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Author(s): IvanTRFan
total rating:4.45 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Christian 4 3 3 4
Cory 3 2 3 4
dmdibl 4 3 7 7
eRIC 3 2 8 8
Gerty 3 3 4 3
Jack& 2 1 1 3
Jay 4 4 5 5
Jose 5 5 7 6
manarch2 3 4 6 5
MichaelP 4 5 8 8
Orbit Dream 3 3 3 5
requiemsoul 5 4 7 7
Ryan 3 3 4 5
TheStig 4 5 7 7
Wolfe 4 5 5 6
category averages
(15 reviews)
3.60 3.47 5.20 5.53

Reviewer's comments

"Yet another demo which never developed into a fully fledged level in its own right. The lighting and texturing is well up to standard, the lone cut scene is well executed and the secrets are well hidden. But the 8 minutes of gameplay is really not that involving, consisting of a few easy traps, jumps and a bit of swimming. Hard to tell whether a completed article would have surpassed this, but until now, this is all we have." - Ryan (25-May-2018)

"A short demo level here from IvanTRFan with some interesting ideas. Gameplay wise it's full of the standard TR4 puzzle items (though Lara herself has been upgraded along with a few of the in-game objects). Rooms are structured ok, but lighting was a little dark for my liking. As further proof that I'm slower at completing these than most reviewers it took me 13 minutes to finish. Stiggy" - TheStig (21-Mar-2015)

"I've seen much worse demo levels than this, and in the 8 minutes I spent in here, I actually had a bit of fun. Gameplay is pretty straightforward, but occasionally challenging, while the level itself is very competently designed and well textured. Shadow was used a bit too excessively for my liking, while this level must surely be in the running for the 'Most obvious secret award'. Overall, an enjoyable little demo level, while I am left wondering if the full version will ever be released. 8 minutes, 1 secret." - Cory (28-Jul-2013)

"Not a big fan of demo's and especially not when parts are quite dark and no flares and even worse, no binoculars. A pity though as I do love Egyptian levels. There are no enemies so Lara starts with nothing. Finding a medipack or two and looking for a cartouche, that is all there is to it. The long, long crawl was indeed long. Using a fixed camera is sometimes handy but not when you can't see Lara and you have to move through spikes. Luckily there is a spot that breaks that fixed camera. For in between you have a nice level." - Gerty (29-Oct-2012)

"Still a lot of work to create a more entertaining level. I think the authors could think about creating some puzzles so players can't advance so easy and force them to move their brains a bit and not only advance pulling switches and doing some gymnastics. The texturization is often very monotonous, with the same textures in all walls, floors and ceilings. There is an object in the inventory which is not in the wad. Secrets are too easy to find. Where are the flares? I missed some more enemies too. I like the atmosphere and the good use of the musics. We'll see the final version what can offer us." - Jose (27-Sep-2012)

"Sometimes a demo does what a demo should do - it wets your appetite and makes you curious about getting your hands on the full product eventually. This 10 minute demo here kind of does that half way. It presents a very decent looking environment, some nice hint at a storyline and how it is put in practice in game and a short and easy level built in a way that all the basics look right. It is however, really short and uneventful, as you just collect two pieces of a cartouche and a few obvious secrets very quickly and then reach the abrupt end already, so it is a bit hard to judge whether the full game will hold the players interest - but rather than speculate we can only wait and see and hope the project will see the light of day in the first place, as many demos have never had their follow up being released." - MichaelP (27-Sep-2012)

"A lot of work still has to be done from this (or actually these two) builder(s) as this Egyptian raid was not exactly boring, but it left me wanting so much more. There were a few ideas in terms of gameplay (I really liked the spike tower), but some of them were not well enough thought out like the too long underwater sequence and most of the time the game was rather uninspired. The three secrets were quite easy to find as all golden Ankhs are too shiny, but they add to the gameplay and that is what counts. I found the looks to be solid but for a debut level with some nearly unevitable faults in the texturing; the new fire objects felt more realistic; all in all the atmosphere was quite good and this level wouldn't be bad as a prologue for the upcoming levelpack, but please with some more gameplay. The builder claimed this level to last 10 minutes, and magically I needed exactly this time and no second less or more, rather abruptly but at least one can see the light at the end." - manarch2 (26-Sep-2012)

