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Author(s): Jedi Master
total rating:7.48 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Akcy 6 6 5 6
Cuqui 8 7 8 7
Dimpfelmoser 8 7 8 8
dya1403 7 7 8 8
eRIC 9 8 8 9
Freeman Porter 8 7 7 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
gfd 7 7 6 7
Jason 8 7 8 9
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jorge22 9 8 9 10
Jose 5 6 6 8
JRaider66 7 8 7 7
Kristina 6 7 8 8
manarch2 5 6 7 6
MichaelP 7 8 7 7
Momster 7 7 8 8
Obig 8 7 8 7
Phil 9 8 8 7
QRS 9 8 9 9
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 9
Ryan 6 7 7 8
Samu 6 8 7 5
Sash 8 9 8 9
Tombraidergirl 8 8 9 8
Treeble 6 6 8 8
Xxenofex 8 7 6 7
category averages
(27 reviews)
7.33 7.30 7.56 7.74

Reviewer's comments

"This beginning to an older series that I can't remember trying left me with mixed feelings in all honesty. The textures and lighting are actually well handled for a level of this age (the brightness was quite cheerful in a way), but the majority of the rooms are too large for the amount of gameplay that they actually contain and I had a distinct feeling of running around and not accomplishing a whole lot. It's also a bit too dark inside some of the corridors for my taste. Gameplay-wise, it isn't as entertaining as this builder's other packs, as there are no real puzzles or anything to tax the mind. Nevertheless, I shall advance and see how level 2 fares..." - Ryan (01-Mar-2018)

"Part one of a series that I can't remember having played before turns out to be somewhat of a mixed experience. Don't get me wrong - it's an enjoyable raid for the most part, but somewhat confusing in that some doors are opened by finding pickups, which is a rather dicey way of doing things. Exploration is the main theme here in a search for gems through rather large but not unattractive rooms. It held my interest well enough to warrant trying the next part of the series." - Jay (13-Apr-2017)

"I'm on two minds about this level. For the most part, it's obvious the care that went into crafting and texturing the usually huge areas you run through, but on the other hand, they're mostly empty, yet you have to run checking every inch of the area because, for some reason, a number of doors rely on pickups. I was never sure which pickup triggered what to happen as there was a distinct lack of camera hints as well - there were some, but nowhere near enough. As a result, you spend an awful lot of time dashing back and forth trying to figure out your next move. There were also very lenghty swimming sections devoid of air pockets, so I found myself drowning often when entering unknown underwater sections. I know it's a general consensus that longer usually means better, but I felt this level dragged on for too long, and the fact I was always looking for Horseman's Gems didn't really help to shake that feeling. 90 minutes, 6 secrets. 03/17" - Treeble (30-Mar-2017)

"Even when this author is one of my favourite builders, and this is a good debut, the level itself was tedious and boring for me. No puzzles to solve, and I was all the time running from place to place looking for levers to open doors, lighting flares to discover disguished moveable blocks and looking for more levers to open more doors. Not varied tasks, sometimes when pulling a level there's not a camera to show the very very far doors you're triggering. The rooms are too huge with no sense 'cause usually there is only a single task to do in a big area. The secrets are not hard to find and the enemies are well balanced; also the lights are well worked, and the texturization is good, but often monotonous 'cause the big surfaces. Not a bad level but I didn't enjoy it." - Jose (16-May-2016)

"First of all, this is a pretty decent game for the time it was released, but I found it to be somewhat overwhealming and way too long for its own good, but this is a problem most levels of this series suffer from. One main problem is that the rooms are way too large for their own good, resulting in a pretty oversized and boxy architecture. The texturing is acceptable most of the time, placed without many obvious flwas (though sometimes there are some wallpaper effects), but the lighting is eye-hurtingly flat in most of the rooms which kind of kills the atmosphere, and Lara and the objects look badly 2D as a result. The gameplay is also rather problematic. I found large parts of this game to be fairly entertaining and even could get used to the fairly well hidden pushblocks (which are nicely set into scene in some of the puzzles), but the further you get into the game, the more you get a fairly repetitive feeling about it, because everything is pretty much the same, there are too many levers to find in here and there's not enough variety in the tasks. This game can also get fairly confusing mainly because of its sheer size and also several missing cameras. The six secrets were rather nicely hidden and some enemy placements were fairly effective but the choice of them is a bit repetitive, I thought there were way too many ninjas to fight. (1:10 hours)" - manarch2 (21-Mar-2014)

