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Author(s): Pedros
total rating:4.82 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 3 5 4 4
Dimpfelmoser 3 4 8 7
eRIC 3 5 7 4
Gerty 1 4 5 5
Jose 3 3 2 5
Kristina 2 4 7 7
MichaelP 4 4 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 5 7 7
RaiderGirl 3 4 7 7
Ryan 3 5 6 5
Sash 1 4 5 5
Sinica 2 6 7 8
Torry 2 4 7 7
Treeble 1 3 4 4
Yoav 7 6 7 7
category averages
(15 reviews)
2.93 4.40 6.00 5.93

Reviewer's comments

"Extraordinary the great advance in architecture and texturization from this builder (even with some missing small textures here and there). The caves are really impressive, and the level is based about pure exploration and shoot enemies once in a while, with few switches or items to find. A very bad feature for me was to not dispose of enough flares to better explore the numerous dark areas. The worst: the absence of cameras when you trigger something and the settings I had to use (low resolution, no sounds...) to finally reach the final pillar with the Hand avoiding crashes. Anyway, a real inflection point for this builder, seeing the previous levels he released." - Jose (06-Jan-2018)

"Well, the game crashed at the same point as it did for other reviewers: after acquiring the Uzis and before reaching the location that the walkthrough calls "the snow cave". Shame really, as aside from the darkness and illegal slopes, it looked quite good and managed to be convincing within its TR1 atmosphere. Also a pity that a bug free version hasn't been provided as I would like to completely finish it. Hmm..." - Ryan (05-Apr-2017)

"This is one of those levels where I should have taken a look at the other reviews before attempting to play it. As others experienced, the game about crashed halfway through (according to the walkthrough) and no matter what setting I tried; I had the same problem every time. Other than this untimely end I noticed lots of illegal slopes and lots of dark corners. I encountered several ahmets, dogs and some scorpions big and small. The texturing was very TR1 like and the layout looked pretty nice but unfortunately there were quite a few spots where textures were missing. All in all this was not worth the download for me, but you might have better luck and be able to finish it." - Blue43 (29-Jun-2011)

"Somewhere along the line I must have entered a strange parallel universe without my knowing,because I thought that this level was actually really rather good.In fact,if it weren't for a typical 'Pedros Gameplay bug' (fixable with the aid of the Walkthrough)which made the game crash at a certain point,I might have been tempted to describe it as one of the more enjoyable 'exploration' levels out there.Assuming you follow the technical recommendation and change the screen resolution to the required setting (admittedly unsatisfying,as the texturing becomes rather pixellated as a consequence)you will be presented with a rather well designed,and somewhat spooky,40 minute subterrainean adventure.What really made it work for me was the ingenious route that needed to be sought out;seemingly haphazard,but actually well thought-through and effectively presented.As in a real cave system there are many different passageways to take,several of which terminate in dead ends;but,if you explore thoroughly,you'll frequently find yourself re-emerging on ledges high above places you've already visited;take a plunge down a vertical water-chute;get surprised by ahmets,dogs and bats racing toward you out of the dark tunnels;all the while gradually working your way deeper and deeper into this huge cave system.Darkness is another major hazard,and flares must be used sparingly (why was the builder so stingy with these and yet positively affluent with the less important pick-ups?)Usually I would be the first to complain about the all-prevailing gloom,but within a 'caving scenario' such as this it seemed entirely pertinent to the creation of the atmosphere. I won't go so far as to state that I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay experience,but it was certainly far better than I was expecting and (provided the appropriate precautions are heeded) the adventure is completely playable all the way to the Finish trigger. If you can take the darkness and the sometimes oppresive cave ambience,I would recommend playing this level.It's highly under-rated,far better than all the TR1 'cave-remakes' out there,and probably one of Pedros' best." - Orbit Dream (06-Apr-2008)

"I've read the other reviews and checked the walkthrough. Apparently playing TRLE with a worse setup of the original TR1 (if you try it yourself you'll see what I mean) fixes some of the crashes. God forbid this to be the only way to play Piotr's buggy levels! I stumbled across the big ice crystal, dropped into a hole and found a Hand of Sirius on a pedestal, along with a crash which is presumed to be the end. I seriously would like to know just why all levels of Piotr suffer some kind of problem, and even wonder if the author himself played his levels before releasing them? +-10 minutes. 08/07" - Treeble (31-Aug-2007)

