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Author(s): Sheevah
total rating:7.82 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bex 6 8 7 8
Dimpfelmoser 7 8 8 7
eRIC 7 8 8 8
eTux 7 8 7 7
G.Croft 6 7 8 8
Gerty 9 8 9 8
Jose 5 7 6 8
Josi 7 7 7 7
Kristina 7 8 8 7
MichaelP 9 8 8 8
Miguel 8 9 9 9
Momster 7 7 8 8
Navi 8 8 10 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
RaiderGirl 8 8 9 8
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Sash 8 8 9 9
category averages
(17 reviews)
7.35 7.88 8.12 7.94

Reviewer's comments

"I pretty much find myself in total agreement with what Michael said in his review. This is an enjoyable enough level in its own right, but it doesn't match up to the first Aftermath levels which I remember being near the top in Sheevah's repertoire. The gameplay is for the most part adequately enjoyable, but there are a few too many irritations for me to personally rate it any higher, including a bit too much backtracking, the trapped stairway near the end (a nice idea in itself but having to go through it over again was too tedious for my liking), the darkness in the inner areas which was a bit too much (although it contrasts nicely with the bright outdoor areas) and the unnecessary mazes, although these weren't too annoying or numerous. It has its fun moments, but it wasn't really for my taste." - Ryan (07-Mar-2018)

"Not easy to play this long level, full of tasks where many times you need to repeat and backtrack. When I started and discovered the concealed crawlspace I knew it was not going to be easy. Not good that players can reach the end of the world at the top of the hedges. Where are the flares? Not a single pack until you reach the very last part of the level. I didn't like the forced backtracking to the UW maze to get the star or to the top of the stairs with all that teeth doors in between. What triggered the small grate leading to the maze with moveable stones where I got the crowbar? (I got totally stucked without a camera in that case). Even when you only need three stars to finish the level, it's not good that the author lets you abandone an area without an important item, like in the room with sloped pillars and falling balls. The secret revolver at the very end: what's the use for it? On the other hand, I liked the musics, the enemies and the texturization, but the tasks in the underground with all those smashing pillars were very tedious. Worth to play but could be better with few modifications." - Jose (11-Aug-2016)

"Without a doubt a good level that is recommended , despite lots of backtracking. You spend most of your time in several beautiful gardens delimited by hedges with pools of water or of lava , with also a creepy temple where you don't spend a lot of time and 2 little mazes (one of them underwater) which were small and not bad at all. All that to search for several stars and a crowbar before going underground where many traps and challenges await Lara without being too difficult. The outside areas with all the gardens is very atmospheric , except if you look at the thin wall of one hedge separating the garden from the black horizon. The big spiders were harmless, there was also little spiders, all kinds of wraiths, bats , and some gunmen at the end. I had a glitch in the room with the slopes and boulders as the door never opened , I had to redo this section , doing exactly the same thing and this time it worked ! I am not so sure I loved the booby unmarked spike trap in the UW maze. That aside and the backtracking , a level that is good looking, and entertaining." - eRIC (09-Aug-2009)

"I have a dim memory of having started this level back in my early raiding days, but I abandoned it when I was unable to complete the tasks necessary to get the key to open the temple doors. This time I was able to get all the way through, and even though I have the two Tibet levels and the Snowy Trial revision yet to play, I had more fun here than in any of Sheevah's other levels thus far. The gameplay is challenging but fair to the player, and you can expect to spend more than an hour making your way to the exit slope. I particularly enjoyed navigating that squishy block room while having to carry a torch (both unlit and lit). A nice touch was coming across three (of five) golden stars before acquiring the crowbar, necessitating a trip back to each of those areas to pry them loose. There's also a maze near the end that's filled with water as you begin, but needs to be drained so you can complete your tasks and then refill it so you can get back out. It's a little too dark for my taste, but that's a minor sin that can be forgiven in light of the engrossing gameplay. Highly recommended." - Phil (17-Oct-2007)

