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Author(s): BtB 2016
total rating:7.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Revenge 7 6 8 7
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7.00 6.00 8.00 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"Holy cow, I thought I would never be able to finish this level ! It was so long ! As well, I'm very mixed concerning the gameplay, some parts I enjoyed, some others I didn't at all, and that's because of the visual aspects of this level. There were far too many different objects and textures used, which made the level very confusing for most of the time and that actually, to my mind, lowered the gameplay quality as well. Other parts, were better designed and with better gameplay (the 'fear rooms' were brilliant for example). I liked the fact that at the end the level becomes more linear and more challenging, with more ennemies as well, contrary to the rest of the level in which they were rare which is a bit of a shame. I had to look on the forums for help several times as well, like for the torch trick that I would never have guessed :o. It's really hard for me to review the gameplay because I didn't like some parts while I enjoyed a lot of others, though I still gave it a 7 because there were some really good stuff and some nice puzzles, same for the visuals because some places were better designed and with atmospheric lighting as well. The music and cameras were well used, as well. Statistics : 3h52, 3 (out of ten !) secrets found." - Revenge (20-Apr-2017)
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