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Author(s): Baddy
total rating:7.89 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
afzalmiah 8 8 7 8
Aims 8 9 8 6
bERT 7 6 9 9
Duncan 8 10 8 7
EssGee 7 9 8 8
eTux 7 8 8 7
Gerty 7 8 9 8
Jay 7 8 9 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 6 7 6 8
Kristina 6 7 8 8
Loren 7 9 8 6
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Navi 10 9 9 9
Necro 7 7 8 7
Obig 8 9 8 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 8
Phil 9 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 7 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sash 7 8 9 8
The Aussie Adventurer 6 8 7 7
category averages
(22 reviews)
7.36 8.14 8.14 7.91

Reviewer's comments

"More of a showcase for a few impressive cutscenes and enemies as the gameplay contained here is a bit simplistic and not likely to impress so much. They are nicely done though and the atmosphere did somewhat evoke a sunken Atlantean ruin that had been lost for years and the texturing isn't too bad. There's just a few switches and keys to use, plus a couple of mildly challenging spike trap gauntlets (which were actually quite enjoyable and well executed) and a lot of swimming through vast areas. The final boss didn't prove too difficult for me as I used a trick that I've been aware of for a while now. Simply shoot him a couple times and run away and he should fall down. Works like a charm." - Ryan (16-Feb-2019)

"In this level alternate dry and watery areas; based mostly about pure exploration to discover switches and hard-to-see keys. I liked the architecture and the ornamentation in the subacuatic areas; objects were placed too. Easy tasks, no puzzles, what I didn't like was the few medipacks and ammo for the desert eagle to shoot all the shivas and the final boss. About this boss, I couldn't remember the strategy to kill him so, with only 6 bullets I found in the final room I was not able to kill it an I had to abandone at that point. I liked the animations, but I missed a lot some camera shots and more cd tracks. The rooms are well textured. All in all, still a level worth to play and not boring." - Jose (22-Sep-2016)

"This level was very fun and exciting. Lara's in a abeach and goes underwater to find the lost city of atlantis. The atlantis in this level is nothing like the original ones. In my opinion it is more realistic because atlantis is supposed to be underwater and in ruins like this. A bad thing in this level was that the lighting wasn't very good but that's it for me. There is more than just one huge ruin, there is a few small ruins where you'll have to come back to. Nice level and recommended." - afzalmiah (05-Mar-2011)

"Although generally straightforward and linear,before setting out on this adventure be prepared for two things.The first is a rather sneakily hidden switch (of the kind which you need to reach in and activate),and the second is the ultra-tough nature of the final Boss.In fact,I'm not quite sure how I managed to defeat this bothersome chap;after shooting,dying,and reloading countless times,the mighty foe eventually just toppled over and expired.Perhaps his continuous stomping about while firing off thunderbolts terminally exhausted him? Whatever the case,his appearence certainly made for an effective Finale.Throughout the adventure you'll also be battling a colourful variety of other rather tough enemies;so this is unquestionably a level by Baddy,where hearty gun-battles take priority over inventive gameplay. Nonetheless,the gauntlet over the spikes was a little tricky;and the underwater sequences where handled very well. Texturing and lighting is fine if a little unadventurous,and the atmosphere is immersive enough despite there being no particularly awe-inspiring locations. Ultimately it's a showcase for a couple of smartly made cut-scenes and a gathering of unusual enemies,but it passes the time well enough." - Orbit Dream (05-Jun-2009)

"From the moment I extracted the zipfiles for this level I knew I was going to like it. You get a cutscene (clever use of a tr4 file) at the start and finish of the level which sets the game up well and prepares you for what I assume will be a series of levels. I really only got stuck at the start, as the scuba divers don't give up easily and are holding the goodies you need to get on in the level. Gameplay is generally straight forward but the swinging spikes are a good challenge. Only one puzzle to solve and the fly-by helps you with this. There's lots to like about this level. Underwater atmosphere is good. Pickup items are well camouflaged but some inventory was hard to come by. I think I only got 2 small medipacks and no flare pickups. Been hanging out for a decent final boss lately? Well get a load of the one in this level - a great custom character. The kickable wall was cool too. My only disappointment was that the fun ended too soon. This would have been less of a distraction if the level was packaged as part of a larger work. Judging by the title I'm guessing there is more to come and I look forward to it. Points deducted for minimal audio during the level are compensated by the use of the cut scenes. All in all a fun level to play. (previously unsubmitted review written in 2003)" - EssGee (10-May-2008)

