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Author(s): Ram16
total rating:7.39 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 5 8 8 8
Gerty 6 8 7 8
Gorty 5 9 8 9
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jose 5 8 6 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 5 6 7 10
manarch2 4 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
category averages
(9 reviews)
5.78 7.78 7.56 8.44

Reviewer's comments

"Quite an attractive and spacious looking demo. There's plenty to explore, although mainly only to find well disguised cracks and secrets (always accompanied by fire wraiths) and it did feel rather repetitive after a while, not helped by the constant retracing of steps to familiar places and it could have been spiced up with a few more puzzles here and there, and also made a bit easier by more ammo for those giant spiders. That said, the jungle atmosphere is quite peaceful and well caught, the sequence with the torch was well executed and as mentioned, the setting is overall very pleasant. I do look forward to the final version, in the hope that it's a bit more varied in the gameplay department." - Ryan (07-Sep-2018)

"Little too obscure for my liking, just running around and looking where to go and then figuring out what to do and how to do it. In a way it is clever but not my cup of tea. Switches are hard to spot and look for cracks in the wall, as you have to use them. Didn’t like the wraiths that showed up every time you find a secret but hey, there is water near by. There are a few places that are pretty hard to reach and rather unfair in my opinion. I felt like I was cheating but reading the walky afterwards it was the right move. There could have been a tad more camerawork to point me in the right direction as I was running and swimming around like a headless chicken most of the time." - Gerty (03-May-2018)

"Oh my. I really don't know. On one hand this game is packed with unmarked blocks and absolute lack of clue about what is intended, and the wraiths included in every secret are particularly annyoing since they force a return to the water and an extra climb every time. On the other hand I found some extra zones and glitches hilarious, so I got permanently stuck and confused but in a wonderful way. That's why I'm glad I could experience them in a demo, so they can be gone from the full version but still remain here as a nice case study. If you have spare two hours needed to progress through these four rooms just do it, it's worth it for the epic mish- mash of feelings." - DJ Full (18-Dec-2017)

"Not a well tested and rather rushed demo if you ask me, there are better options for beta testing than to release levels to the public. I'm obviously not the only one suffering from those crashes each time I reloaded a savegame, even scripts from other levels didn't work eventually as the target would never appear so I finally decided to play this in one go, without saving. What a horror! It's not too hard to get through without saving (exiting the game isn't possible as well, as this is one of the many levels where that isn't possible anymore, why???), but especially those fire wraiths are a big pain and it's not very nice they appear after finding a secret. There is really a lot of climbing to be done here, and it can be enjoyable at times, but towards the end it's just repetitive and rather unexciting. The extensive torch puzzle at the end was the only different task. The atmosphere is very nice here, lots of beautiful areas, sounds are fine as well but cameras are rather absent here and there are several occasions where it's way too easy to reach the end of the world by a simple jump. Perhaps the setting is also a bit monotonous. The texturing is done quite competently (aside of monotony and some tiny errors visible here and there), and the lighting is well worked too. More and varied (!) tasks in the gameplay department, fixing the savegame errors (perhaps use someone who has the crashes as tester) and some minor cosmetic changes and the full version can be a success. Found all four secrets in 25 minutes." - manarch2 (15-Nov-2017)

"G&p: Wow this so short level was such a pain in the neck (to be polite), you have to climb everywhere, but before to climb you have to understand where to jump first, the architecture doesn't really help with that, because some places to go are very well hidden, so are the jump switchs. No real puzzle, except the torch one, but to reach the fire you have to climb again... I must say that I don't really like levels in which Lara's gun shoot "airsoft bullets" (plastic bullets), I mean these levels where you have to shoot about 50 bullets to kill only one enemy, except for the boss, here the spiders are very "solid", a lot of bullets to waste with them, even with the shotgun you need to shoot maybe 5 times, way too much in my opinion. Plus having pushable blocks in the same texture as the surrounding walls is a bad idea, really, how to spot it? Please could you add something, like a cuff to it, or put a kind of scratch on the floor to explain the player that we can move a wall? Do you remember TR4, the level next the Library? There were lamps, and you were able to move one, the level designer put some scratch on the floor to make the player understand that it actually can move it, that's a good way to help a bit the player. E,O&S: I didn't enjoyed the flamming skulls, it looks like a punishment for finding a secret...could you please explain me why? Objects were quite nice, but some of them desappeared (object in one room with a part of it into another room) Even the horizon turned into black. I already gave my point about the enemies, that are for me a part of the gameplay, but for their aspect they look great, and their work in a correct way. A,S&S: Well the atmosphere wasn't bad, but it felt quite steril, and empty (even the thousand of plants everywhere). Sound where nice, even if from the original TR, not really original, but ok. Cameras, where are the cameras? 2 cameras in the whole level? One of these two cameras was so close to the target cameras that I did not know where to look...In the whole level I didn't know where to look, no cameras to show you where you could climb, or other clues. L&T: Well I think that the builder put a sun in every rooms, and some shadow bulbs here and here, the lighting works well, and the textures are perfectly applied, this is clearly a big work for such a complexe architecture, I can say that Ram16 is way better than me for making this kind of architecture and placing textures this way. To sum up, this demo is not bad but it suffers from several builder mistakes, like the way to add "gameplay time", no cameras = more gameplay? NO WAY! this is a really bad idea, I almost quit this demo because of it. You could help the player with few and well placed cameras (not too close to the target), it would really make your level more playable than it is now. The level is quite beautiful, but not totally I think there is a lack of something, it felt empty. I won't really recommend it for casual players, but I'm looking for the full version, with a lot improvement from this good builder, I hope he is going to have a larger beta Team this time, I know that only ONE beta tester made his work for Ram16, a shame, please ask me if your need any help, and pay attention to what testers say, a lot of them are builders, and players, so they really can help you !" - Lara_Fox_Croft (11-Nov-2017)