"I am a little shocked at a little more than half of the other reviews for this level in part I think they are just totally unfair. Having played Aftermath 1 and 2 a long time ago I have no recollections as of the time I played this so am not coming to this one with a comparison in my head as many others did and rate this one on its merits alone. Also playing this level in the day with lights on I had no problem finding any ladders on the hedge in the first areas and even if they are hard to find which they aren't isn't this a good thing rather than something just staring you in the face making the game too easy or not textured at all. And to all the other gripes the timed swim to a secret how is that a bad thing on the contrary it is a great thing as secrets are much more fun if you have to work for them and what a lot of phooey using the excuse 'I thought it was necessary to make that timed swim for the game' look if you can't make that not too difficult timed swim you would have found out it was not necessary later and if it was necessary you could have gone back to that area and tried again the wraith that wouldn't die well mine all died without a hiccup and in any case is that the author's fault or something to do with the Editor 'I hate mazes' the mazes here were so simple they could barely be called mazes the initial area is definitely not a maze just hedged areas the watery underground section is so small that if you got lost in that you should be calling your optometrist and the actual maze in the game the enclosed multi tiered hedge was so straightforward with only really one way to go was brilliant as it added other elements such as movable rocks loads of small spiders as well as their mama and an easy back track if you didn't move a block to start with. By the way if you think I have played some revised version I can tell you definitively that I haven't. Now for me the game was pure fun you get timed moves deadly pools to be made safe brilliant uses of traps especially the squishing block area nice enemies and the settings were interesting with kudos to the lovely looking temple atop a mountain with what seemed like Grecian pools leading up to it at the beginning. The hour you should spend playing this will be filled with things to do difficulty factor escalating as you go along just make sure you find 5 stars as you get to the end there is a floor texture that tells you how many you should have at certain points so that you can collect the fourth secret although the readme says there are only three and also finish." - Sash (19-Jul-2003)

"After playing 'Looking Forward' I noticed that I hadn't played this level. So going to the site of Sheevah I noticed that she had a 'special edition for special people'. So I started that. Being stuck and no way to go I could persuade a TR friend of mine in Canada to play this level as well. Needles to say she got stuck too so I mailed Michael. He could tell me that it was the same as Aftermath 3 only this one seems a bit easier. That it was to a certain point though and I had great fun following the red arrows and reading the instructions. What a grand idea Sheevah. Couldn't finish it as there was a door that wouldn't open. So I started on the real McCoy (had to do that dreaded underwater timed swim and those chopping doors all over again and let's not forget the pillar jumping with the boulders) but that door was open now. So I could properly finish Aftermath. So for those who still have to play this level play the special first it is so much fun and then Aftermath as the music that is added gives it more depth. You'll see what I mean. 21-05-2003" - Gerty (26-May-2003)

"One of Sheevah's cookies (sometimes a little toxical ;-)) A wonderful outworld with green parts and some pools (lava/water) and a Temple - and good enemies! I was more than half an hour in that green part inside and pulled and pushed blocks... Later I found that pushing and pulling was not what could helped me out or better let's say up. Sound and Cameras are well selected and textures fine - a real ambience is what you will get. But what began so nice became more and more difficult but you don't want to give up. Jump sequence squishing blocks challenge with the torch time doors..... what a work is waiting upon you. I liked that one crawlspace with the lever upside and the lever near a falling block. Nice Jeans-Outfit. Personally I liked Aftermath 1 and 2 a bit more - the atmosphere there was even more realistic - but that is what I think." - Miguel (10-Feb-2003)

"This level like the others in the series is simple in concept yet with the beautiful scenery well hidden switches fun enemies (the spiders especially) good jumps traps and sliding blocks it doesn't seem so simple when you're playing it. There's a lot of exploring to do for the five stars and the crowbar lava to change into water and a small explosion that will give you access to the second half of the level. I was stuck near the end with the sliding blocks because if I stood too close to them they stopped moving and one covered up the doorway to the golden key blocking access to it. Locating all five golden stars gives you access to the revolver but with three you can finish the level. The custom music really adds to the level for me especially the music played at the very end - a classic!" - RaiderGirl (02-Jan-2003)

"This one is harder to do then the previous levels a bit more tricky. Especially the moving blocks (or pillars) were pretty hard to pass by. You have to find five stars but to finish you only need three the other two are for a secret. Not that many enemies there are some trigger-happy men again spiders (eek!) and a few spirits. One didn't want to explode at the statue but since it didn't follow me anymore I just went on with my business. Timed runs and swims are included and also tricky jumps. Although this level is harder to do it's not more difficult then the previous levels (I even found the torch this time) and I needed no help with this one." - Josi (10-Dec-2002)

