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Author(s): Tinka
total rating:6.63 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DeathMelody 5 7 7 5
Dimpfelmoser 6 6 6 6
eTux 6 7 8 7
Gerty 6 5 6 6
Jay 6 7 7 7
Jose 5 6 8 5
Kristina 6 5 7 7
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
Momster 6 5 5 6
Moonpooka 6 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 6 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 8 7 9 7
RaiderGirl 7 6 7 7
rjb 8 8 9 8
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Sash 5 5 6 5
Torry 7 7 8 8
Treeble 5 6 6 6
category averages
(19 reviews)
6.37 6.37 7.16 6.63

Reviewer's comments

"This is a solid little debut from this builder, set in a snowy environment reminiscent of the TR3 Tinnos levels. There's no real puzzles as such, but there's some nice extensive usage of the bike, plus a couple of short but nifty timed runs and a few fun climbing sequences. There's a few too many dark corridors (although there's plenty of flares provided) and I maybe wasn't fond of the forced damage section near the end (although there's plenty of medipacks provided), but the camera sequences are very helpful in directing you towards the next open door when you use a switch or item. An enjoyable and underrated little romp." - Ryan (13-Apr-2018)

"Despite the initial uninspired impression, this level eventually picks up. You set off on a quest for a pair of Timeless Sands, and you can actually get yourself permanently stuck if you overlook (or ignore, as I did) a crawlspace in the bike track. Most of the doors open automatically in the order you need to explore them, I suspect these mysterious openings are triggered by pickups as evidenced by one camera hint early on (you don't get many camera clues later on, but it's a rather easy to navigate level). All in all, I had a fun time here, despite getting myself into the aforementioned permastuck situation and the occasional uninspired areas. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 03/18" - Treeble (18-Mar-2018)

"A solid debut level from a reliable builder. It uses the TR3 trappings also frequently employed by Seth94 and lasts about 50 minutes. It's dark in places, but plenty of flares are provided. The story notes refer to 3 secrets, but Dutchy's walkthrough documents 4 of them. There's a nice timed run along the way that's not too difficult to conquer, together with some extended use of the motorbike. The action goes back and forth from indoors to outdoors, providing a welcome change of pace and scenery. A nice little gem that deserves higher scores. Recommended." - Phil (17-Sep-2016)

"Good debut from this builder. The gameplay is not bad but not great too, exploring icy environments, shooting many enemies and taking some rides with the bike. About the bike, I was able to surpass the south pool in the hole and get outside through the cralspace (weird Lara with her head into the ceiling). The texturization is not very good, and the underground areas are pretty dark for my old monitor so I had to play a lot of time with flare in hand. Sometimes the cameras show you places you've not visited yet, but there's a good use of the musics, flybys and camera shots; the best of the game. Enough guns, ammo and medipacks, secrets not hard to find and not very ornated rooms. Entertaining and playable anyway." - Jose (16-Aug-2016)

"I confess to being very surprised, after I'd finished this game, to discover that it had such relatively low scores assigned to it. I can only think that the earlier version referred to by many - with its 'Lara butts' - (that I didn't see) affected folks' views adversely rather overmuch. I felt this was easily on a par with other games I consider to be 8/10s. There were one or two places Lara could reach where she could not extricate herself - pits, mainly - (so the game is stopped, but w/o her dying) and also places where we could ride the motor-bike up the mountains to see End of the World views but otherwise I thought the game was impressively bug-free. Then the atmosphere, the frequent surprise enemies (not tricky in themselves but made more so by their surprise appearance and sometimes by their being accompanied by 'colleagues' nearby), the progressive story-line through the game (it became fairly clear what you were trying to achieve, even w/o a 'written' story to follow) and the use of the motor-bike were all real pluses. I was pleased to discover I could ride the motor-bike along several of the crawlspace passages - thus helping to dispense with several of the enemies that way! - that I guess was probably not intended and though I'm not a fan of darkness in levels, generally, the places where we had darkness I felt were quite 'fair' here and 'rational'. (eg, we drop down into a pit and find 3 crocodiles facing us, suddenly, or we walk/run along a ledge and a couple of bats appear out of the darkness [or rather, we hear them first, which adds to the excellent atmosphere]). As QRS just above I consider this game 'easily' an 8/10 (and straightforward to play), with its nice, bright snow scenes (on just one occasion too bright, perhaps), mixed with walled caves, inner rooms and underground areas where you had to be on your guard. And add to all that that this was Tinka's very first game. My 'fastest possible time' was about 20 minutes but of course my real time was much longer than that, because of necessary exploring. A fun time." - rjb (03-Nov-2006)