"This level is billed as a demo, but you get a full-fledged 90-minute raid that in my book qualifies as a complete stand-alone level. It can be somewhat confusing at times, but the game map is relatively compact, so you never really have that far to travel. The lighting is good and the surroundings are well rendered, so playing provides an enjoyable visual experience. I didn't realize any jump switches were here, being so deviously hidden, but a glance at the McDog video walk got me moving again. Enemies are few but formidable, so you need to be on the lookout for the relatively scarce pickups. You can get to the top of the cliffs for a nice view, but there's nothing to do up there. Much of your efforts focus on finding ways to keep progressing, although there's an interesting torch exercise near the end. I had a fun time here. Recommended." - Phil (08-Nov-2017)

"I really enjoyed this (quite long) demo as I'm a fan of the 'what's my route' style of raiding, but equally I found myself quite stuck once or twice due to extremely well concealed jump switches. I kept finding intriguing routes and thinking I was up and running again, only to discover that I'd battled a giant spider and/or fire wraiths merely to find a secret. It can all be a touch confusing at times, but I still found it good fun. Apart from all the heavy duty exploration and the occasional aforementioned enemies, there's a spot of torch work, but no puzzles, traps or timed elements - whether or not the finished version will contain some of these things remains to be seen. All I can say is I'm looking forward to it." - Jay (07-Nov-2017)

"Before starting the review I have to say that there is no loading screen and no modified title. Also, I couldn’t load my game … it crashes everytime, so I had to keep the exe going and mind every death. So now let’s start with the review. At first an incredibly beautiful and breathtaking designed level ! Once I got further into it the glance dissolved very quickly. There is a huge area available to explore with no hints where to go or how to approach the game. Everything looks so similar. Getting some ordinary pickups is hard and finding the right path incredibly hard. There are thousands of cracks in the cliffs to look in and even when I seem to get a path, I got easily lost in following the mind of the author. A name like ˝crack explorer˝ or ˝Crack raider˝ would be more appropriate for this level. Joke aside, the gameplay was really hard to follow. It seemed just not fair. Not really enjoyable. Camera hints are so rare. The author wants the player to die of exploring rather helping him put with some hints. The pushables were inhumanly hard to notice. The texturing looks very good, but when looking a bit further into the level some very rough, easily fixable and stretched textures can be noticed. The light is also very good, maybe a bit more diversity would be good. Object placement is superb. I don’t want to even mention the last inside parts ( temple ) which look like they were made by a totally different author ( in a bad way ), but affect the rating. Overall, a beautiful level for the eye ( except the temple ) with very bad gameplay. It’s a demo, so hopefully many things will be fixed." - Gorty (07-Nov-2017)

"Again the same style from this builder. It's the style which force the players to open threads in the forums and fill them with a lot of pages. I liked the good architecture and design of the environments, well decorated with all kind of objects, but not very agree with the absence of puzzles and a gameplay based only about gymnastics, find hidden cracks, look for too hidden switches and look for movable blocks very difficult to see without hints or camera targets. The secrets are cleverly hidden, I found all four, but I think 'cause the normal gameplay is harder even than the secrets, and looking for a way to continue playing I was finding them. Normally I never give my opinion about this issues, but as it's a demo, perhaps the author can consider the following lines: I should place a camera to show the players the block lowering giving access to the crowbar. Again, I should place a hint for the hidden switch to lower the block where the receptacle for the first star is and another camera showing the block lowering. From the location where one of the secrets is, the player can jump to the very very top of the canyon and find the end of the world walking onto very big transparent surfaces with many missing textures. When prying the second star, a fire wraith appears so the player needs to jump to the lake; once I got the star, I tried to reach the high ledge where the closed door is, so I thought I could reach it from the ledge where I got the star, and yes, I was right, so I repeated all the same movements and when I was there, I continued by following the cracks to reach the receptacle to place the second star but finally I realized that I should look for another way, 'cause Lara refused to grab the edge; so that way, I was forced to repeat all the same movements all around the huge room for nothing. Perhaps the betatesters already pointed that issues, but I know usually the authors never hear the betatesters advices. We'll see in the final version." - Jose (05-Nov-2017)
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