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Author(s): PedroTheGamer
total rating:3.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 3 3 3
JesseG 5 5 4 4
manarch2 2 2 2 2
Phil 5 5 5 5
Ryan 4 4 4 4
Woops 3 2 4 1
category averages
(6 reviews)
3.67 3.50 3.67 3.17

Reviewer's comments

"Lara goes on a quest to find her lost Senet game manual (and gets a nice bonus of a golden hand artifact). Gameplay is a decent balance of traps, combat and exploration. The earlier levels are mostly switch + item hunts, but the later levels are a bit more fleshed out. I would wish for more puzzles - there are some moments here that you might consider to be puzzles, but they are really trial-and-error routines that will likely require a few deaths until you guess the correct path forward. If there are clues, they are implemented poorly - for instance an area with hidden spike traps with safe spots marked with certain ceiling tiles, except some of the safe spots do not get such a marking. Enemies provide some engaging combat, although the choice of enemies used makes the setting feel confused. Decorative objects are a bit sparse (usually just fences). The geometry is very square, even the outside desert areas feel like temples, with thin ledges and crawlspaces built into the sand. Audio is used well although some of it gets repetitive from level to level. Sound effects have issues that break immersion, including irritatingly clipped jeep sounds and the oddly intense explosion you hear whenever you pull an underwater switch. Textures have many issues. Lara's home has an odd see-through wall texture present in every room. Some areas have an entire wall missing textures, and other areas (usually smaller corridors) are extremely wallpapered, although some of the larger areas have decent texture application. The lighting is decent and uses a few colors, but I would like to see more dynamic lighting within each area. Overall this raid is not very user-friendly and will likely lead to frustration, despite the better things that show potential. 1 hour 32 minutes." - JesseG (03-Dec-2018)

"It's seldom that a full version is rated lower than a demo, but this time it's perfectly deserved as the additions only make this release worse. All other three levels are more or less copied versions of other builder's levels (GMac, GeckoKid, Ader - the whole third level is made out ofFeather of Maat), and the changes that were made are mostly to the worse, like see-through, missing textures, bad architecture, lots of bugs and the like. The only presumably self-made level, the demo, has not received significant changes, it especially can finished in a few minutes as well because most of the level is still optional. In level 2, the puzzle with the safe pillars is messed up, so that you have to guess which pillar might be safe and which not, and edge-to-edge jumps in messed up puzzles are really a bad combo. So all in all, kudos to the builders who originally released those levels, obviously you made others envious of your qualities..." - manarch2 (02-Dec-2018)

"I found this to be a bit of a crude effort, but at least a playable one (I did play the revised version though, so my thoughts may have been different if I had played the earlier one). We begin with a mansion level which is as tedious as these levels usually are, despite the couple of secrets adding a bit of variation. Level two is a brief journey through an Egyptian temple area that reminded me of one of the Back to Basics Catacomb levels, and the gameplay here is rather meagre but not terrible. The third level is the most enjoyable and contains a nice hub room concept with challenges of varying difficulty to locate four Hands, and I thought that the textures here were the most pleasing out of the entire game. The final level, Temple of Gold Hand, is the demo released previously, but made slightly more player-friendly due to more manageable enemy attacks, although I still had to glance at the walkthrough a couple of times. Throughout this game, the gameplay is mostly uninvolving, sorry to say, despite the occasional spark from a few nice traps or jumping sequences (although as mentioned, the third level showed definite potential) and Lara's running animation was rather a hindrance to the jumps. The textures were also mostly rather bland to look at. Overall, not the worst effort out there, but I can't bring myself to recommend it." - Ryan (01-Dec-2018)

"This builder has taken a lot of recent flak for ostensible copying and for failure to have his levels properly tested. I don't have the technical knowledge or a reliable recollection of what others levels have featured to be able to express an intelligent opinion on either score. However, I do feel that the current release deserves a longer shrift than it has been given in the reviews to date. I waited to play the revised version and therefore never experienced the deficiencies that were supposedly addressed, if not satisfactorily corrected. The house level that began the first edition has been removed, and the mansion level could well have been left out as well. There's nothing new that deserves its inclusion. The next level in the desert is a ten-minute tidbit that has as its sole redeeming quality a good number of valuable pickups. Things pick up dramatically in Lost in Egypt in [sic] Night, which provides a decent raid of decent length and indicates that a good amount of thought and planning went into the building process. The basic motif is a hub room where you have to explore four side areas to find a Star in each one. My scores are based on this level and the one that follows (released earlier as a demo). Unlike the demo version, you start it with all accumulated pickups and acquire along the way even more efficient weaponry than was made available in the demo version, which makes it more fun and less stressful to play. Not one to recommend by any means, but certainly playable and worthy of average-range scores." - Phil (25-Nov-2018)

"Oh boy, you'll know this levelset is a complete waste of time, when you discover to your dismay that Pedro has absent-mindedly scripted the level select incorrectly, making it essentially the same coding as the no doubt intended to be separate 'Lara's Home' feature. And as such, literally rendering it impossible to play the other levels legitimately. But honestly, I wouldn't even bother trying out the other maps by using the 'rename random level map to the first level' trick, as they're all the same exact ones that Pedro foolishly made easily accessible previously with the demo two months before, being completely unchanged in general quality since that time. Top that off with uncredited voiceovers from Greenkey2 which have clearly been stolen from other custom levelsets without permission(considering the noticeable differences in audio quality from line to line), general sound bugs, lazily-placed secrets & a ton of see-through textures inside the manor map. And what we're ultimately left with here at time of writing, is an embarrassing disaster which just reeks of incompetence. So save yourself the inconvenience and don't bother downloading this pointless rehash. My advice to Pedro is to just quit while he's ahead, if he's not willing to put the extra effort into ensuring everything works, prior to making it available to the public, as all this does is further stain his reputation in the community at large. And I think at this point, others can agree with me on this." - Ceamonks890 (17-Nov-2018)

"Honestly? I don't even know where to start. Are you sure this level set is finished? Did you maybe upload an earlier version by mistake? Poor design choices, tons of see-through textures (which by the way are caused by a bug ripping textures with the TR2PRJ tool. What were you doing with that?). Geometry is not made properly and you can go "out of bounds" easily. Complete waste of time to be honest. Not to mention the buggy enemies and the textures were out of place most of the time." - Woops (17-Nov-2018)
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