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Author(s): Sabatu
total rating:9.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 8 8 10 10
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
eRIC 9 9 9 9
category averages
(3 reviews)
8.67 8.67 9.33 9.33

Reviewer's comments

"If Tomb Raider Chronicles had an Egyptian level, this would be it. Lara looks slick in an updated classic outfit, and looks even better in the consistently lovely lighting throughout this beautiful level. The lighting, and therefore the atmosphere, brings out the classic TR4 (and a few TR1, I think) textures and makes them look interesting again. The mood was also set by a nice combination of classic and new musical cues. The level is fairly short, but each area has several different puzzles to solve, often by first observing your surroundings and looking in very direction before proceeding. I particularly appreciated how, especially early on, gates or gratings on walls and floors offered glimpses of the level ahead, something I always enjoy. I also thought the use of the new diagonal walls from Tomb Editor was especially well done, and really added to the smooth architecture in a way that classic Tomb Raider never quite managed. I had to use flares constantly, but there are plenty of them and I think this added to the other effects of making the pyramid really seem dark and deserted. I was not as fond of the final third of the game, although the environments continued to be pretty. The puzzles became a little more straightforward and slightly repetitive, between levers and pickups, and their placement and location seemed to become less logical. I did enjoy the timed run, but would *never* have located the Tut Guardian on the same level without some pointers: the invisible ledge here was a bit too obscure for me. I loved the earlier jump scare of the giant scorpion, but was disappointed to never encounter another. Enemies often showed up at terribly inconvenient times: having just dropped to a ledge or just grabbed a rope, both of which were necessary to proceed, it was annoying to hear a new enemy activated at the same time. These minor critiques should not take away from my recommendation to play this level for an elegant, smooth, and atmospheric return to classic Egypt." - Cbl (13-Nov-2019)

"another great Egyptian level from Sabatu , this time it evocates more some of the TR4 levels , and as for some other entries in this CAC2019 series it is more beautiful than the originals we can appreciate the great architecture of the places with even some oblique walls, the first half is easy yet very immersive with an alternance of indoors and outdoors areas while the last section is more challenging with more traps , puzzles and bigger enemies. Absolutely fitting as a Classic in the best sense of the term. The only thing that disappointed me a bit -but it may be my own fault- is that i found 4 out of 6 secrets and plenty of pickups but no weapons , so dealing with the demigods was a bit monotonous. Anyway 1h10 of very good raiding." - eRIC (12-Nov-2019)

"An incredibly satisfying raid based off the usual TR4 Egypt theme that never fails to engage with challenging but fair gameplay, an immersive atmosphere and compelling level design throughout. Highly recommended as Sabatu has really outdone himself here." - Ceamonks890 (10-Nov-2019)
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