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Author(s): SaifAhmed777
total rating:4.97 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
High Priestess 4 4 5 5
Jose 5 5 5 6
manarch2 3 3 3 4
MichaelP 6 5 4 5
Orbit Dream 5 6 5 6
Phil 7 6 6 8
Rambo 5 4 3 5
Ryan 5 5 5 6
category averages
(8 reviews)
5.00 4.75 4.50 5.63

Reviewer's comments

"This level can be a little too tedious for its own good at times, the main culprits being the long crawlspace passage and the boring long ladder climbs. Also, while the environment is functional and, at the bare minimum, does its job, that's about all I can say on that score. However, there are some enjoyable and quite creative spins on well-worn traps and manoeuvres like the boulder/trigger tile puzzle and the motorbike sequences which are really effective. Not bad for a first effort." - Ryan (31-Dec-2017)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: There are some jumps that are interesting, the boulder puzzle is good and I liked the bike rides as they are challenging, but there are very, very long passages and crawlspaces, boring. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Few enemies (why to find ammo after killing the last one), only a few objects that feel a bit out of place and one good secret. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is strange and not realistic, too boxy in parts and in others random. The sound work is poor and cameras are absent. Lighting & Textures: The lighting is quite nice in some rooms and the textures are well chosen, there are not so many mistakes here and some rooms look nice. Total: 4,25/10, some nice ideas but poor atmosphere." - Rambo (30-Aug-2014)

"I'm rather surprised at the low scores this level has received in the few reviews thus far submitted. I was also surprised to learn that this is the builder's maiden effort, which to me was more fun to play than many other first levels. The gameplay is familiar and therefore predictable - push a lever, open a door somewhere, go there, etc. However, each new area offers something fresh (and frequently exciting). You get an extended jaunt on the motorbike, requiring that you conquer not one but two fairly challenging courses. Enemies are few in number, but the fun lies in evading the traps you encounter along the way. The vast hub area was not unreasonably vast, but some of the ladders are longer than necessary and there's one inexcusably lengthy winding crawlspace ordeal that must be negotiated in both directions. In all I spent just under an hour here, and I felt that the positives outweighed the negatives. Hopefully the builder will continue to work on his skills." - Phil (28-Dec-2013)

"a fairly undemanding, short adventure but as others have stated, a little tedious in terms of having to keep ascending and descending ladders to open doors on different tiers of the main hall. I particularly liked the ambient feel of TR2's Floating Islands outside of the Main Hall. I have to admit I was unable to play out the tiniest last bit due to the fact that I abandoned the motorcycle after pulling the external lever after the ramps :D However I felt qualified in submitting a review anyway as I actually had to play most of this level twice on two different computers so had a very extensive exploration of the environments. I think this builder shows great promise and it did provide some intrigue as to what was lying in wait behind all of the closed doors. A good mixture of most elements of Tomb Raider with lava, boulders, a maze and of course the bike. The two serpents are easy to kill from a safe distance (but take a fair few rounds) and I found it easier to kill the four soldiers from the top platform with only one small medipack required throughout the level. Good effort but let down by the ladders and the long crawlspace." - High Priestess (07-Dec-2013)

"This is a debut that is not without its moments and would be quite an enjoyable raid if it were not for the rather tedious elements (long ladders, long crawlspace) that extend the duration to about 40 minutes. But the creative use of boulders and the use of the bike is quite inspired and original. Setting is not overly thrilling and texturing rather hit and miss, but some nice attempts made to spice things up with lighting and colours. Found the one secret." - MichaelP (06-Dec-2013)

"Most of this level is a bit of a plod,what with all the long ladder climbs and traversing of great distances in order to pull switches.The construction is straightforward,while object usage ranges from the inspired (the falling debris during the final motorbike rides)to the pointless (the completely out of place radar scanner).Although texturing and lighting is reasonable,it never particularly excites;while gameplay consists of numerous areas each containing a different type of fairly undemanding challenge (and using the motorbike to negotiate one of them leads to unintended disaster).Nevertheless,there are moments when this adventure really comes alive and gives you an insight into what this new builder could be capable of in the future - particularly the motorbike gauntlets,which are well devised and hugely fun (and the decision to place the Finish Trigger at the end of the best of the bunch was very well-judged!) Definately someone to look out for." - Orbit Dream (06-Dec-2013)

"To be a debut is not so bad. There are some things to fix, of course: paper walls, missing sounds, stretched textures... but the most important is make a better gameplay. The very long crawlspace only to pull a lever is not funny for the players; there are some unmarked ladders; also all the times players must use the ladders to go down and up when opening a door I think it's unnecessary; why don't place some cameras when pulling switches? The bike is needed many times even to reach the end of the level, but if you park the bike in some places there's not a way to go back to get it again. What about placing some puzzles so players can think a bit? I liked the rides with the bike, the room with the rolling balls and the secret, but the remaining tasks were only about pull levers. Please think about the comments of the reviewers only as an encouragement in case of you decide build more levels, not as a critique." - Jose (05-Dec-2013)

"I'm sorry, this level didn't really appeal me. The gameplay is quite tedious most of the time, with rather long crawlspaces, ladders and of course that everlasting to and fro between the two stages - this was an element to prolong the gameplay time and I found it to be rather distracting. The only tasks I liked were the boulder room and the motorbike tours, of which one is surprisingly challenging, but they are all rather mildly entertaining and there's really nothing special in the gameplay. Also, you can get stuck when you leave the motorbike and slide down any of the slopes, or when you're not fast enough in the corridors with the falling debris. There are only a few enemies to fight here, and one snake even appears out of thin air; object design is rather barren (except of the floor level of the main room) and I haven't found any secrets yet. The looks aren't overly great too. While the textures were halfway decently applied most of the time, the architecture is way too simple and blocky in some rooms, in other rooms it is just unrealistic and functional to create a gameplay path. One can see some efforts put into the lighting in some rooms, with some surrealistic touches, but it's generally rather flat (place a sun in each room) and not very realistic either. Many sounds (e.g. the motorbike, levers, doors) are missing and there are only few audio tracks used in the game, as well as only one or two cameras. Overall, I think the builder needs to improve quite a bit, and especially try to not interrupt the gameplay with that time-stretching elements. Please keep on building! 35 minutes." - manarch2 (04-Dec-2013)
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