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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:5.28 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 4 4 5 4
Ceamonks890 5 6 6 5
dinne 6 3 6 5
eRIC 6 6 6 6
Jay 6 6 7 7
Raider99 5 7 6 6
StudBuddha 4 3 4 4
Zuxuna 6 5 5 5
category averages
(8 reviews)
5.25 5.00 5.63 5.25

Reviewer's comments

"Nice to see the All Hallows textures again. Osvaldo has provided some lively raiding with this one – plenty of traps and exploring up and down the towering heights of the cathedral. There’s a timed raising platform/button combination that really will seem impossible if you don’t get the order correct and some rather maze-like underwater areas, but it’s mainly straightforward as regards knowing what to do next. I have to say though, I’m not too sure what the ninjas were doing in All Hallows, let alone a random demigod who seemed to have wandered in from a whole other universe. Good fun though." - Jay (12-Nov-2019)

"Another perfectly average release from Osvaldo based off All Hallows from TR3, that doesn't do anything particularly wrong in a given area nor does it manage to accomplish anything noticeably well. So unless you're a fan of the builder's style, I'd personally recommend to just skip this." - Ceamonks890 (11-Nov-2019)

"Osvaldo does not bother much with storylines and atmospherically wise we feel it, this level is just another series of gameplay elements rid of any dimension of exploration or mystery. So for people who play TR for gameplay only it can be satisfying. Rather simple progression often straightforward with some reentrances, the highlights of this level were the timed tasks which were fun , the one with a door and trapdoors was the most elaborate , another one when swimming , my favourite being the timed door to get the secret shotgun where you need to go down quickly in a high room which has the best gameplay bits in the form of platforming. Aside from these few rooms, the level isn't very exciting to go through. We still have the 2 types of ninjas for enemies along with a few dogs, an abrupt ending , simple architecture texturing and lighting but decently made." - eRIC (11-Nov-2019)

"Gameplay & Puzzles - I wished the first part of this level was deleted. Gameplay is comprised of mazes that felt like a chore, lots of switches and timed events. Some of the puzzles I liked for instance the timed run with the trapdoor and door in the end. That give me a good rush. But other puzzles did not pan out well to give me a classic feel. Many elements feel like they didn't belong. Underwater section felt unnecessary. This level felt more like a checklist of the competition's requirements. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - The enemies that were chosen in this level was not wise. We have enemies that are unfitting like the Ninjas and TR4 Egypt guys (which I ignored). Why is this in here? Why not choose the SAS from All Hallows? And there should have been more dogs to replace some of the enemies instead of waiting until the end. Objects were not placed well either. All Hallows has some neat objects and most were not used here and if they were used, they were used incorrectly. I only found one secret here that was good but I honestly do not want to grind through this again. I never found the shotgun and I didn't feel like it was necessary at all. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - Atmosphere is weak but the second part reminded me more of All Hallows rather than the first part. Many unnecessary corridors. After I pull a level it's like...what did I just pull? And do I even feel like looking all around for it because some are not hinted. Sounds were okay but nothing memorable. Lighting & Textures - I do expect better from someone with 22 levels to have spent more time on lighting and texturing. I don't believe you have an excuse even with the short amount of time for this competition. Everything is wallpapered, texturing chooses are quite random. We get one effort of lighting in the beginning and then pretty much nothing after that. But overall everything is very visible with nothing being too dark. Even though this was part of competition. I think the author should have considered a different location or studying the All Hallows and maybe the other city levels more. I don't enjoy being harsh to builders. There is effort and thought put into this level. But this feels rushed and random most times. If you plan on a part two to this level, please consider spending more time on your project and consider the player. 55 mintues/1 secret." - StudBuddha (09-Nov-2019)

"Another work of Osvaldo's that left me hanging with potential . This is a mediocre level but I enjoyed playing it . Rooms at times are not cohesive with other parts of the level, textures and lighting are basic with no special effort shown . The level grands a lot of ammunition, therefore I had the impression I'd be battling alot of enemies or a big challenging one near the end . Imagine my disappointment when none of the above were the case . There were a couple of timed puzzles and a lot of lever pulling . Sometimes the camera hints would not be clear enough . Generally , an okay attempt that could have been much better given the right amount of time and effort ." - Zuxuna (07-Nov-2019)

