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Author(s): BtB 2020
total rating:9.33 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Adrian 10 10 10 9
Allicya 6 9 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 9 10 10
eRIC 9 9 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 8 10 10 10
Jose 4 10 10 10
nad 9 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Topixtor 9 8 8 9
Treeble 10 10 10 10
category averages
(12 reviews)
8.50 9.33 9.75 9.75

Reviewer's comments

"2h55 5/10 secrets found. Long level quite satisfying that we can divide in 3 parts : exploration of a little town and icy caves , a monastery full of traps and some puzzles , then diverse areas with traps again and bigger enemies. The tasks are rather easy generally with a few ones more challenging , but not so hard. A few details did not work so well in the monastery : the fire elemental that keep reappearing (it stopped showing up again after exiting the game and reloading a savegame), Lara could jump through a double doors located in the water without opening it, and the builder has textured with the transparency colour some walls behind objects , so points of light surrounder these objects and that spoils a bit the looks which otherwise are beautiful. Aside from these little details the level is beautifully made with lots of care , surely by one of the most competent builders , with some good ideas in the tasks to be done. Imo, one of the better levels of this BtB edition." - eRIC (08-Jul-2020)

"This was excellent in ways. It was also vast as the entire universe it contains. It starts in a small Tibetan village and to me, along with the mountain sections, that was the best part of the level. I didn't like it so much when all the blades came in kind of suddenly. After that, it was good, quite adventurous but not as annoying as annoying blades can be. Well, not actually annoying as even the final earthquake, one of Tomb Raider's most annoying features, was very brief. To sum it up, Lara has to go into multiple quests before she can get the Seraph back to the villagers as a means of repaying them for saving her life after a plane crash. The settings are generally very good and I can't fault the atmosphere. The timed run in the rolling blades room is near impossible (so much so it easily leads one to believe there's some kind of invisible block where the doors stand) and the fire wraith shortly afterwards takes quite a few tries (four, in my case) to die, which I believe could have been avoided. But the final enemies, main boss included, bring in a thrill, but not a nuisance because they seem to have been carefully planned and Lara has enough guns, ammo and medipacks to defeat one and all. I didn't find all of the secrets, but I think 8 were satisfying for someone like me, not a natural-born secret hunter. So... It could have been better if it had been more relaxed, but I mostly enjoyed it just the same." - Jorge22 (07-Jul-2020)

"Oh, wow. This was truly epic. I loved the level at first sight, with the small but cozy village where you set off after the garuda plaques, and I spent well over an hour just on that quest alone only to be faced with another quest, inside the temple itself, which lead to another, and then another. I think this level pretty much covers everything you can expect out of this year's event, as you have the town, temples, icy mountains and caves, and even underground chambers where the grand finale (which also pits you against two smaller bosses during the main fight) takes place. It's also a gorgeous level from beginning to end; I am positive this will be among the top entries this year. 125 minutes, 6 secrets. 06/20" - Treeble (06-Jul-2020)

"This level is beautiful. Loved the village the monastery and the complexity of the scenery. My favorite part was the way for the dual pistols in the crash site. I didn't like the gameplay when the player has to find multiple plates to open a monastery. Too many plates hidden in multiple different places and the player can easily get lost and stuck until solve this part of the level. Perhaps if the level had less plates hidden or a different gameplay flow this could have been a better experience. After solving this ter gameplay gets ok. Stunning visuals but the gameplay could have been stronger. I recommend the level though,specially because most of the gameplay is good and the visual is stunning." - Allicya (02-Jul-2020)

"What an absolutely exhaustive yet exhilarating level. This is another entry in the competition that exceeds the recommended one hour remit by at least twice as much, but I'm not complaining, quite on the contrary because this is so supremely constructed in every possible manner. The environments, texturing and architecture definitely among the most exquisite I've ever witnessed in a custom level and the gameplay meshes together in a most satisfying way. The exploration of the main village area is initially rather confusing and the backtracking between that area and the crash site did get a bit excessive, but once you start to open up the various temple doors, explore the rooms behind them and obtain the different artifacts, it all works out very nicely and the possibilities for confusion are therefore greatly reduced. Gameplay is nicely pitched at a moderate difficulty level, although one timed run past rolling blades might be a bit too difficult to conquer for some raiders and I had an odd issue with a wraith that kept respawning at various intervals, although it wasn't a major issue. This competition has been a cracker so far, and I'm not even halfway through. Highly recommended." - Ryan (01-Jul-2020)

"Likely to be a top 3 candidate. A long (over 4hrs for me) saunter starting by exploring a beautiful Tibetan village then a dash across the Monastery courtyard avoiding the immortal, yet aggressive monks, to search through the mountains for your plane and the all important pistols. Some good climbing required. Loved the mercenary falling from the bridge to be found on the ground below it. Then back to do the Monastery which had varied game play and onto the underground finale via a teleport of all things! A shame about the seraph door trigger, but I played it both ways - the intended way was much more satisfying. Overall a real pleasure to play." - Adrian (01-Jul-2020)

"I was really impressed by the design, amazing architecture and texturization of this extraordinary level, the bery best environments I saw in all this contest (still 4 levels remaining). I take my hat. There are also variety of tasks, well balanced enemies, great atmosphere... But I can't give a 5 or more in the gameplay section if I'm not be able to finish a level by myself. A pain. The timed run in the room with the three rolling wheels to get one of the books was totally impossible for me; trying it dozens of times with different strategies. Also, the global gameplay was not very friendly for me to like, too much no-lineal, in the first part I was exploring a lot of time the village and the temple area finding often dead ends 'cause I didn't have the pistols; later, I took the long and laborious way to the crash site and get the guns, and came back to the village, but after taking a lot of tasks, I never found the last plaque and I had to take all the long way back to the bridge in the crash site to get it, and again the long way back to the village. From now on, the gameplay in the temples was better, except for the very nasty timed run, so I was forced to download a savegame (thanks G&D) to continue playing and finish the level. Sorry but it was my unpleasant experience playing this adventure." - Jose (01-Jul-2020)