"I was actually very impressed by this level. First of all, it was released a long time ago and also it is a debut level. (And yes, I have to admit I also love the Tinnos textures hehe)Lara needs to escape from Zerlok and in order to do that, she needs to travel through many parts of an Antarctic environment, through base surroundings and finally, using a vehicle to enter a cool looking fort! The only thing I saw that marked it as a beginner level was the stretched textures on some spots. No thin walls or similar things though! What I loved about this creation was actually the atmosphere and the use of the music and cameras. The music was very good and often used when enemies appeared or when other things happens. Also the cameras show the authors skills in creating a fine and sometimes almost eerie feeling while exploring! The cameras were also very informative and you never got lost. The game play is also very good. Sometimes there is not so much to do in certain areas but still, there are a lot of thoughts behind the map and I love how you get back to some places right before the end. And why should a level be full with puzzles and other things, when it is just as fun to just explore and see new environments? The secrets were easy to find but still gave you a rewarding feeling. Especially the one you opened the door to very early and got near the end ;) Not much variation in enemies but the sas guards were placed with thought and combined with cd triggers that added to the feeling. I would really like to see a sequel to this level as I know the author would not fail to make it even better now, with her experience and knowledge since this release. Way to go for a debut level, Tinka!" - QRS (09-Mar-2006)

"A not-very-nice-textured test level. But that's maybe what Test Level's authors intentionally do don't they? Lighting is ok (A dark sky but a light sight ^^). Rooms are pretty empty (there were little objects). The gameplay is normal with nice challenges puzzles not so hard. But not to worry about that Tinka ^^. Best luck with your next level! *_^ [Feb 15 2004]" - DeathMelody (16-Feb-2004)

"For a first effort this isn't half bad. You spend 40 minutes or so running around a rather large Antarctic environment performing timed runs driving the motorbike and shooting great quantities of bats. The fly-by's are well handled and so is (especially) the bike ride where you need to perform a big jump while being chased by a swarm of mosquitoes. And for those of you loyal readers out there wondering why Orbit Dream hasn't raised the question of exactly what mosquitoes are doing in an Antarctic environment (and for that matter crocodiles which you also encounter in droves) I have it on good authority from the designer herself that these are all part of the military's dastardly experiments. I can't wait to play her next level (to be released in the near future I am sure!) to find out what happens next. ;)" - Orbit Dream (16-Jun-2003)

"I haven't run around in the snow for a while and it made a pleasant change. I was expecting an arctic setting but it isn't really - just snowy. Still no time to stop and build a snowman you have timeless sands x 2 and a hand to find. Along the way you will be set upon by guards crocs dogs a wraith and those pesky bats. This is not a difficult level in any way but it's an enjoyable experience and you do get quite a nice bike ride albeit accompanied by locusts but luckily you can easily outdistance them and at least they haven't brought a dragon with them! There are four secrets to find and of course I missed one. Well what did you expect a perfect score? This is an ideal level for the less experienced raider or for those who just fancy a change from the rather frantic pace of some of the harder levels out there. Give it a try I think you'll like it. 12-05-2003" - Jay (13-May-2003)

"I was lucky enough to get this level without the frustration of the butt episode and so have no complaints in that department. A relatively easy level for me but I really enjoyed it with some well thought out places for hidden items floor tiles to open doors that you may not tread on and miss the trigger good stuff there! I liked the whole area from start to finish and was entertained throughout I didn't lose interest by too many difficult situations and the enemies fitted in well with the location crocs SAS Men bats and dogs. The bike ride was fun and the ability to back track without having to go all over the place again was welcoming. I flew through this level without any problems and didn't miss anything made all the pickups at the area I was in to use at next area without any side distractions. The lighting was good flares only needed where you would normally need them in a dark cave or tunnel and no dark irritating areas elsewhere. I enjoyed the room decorations textures mixed well and all came together nicely I didn't find anything out of place or muddled particularly liked the little icy windows looking into other parts of the level. The addition of sound and music is always a must in any TR level it makes the atmosphere and keeps it alive this level had plenty of that plus some good flybys. Perhaps a few hard jumps high up blocks to negotiate and some traps would have been an idea but this was a straight through get and go level which finished quite nicely love to see that helicopter waiting there instead of a dead ending of level that makes a big difference to the end of a level I think. A nice little level for the tamer player and let's face it we all like a rest now and again from mind-boggling levels! Well done to the author it gets my vote!" - Moonpooka (03-May-2003)