"A much trickier level from this author. I found myself stuck in places because of hidden keys blending in with the background, however, I liked the baddies (some I had not come up against so far in trle), and the story was pretty good too. The scenery was a little repetitive but it kept with the atmosphere so it's not much of a critism. Quite enjoyable so I'm off to play the next level in this series." - Necro (04-Feb-2008)

A nice cut scene starts Lara off in this underwater adventure. A good portion of this level is underwater. Gameplay is ok without there being anything really interesting to do other than collect keys and item. The look and feel of this level was passable and did look the part. The most notable thing about this level are the enemies. We have a couple of scooba divers, sharks, several genishas and a huge aquatic monster boss. A clue to killing the boss is use the magnum and not your pistols. This monster will take heaps of shots, so don't give up. To end this game, Lara is captured but the thug at the beginning so there is more to come. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it a B-, a low end distinction. - The Aussie Adventurer (09-Jul-2005)

"Here's an interesting view of Atlantis. Lara dives into the ocean and finds the ruins of the lost civilization. A lot of swimming some harder to find ways at times fighting at least half a dozen Sheevas (fortunately one at a time but they're easy anyway). Lara has to find two keys and a couple of gem stones among a ruined world which is very reminiscent of TR3. Meanwhile she kills sharks frogmen and overcomes some traps (of which the room with the bouncing spike bags looks harder than it really is) until she faces the final boss a ray throwing Atlantean that's a mixture between a demigod and a fish with a trident. He's very hard to kill but the only way to do it is more or less obvious (at least after you've died several times before ;) ). Two brief cut scenes in the last Lara's shot at by several soldiers. What will happen to our heroine? To be found out in Atlantis 2 which I'll be playing now. (August 30 2004)" - Jorge22 (01-Sep-2004)

"This seemed like a fairly short raid but it had some nice touches and was much fun while it lasted. Among other things you have the wetsuit-clad baddies and shark to contend with at the beginning a treacherous pillar gauntlet with swinging spike barrels (made manageable with the help of Jose Boo's walkthrough) the stomping shivas an obstructed crawl space that Lara kicks to open and a hard-to-kill Boss at the end. Lots of things that remind me of my favorite commercial releases so I recommend it highly." - Phil (14-Aug-2004)

"A must-play level if you like to beat some tough opponents. The gameplay is better than the setting which is a bit ordinary. In one section Lara has to beat a series of Shiva statues and that's a kick. Then there are the notorious frogmen. The 'creature from the black lagoon' baddie at the end is great. You have stay close and tough to beat this one and it's a good fight. Recommended." - Duncan (28-Jun-2004)

"Here's the first part of the Atlantis story. Lara is searching a temple hidden in the sea (not sure where) to obtain the legendary artefact 'The Hand of Rathmore'. The level wasn't too bad although what put me off it was the lighting and textures it was very dull and dark although that is good as it is meant to be I didn't like it. I prefer levels that catch my eye when I start playing them beautiful scenery lots of colours. The enemies were quite tough lots of shivas some very tough frogmen (took me about 5 minutes to kill them both with the pistols) sharks and a kraken! Very original. There are also two cool cut scenes the beginning with Lara leaving the shore by a sub and the ending one where she returns to land victorious only to be caught by the enemy. The kraken was a pretty hard boss took a fair few bullets but once he is finished you claim your prize that he has. I would say the level is about medium difficulty it's the enemies that make it fairly hard. Very original though and I recommend it even if just to see the cut scenes and the kraken. Play it!" - Aims (01-Jun-2004)

"This is an interesting level it was a good fun. Of course there are always some inventions and interesting things in Baddy's levels I saw it in Tako's level. The enemies are sometimes hard mostly the scuba-divers in the beginning who you must kill as they have the Revolver + Laser Sight. You will need them for shooting the bell. And the final enemy is not weak as well but luring him out of the water you can kill him easily. There's a shark and the Shiva known from the TR3 too but they don't cause problem. There are some puzzles; you should notice the hardly sensible keys. You have to find 2 Keys and 2 Red Gems and you can get the Hand from the monster in the end. Meanwhile there are some skilled jumps in the room with spikes moveable blocks and breakable walls. The added sounds are also as great as the 2 cut scenes. I didn't find a secret- maybe are there no secrets? The texture is sometimes a bit boring but it was a good adventure. I recommend it to anybody." - Obig (19-Jul-2003)

