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Author(s): DJ Full
total rating:8.88 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gorty 8 10 7 4
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 10 10 8
manarch2 8 10 9 7
Mortensmor 10 10 10 8
Phil 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 10 10 9
SeniorBlitz 10 10 10 10
Torry 5 5 8 9
Wolf7 9 9 10 8
category averages
(10 reviews)
8.50 9.40 9.40 8.20

Reviewer's comments

"I gotta be honest, I don't understand why DJ Full didn't just change the download in the first Cakeworld 'cause usually people do like this ... but it seems that he preferred instead creating a new level entry, perhaps because he wanted everyone to know this was different, an enhancement over the first version ... but was it? I mean I had not seen anything very different except that no more deadly pool in the end. I had though left the same marks I gave to the first Cakeworld as the experience is quite the same and is not ruined by anything. Recommended as the first version of course! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (15-Apr-2019)

"I couldn't really notice any major differences between this revised version and the original (apart from maybe minor changes to the surroundings) and I think it may have been better having this one as the main download rather than having two separate versions. That said, I had a wonderful time going through this weird level again. I found it slightly easier to go through than before (not that that's a bad thing, but it was still quite fresh in my memory), but none of the enjoyment factor was lost and I still found the sounds, objects, environments and texturing just as well done this time around. I've decided not to alter my scores in any category, so here they are again." - Ryan (16-Sep-2018)

"As you can notice, there are some changes here and there, some different paths and finer features, but I think it's still the old map with few modifications, so I don't know if the level will be worth to play except for all players who never played the first version. In that case I recommend this one, more friendly for me. So my ratings and reviews are the same than the older version and you can read the comments by clicking on the proper link for that one." - Jose (01-Aug-2018)

"Maybe I'm just too ignorant, but I didn't find any significant changes in this version and actually agree to some previous reviewers that this version should have replaced the original one instead of being a "new level". Anyway, this was just as fun as the first time around, the object design still being marvellous and the most outstanding thing, while the gameplay does come up with a quirky variety of tasks. The texturing might have been more cared for as those Merkel pictures (yes I do feel observed...) seem to be more like a placeholder and could have been used more sparsely - or this all boils down to personal preferences (in two meanings) ... ;). Anyway, a raid you should not forget when you play it and slightly more recommended than the first version, due to the slight cosmetic changes which were all to the better." - manarch2 (24-May-2018)

"I’m really not sure if I noticed any difference between the first version and this one. The flaws it had earlier are still present, in fact, I found the texturing and light even more odd or worse than the first time. Some parts I enjoyed more and found them even funnier. I think this is a cheap way on how to avoid bad reviews and how to just give the same game another shot in the review roulette . The readme doesn’t mention what is exactly fixed, so I can only guess. For a more detailed review, read my previous one. Still, this is one of the best ˝joke˝ levels out here and I recommended it for its unique approach in level building." - Gorty (13-May-2018)

"I am sorry but I found this level incongruous and boring with absolutely no relationship to established Tomb Raider traditions or game play. Perhaps this means something to the group at Tomb Raider Forge but it left me wanting I'm afraid. The guns shooting snowflakes? The cards which I take it are TR Forge members on them and was it Angela Merkel on the walls? Also there was may too much going on with a myriad of passages and even with Phil's excellent walk through I found this difficult to follow, so without that aid the player simply has no chance at completing this. The re-imagined objects were cute but again aimed at a specific niche player market and lost on all others. Look I get it, the creativity and imagination involved was off the charts but for me it all lost it's appeal in the first few minutes. Give me an old fashioned raid any day of the week." - Torry (10-May-2018)

"I'm not sure why this level has been hosted separately instead of simply being substituted for the original release. The download size is substantially the same, and I didn't note any differences in gameplay (although allowances must be made for my steadily eroding memory). The info screen says that more than 60 fixes have been applied, but I assume that these all address cosmetic details of some sort. There's therefore no need for me to change my scores, so here they are for a second time. However, I did enjoy having an excuse to play this joyously offbeat level once again, together with the challenge of writing a walkthrough with a compass that has a 50-50 chance of pointing the player in the right direction. This stretched out my playing time to about two and a half hours, but it was time well spent. Enjoyable from start to finish." - Phil (08-May-2018)

"After replaying it, I can safely affirm that this is probably one of my favorite levels from TRLE. It is so funny, creative and full of charm that I don't think 4-10 out 10s are enough to express how much I loved this package. I strongly advise you play it, while your opinion may not be similar to mine, I can guarantee that you'll get some fun moments out of it." - SeniorBlitz (02-May-2018)

"If I saw a detailed written list of all the crazy things which are going on in this level, I would never think this could actually work. But hey, it works. A bit over- the-top, but not cringeworthy at all. A little hand- holding, but not too much: hints are left exactly when they're needed (I particularly liked the Room Editor hint). I really appreciate all the work that has been put into the creation of enemies, weapons and objects, all put together so cleverly. My only complaint is the texturing. I think there's too much white: it works really well in the Room Editor-like room, the "autoironic" room with a lever, and a secret room with nothing inside, but it looks off when it's just a white texture behind a window or a crate, and I don't really like this monotone chequered black/white kitchen texture. A few times you just proceed from a beautifully textured and illuminated room to a place where the colours clash into a mess. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed playing this level and I'm impressed with the Author's music. The only glitch I've experienced was two flipped rooms clashing into each other (the water-filled tube kept on appearing and disappearing)" - Mortensmor (01-May-2018)

"I know that there must have been some major differences between Cakeworld and Cakeworld Rebake but the only one I can think of must be that I couldn't just get through the entrance to the caves where the revolver and laser sight were and maybe, just maybe, a few more funny subtitles along the way. It was easier than the first time - obviously - and not as funny (not because it lost any fun but because I'd already watched the movie). It was still enormously creative and pretty solid and nice to look at. I gave it four tens in its first version and I no see no reason to give it any less than that now." - Jorge22 (30-Apr-2018)
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