"Original Version: Have not had a 'butt level' in a while but this is one par excellence. Apparently a Custom WAD but with only a City.TOM provided so all you can do is run around for 15 minutes in a snowy area opening some doors shooting some bats and dogs swim around and pick up a few pieces of ammo and flares. Of course you also pick up some 'butts' but soon enough all that remains are closed doors and no means to open them as even placing a 'butt' on a 'butt' will not work. Too bad... Revised Version: Finally I got around to play the fixed version and indeed this is a really enjoyable though not overly challenging adventure in Tinnos textures and an overall nice snowy setting. Quite a few enemies around in the 40 minutes you spend here (bats SAS dog a wraith locusts and crocodiles). A canopic jar a hand and two timeless sands help your progression. I found four secrets and was not sure if the weapon code key was really good for anything. The easy timed run and the two jumps with the bike were fun and the sometimes maze like set up was maybe what I liked the least. Cameras are ok and helpful. Like I said definitely worth a raid if you like a bit of snow..." - Michael (27-Apr-2003)

"A nice 45 minute adventure through some icy landscapes parts of a fortress and some base area bits too. The 4 secrets were not hard to find too. Overall this isn't a very frustrating hard or even a long adventure but I easily missed the 1st timeless sands near the start of the level and the crawlspace which leads to the 2nd timeless sands in the bike track CAN be missed if you rush ahead but is not hard to spot so be sure you jump off your bike and explore that bit before continuing. The texturing and lighting are not always very accurate but there also aren't any beginners mistakes here so it doesn't look that bad too. More puzzles would've been nice too even if it wasn't bad as it is now too. If you're looking for an adventure set in a snowy setting you've found it but this will keep you entertained if you just have some spare time and want to give the level a try too." - eTux (27-Apr-2003)

"Original Review: Butt Bum Ass Arse Tush Derriere. It's all the same in this level. You commence by locating an underwater 'canopic butt' and it only goes down the pooper scooper from there. It amazes me that levels get released with these obvious errors in them. Complete waste of time folks. Revised Review: I promised Tinka I would play this again now that the bugs were fixed and I am real glad I did. This 45 minutes adventure if it is a first effort is pretty well put together. There are many areas to explore with lots of objects to find and everything stems from a central operating area which I found reassuring. There was nothing too difficult here and yes some of these things we have done before but I liked the way there was a little of everything in the level. Only criticism is that again in some places it was way too dark but the flares worked all the time. What else can I say but this is classic raiding. Well done." - Torry (24-Feb-2003)

"Original Version: OK I have seen 'butt' levels before and some of them are hilarious but in this case you need some of the 'butts' to proceed and in this level it won't work. This is a waste of time. 27-11-2002 Revised Version: This is more like it. And so much bigger as well. Still an Icy level. Found a Hand of Orion 2 Timeless Sands the Feeder for the bike and a Canopic Jar. Enemies are very pesky bats some dogs 8 or 9 crocs some SAS soldiers that will make the life of Lara a bit difficult. Some see-through wall will give you a glimpse what area there still is to explore. There is also some swimming to do and you'll find a lot of flares as parts are rather too dark. Once I knew where the door was that opened after stepping on a tile the timed run is not that hard. Be sure you are finished before you do the jump over the gap as you can't return. Found 4 secrets. 27-01-2003" - Gerty (01-Feb-2003)

"Original Review: This looks like it would be an interesting Arctic adventure if a few things are fixed. Hopefully the author will put a little more work into it. Review for revised version: I'm glad the author fixed a few bugs in this level as it turned out to be a great Arctic adventure! There are a few icy caves to explore at first for a canopic jar and along the way you'll see your next destination through a transparent sheet of glass. Once you get to the snowy outdoor area there's a few soldiers to kill and your next objective is to get into the secret underground area that the government has been hiding. There are two Sands of Time to gather before your big bike jump over some cliffs and up a ramp so you can get to the next area. And of course this leads to even more exploring before you finally get back outside and escape in your waiting helicopter. This is a fairly long level and always stays interesting because of the varied environments and the fun exploration. Wonderful job for the author's first level!" - RaiderGirl (29-Jan-2003)

