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Author(s): Sal
total rating:5.98 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 8 8 7 7
Ceamonks890 3 5 5 5
DJ Full 7 8 6 4
JesseG 4 3 5 5
Jose 3 5 5 7
manarch2 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 6 7 7 6
Nuri 10 10 7 10
Phil 8 8 8 8
Rambo 6 5 5 5
Ryan 6 5 5 6
Treeble 5 5 5 4
category averages
(12 reviews)
5.92 6.17 5.83 6.00

Reviewer's comments

"As a Tomb Raider custom level or as a REMAKE, this didn't succeed I guess. I haven't played the original of this, I've heard it's one of the "fenician temple" levels by Turbo Pascal, I don't know about that level yet. But as a TR5-level, this is great compared to all previous releases. It has so many beautifully designed rooms with puzzles. The author observed a fitting "Temple-design" here. And a TR5-release is finally long enough to keep the player busy for a while. All well and good, but there are still things that keep me from giving this level a solid 10: First of all, why is there no atmosphere and reality? There is no background music (but at least some TR5-soundtrack at certain points) and Lara has her VCI- outfit on which seems inappropriate in an environment like this. And there are some buttons and passages that make no sense at all or maybe the level is unfinished. However, we also encounter some interesting fights. Not a bad level in my opinion." - Nuri (02-Sep-2018)

"For a second there, I almost believed this level had no end. While there is a lot of things to be done, hunting down keys, gemstones, levers and the like, I was very upset with the amount of padding added in between. Looking at the grand scheme of things, it is a very linear raid, but you go back and forth the same areas too many times to finally make your way to the next room, so this drained a lot of the fun factor for me. I could also have used with a Shotgun, the three stone statues took quite some time with pistols only, but ultimately it was the final showdown that annoyed me the most -- but possibly because I was a few minutes away of a full Tomb Raider overdose by then. Textures seem to be automatically applied in a number of rooms, so while some areas don't look to bad, others have a blatant lack of care to them... In the end I don't really know how to rate this level. Play it if you're inclined to, but be aware you might find yourself short of patience long before the finish trigger. 110 minutes, 3 secrets. 08/17" - Treeble (24-Aug-2017)

"Having not played Fenician Temple 4 on the TR3 engine at time of writing(which this release happens to be a remake of), I'm not exactly sure how much of its overall faults can be blamed on Turbo Pascal's original design philosophy. But this was just not a fun level to go through at all. Gameplay tasks are needlessly stretched out(with painfully long sequences that get boring real fast), general atmosphere & lighting is quite bland across the board and enemies, objects & texturing are drawn from a wide variety of TR5's assets(throwing everything including the kitchen sink at you), ultimately leading to an incoherent and at-times unfair mess that lacks a strong creative focus. So in conclusion, don't even bother trying to play this(especially with the risk of technical problems that seem to be prevalent on newer computers)." - Ceamonks890 (31-Jul-2017)

"I had played the original Fenician Temple 4 a few months ago and so I recognised the overall layout here. However, I definitely enjoyed the original more than this remake. The environments are still rather bare and crude, but I found the gameplay more annoying, with constant crashes in one area and even on reloading savegames (I managed to fully complete the level and got round the crashing savegames with brute force) and still rather long-winded block pushing, climbing and shimmying tasks which are still present. It is a remake too, so I would rather play the original again than this." - Ryan (30-May-2017)

"Everything is almost fine but there are left some sounds like the atmosphere sound, and everything is so silent... at least some audio tracks are used. The water textures are used on the walls, but not on the water. I don't know why, but the game crashed at the dark room with the dragon. I tried changing the compatibility settings, execute as administrator but anything worked :'(" - alan (17-Oct-2016)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: While this was rather fun except for the crashes (made it through after some time), I have to say that this is a rather unnecessary remake, at least with a few changes. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: A few varied enemies, a few varied objects, a few good secrets. Not bad nor memorable. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is solid, the rooms are nicely constructed (by Turbo Pascal) and sounds and cameras are okay. Lighting & Textures: Those are okay too, the textures are a bit worse and the lighting is a bit better. Total: 5,25/10, not bad but not memorable because it's pretty much a remake." - Rambo (04-Mar-2016)