"The level begins by bad surprises: a deadly trap you can't see right at the start, illegal slopes and stretched textures and ends also by bad surprises: missing textures and a game crash after finding the Uzis and meeting the 3rd ahmet. In between it was rather enjoyable, the Peruvian texturing is always welcome. No puzzles except for pushing some buttons, killing some wild life and exploring in atmospheric caves. At some point you see some temples, but because of the crash, I never could reach them." - eRIC (14-Jun-2005)

"First there's no script or english.dat, the gameplay is not hard; most of the time you are in some caves and ice, lot of scorpions to kill, part of the Textures from TR2 and good puzzles." - Yoav (11-Dec-2003)

"I had the same luck as the others. The level crashed on me too after five minutes and all I had time to do was push a button kill mutants dogs and bats. The gate opened and the level crashed soon after Lara passed it therefore I can't give more points for game play. I saw a receptacle for a vraeus so I am guessing the level is buggy and that wasn't the end." - Kristina (17-Aug-2003)

"Either Piotr hadn't read the reviews about illegal slopes and bugs in his games or he just didn't care but this was no exception. Like all the other before me the game crashed after a while. It started out looking nice and I was getting a tiny spark of hope that the author finally made a decent level. No such a thing. 20-01-2003" - Gerty (22-Jan-2003)

"This level started out so promising with a wonderful panorama of the glory days of Tomb Raider 1 but unfortunately 12 minutes into the level after executing the third ahmet the level crashed and threw me back to the desktop. What a pity as it really looked great. I hope the author reads this and decides to fix it because the level is good enough to salvage." - Torry (02-Sep-2002)

"I thought this looks really good and I found the icy caverns quite spooky especially as they seem to teem with nasty wild life. I wondered why this has such a low rating. And then I noticed a few missing textures then some more and finally the game crashed to the desktop. Not only had I to reload but the main program had gone on strike so it took me 4 minutes to reboot the computer. I tried only once more but after it crashed again I gave up. I was really cross because the opening minutes were so great. Why are only remakes made with this kind of atmosphere? Can't someone put together a decent full length level set in the snowy mountains." - Dimpfelmoser (24-Aug-2002)

"Like Sinica this level also crashed for me 12 minutes in after meeting and killing the third ahmet so unfortunately my rating can only be given for the time spent and not for how good or bad the level is in its fullness. Only having the short time to play there wasn't much to do but slide down a couple of deadly slopes at the start push one button next to the giant ice crystal and shoot an array of animal enemies bats dogs large and small scorpions and ahmets. Having a brainwave though I thought I could flycheat to an earlier inaccessible place hoping to bypass the crashing area but I could only play another 7 minutes (collecting some pick ups climbing a pyramid like structure and pulling a wall lever) until I came across another 2 areas that would crash the game and no alternative route to try so unless this bug is ever fixed I wouldn't waste your time downloading it." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"You are thrown into a TR1 like cave world and after only a couple of slopes you slide down a button a few levers a few dogs and scorpions and ahmets killed I dropped into a water hole and swam to reach a hand which apparently ended the level before Lara could even pick it up. 15 minutes of TR atmosphere - but not much more." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"I didn't have any more luck playing this than the other reviewers but the part I was able to play did have a few good points and I would like to see the author put a little more work into this. The caves are well done but there are too many illegal slopes and the floor is too uneven and hard to walk across. It's hard to pay attention to your surroundings when you have to watch the floor all the time. Also much of the level was very dark which made it even harder. I loved the atmosphere of the level which reminded me of the Peru levels from TR I and the temple areas are done just beautifully. There seems to be plenty of ammo around for the assortment of enemies offered - scorpions dogs bats and ahmets - and one long fall into some water was very well done and quite exciting. I think this could be a great level with a little work - it would be great to see bears instead of ahmets though." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"Very beautiful and detailed cave construction with an atmosphere similar to TR1. However there are numerous 'illegal slopes' forcing you to reload a savegame and also a few non-textured places. This is all I can say about this level because after 15 minutes of gaming it kept crashing and I was unable to continue. What a pity because visually I did enjoy it." - Sinica (21-Jun-2002)
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