"Atlantis is an original little level with linear gameplay and puzzles that aren't too terribly difficult. The most challenging part of the level is a devious run-jump-and-avoid-the-swinging-spike-balls-while-not-falling-into-the-spike-pit trap. Lara also gets to use two animations associated with Chronicles levels. The objects are taken from a variety of sources - Atlantis in TR1 Tinnos in TR3 and Catacombs in TR4 among others. The enemies are even more ecclectic including two TR3 frogmen that seem anchored to their placed locations and which are exceedingly difficult (necessary though it may be) to kill. Other enemies include Hammerhead Sharks and the TR3 Shivas. The latter are really out of place. After all Atlantis was rumored to have been in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic -- the other side of the world from India. Lara has to fight several of these including a battle with five successive Shivas near the end of the level. The most original baddy here is the Kraken with which Lara has a major battle at the end of the level. It is exceedingly difficult to kill and is quite dangerous to Lara. The atmosphere is good and the ambient sound is excellent. Camera work however is non-existent. The textures are an assortment assembled from Lost Valley in TR1 Tinnos in TR3 and Fishes and Madhouse in TLA and are competently placed though the assemblage of textures seems somehow disjointed. Lighting for the most part is ambient only which allows the level builder to blend the reach-in-the-hole switches with the walls except for some placed shadows allowing him to place things in pitch-black darkness. Overall it's a fair level though the battle with the Kraken alone is worth the download." - Loren (07-Jul-2003)

"Baddy has built us a fun little adventure that isn't hard but there are some really cool things to do and see. It starts out in a beautifully built underwater area with broken statues and bits of debris scattered around and the rest of the level matches perfectly with a great atmosphere plus well designed and textured rooms. Along the way I found shiva statues that came to life collapsible tiles a bell that opens a door when shot frogmen a couple of keys and gems sharks traps with spikes a vase that you turn to open a door a wall that you kick in and my favorite which was the sea monster at the end (mine died with three shots). This is one to play just to see all the cool stuff especially the well done cut scenes." - RaiderGirl (04-Jul-2003)

"Good level hard to kill enemies. Starting with a wonderful scene and Lara being watched by a guy up on the hills she is enters the ocean. The place is probably sunken and likes a temple with many shivas and India textures. I would have liked the divers and that beast at the end looking like a fish man if it wasn't so hard to kill them. Especially the creature at the end apparently you need to be very close to him on him if possible and use the desert eagle. Two keys a moving block and a shark to kill. Other than that not much of gameplay. Picking up the Rathmore's Hand I believe its called and watching another great scene followed by nice music and someone shouting something in German the level ends. A wasted good setting." - Kristina (01-Jul-2003)

"This level starts with a flyby where Lara is sitting in a submarine. When the levels begin I hope Lara's lungs are full as there is some swimming involved. There are some very nasty frogmen (and they are a bit hard to kill) but they do carry some goodies you need. Enemy wise there are sharks and Shiva's and a frogman from Atlantis. The first Shiva coming to life scared the daylight out off me (as it should LOL) Finding 2 keys (thanks Yoav) and later 2 gems and of course holes in the walls to open certain parts. There is some tricky jumping to over spikes and a very neat trick to open a door. Also jumping over spikes and swinging spiked balls (get into the rhythm I would say) which is always great fun. The level is over too soon but there is a promise for more to come. 16-06-2003" - Gerty (26-Jun-2003)

"An interesting level set underwater which doesn't offer much more than some new or rarely used actions (Lara turning a vase kicking a wall in) a battle with some hard to kill scuba divers (look carefully at what they leave had me confused for a while) sharks shivas and an even harder to kill aquaman - a great new enemy but either dies easily or refuses to die at all even if that's essential for progression. The 2 cutscenes were fine but I think both would've fit in one tr4 file because as I saw they didn't use 'that' many resources either but that's on the authors remorse. As the last cutscene tells this story is still to be continued so I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel. Get it if you like some action underwater but the level is worth to see and play anyway." - eTux (24-Jun-2003)

