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Author(s): Melvin Hall
total rating:9.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 10 10 9
category averages
(1 reviews)
7.00 10.00 10.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"I think nobody has ever put so much effort into Egyptian furniture without ruining the old-school spirit - this could go very high in Create a Classic, so I wish the author halted the release until that, also taking this time to address the problems - because yes, there are problems: gameplay suffers from so much elusive interaction, trial and error, lack of focus on current task and forced pushblocks that even wonderful immersion, motivating me for four hours, has lost the battle - yes, I didn't finish the game and I have no clue how I'm gonna deal with that vase pushblock, since I've already took a break from it before, retried it with fresh mind and it didn't help. It's really a sad story because I would rather play a bad level and not feel sorry for it, than witness a masterpiece which was one step from unforgettable and lost it because of basic mistakes - the amount of wasted effort is absolutely devastating. But of course if I see the issues gone I'm gonna delete what I just wrote and re-rate the game to 9.5/10 since this is how much I think it really deserves. Also, please don't use the voice generator again, and don't apply echo track with equal volume because when it sounds like a loopback and when I heard it I legit thought my audio is broken." - DJ Full (14-Jul-2019)
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