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Author(s): Jesus C.Croft LoreRaider masha Sponge
total rating:9.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Alien Autopsy 8 7 10 10
DJ Full 8 10 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 9 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
young Lara Croft 10 9 10 10
category averages
(6 reviews)
8.83 9.00 9.50 9.67

Reviewer's comments

"This is a house level with a difference. Lara has done some major home improvements, making the place much more interesting to explore. As is customary in most of these Advent levels, some of the tasks to be performed are rather arcane, and there's quite a lot of backtracking to do along the way, but the gameplay flows along in logical fashion, everything is well lighted and the surroundings are definitely pleasing to the eye. Winston has managed to lock himself in the freezer again, and we find Santa stuck in the chimney (where he remains, somewhat to my surprise). Most of the action takes place indoors, but there's a nice use of the snowmobile and several surprises in store for the player once outdoors. There's an alarm clock that has no apparent use other than to act as a miniature time bomb. A very welcome contribution to our enjoyment of the Advent season." - Phil (16-Jan-2017)

"I always liked Lara's home levels and this one was very, very pretty. It was amazing to play this while sipping white tea and eating ginger cookies. So many details! So many places and hideouts/secrets to explore! A true pleasure walk for people who like Lara's home. I enjoyed it a lot, but with some details that I am gonna whine about. The atmosphere of cold snow mixes with warmth of holiday season, which is perfect. Light and textures are outstanding. The creation/layout of the house mixes elements from the classic Croft's manor and new rooms/additions. All of this makes it feel really nice. (Spoiler alert) The authors had a sense of humor. Frozen Winston, wiggling Santa on the rooftop making insane noises. Was quite funny. I also liked the white tea, as it's one of my favourite teas. The tea itself was British touch, while I wouldn't really expect a lot of snow there, I can ignore that for the sake of sweet, sweet atmosphere. I liked the objects and decor, so many beautiful effects and details. The gameplay was one huge secret search, which is really fun. The level took me an hour and 40 minutes, cause I got stuck a lot and my crappy netbook was lagging. But overall I really liked it. I loved the puzzles and a timerun with a twist. Now, to the parts I don't like / reason why I will not give it all 10: Lara's model. I don't consider the latest Tomb Raiders to be true Tomb Raider, in fact I dislike them a lot and this Lara was a grime reminder of what this game series has become... Sorry, just my personal feelings. I know that a lot of other people like her, but I am not one of them and I want to be honest while reviewing. I consider Lara's model to be important part of the level as I am gonna look at her the whole time. To not be too harsh I can mention that her winter clothes were cute and whoever created them did a good job. I just hate new Lara, and I am getting to see her in new custom levels a lot... not liking this trend at all. Other reason for lower rating was some (thankfully- rare) creepy models that didn't fit in a level that is so amazingly created and full of pretty models. For example... the woman in the shop, with a cigarette in her mouth. I mean, I found it funny, but at the same time it left a bad aftertaste. There were few models like that, while all other models and objects were done amazingly awesome. Secrets are well hid and very christmasy. My favourite secret was the one with the Winston puzzle. Overall, I recommend playing this level, especially if you are in Lara's home level mood, and in a need to feel a bit of Holiday spirit." - Alien Autopsy (09-Jan-2017)

"Another wonderful Advent treat from the Levelbase calendar. I may not be the biggest fan of mansion levels, but when they are decorated for Christmas and the grounds are covered in snow I feel quite differently about the whole thing. It was in fact a pleasure to explore all the beautifully made areas in search of a wonderful selection of re-textured objects that made for an intriguing raid." - Jay (05-Jan-2017)

"With an arctic storm, the day closes calling for a level (I call it a close call), so here I am. First reaction of "oh no, not another Winston push" got quickly consumed by flawless atmosphere and growing awareness of this is how you should build a level to make it both old and new - a simple inversion of the main staircase totally changes the room layout so I knew what was coming but I was still surprised. Same for the puzzles: reused but from the games you wouldn't expect a stroll down into, plus some which really make sense like getting a scarf to get outside (that's it - LOGIC!). Some unexpected little passages were neatly squeezed in, like the garage escape door and the chimney trapdoor, so you're again surprised where you get out from them. Of course we have loads of Mario's signature statics which are always comfy to hang an eye on, also animated and voiced NPCs, so the best point after this entirely detailed, tridimensional experience, is the thug-life shopkeeper scene, rebelling against it all - I literally died of heavy lol and I need Easter for resurrection while I cannot help imagining a whole game with characters made entirely of cardboard authors. One weak spot was the crowbar door - instead of finding it I jumped over the fence without using the manor gate key (I didn't see the hole) so I entirely skipped the Buddha part. I only returned to it later, taking it for the fifth secret - which I eventually found as well, but I'm not sure if it was fair either. Also, if that basement crate isn't interactive, it should just go. Finally, I second the opinion about the Santa: we should be able to set him free. SUMMARY: A very solid seasonal manor, sometimes stuckable but not unbeatable, with a bunch of worthy surprises. Absolutely recommended." - DJ Full (04-Jan-2017)

"A wonderful Christmas level in which Lara explores the premises of her manor. I loved the atmosphere and chaftsmanship that the builders' team brought to the public's attention. Over all a fun and festive level!" - young Lara Croft (01-Jan-2017)

"What a great Christmas/house level! One can see much care was put into every detail. I enjoyed the whole thing but I thought the game excelled texture wise. And of course I had fun. Well done and thank you, team!" - Jorge22 (28-Dec-2016)
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