"All Hallows type settings are uncommon in custom levels, and have great potential to be engaging locations. Osvaldo’s level uses the All Hallow’s textures, but the resemblance to a cathedral ends there. I want to frame my review as critical suggestions for Osvaldo to improve future levels. Since Osvaldo is a prolific builder, I have no doubt of this builder’s capability to create a level far more engaging than this one. I have three ideas: vary the gameplay, avoid tedium, and look to real places for inspiration. 1. Vary the gameplay. Quite a bit of this level consists of running down long, similarly textured and blandly lit corridors in search of a switch to open a door. Switch pulling is central to Tomb Raider, but it is far from the only form of puzzle. Traversal, pattern recognition, changing environments like flooding or using flip-effects to alter terrain, and many other kinds of puzzle solving exist out there. Reduce the number of switches-to-doors and increase the variety of environments. 2. Avoid predictable tedium. On the Tomb Raider Forums, there is a thread called “Tomb Raider custom games feature request - What I like/hate/miss.” Some top responses to the question of what level players hate include tricky timed sequences, underwater mazes, long push-block puzzles, and traps without any indication of their presence. Unfortunately, all of the above are present in this level (there is an underwater maze *with* a timed door! Blade and fire traps that emerge from surfaces with no hint that they are there!). I strongly recommend Osvaldo explore this thread and read the responses in detail to get inspired about the types of gameplay to include *and* to avoid in future projects. 3. Look to real-life for inspiration. As I wrote above, the resemblance to a real cathedral ends at the texture choice. While there is one room that appears to be a crypt, there is nothing like the apse, nave, aisle, or towers that would be found in a real cathedral. This makes navigating the space confusing. The original All Hallows was fun in part because of its recognizability as a cathedral space. For most of this level though, I was not sure what kind of room I was supposed to be in. Fiery chasms and underwater mazes are not usually features of cathedrals, and nor are spike pits and rolling balls. The choice of objects and enemies did not help: the Egyptian ninjas and Tutankhamun demigod simply serve to confuse the setting further. The lack of understanding the original use of the textures also makes for odd decoration: the texture for organ pipes appears wallpapered throughout the level where no organ should really be. To avoid these problems, I recommend looking at real places for inspiration in the future. Look at the way real architecture works, whether it is a cathedral or an Egyptian tomb or a jungle temple, and use that to inspire what you build and which objects and textures you choose to help give your level atmosphere. I hope that these comments reach the attention of the author, and are seen as constructive criticism for someone who obviously loves to build Tomb Raider levels. I believe there is potential here, but it needs work to achieve. 1 hour 10 minutes to complete, found 2/3 secrets." - Cbl (07-Nov-2019)

"I generally prefer casual levels, but this one turned out to be maybe too casual. It was filled with many, many switches, long halls, more switches and only a few puzzles. Also, why is there no English version of the script? It wasn't hard to navigate as I'm familiar with the game so I know where everything is, but for other players that don't play custom levels, this would probably be a much bigger issue. The gameplay was pretty linear, you reach a switch, you pull it, open the door, go there, do some platforming and then repeat. It does have some timed runs, traps, some even in random places, like fire coming out of walls with no indication from where exactly, perhaps an object, another texture would be better there? There was one room with (I assume, tried looking at the surrounding) with no hints on which switch to pull and avoid being set on fire so you have to do it trial&error way which is quite uninspired. Another uninspired choice was an underwater maze (which itself is a torture) but combined with timed swim! Mazes, even underwater ones, aren't so bad if you implement them properly with the rest of the environment instead of adding some random rooms to swim in and get lost. I found 2/3 secrets, I think I know where the last one was, but the door it opened was the same as the rest of the texturing I just wasn't motivated enough to return and look for it, some more variety would help in this case. Another little thing that bothered me is inconsistency. Where exactly is this cathedral and why does it have ninjas and an Egyptian demigod enemy? The level doesn't even have a story to explain why is Lara there in the first place. Other than that, enemies were properly implemented with no issues, missing sounds or broken AI. There were no more flyby sequences, or more music to add to the atmosphere, it felt the same through whole level making it quite bland. Texturing was fine, didn't notice any issues, obvious cracks, or squished/stretched textures, however, lighting was quite repetitive. Didn't like the rooftops section because it had flat walls to ceiling transition, those are quite immersion breaking, making it more 3D would make it look much better. This level is far from being bad, the builder knows how to handle many of the smaller issues (sounds, textures etc) which together are very important as they add to the immersion, however, the level was really weak in gameplay department, but I'm sure the builder will keep improving and delivering better and much more enjoyable adventures, and with a story please!" - Raider99 (06-Nov-2019)

"The game brings a classic feel, playing in an abandoned cathedral full of traps. The progression is pretty much linear but the areas are well equipped of levers and challenges. There are some lacks in "consistence": this game has elements that don't fit with the adventure (ninja bedouins in a cathedral?) and areas that realistically have not much sense. This level suffers of the famous "big empty areas" (huge halls and long corridors), that unfortunately downgrades a lot the atmosphere, alongside with a very poor attention for the lights. The level is overall enjoyable, playable with no problems, and the implementation of many areas make me understand that the builder has already tools and nice potential to improve with no big effort." - dinne (05-Nov-2019)
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