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Author(s): Shader
total rating:1.83 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 3 3 3 4
dmdibl 2 2 2 2
Eelkemama 2 2 2 2
eRIC 1 1 1 1
Gerty 1 2 1 1
Jay 2 2 2 2
Jose 2 1 2 3
manarch2 1 2 2 2
MichaelP 2 2 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 1 1
Ryan 1 2 1 1
sonnyd83 3 3 3 3
category averages
(12 reviews)
1.75 1.92 1.75 1.92

Reviewer's comments

"A labyrinth it is, and a rather tedious one at that. Aside from aimless wandering around, there is a demigod to battle, which enlivened proceedings slightly, and a key to find, but it's still rather boring. Apparently I missed a secret and other items, but I'm not really motivated to go back for them." - Ryan (18-Dec-2016)

"A huge labyrinth with no atmosphere and no real interest, but surprisingly (and happily) quickly overcome after 7 minutes only , by taking the left hand wall tactic , found the shotgun then the Uzis, saw the keyhole for the exit, was trapped when trying to pick up the big medipack , reloaded then continued with the same method, found the central area with the demigod holding the key and returned to the exit keyhole the way I came with the right hand tactic. The level ended after using the key. What was strange is that in the level page info , there are 2 pictures of places I've never been ; so i looked at the walkthrough and it seems i've indeed missed the main 'interesting' place(s) of the level but i will not return to search for what i've missed." - eRIC (04-May-2013)

"I don't know what's the fun running around and around through a very huge labyrinth. At least you have two choices to get the key you need to exit the game. Only some tasks when you drop into the deep pit and nothing more. Tedious and bored." - Jose (24-Apr-2013)

"I noticed Moritz's review and I picked this level immediately :D It of course made my day even before being completely downloaded, but when I finally launched it, it appeared not that epicly bad as we would expect from the rating and the title (third most frequent after "tomb" and "temple"). Awaiting a maze and just a maze, I got wrong, because - although as frustrating as any other - this one includes various weapons, traps, flame emitters, a demigod fight, a flipmap and a properly 3D-lit Lara. There's even a secret the level type didn't prepare me for, so I didn't even try to look for any and I had a surprise while checking the walkie later. Moreover the game's wiped out of beginner's mistakes: no stretched tiles, well aligned texturing (except some cracks in flooding room) and collision applied in a place Lara's not supposed to enter. SUMMARY: Not that bad as it seems to be. Still nowhere close to serious projects, yet its rather well executed simplicity needs mentioning. Recommended for completionists." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2013)

"I really wonder about this fascination of including mazes in custom levels. Seriously, I do not know a person who truly and honestly enjoys making their way through one. And here we have an entire level that is just that - a maze. Hence, I am not ashamed to say that I gladly opened up the walkthrough and made my way trough this in less than 4 minutes. And really, the one little area with a hint of gameplay was not all that badly conceived and could have been part of an interesting level - had it not been for the remainder of this adventure being all but same textured and lit empty walkways. Only for the maze fans out there, if such people do in fact exist..." - MichaelP (25-Dec-2012)

"I don't like labyrinth in other Levels. I always think - no idea - build a labyrinth. This is a level without ideas. The atmosphere is boring, the lighting is bad (I miss the sun, to make Lara three dimensional, the textures allways the same." - Eelkemama (13-Dec-2012)

"Elapsed time to finish: exactly 6 minutes. Since few players find much satisfaction wandering a maze, I question the necessity for such a level. (This walkthrough/review is based on a second play.) NE is a squishy block with no purpose (going NE does trigger a mummy to appear). In the far west is another squishy block, so if Lara runs to a large medipack that block slams down to trap her. Also on the right (N) side is a demigod. For shortest play go forward and to the left (S). Go around backwards, then take pathways to the west. Find a pool. Go beyond the pool to the west, find an opening to the east to a Lara-sized pyramid surrounded by four openings. Take the hole where Lara can shimmy down. Get low, jump into opening. Get pickups. Get key, and Lara is suddenly in water. Swim up, exit water, go always west, and if there is a sideways choice go left. In SW corner of maze use key to open a gate. The level ends when Lara goes through. At six minutes, the level doesn't overstay its welcome." - dmdibl (10-Dec-2012)

"The other reviewers mention a thrilling fight with a Demi-god as the one highlight of this level.Would that such an exciting occurance had happened to me,but alas the aforementioned enemy never made an appearance.As a consequence,the entire fifteen minutes spent in this massive Labyrinth were tedious in the extreme.The single point for gameplay is due to the spike trap preceding the pick-up of the key.Everything else is basic and absolutely not worth experiencing." - Orbit Dream (08-Dec-2012)

"On the plus side, the title is exceptionally appropriate. On the minus side, just about everything else unfortunately. The entire level consists of exploring a vast, boringly textured maze, with occasional pickups and traps. One brief moment of excitement occurred when a demigod burst out of a stone monolith, but that was about the most stimulating thing I discovered. I really thought the debut level from this builder showed a lot of promise, but regrettably this second offering has failed to live up to it. Really only recommended for anyone out there that really really loves mazes." - Jay (07-Dec-2012)

"This is exactly what it says on the tin - a labyrinth. Anyone who expects something else shouldn't play it. I actually sort of enjoyed this 10 minute outing. Unlike every other maze I've played, you can actually see what you're doing! The texturing is very basic with just walls broken by a pool of water and sky - not much else do say there. Gameplay is just finding your way around and finding a key, I've given a 3 because of the key, and because you have to explore, and the demigod fight! I love the way the demigod appears out of the stone. There's no background sound other than near the beginning - which is from TR3, so that element consists of 1 point for Lara's footstep sounds, 1 for TR3 music, and one for being quite pleasant to play. I'd love to rate higher and was hoping too but there's not much to do here." - sonnyd83 (07-Dec-2012)

"Rather poorly executed labyrinth level whose main "attraction" is just as you'd guess a oversized labyrinth with only little to do. I wonder why the builder had taken care for rather small things like objects (e.g. the shotgun and Lara's outfit) or the overall appearance with changed font for the statistics and the new title but didn't mind some other things: Why only one key is needed to open the final door - btw, only one appears in the inventory even if you found two -? Why most of the more intriguing areas of this level didn't have any use like the pool and the two falling blocks except for blocking the way back and leading to a dead-end? Honestly, I think the builder can do much better, even if I found the only secret quite nicely placed. 10 net gametime minutes, but a lot more of endless searching around. Not recommended." - manarch2 (06-Dec-2012)

"What did you expect with a title like"Labyrinth". Of course nothing else than just that. Tedious, yes it was. Picking up some stuff and be aware that by picking up or even coming close to a pick-up, might slam a stone block into the ground, prisoning poor Lara forever. Lighting is rather flat I have to say but then the few textures that were used here don't need much. I couldn't detect any right way to traverse through this maze, so the old way going either left or right all the time did work in a way. Might have missed some pick-ups but by opening the door I hit the finishing trigger. Wasn't curious enough to explore more." - Gerty (06-Dec-2012)
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