"I think that this level is pretty okay but it contains some things which could have been done much better. The worst thing is that rooms are very light and uncomplicated so this level doesn't appeal to player visually. Only few more light effects in most of the rooms would have made the environment much more satisfying. Technically this level is slightly better than it is visually and this level has some pretty well planned tasks to clear. I liked especially few pushable block puzzles about in middle of the game. My opinion is that this level is neither especiall nor bad. Jedi Master has managed to avoid all the beginner mistakes you can often find in first levels of the authors but this level still doesn't offer anything unforgettable for players. However, this is pretty nice work if considering this is author's first level." - Samu (03-Feb-2007)

"After Legacy of the Gods, I decided I have to play every level made by this guy. Even in this first one, he was already a fond of huge places, but he didn't know yet how to put life into them. Lot of big empty rooms, where just one pickup or one switching to do, nothing to make Lara stay awhile. The textures are somewhat boring. There were no clues which are the pushable blocks. Found 6 secrets." - Akcy (11-Nov-2006)

"The main idea of this game is that you have to collect many gems in order to advance. You will need eather a pair or just one to open vey large and simetrical rooms. Very hard to find pushables wich provide acess to yet anoter rooms to explore. But considering this is the first level of the author who also created the level LEGACY OF GODS(excellent adventure!!!!!! ) we must bare with's nothing but a classical Egyptian level, but an enjoyable one." - dya1403 (02-Apr-2006)

"Wow! For being Luis Martins first level this is great! Even if this one is quite easy (although a huge level) you can see it is built by Luis. Huge areas with a lot of things to collect and tons of rooms connected. It feels quite nice to play an easy level by this author.. once in a while :) 2005-05-08" - QRS (09-May-2005)

"Great level which I thoroughly enjoyed in spite of the Egyptian settings. These were truly nice and solid especially when you think it's an oldish level and the first (known) level by Luís Martins. A lot of levers and pushable blocks but you couldn't expect that much innovation back in 2001 - oh that was ages ago right? This level is far more straightforward than any of the South America levels you have to move back and fro a little but nothing that could be considered too mind boggling... Now that I come to mention it I was a little puzzled in terms of traps. Having played South America first a while ago I remember it as being completely populated by terrible traps of all kinds and there were even some levels (or at least a level) that immediately started out with traps without any sort of pre-warning. I was expecting the same here but no... Nothing very hard to deal with in that department and the only possible problem might be a certain cheap skatism in terms of the medipack distribution. This is a much more puzzle and exploration oriented game. My only complaint is that some places are absolutely dark. Apart from that and despite a certain simplicity when you compare it to several more recent games I felt reconciled with Egyptian levels and will follow on to the second level now. Good work. (Nov-7 2003)." - Jorge22 (08-Nov-2003)

"Hello there fellow raiders! This is the first level I've ever played and is also (quite obviously!) the first I've ever rated. So this together with the fact that I've only ever played TR 1 and 2 and you'll just going to have to forgive my newbieness. I liked this level quite a bit mainly because it wasn't too difficult (although I admit I had to look at a walkthrough twice) yet was still fun. I felt its main failing was the distinct lack of cameras which had you scratching your head to try and discover just what a switch or a button actually did. Also I felt that at least one of the triggers was rather unfair in that it required you to do something you'd never really think of doing (the pushable block anyone?). Whilst I'm whining I may as well add that I found an awful lot of ammo - but no extra guns to put it in! However these rather small faults were more than bearable when you compare them to the fun and excitement this level will bring you! Nice work Jedi Master now I'm off to try the sequel :o) oh by the way the level took my almost three hours but I managed to find 5 of the 6 secrets!" - gfd (07-Jul-2003)