"What is here looks pretty good. A well-textured and reasonably lit Egyptian exploration demonstrates craftsmanship, but the abrupt end after ten minutes shows the author really means demo. In that brief time this still managed to bug me: No flares, binoculars removed, and yet a deliberate fixed camera angle that makes it hard to spot the grab up from a hole. Let's hope the author has gotten that out of his system. There is brief swimming and climbing to find two cartouche pieces, and there are secrets, but we will have to see if the care taken with texturing and atmosphere extends to gameplay in the final finished level." - dmdibl (26-Sep-2012)

"Decent Demo. Correct atmosphere and textures. Lineal gameplay. Hoping to see the full game that certainly has potential" - requiemsoul (26-Sep-2012)

"I love Egyptian based levels and don't get me wrong; this was a lovely level in terms of Tomb Raider wise but I didn't get a hint of reality. But, back to the review itself! The level itself was almost linear with a few side objectives like getting pieces for an artifact. I felt like Lara was eventually going to run out of breath 'cause it was mostly running, jumping, & the usual. I don't remember if there were any monsters so I gave that a four. Objects were Egyptian based so that's always nice to see but the secrets were easily found based on lighting (too bright). Objects where nicely placed around the level to give it a Egyptian feel. The TR3 sound scared me which made me almost jump but other than that; it was pretty quiet which I also liked (AKA the ambient noise). Cameras were nicely placed but could have been played around a bit more. Basically, it felt like Lara was in a cave/temple. I gave lighting a 6 'cause even though most of it looks like it's just orange, it gave the cave a more emotional feeling that appealed to Egyptian themed levels. All in all, I absolutely loved this ten-fifteen minute level showing how Lara got out especially the end room. Keep them coming!" - Wolfe (26-Sep-2012)

"Well, it's a debut and a demo. It's just another standard Egypt setting without enemies and weapons. Health is reduced from the beginning, but - at least in this demo - there's no real possibility to lose any. The route the player has to take is (perhaps a bit too) clear, there are no real tasks or puzzles to solve. But there are some promising moments. The spike traps on the way up to a first cartouche-piece are well set, the diving part through an underwater-maze is set at Laras oxygen-limits. Lightning seems a bit unreal, atmosphere didn't really convince. Let's see what the finished game will bring!" - Christian (25-Sep-2012)

"a typicaly beginner work ..... all this demo last not more than 5 min and contain some crawling ... monkeyswinging in moustly empt enviroments -no flares - no guns -well guns even dont needed cause i dont witness a single enemy - lol .. but flares at least needed cause is some dark places ........ camera usage suxx ........ graphics are poor ..... gameplay allmoust inexistent ..... all u need to doo is to get 2 cartouche piecer - very easy to get them - combine them open a door ... doo some swiming pull some levers and get out from place crawling alot untill reach a large room . once u get there game ends abrupt and stupid without any reason .... very poor game - dont waste ur time with" - Jack& (25-Sep-2012)

"A 10 minutes demo that looks promising , even if very little has been accomplished. The turorial egyptian environement is quite classic , but the looks and atmosphere are pretty convincing and makes of this ordinary and easy 'raid' a rather immersive moment. Very good work with texturing and lighting ! There is no flares and no binoculars , but I really did not needed them. No enemy either. There is some original stuff , a custom object for the small medipack , an animation for Lara at the beginning, and at one point original fixed cameras. Basically Lara has to pull some floor switches , and find 2 halves of a cartouche , one after with easy swimming , the other in a high room with easy climbing. The interesting part of the gameplay if the going down after picking up that 2nd half. Not very eventful then, but the author has made a good job so that we enjoy our short time here." - eRIC (25-Sep-2012)

"This is just a 15 minute taster, which is probably about the right length for a demo but does of course make it somewhat difficult to assess with any degree of accuracy. For a debut level, it appears to be competently put together, with no glaringly obvious beginner errors (at least that I could see). The gameplay is linear and simple, involving some basic climbing, swimming and crawling and finding a cartouche. Lara begins with a completely empty backpack and a very low health bar, but given that there are no enemies and nothing to inflict much damage, the two medipacks I did find really weren't needed. There are also some secret ankhs to find. It does show some promise and hopefully the full version will be a little more exciting." - Jay (25-Sep-2012)

"There's quite a lot of gameplay packed into this 12 minute Demo(including a decent hunt for the two cartouche pieces) - and it all looks reasonably nice in an old-school style;but 12 minutes is 12 minutes,so no higher score can realistically be given.There may be a bigger level in the offing,or (if the releasing of Demo's is anything to go by)there may well be nothing at all;I'll reserve any further judgement for the (potentially) completed article." - Orbit Dream (25-Sep-2012)
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