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Author(s): PedroTheGamer
total rating:5.42 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 5 6 6 5
JesseG 6 7 6 6
JoeTheCrazyGamer 4 5 4 2
manarch2 4 6 5 5
Phil 6 6 6 7
Ryan 5 6 6 6
category averages
(6 reviews)
5.00 6.00 5.50 5.17

Reviewer's comments

"To be honest I prefer draft levels with more customization than finished ones with less, and it's the latter case here. Of course parts differ from the original but in a mixed way - in return for strong, unexpected mine and manor sections, we get sketchy gameplay with multiple climbing and repassaging, and while I'm 99.999% sure the author's intention was to make it "more challenging", a part of me wishes people just stopped with this, since they've been doing it 20 years and the outcome wasn't good once. Still, the level can be recommended if you've had enough of Core's bonus level and you're craving for a change." - DJ Full (27-Dec-2018)

"This game started off so well but i experienced alot of graphical glitches with the textures keep disappearing also you start the game and there are so many enemies but after a short while there's none until the end. There is potential but alot more time will be needed," - JoeTheCrazyGamer (27-Dec-2018)

"This level is rated about where it should be, and I concur with the observations of the previous reviewers. An effort appears to have been made to emulate the crude looks associated with TR2, a decision that detracted somewhat from my enjoyment of the gaming experience. Still, the gameplay is well executed and provides a fun raid. I rarely needed to use a flare, which is always a good thing. Ammo for the shotgun was in short supply for all the enemies met near the start, but once things started to get going that was never a factor in the later stages. The Dagger of Xian you start with is never used, so I wonder why it was included. Some of the areas were unnecessarily vast with nothing much to do in them, particularly the room with the caged chicken monster and the outdoor area with the frozen pool. There was perhaps one too many of the trips up and down the golden structure, but not to the point where it got really annoying. Playable without being really memorable." - Phil (26-Dec-2018)

"Still not an effort that will earn high scores, but this is definitely the most decent level from this builder so far. The gameplay still is no great shakes, and there's too much backtracking and climbing up and down the large structure for my taste (more so than in the original game), the freezing water sequence was badly executed as the flyby plays but you still lose health without being able to move (although this isn't visible on screen) and the construction is fairly crude, but there has been more effort put into the general progression leading to Lara getting rid of the bird monster, the fixing of the circuit was nicely done and the essence of TR2 is at least there. But I could have done without the unmarked death tiles in the mine area. Not a bad effort overall, though." - Ryan (25-Dec-2018)

"Probably closest to a decent level of all the builder has produced. It is still heavily flawed by an interminal loop if you jump over the ice pond without using the shovel, some heavy backtracking and obscurely hidden entrances (not even counting the fake door at the last secret) and pistols being present in one outfit version and not in the other (although that's not a large problem, as enough ammo for the shotgun is provided). But despite that and a rather familiar setting the builder has altered in his typical way, there are a few neat touches throughout, like the elevator, the "drying" of the circuit and several nice sound choices. Not all sounds are well applied (the builder even covered missing sounds by placing sound files instead of object sound) and texturing also leaves something to be desired in many occasions, but overall it's not as rushed as before and shows more care has been put into this level. A few more puzzles and thought about ample shortcuts (some are missing, while some can be used to ignore sequences entirely) might have rounded the whole thing up some more. The secrets are not well hidden, all are either too easy (gold dragon), buggy (silver dragon) or unfair (jade dragon). Anyway the 30 minutes are more enjoyable than the builder's previous ... whatever they were." - manarch2 (22-Dec-2018)

"Lara travels to Vegas to get her big game hunt on. Gameplay is mostly exploration and combat. The combat was engaging but I would have like to see more traps and puzzles to round out the level. Instead we get randomly placed death squares in the mine area, and quicksand in the jungle area that Lara tries to climb out of but gets stuck. There is also a bit too much backtracking for my tastes, the golden climbable statue in particular is a bit of a chore to travel up and down several times. Enemies are used pretty well, except for some odd invisible enemies (bats?) I encountered in the caged bird area, thankfully you can just ignore those and save your ammo. Yes, your ammo is limited with the shotgun, but plenty of ammo was provided so that was not much of an issue. Decorative objects are used well in some areas, but other areas are very empty. The geometry is decent but a bit boxy and there are a few paper walls to ruin immersion. Cameras are used well but one flyby can become an infinite loop if you trigger it prematurely. Textures are very wallpapered and eclectic, and the lighting is mostly flat. Overall the foundation of a good raid is here, but issues in each aspect of the level may leave the player with a bit of a sour taste. 55 minutes." - JesseG (21-Dec-2018)
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