"Now that excellent walkthroughs are available for this and the South America series I plan to glut on JediMaster for the next couple of weeks. One can't help but note in the index that this author's ratings have consistently increased since this first offering. Not the same perhaps as the full-blown genius demonstrated by Piega from his beginnings much like Aphrodite making her debut as a mature beauty emerging from the sea foam but still a trend to be envied by any level builder. This one gets us off to a good start with a wide variety of puzzles runs swims and tricky jumps. However about halfway through I was reminded of a comment Austrian patron Emperor Joseph II reputedly made to Mozart in critiquing one of his operas: 'Too many notes.' Similarly I got the distinct feeling of 'too many rooms'. But this is only a minor complaint because playing the level was a fun experience and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series." - Phil (08-May-2003)

"This level has an atmosphere like the Cleopatra's Palace's. You have to collect Horseman's Gems and the Guardian Key. It's interesting that in several places the grates are opened by collecting the ammo. There must be a weight switch on them. It's important to always find the moveable blocks but lighting a flare or looking around with the binoculars it's easy to discover them. The enemies are not particularly dangerous: ninjas crocs bats and dogs but it doesn't need more of them. Still I enjoyed this huge size level. The textures are great but there are no added sounds." - Obig (22-Apr-2003)

"First of all I enjoyed the level. It had a good flow to the gameplay and even though it took some time to complete and even stumped me a couple times. The biggest thing I think could make the level better is more camera placement when you throw a switch or trigger a door with a pickup. The one flyby camera was good and it would have been nice to see a couple more to add atmosphere or direction. I also think that the lighting could have been a little more realistic. It seemed pretty bright and even a little shading around corners or behind blocks could have added to the level. Even with these things I thoroughly enjoyed it and wonder what the next levels will improve on." - JRaider66 (31-Jan-2003)

"A very big level with nice textures and great atmosphere. Gameplay fun and not too hard. You must find 6 gems. Secrets are very well hidden. There are movable blocks and jumps switches sometimes difficult to find. It's an interesting level." - Cuqui (03-Dec-2002)

"What a huge level this one kept me busy for quite a while. Apart from some very dark small areas it was brightly lit. Finding levers and blocks to push or even picking up a goody opens up doors. It had me running back and forward quite a bit. This level could use a bit of camera hints. Nice textures are used and meeting the enemies was no problem. There aren't that many. Main goal is getting blue gems and guardian keys. Secrets were nicely hidden I found 5 of them. The swimming part had me reloading a few times as the areas underwater are also huge. Up to the next one. 11-10-2002" - Gerty (13-Oct-2002)

"What a enjoyable raiding is this first level of the Egyptian mythology series! I like so much the setting and what a great pleasure and surprise to discover again another marvelous room after moving a block! For my taste the author has made an artistic work in the choice of textures the underwater statues of cats are a nice touch and the setting is really great. The puzzles and exploration in those rooms with great architecture are really enjoyable. 2 hours 30 were necessary for me to find the blue gems necessary for progression and 5/6 secrets. A really good moment! I know I will play again this level some day!" - eRIC (01-Sep-2002)

"I have no clue as to why I've not played this series before but I'm sure glad I started it. This is raiding at its best. I've played better and have played worse but I must say this 1st installment of Egyptian Mythology held my interest for the 2 and ˝ hours I spent playing it. Enemies are armed ninjas dogs some bats and a few crocodiles and are never overwhelming and placed just right. You must locate and use 6 gems needed to exit to the outside and continue to the next adventure and finding them is great fun. There are just a few traps set for Lara gameplay is mainly making your way through the colorful and lovely architecture finding switches and pushable blocks to advance your route. There is a fair amount of swimming in the level and very little backtracking and although I must confess to being stuck once or twice you will soon find your way again." - Momster (01-Sep-2002)

"Texturing is quite alright no deformation. Sound was used well especially the texture sound. You'll also get music warning you of danger. You have to keep up with blue baddies dogs crocodiles and bats. The most difficult part is to find all the triggers for the doors and then the corresponding door. There were two places where I got stuck both of them had to do with movable blocks which are difficult to find or it's not obvious how to use them. I have found 5 Secrets but no other weapons while I found a lot of ammo for some. There are a lot of pools and underwater-passages but there are also a lot of airholes." - Tombraidergirl (23-Aug-2002)