"This is one of the longer entries in the competition and it certainly is action packed. Before Lara can really get stuck into some solid raiding, she has to leave the pretty village to retrieve her equipment from the plane crash site and then the fun really starts. There’s a great deal of exploring to do in the large monastery area and some really enjoyable tasks to achieve. I especially enjoyed the bounce pad room, but all the different areas contained very well devised tasks of varying degrees of difficulty. I should say there’s something for everyone in this level, although it does require a bit of experience. Good boss ending too!" - Jay (28-Jun-2020)

"A very nice level that starts in a Tibetan village. Here Lara has to master some tasks before she can enter the monastery. The outside facilities of the monastery are very spacious and well designed. In general the whole thing is built on a very high level. The tasks in the monastery belong to the more demanding ones and are partly difficult, but they are still well manageable. There is a lot to explore and collect, which is entirely to my taste. I also found the gameplay quite good, since one rarely deviated from the intended course. Even at the crash site you quickly found the right way. The level is one of the longer ones, which didn't bother me much. In the monastery area there is still an underground area. The lighting is right here as well and the textures are very well chosen. A very nicely designed level, which is one of my favourites." - nad (26-Jun-2020)

"This one gave me some mixed feeling, at least at the start, but it kept getting mostly better as the game proceeded. The variety of tasks and settings was great, ranging from TRLegends vibes to classic TR2 monastery and catacombs to a mix of everything. Atmosphere was nicely done almost everywhere, with some exceptions (for example: after you move the big wheel to enter the last section of the game, there is an opening from where light and snow are descedning, but we should be underground in the middle of a mountain...); the starting village was pretty nice but nothing extraordinary, as I said the game starts shining after getting in the big courtyard and even more after entering the monastery and catacombs: I enjoyed the hunt for the ten secrets and the main gameplay makes great uses of bells, jump pads and everything the set can offer, including a couple of nicely executed boss fights (even if the hammergods where completely bugged) and a lot of traps, some of which served more as elements of the scenery than actual threats, giving a sense of "ruined place" wich I personally liked, so not many negative things about it. I never found the shotgun despite finding all secrets, I guess it was near the two mercenaries but oh well, there was LOTS of ammo for all the other weapons anyway considering how enemies were not many until the ending section (so, too many pickups, as always for my taste). Didn't like that the monks wanted to attack Lara and were unkillable but I'm guessing that's a set limitation since they seem based on the undead crusaders from TR4. Lighting was a strong point, and textures were too even if not perfect in my opinion. Reccomended, varied and long enough but leaving you wanting for more!" - Topixtor (20-Jun-2020)

"Very good, long and wonderful level. I really liked gameplay. We need to collect many things in different locations. There was many traps and nice puzzles. The locations was very nicely done. Wonderful athmosphere and environment. My favourite location was village. I really love villages and here it was very beautiful and we have more to do here. Also very liked monastery. All rooms are very nicely textured and lighted. We also had some really cool battle with bosses. I got 7/10 secrets, some of there were easy to find. I completed this adventure in 2 hours and 28 minutes. I definitely reccomend this game. Thanks!" - BlackWolfTR (18-Jun-2020)

"Absolutely splendid from start to finish! I was drawn in from the get-go with the storyline provided in the level info being actually present in the game itself as Lara starts her adventure in the Tibetan village she was rescued, and in return, Lara has to retrieve the Seraph hidden deep beneath the dormant monastery. First things first though - we help Lara get to the plane wreck she survived to retrieve her trusty pistols, and with guns in tow we make our way back to the village where the level begins to open up further. The village itself is fascinating in its quaint design and enclosure, with its houses furnished in a logical manner and varied in construction thanks to the diagonal walls. The monastery courtyard, the caves, and the plane wreck are also impressively built out with scenery and visual effects to bring the most out of those set pieces. The top-notch atmosphere continues inside the monastery, in the catacombs beneath, and in the final showdown room as well, making this adventure a visual marvel. The gameplay holds up very well too - there is mostly a focus on exploration with light puzzle solving. Starting gently with exploring the initial village and ramping up in difficulty as Lara retrieves her guns from the plane wreck before returning to the village and using her weaponry to open new areas. I know most levels are panned for backtracking, however, this backtrack was done well as the journey back with guns adds additional gameplay elements and some satisfaction in mowing down the snow leopards and some mercenaries on the way back. The monastery adds new thrills with traps to overcome and platforming to provide variety, providing the right pacing that leads to a face-off against a bird monster and the eventual showdown with a Tibet-style Seth and his hammer demigod minions. If I had to critique something it would be that the wall buttons were not very obvious and I was stuck trying to get the last Garuda plate for some time until I learned what they look like in this year's Back to Basics edition through pushing action on everything. The jump switches in the monastery tended to blend a little too well with the texturing too. Very minor nitpicks though overall. From start to finish this was a great adventure - I spent nearly 3 hours in-game time and found 9 of the 10 secrets. Highly recommended, and a for-sure top 3 contender this year. Major kudos to the author!" - Relic Hunter (17-Jun-2020)
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