"The 3rd part of Aftermath pleased me best above all the textures was more varied and mostly cleanly applied. Also the puzzles were well thought out especially getting to the crowbar. The sequence with the sliding blocks was not so easy but well done. The water labyrinth was not as difficult also connected with the timed door :) Best pleased me the jump combination with the balls and the sound fit. Cameras good as always however did not come suitably in some situations. The sound pleased me very well fit well the atmosphere. There are two points of criticism from me above all the baddies were in my opinion not well set after mine with the blocks. Because Lara is fired at from the rear. And the large spider where the crowbar was to be found was not correctly the camera was not in good position Lara could view not correctly how to move. But all in all the whole the level pleased me very well. And I found 4 Secrets the 4th being the revolver which however I could not use because the level is terminated then. Recommendable P.S. Please build part 4 - I am looking forward to it. :)" - Navi (07-Nov-2002)

"This level suffers from what I call the 'Serpentine Gorge' syndrome meaning it is an excellent level on its own but simply pales a little in light of its prequel which is a recently awarded classic so somehow you feel like it did not quite meet your high expectations. That said it was nonetheless great fun to play for me - mostly. You get to turn lava pools into water very nice and helpful camera work and adequate addition of music and sounds (special mention going to the one at the end). Texturing is solid if at times a little repetitive and you need to collect a Magic Star to get the crowbar safely out of the pushable rocks maze a Silver and a Golden key along the way for progression and the Mystic Star at the end. It will take you about an hour of net gaming and in the second rather linear half includes some fun jump sequences and those teeth blades which I don't remember having seen in a custom level yet. There is a not too difficult timed door and the squishing blocks room is well done (thought it looked very cool when they crossed each other). On the downside the beginning can easily become frustrating as you don't really know what to do and where to go to you reach the 'end of the world' on top of the hedges. There were just a few too many booby traps for my taste and indeed those wraiths are a little tough this time around but luckily they did decide to blast themselves to bits eventually. The other enemies are spiders (large and small) bats and a few baddies and I found three secrets (Uzi shotgun and some ammo) but at least missed the one near the end as I arrived there with only three golden stars instead of five. Bottomline I would think the level is indeed a bit underrated but I guess in times where the community is 'spoiled' with so many masterpieces in such quick succession it is tough to take a stand and I am very happy to see that Sheevah has turned her frustration about lower than expected ratings into creativity and presented us with a special version of this level featuring an integrated walkthrough - so if you feel the original is too tough for you you might want to try this one - and if not try it anyway for a good laugh ;-)." - Michael (05-Nov-2002)

"Sheevah really wants us to suffer here since she makes us go through the traps such as swishing blocks and chopping doors and the maze where you have to push blocks forward and back several times. (I guess you don't HAVE to but since you explore of course you don't find what to do in the right order from start.) You have to find three stars to be able to finish the game and two more (and a hand-star) for a secret. Took me 1 hour to finish with a lot of backtracking." - G.Croft (30-Oct-2002)

"Well I for one was very disappointed in this level from the standpoint if you didn't do things the way the author wrote it it became very frustrating. For instance one block is supposed to be pulled not pushed. Well I don't know about you but I probably push a block as often as a pull one out. After all they are called PUSHABLE blocks. Then there was the issue of the wraiths in the temple. I resorted to using a cheat for medpacks and went through 20 small ones and 10 large ones and still the wraith would not explode. So I found the initial portion of the level quite frustrating and poorly constructed. But it is a tribute to Sheevah that I started over 4 times to finally get it going as I know how wonderful her levels can be and once past the earthquake I had no further technical problems and relaxed to enjoy the wonderful gameplay set before me. The smashing block-with-the-fire-squares-to-get-a-torch-and-pull-a-lever-room (lol) is to die for (literally) as well as the hallway with the gnashing doors and spikes. I'm happy to be able to say I got all 5 stars with forum help of course and played for an hour and 35 minutes with 3 secrets found." - Momster (30-Oct-2002)