"Nice level set in Shivah country and a lot of Shivahs here indeed. Starts of with an extremely well balanced fly-by ending with a guard walking away in the distance: brilliantly done. Basically it's a search for medium hard hidden wall holes shooting Shivahs and one well -hidden red stone. The way the resurrection of the Shivahs was set up technically (with a slight pause after it ignites in fire then after the pause bursting out of its shell) had a nice side effect: probably the author used the rolling ball 'timer' so each time it resurrected you had that specific boulder sound making it seem like the Shivah also put out a wrath on you. Anyway the end was ruined for me because big Aquaman would not die not even after 140 rounds of ammo into his head. I've tested it time and time again so definitely where others seemed to succeed I did not and it was not me reason for the 6 for category 2. Why you should play this level other than the end the rest was fun!" - bERT (23-Jun-2003)

"Even though it increases download size the two 'cut scenes' are of course a rather neat idea and give the experience a bit of a different touch so worth a look for that alone and also for a showcase of a few new objects and enemies. In terms of gameplay experience it does fall a bit short though not only in terms of time (35 minutes) but also in terms of what there is to do. In essence you will drown a lot and curse at those hard to kill frogmen (and kill them you must) and the even harder to kill Atlantean boss enemy at the end. The half a dozen shivas awake with a neat effect and a flying shark is always worth a smile. Two keys to find and a small spikes gauntlet then two crystals to pick up and a few reach in switches spread throughout the game that's about it - but like I said: worth a look for the novel items." - Michael (21-Jun-2003)

"This level has really impressed me much especially the cutscenes at the beginning and at the end. The level itself: I liked the moment a lot where Lara turns a small pillar with a vase on it i.e. this is actually a switch. Lara needs to swim a lot two keys two red gems and hidden levers to find and you better look twice to not overlook something. Lara also needs to kill a few shivas which are very well placed. The atmosphere was intense especially at the end when Lara has to work hard with the desert eagle to beat the Atlantean boss enemy. A hint: Lara always finds refreshed ammo for the desert eagle in the same place where you first find it. Your reward is a hand which also marks the end of the level. Graphics and cameras are good sound has not been used a lot. But all in all a great level. Looking forward to the sequel. :)" - Navi (21-Jun-2003)

"There's a wonderful cinematic opening to this level with Lara leaving an island in a submersible. You begin underwater and have to find your way to a temple hindered by a shark and frogmen - yes frogmen we don't see many of those about do we? The gameplay isn't very diverse. Basically there are a couple of keys to find several shivas to bump off quite a nice spike pit/spike ball gauntlet to run and a couple of gems to find. The atmosphere is good with a very effective background audio track and the final enemy has to be seen to be believed (and can take some killing - just keep trying). There is a cut scene ending with Lara surrounded by baddies but unfortunately I didn't understand it as I don't speak German (yes I know bone idle Brit). I don't know if there were any secrets but I didn't find any. 19.06.2003" - Jay (20-Jun-2003)

"This level contains so many wonderful things but does it fall a little short at the end well I think it does a bit. Starting with a cut scene you see Lara enter the ocean in a one woman submersible as someone watches on the fun now begins. After a long underwater swim how shall Lara enter this Atlantis temple geez those hard to kill divers are getting on my last nerve (hint hint) now let's go look for a couple of keys while putting quick end to those darn Shivas for god's sake who put all those spikes there after that trap fest I may have to get myself something pretty to make me feel good how about a couple of gems okay found one now the other I'm so sick of looking for it I could just kick a wall (hint hint) oh does the fun ever end it sure does if I have to run around any longer looking for a way out of here while Mister Giant Aquaman keeping chasing me I may shoot myself in the head (hint hint). After 35 minutes you've made it out (why were we even here?) as a cut scene shows Lara safe and sound on the beach she started from well let me take back that safe and sound comment she's surrounded and the bullets I hear being shot can't be doing her any good. As I said at the start this level falls short a bit gameplay wise but it is an experience you must take just for the great Aquaman enemy how creepy!" - Sash (17-Jun-2003)
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