ride. Part three has more pickups and zombies, plus laser traps and in part four you actually get to use some of the vast amounts of ammo you've accumulated on a boss ending. OK, this is still not exactly a masterpiece, but it certainly does represent a big improvement on the demo version and I think the builder deserves credit for that - a step in the right direction." - Jay (05-Dec-2011)

"Much improved over the demo version, this level comes in four parts. The first isn't very interesting, it's mainly picking up goodies and avoiding lots of zombies. The second part is quite a long bike run. Simple and straight-forward with no difficult manoeuvres, it still manages to be a lot of fun. The third part is set in a large warehouse and starts off with the familiar 'avoid the zombies and pick up goodies' but then progresses into a nice little laser trap sequence which will keep you hopping. The last part is a Boss ending (always a good thing in my view) with one of those giant, legless mutants - great fun. The textures and lighting are repetative and lacking in imagination but a good basis to build on. As I said, a good improvement over the demo but there's a way to go yet for this builder and I'm looking forward to the next one." - Diz (04-Dec-2011)

"This is a builder whose heart is in the right place: 4 short levels (none of which resembles the earlier demo);lots of zombies;oppressive stormy atmosphere;bike jumping;running;lazer avoiding;shooting. There's little sophistication in any category (and the builder could at least have made the zombies harmful! They do nothing at all except push Lara around);but there's never a dull moment.The bike riding level is quick but fun;the Warehouse section provides most of the substance of the game,with a cunningly hidden 'in plain sight' switch;and a great Boss Finale. The music is overly fraught and never-ending;and there are plenty of texturing errors. Never mind;it's 40 minutes of fun from another young debut builder. Keep it up!" - Orbit Dream (03-Dec-2011)
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