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Temple of Bastet by Colin Benson
eRIC 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 5 8 7 7
Ryan 8 8 8 8
SophieAyase 7 7 7 8
release date: 30-Jun-2020
# of downloads: 560

average rating: 7.60
review count: 5
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file size: 41.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Reviewer's comments
"This two part level does tend to throw a lot of enemies your way, and initially Lara’s backpack is woefully low on supplies. If you find sufficient blue gems however, you can access rooms lavishly provided with goodies. I feel this would have benefited from being a bit shorter and ‘crisper’ as some of the tasks did feel repetitive after a while, but overall I found it enjoyable and the challenge aspect was just right for me. Those always lovely Cleopal settings have been put to effective use too, so the exploration was pleasant. Definitely worth playing." - Jay (17-Aug-2020)
"Maybe my own expectations are to blame for me not enjoying this as much as I'd hoped. Bastet is my favorite Egyptian goddess (what, doesn't everyone have one?), so I was super eager to play this. I'd figured it would have a strong Bastet/cat theme, like the Egypt levels of Unfinished Business, but it really doesn't, aside from a few cat statues. It essentially looks, and plays, like a combination of the Egypt levels of TR1 and TLR. The idea of exchanging secrets for weapons and ammo (seemingly inspired by similar mechanics in Rise and Shadow) is BRILLIANT, the sort of idea that at once is novel and makes you wonder why it's not the standard. I never saw much point in collecting the secrets in TR1-4 since I always played with the all-weapons cheats, so it was fun to have a reason to do it. It's obvious that these levels had an enormous amount of effort and love put into them, so I feel bad for feeling kind of ambivalent... I guess it just wasn't for me. (Side note, the first time I played, the rubies in level 2 glitched: though I'd pressed all of them, the door didn't open, so I had to start all over. That was a bummer.)" - SophieAyase (04-Aug-2020)
"Two levels that have the player search for many gold coins, alongside a number of other artifacts needed to progress. Besides combat against skeletons and other creatures, the gameplay is a scavenger hunt, with few traps and puzzles to speak of. The levels, especially the first one, have an overly complicated layout not intuitive from an architectural standpoint, making it hard to start playing again after a break. A very large amount of time is spent backtracking, especially if the player missed any important items. The second level has 12 ruby switches to use, but instead of being objects, they are pixelated red squares embedded in the textures, making them difficult to spot. I was also not a fan of the crawlspace maze or the sand room with invisible ledges, which only seems to be solvable with trial and error. The texturing is good in some areas, but wallpapered in others. Similarly, the lighting is good in some areas, but flat in others. The use of decorative objects is the strongest aspect of this level. In the end it is not a level I would easily recommend, but those who are a fan of scavenger hunts in large environments may wish to give this a go. 3 hours 11 minutes." - JesseG (26-Jul-2020)
"Despite only being a two-parter, there's enough gameplay crammed into this game to occupy you for well over three hours. If you've experienced any of this builder's previous works, you'll recognise many of his familiar trademarks: the secret system that allows you to exchange Sapphires for essential supplies, a strict thematic environment (in this case Cleopatra's Palaces) and gameplay that tends to place more of a focus on exploration rather than frenetic trap avoidance. There's also some neat puzzles, jumping sequences and timed runs mixed in for good measure (the timed sequence in the side room off the dark cave and the impressive platforming area filled with crystal ledges that required you to think laterally and scope out a reliable route beforehand being among the highlights). The enemies are also generally well placed, and it was a neat touch having one particular giant scorpion casually scuttling about as part of the environment rather than being target practice (assuming that was intentional). It's all very well constructed and extremely involving, but the dark labyrinth sections did tend to overstretch themselves a bit and if it hadn't been for the excellent walkthrough, I would have spent far longer in there than I would have cared for. Nonetheless, if you can overlook the occasional longeur, there's undoubtedly some fun to be had here." - Ryan (16-Jul-2020)
"4h20 net gaming time - 64 (35/40 + 29/30) coins and only 6 out of 12 secret gems found but that was sufficient to get enough weaponry to deal with the sometimes numerous enemies : harpies , big beetles , big scorpions , skeletons , dogs and demidogs and a few others. That was a long game where we can recognize the builders's multiple signatures, not only with the secrets system where you can choose which weapon/ammos you want when a blue gem is found, also with the gameplay based mostly on thorough non linear exploration of the maps. Not a lot of traps , a couple of torches puzzles , a couple of timed doors (i largely prefered the one in the first level) , a few puzzles with levers, and some good jumps especially in the last area where you jump with the torch on floating blue crystals. Some good ideas but also time consuming tasks for little reward (a rope swing to get uzi clips or flares). Some rooms are very beautiful. To the classic Cleopatra palace textures and objects the author has added some other stuff, like beautiful plants. The texturing is made with a lot of care and lighting is pleasant. The atmosphere is correct although more could have been done with music and there is a few missing sounds for objects and for the footsteps we only have the stone sfx. A good level for players who like to explore and are challenged to find everything." - eRIC (05-Jul-2020)