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Author(s): Feder
total rating:9.07 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
eRIC 8 9 8 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Lorax 10 10 9 9
manarch2 6 8 8 8
McRaider 10 9 10 10
Petaludas 7 8 9 8
Ryan 8 9 9 9
StormChaser 9 9 10 9
StudBuddha 8 8 9 7
The Snarky Lesbian 9 9 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 10 10
Wolf7 10 10 10 10
category averages
(14 reviews)
8.79 9.07 9.36 9.07

Reviewer's comments

"It is a Feder game, so you know already you are in for a great adventure, and this isn't surely any less! The gameplay is exploring based with the adding of some enemies to add variety to the gameplay. Secrets, while I found two only, were pretty good, especially loved the stone one, while being easy it was surely kind of unexpected and not too obvious. Atmosphere is amazing, some rooms are dark but that really does not annoy me too much, actually it is the contrary, this connects to the marvelous texturing that really makes the level look pretty sweet. An almost hour raid, it is pretty good and I do recommend it! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (01-Jul-2020)

"Wonderful 50 minute excursion into Tomb Raider 2 territory. Loved every minute of this. Graphics are on par with the original game. Only found 2 of the three secrets so had to dispatch the boss bird at the end with the M16 but if you do not go too far forward once triggering him, he won't come around the corner to attack. Thanks Feder." - Torry (20-Jun-2020)

"It's astonishing to think we still have such high-end levels in development for the "lesser" engines. Despite being a TR2 level, it holds pretty well visually and it was even unusual to hear the standard City of the Dead background audio playing here. The level is pretty straightforward, but sometimes getting across might take a longer assessment, such as jumping around the building inside the cave (and dropping off to shoot a bell below was a first, I think). Speaking of bells, there are quite a few to shoot in this level and always require a bit of gymnastics to reach. I love how the level design wraps into itself, after going the long way to sound the gong, you don't really do any backtracking at all as a trapdoor allows you quick access to the beginning of the level. Definitely one of the best TR2 levels available and one that's up to Feder's well established high standards. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 06/20" - Treeble (14-Jun-2020)

"You can never really go wrong with any Feder level, regardless of the engine, and this is no exception. Although the surroundings are a little on the sombre side, the various temples and courtyards are tastefully construction and furnished with some neat object placement and atmospheric City of the Dead audio files. Gameplay is on the more easier side and contains a fair bit of retracing your steps, but still provides some enjoyable sequences in the form of challenging enemy encounters (meaning supplies are initially on the scarce side), traps and some nice "shooting the bell" puzzles. Enjoyable raiding." - Ryan (13-Jun-2020)

"This is the first TR2 custom level I have ever played and it’s a great one. The atmosphere, lighting and game play is superb and it’s not too hard. Some good jump scares with the enemies. Good use of music and cameras and the texturing is very good. A fun level to play with some interesting variations on the shooting the bell puzzles. Well worth downloading and playing." - StormChaser (09-Jun-2020)

"I was like a kid in christmas when I saw a new level of Feder in the "Latest New Levels". I ABSOLUTELY loved this game. Since the beginning to the end it was a real pleasure to explore this monastery in China. The level is not really hard, maybe a bit dark sometimes but we have enough torchs so it's pretty cool. I also really liked the story too who explain why we encounter yetis in the monastery. I also found the 3 secrets :-D !!! So to conclude another very good level by Feder and I hope play another one very quickly. Very recommended." - Bigfoot (08-Jun-2020)

"Who needs crouch or sprint to enjoy a tr2 level engine.short and enjoying level to sum up.Really liked the atmosphere, areas and city of dead theme.many enemies to keep u occupied and still the golems scares the shit out of me every time.Not a difficult adventure with 3 good secrets.Just love the 'aha' picking items and ammo dropped from 'hubiga' enemies in tr2 levels.go for it" - Petaludas (07-Jun-2020)

"Gameplay & Puzzles - I liked the gameplay it was pretty smooth. I enjoyed the ideas presented here. I liked the exploration the most. The bell puzzles were pretty nice and placed well. I was a little confused at its function at first even with the door sound. I did wish the story was more developed and more thought-out. I feel like the story kinda gave a reason to liter me with mercenaries. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - The mercenaries were my only problem. I thought this would have been much better without them. Flawless even. The other enemies were good. I didn't find the gold secret yet but the jade and silver Buddha was placed nicely. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - Atmosphere is pretty good. I like the environments. Sounds and cameras were pretty nice as well. Lighting & Textures - Lighting is pretty good. I wish there was a little more color variety in between the different places. Some of the dark spots I didn't get much of a frightening feel from it. Some of the textures I did notice some mismatching it looks like, stretching, and squeezing. Also some wallpapering on the ceiling and some floors. This was an unexpectedly short and easier raid that took me about 45 mins. You will certainly be entertained throughout with its combat, exploration, atmosphere and puzzles." - StudBuddha (06-Jun-2020)