"I couldn't wait to play this level and I desperately wanted to like it because the first two installments of Aftermath are amongst my all-time favourites. Unfortunately I have to say that this one doesn't start off in a particularly promising way and doesn't improve vastly at any point. You have mazes mazes and more mazes. Some are open hedge mazes some are closed-in hedge mazes and others are water mazes. I've said it before and I'll say it again I really hate mazes! I don't think I am alone in this opinion and I often wonder what makes level builders start off with a maze as it kicks some of the fun out of the gameplay right from the start. As if the mazes weren't bad enough (especially the one with the climbable bit which I would never have found without detailed instructions from Dimpf) you also have wraiths following you and at times they simply refuse to die. At one point I resorted to a cheat for medipacks because no matter how I crouched by the cross that's supposed to kill wraiths one stubborn bugger simply would not explode. There is a climbable part in the big open maze and I don't know how anyone would ever find that without help. And let's not forget the darkness. It's extremely dark in some places and that's another thing I really dislike in levels; in this case I ran out of flares very early on. I know all this sounds like I am being mean but I found much of this game to be a really frustrating ordeal rather than an enjoyable adventure and so I have had to mark the gameplay down accordingly. Enemies were quite good especially the spiders. Secrets were good too on the whole but I thought the timed swim for the shotgun was an essential part of the gameplay rather than just a bit needed for a secret until I found out differently from the forum. I'm really sorry to sound so negative about this level but after the previous installments of Aftermath I just know that our very talented Sheevah can do much better than this." - Bex (28-Oct-2002)

"I did not enjoy this level at all. Apart from the fact that there are no flares and too much darkness to deal with not many medipacks to survive the wraiths since they take their time to extinguish the element that is present here is frustration and frustration again. How can it be fun when it takes you two hours and with specific directions to find a piece of climbable wall in that mess what was the purpose of a maze with the crowbar burning inside when all you do is just push blocks and kill a spider when in fact there is another entrance close to the crowbar? The puzzles are blue magic stars the ones we call hands and golden stars. A couple of baddies in the dark much later and some secrets with one of them very hard to get as a timed door was involved. I usually like this builder's levels but not this time. If you take out the frustration the level is short but the player will have to spend a lot of time trying to get through the first part plus almost tear the hair out of his/her head to get past the moving columns with the switch behind them. At the end if you make the mistake and place the stars assuming you don't have all five of them in the right side you will get a secret but the exit will remain shut so take my advice and go for the left side. The laughter I heard in the end I have a feeling it meant that the joke is on me." - Kristina (27-Oct-2002)

"Even as much as I liked part 1 & 2 sorry I didn't like this one at all. It is more about how patient you are for searching through the whole area for (very) well hidden climbable walls switches and puzzle items what I find very annoying. And rarely you really know where to go and how to get there if there wasn't the help of the forum I had already given this adventure up. I also really wanted to continue from where Aftermath 2 left off and it didn't even bother me that Lara changed her outfit since her inventory didn't change so tragically (no new weapons and things like that) to separate this from the rest of the series but this was nothing that affected my ratings cause this is the choice of the author. The use of traps was excellent and secrets hidden quite nice even if they should've been separated from the gameplay a bit more cause many people thought that the timed swim is for something more in the level than the shotgun secret and many searched their butt off for the five stars even if to finish the level there are needed only 3 the other two are for the revolver secret. Oh I found 3 secrets in total. Also you might find the wraiths very hard to dispose of and even if I doubt very much that this is the author's fault it still spoiled a lot of my fun and for the first time I had to use the savegame editor to add more medipacks so Lara wouldn't just die in the middle of the game. There are 2 reasons why I rated the textures down - the very hard to spot branches on the hedge and the end of the world bug. Once you're on the hedge you wonder where are some parts of the garden missing? This might not bother anyone else but for me the end of the world bug is pretty serious. Even if I'm summing up many things I don't like I did like some parts in this level. The Temple at the top of the hill is a great idea and I liked how I had to turn the lava pools into water pools and despite the many 'buggy' things this is a lovely level. There'll surely be people who might like this level but knowing from what I've seen in Aftermath 1 & 2 I think Sheevah can do much better than this." - eTux (27-Oct-2002)

"A bit of a disappointment after part one and two. You start out by pushing blocks through a dark maze and that pretty much sets the pace for the rest of the game. There is some tedious searching for a climbable surface a bit of lever pulling and a lot of backtracking but what annoyed me most were the spiked doors and the squishing blocks so close together which resulted in a lot of reloading. The more if you failed to bring all stars with you and have to go back again for a fourth and fifth time through the deadly gates. Not very entertaining really. The spiders were brilliant and provided great excitement in the maze but the baddy who shoots you in the back when you pick up an item became a bit predictable and I thought those humans seemed oddly out of place there. The little temple at the edge of the universe is beautifully done the jump sequence was good clean fun and yet I missed a storyline and an overall concept; the whole thing was rather a functional conglomeration of places to die than an atmospheric setting that invites you to become part of the plot. And what was the revolver at the end for?" - Dimpfelmoser (27-Oct-2002)
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