"Original Review: Ever rented a bad B-grade movie and the tape gets chewed up before the last few scenes or read a trashy novel only to find the last couple of pages have been torn out well this is just as frustrating. Not only do you get the systematically annoying floating butt deal but when after following Halc's tip of inserting butt A into buttslot B you get another longer section of game that comes to a standstill with many un-openable doors and gates in two separate sections not to mention 3 secrets registered with only one having any actual reward. In other words this one really is only for the diehard pervs out there who find it near impossible to focus their attention higher than a woman's thigh (and yes my beloved Tor has played this level) otherwise save your 1 plus MB download time for something a little more worthwhile. Revised Version: I can't say I'm overwhelmed by this level but I am at least pleased that it is no longer a landscape of asses! Your mission if you choose to accept it is well who really knows just try and get your butt (the one and only thankfully) through an icy setting complete with a citadel-like fortress to an awaiting chopper. This is a pretty simple thing to accomplish with the hardest thing being a timed run but that isn't difficult either sadly the 4 secrets 1 of those being just a button to a true secret are also very easy to find but I guess if you are looking for a light diversion from some of the harder lengthier levels then this 35 minute one is just the ticket." - Sash (14-Jan-2003)

"Revised Version: For those that already read the reviews and wonder the author of this level realized the problem it had and updated it. So it's only fair to write a new review after playing it again. It lasted 45 minutes and it was more pleasant this time as everything was normal. The puzzle items are two Timeless Sands and one hand also a weapons card key that I never got to use. You start in an icy area and basically the whole level looks like that there are doors to open and SAS guards to deal with plus a few dogs crocodiles and bats scattered around. Actually it's a simple level with hard to miss secrets I found four. The cameras give a nice touch to it and I liked how the author connected the areas and you could get back and progress but only in one point you need to complete your task there before you climb the slope with the motorcycle because there is no way back after. The darker area is nicely done and contains a timed run not too difficult. I am sure the author has potential and I would like to see another level in the future." - Kristina (24-Dec-2002)

"Original Review: Another level which was released obviously before it was tested adequately. Lara's butts everywhere with some back and forth running around in a snowy atmosphere to open an area you'd already been to and finally nothing else to do. Review for revised version: Much better gameplay and thank goodness I got rid of that feeling of frustration. Now the canopic jar is a canopic jar. Actually a nice little debut of a level with a nicely done snow and ice setting you can almost hear the wind whistling through the passages of the building. Not quite linear some back and forthing but a pleasant romp in the arctic while fighting off a few bats and dogs. The secrets were hard to miss and the author needs to work on the flyby but on the whole nicely done." - Momster (15-Dec-2002)

"Original Review: I know it's only Tomb Raider butt we like it. I got this as a tr4 file from Bex so at first I thought she must have messed up the converting. How could I ever think that? Of course everyone had the same problem so it must be the authors fault. Interestingly enough Michael talks about dogs in his review. Well even those were butts in my level. You can see that butts are a bit of a theme here and it is indeed very annoying if they prevent you from completing the game. They ruin the atmosphere as well so a butt level like this can't really hope to score very high. And the most annoying thing is that even the secret was a butt; now what could it possibly be? Review for revised version: It was only a button actually. But that opened a door which lead to a secret later on in the game and there a big medi pack and some ammo was to be found. Now that the level has become playable in the revised version it offers 45 minutes of straightforward and fairly easy gameplay with some more hard to miss secrets. There are a few SAS guards dogs and crocodiles to kill a timed run to master an unhealthy ride with the motorbike to endure and as the pace is so fast it all stays entertaining till the end. I found some minor flaws like a flyby would be triggered with a jump switch which means that Lara has to live through it facing the wall (always looks daft) and I thought the big Catacomb wall button seemed out of place but these are mere details. I liked the room with the two blue pools and although the textures where a bit repetitive in places the overall effect was quite pleasing." - Dimpfelmoser (14-Dec-2002)
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