"Well, I wanted to enjoy this, but indeed as a remake it already loses some credit on the originality side and then it misses out on the opportunity to improve on what has been the main downside of the original - namely the rather unnecessary tedium embedded in the gameplay with lengthy climbs and crawls, extensive pushing of blocks, backtracking and so on. Also the looks may feel more modern in the TR5 engine, but large and bare rooms with rather wallpapered textures will not impress much in any engine. So what remains are a few godd and clever gameplay ideas from the original game and a Lara in her cool black TR5 outfit (always a plus)... so I would rather recommend a reply of the original instead of this copy - and indeed as other have mentioned, to top it all off it has been quite unstable and crashed on me quite a bit along the way..." - MichaelP (05-Feb-2016)

"In short, my thoughts were like: I smell a great talent, this is ugly like hell but shows symptomes of unusual creativity so if the author focuses on such essence, reduces passages and improves atmosphere, he might build something awesome.... and then I noticed the whole thing, including some puzzles, is a copy-paste of a revolutionary game I have never played before. Gimme a freaking break... Still, I don't know how much exactly has been copied, the guiding light puzzle was definitely fresh since it couldn't exist in TR3 engine the original temple had utilized and it was quite unusual to see off-center pickups anyway. The whole thing was rather enjoyable. SUMMARY: I have no other choice than to play through the whole Turbo Pascal now, what might be the greatest benefit gotten from this level... I found three unlisted secrets but couldn't figure out how to get the last one." - DJ Full (27-Jan-2016)

"I disagree strongly with the earlier reviewers. This is a TR5 remake of a TR3 level. That in itself should sufficiently distinguish the two levels from each other. But more important, I followed Harry Laudie's walkthough of Fenecian Temple 4 and soon ran into substantial differences in gameplay. Anyone who cares to look can compare the two walkthroughs and see that they bear scant resemblance to each other. I spent more than a couple of hours here trying to figure everything out, so that for even those of you out there who play levels much faster than I do, there's plenty to keep you occupied. The enemies are different, the tasks in large part are different, and I saw nothing objectionable in the textures. The lighting is pretty decent as well, except in those areas that are intentionally dark, and I never experienced any of the crashes mentioned in the stuck thread and reviews. Maybe that's because I'm still using Windows XP (for a number of reasons) and will continue to do so for as long as I can. In summary, I feel this level has gotten a bad rap, and is definitely worth a look." - Phil (10-Dec-2015)

"This level should never have been released, 'cause usually players don't want to play a level they never can finish. In my case the game crashed always in the same room, so I had to abandone. Also this is only a remake of the Turbo Pascal's level, only with high resolution textures and very few changes in the gameplay (some buttons, spikes instead of fires...), so if you begin to play and you like this one, I recommend to play the original TR3 level." - Jose (12-Nov-2015)

"I thought this looked familiar, and then I remembered to check the description! The original level was a demo that came with dxtre3d I believe. Unfortunately this remake hasn't given it much justice. The textures are warped in all sorts of places. There are no water textures used, and the "climbable" texture that is used is hard to figure out (and also not applied consistently). The level would have benefited from more pickups to increase incentive to explore the level. As it is, the majority of the level is large, empty, and wallpapered rooms. The gameplay feels just as mundane, a lot of times just pushing a block from point A to point B (and sometimes the point B is not marked at all), one of the blocks being in between very long hallways so you have to spend a lot of time backtracking to and fro. The level also crashed on me many times, particularly in a dark labyrinth that probably had too many diagonal walls. Overall, a level that would have benefited from a more compact structure, and lots of betatesting. 55 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (12-Oct-2015)

"I keep repeating myself, what is the point in remakes of levels that already exist and everyone can play? It's really not worth playing if you already played the original, and even if not rather play Turbo Pascal's level, since the TR 5 doesn't seem to be able to handle all the things well enough. In the diagonal maze, the level crashed every time for me so I had to abandone it as I couldn't progress anymore, and to be honest I'm not sad about it, even if it might have become better later on. The looks are about the same as in the original (didn't see many large mistakes on texturing), so no own effort has been put in here, and the gameplay is okay until the point where it crashes - so as the original level I found it to be rather clever, yet some good elements of the are removed but the tedium still remains or even is increased. Overall a highly unoriginal level and not worth a try. 30 minutes until I couldn't move on." - manarch2 (12-Oct-2015)
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