"A fairly well made 25 minute level that features RoC China textures and music tracks and several fitting objects and enemies. The setting is credible and atmospheric but somewhat drab if you ask me, with many dark parts (but not affecting the gameplay) - not meaning the darkish areas with enemy encounters as they are quite effective. There are a few decent acrobatics and the always welcome shoot-the-bell tasks but all in all not too much focus on puzzles and it is sometimes a bit too simple. The progression is smooth but there's barely a place where you have to stop and think before you can move on. The three secrets are well hidden and rewarding, and overall this is another fine level of the builder, just with slightly too "ordinary" gameplay elements." - manarch2 (06-Jun-2020)

"This map is great. The pacing is some of the best I've seen in any Tomb Raider level, TRLE or not. Great balance of puzzles and combat and both were very satisfying, level had good enemy placement and a fun boss at the end. I always seemed to have just enough ammo, which I liked. I never got stuck when it wasn't my own fault. For a TR2 level the Atmosphere/Textures, etc, are all great. Some dark areas, but I always had more than enough flares. This is the first TRLE I've ever 100%. I've been playing Tomb Raider games for years and would recommend this to almost anyone, this feels like TR2 gameplay at it's best." - Lorax (05-Jun-2020)

"An action-packed TR2 level, well designed as far as I can tell, with an incredibly sudden ending (that's my only complaint apart from the fact that I only found one secret, but that's of my own doing). A bit too dark at times and crowded with yetis and masked hitmen who definitely come in very serious mode. TR2-style puzzles and an enormous sense of orientation needed (even if the map probably isn't that huge), plus some rather good platforming. Intriguing and undoubtedly enjoyable." - Jorge22 (04-Jun-2020)

"again a very entertaining level by Feder , not very long but packed with varied parts of gameplay , jumps traps and well thought out challenges , nothing too difficult. The setting is well made and lit with only a few darker areas. Enemies are varied , the placement of some is threatening , others you can shoot from safe distance so the different weapons can be used according to the situations. Face paced and fluent level , the only one thing i did not enjoyed much is the atmosphere but i never liked that background audio loop from the TRLR city of the dead." - eRIC (04-Jun-2020)

"Seeing a new Feder level on the site always excites me. Same with this one, especially since it's based on Tomb Raider 2. This one, like his previous levels is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere being my absolute favourite here. There is custom music and custom background sounds (that sound like they're from Silent Hill), creating an actually creepy atmosphere, coupled with other good decisions that add well to underlining this atmosphere, like the perfect use of lighting throughout the entire level (making you get use out of your flares), the choice to use the China aesthetic and theming, that works on two levels: a) us remembering this aesthetic in Tomb Raider 2, where it was featured in other scary levels like Floating Isles and Temple of Xian, and b) it stands perfectly on it's own too, making the whole place seem like it's a hidden temple somewhere in a nightmare. Although I'll add that the Tibetian Gangsters aren't perfect for the atmosphere, although I suppose not much can be done there in TR2. The final piece in this level, that is crafting a beautifully scary atmosphere, is the various enclosed areas and tight corridors, making you jump out of your seat when you happened to be ambushed within them, and laying a seed for constant paranoia for the rest of the level. And the encounters are crafted very well, there isn't an overabundance of ambush or open encounters, and even the traps are very fitting with the level, making it seem like a real (you know what I mean) place, moreso than looking like they put in insane gauntlets back to back as in Feder's recent TR1 based level, that ended up stacking so many traps that it burned me out quite a bit. Furthermore, I appreciate a well paced level, which it is. Nothing like the roadblocks or finicky jumping puzzles from TR4-style games. I really enjoyed this little adventure. What I CAN however criticise, is the pickup placement. While it was nice to see the use of "secrets" that would reward the player with goodies, and not just the 3 Secret Objects, the spacing of goodies is otherwise quite strange, and appears mostly in clumps. There were more different weapons than would have made sense, as they each shared potential pickups with exclusivity, it felt like I was just using whatever weapon had ammunition, moreso than use the right weapon for the right situation. Like why were the Automatics and Uzis in this level if they ended up with the same need? The automatics only had 3-4 pickups, making them be forgotten quickly, same for the shotgun. Lots of weapons with only 3-4 ammo pickups each, making them feel almost token. Otherwise, this level is very very good, and I heavily enjoyed my time with it, and I would recommend it to everyone else as well! Secrets Found: 3, Time taken: 1h 20m" - The Snarky Lesbian (03-Jun-2020)

"Excellent game from start to finish. The feeling of returning to a TR2 is always welcome. The different tasks in the game keep the player busy and wanting for more, the puzzles are well created, action at all times which makes it very entertaining . Thanks Feder for the great adventure !!" - McRaider (03-Jun-2020)
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