"This is a huge level and a long journey to accomplish (about 2 hours of net gaming for me). Initially very bright there are later a few dark corners added and somehow despite the really oversized rooms the setting works quite well and creates an interesting atmosphere. I did find it a little tedious though to keep exploring room after huge room to then only find a small pickup or lever somewhere. Also the logic of doors opening elsewhere when you pick up some Uzi ammo does not quite click with me. Enemies along the way are a dozen white ninjas and some dogs and bats and crocodiles. If you think you are stuck go search for a movable block - some of them are nicely hidden. A few more camera hints would have been nice to be able to quicker find your next step in the quest for the total of six gems and two guardian keys (the first gem is very smartly hidden under water). Also a few unmarked climbs and spikes which were annoying but I thought the secrets (found 5 out of 6) were extremely well done often with their own rooms. Let's see what's next - onwards to Level 2 of the series." - Michael (13-Jul-2002)

"The nearly 2 hours it took to play this level for me was just plain fun. There are stunning large rooms to play in, 6 secrets to find with each being placed in a lovely room of its own, lots of movable blocks that blend seamlessly, and just a great progression through the huge environment. What you need to do is locate 6 gems, the last 2 taking you on what seems like an endless journey, to make it outside where you will then start the next adventure, so keep a savegame. Enemies, dogs, ninjas, and crocs, aren't placed in abundance so you won't always need the pistols handy, but instead maybe a snorkel may be more appropriate as almost every room has a pool and you will be doing quite a bit of swimming." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"This level is not only HUGE! It is clever very creative and quite attractive. With just a few well-placed enemies this is more a level of exploration as you search for many gems and open quite a few doors. Sometimes the path ahead is very obvious but other times it requires some searching due to well-disguised pushable blocks and hidden jump switches. Some events are even triggered by picking up an object - picking up some ammo might just open that door you've been looking at for the last half hour. My total game time was two and a half hours and some tricky jumps and long twisty underwater tunnels had me reloading more than a few times. Very clever and always interesting I highly recommend this to everyone." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"The first part of this series from Jedimaster is a typical Egyptian game. There are a lot of huge rooms to explore sometimes I lost my orientation because many rooms look very similar. Anyway I liked the gameplay not too hard for my taste the rooms were too empty. Some disliked the brightness of this level for me it was ok I hate dark levels also the textures were standard but nice. A good Egyptian level for beginners" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)

"There are some clever ways of hiding horseman's gems in this level. All the rooms are quite well lit so you shouldn't need to play this level with the lights out. The flyby camera work was good though minimal but wasn't really required as the puzzles were not very difficult. There are some well-hidden push/pull blocks that will need to be found so look everywhere, some obvious some not so obvious. Textures were good but the game was made a bit easier by having most of the level so bright." - Jason (21-Jun-2002)

"Basically this level's structure is enclosed to the search of gems that the player has to find after a long request sometimes in order to gain access to other rooms. All the areas are very large except of the narrow underwater tunnels and most of them hidden behind movable blocks and that's tiring when you reach a certain point. A common scenario. The textures are very well put and the lighting is also carefully placed. Not much variety of enemies mostly appearing while entering a room or inside a pool. A good underwater firetrap. Try this level just for the fun of it." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)

"The rooms were real from enormous sizes happily very brightly held. In the other sections one could recognize nevertheless very well that JediMaster can already handle with light. The textures were just processed for my taste a little bit in different colours but awkwardly. JediMaster has well hidden the switches and levers the single deficiency were for me the badly recognizable moveable blocks. Also there was at least one place with which was not recognizable that one had there a block to move. Nevertheless I had enjoyment with the game and will begin immediately with the 2nd part of the series." - Xxenofex (21-Jun-2002)

"Are the love handles growing around your waist? Are you in need of some physical exercise? Feel like going for a little swim and do some serious jogging in between. Then this is just what you need. Not too many baddies to hinder your progress and not too tricky puzzles to make you stop and think for long periods of time. Although I'm fed up with Egyptian levels I enjoyed this one. The only problem here; it's too long and too big. Halfway through the journey rooms start to look the same and nothing new happens. Thankfully all levers are hard to miss otherwise this could take weeks. Well speaking of levers in the first half there aren't that many as the doors open by other means. I liked that a lot. There are some good twists in here but sadly enough they're far in between. I could have done with a little more variety and less running " - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
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