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Author(s): Quentin Cartier
total rating:8.14 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Duncan 9 8 8 9
eRIC 9 8 7 8
eTux 9 7 9 6
Gerty 9 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 9 8 7 8
Jose 9 9 7 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Loren 10 8 7 9
Magnus 7 6 6 6
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
Obig 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 9 8 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
QRS 10 8 9 7
RaiderGirl 9 8 8 9
Ravenwen 9 8 8 8
Ruediger 9 8 8 7
Ryan 9 8 8 8
Sash 9 7 8 8
TifaNazah 8 6 7 8
Torry 9 8 10 9
category averages
(22 reviews)
8.77 7.77 7.95 8.05

Reviewer's comments

"This level has a very novel concept: work your way up a tower made up of multiple levels to (presumably) drop all the way down again. In order to do so, you'll have to perform some death defying jumps and gymnastics while being cautious not to inadvertently fall of the edge (which I did, a couple of times!). There are a couple of head scratching block puzzles as well as demigods, harpies and wild boars to fight and gems and cartouches to use. Definitely worth a look at the very least." - Ryan (17-Nov-2016)

"You can get a bit disoriented in the beginning, but once inside the tower you'll only be occupied going up and up to the very top. There are some interesting puzzles like the block puzzle where you get the revolver, but tasks are not so hard and there are enough guns and ammo if you found the secrets. Well balanced enemies, dangerous manoeuvres around the corners of the tower and not so obvious paths await you in this good adventure I recommend everybody." - Jose (21-Mar-2012)

"An often overlooked benefit of the review system is the way it allows attention to be drawn to worthy earlier levels that have been missed or not played for whatever reason. It was Ian's recent review that led me to download and give this one a try. It's a fairly complex but narrowly focused mission - making your way to the top of a dizzying tall structure. The tower is so tall that when I neared the end I amused myself by saving my game and then taking suicide swan dives to the ground far below while gauging my "hang time." It's crude by today's standards, but it's well lit and it gives you up to an hour and a half of net gaming time that's never dull or boring. Recommended." - Phil (15-Mar-2010)

"This is a Big Concept level (find your way to the top of the Tower) which works extremely well indeed.A little less wallpaper texturing on the perimeter walls and the lack of a prized item awaiting you at the top were the only things which let this adventure down (but only ever so slightly).The wealth of variety in the gameplay was heartwarming and hugely enjoyable(although I made a rather unorthodox jump at one point,which I'm sure wasn't intended;amd I'm certain there were a few places which I was never able to visit)and filled with interest and invention.Enemies,although standard,were very well utilised.Lighting and texturing were accomplished and effective;while cameras were used well and the atmosphere was absorbing.Visually,the Tower is an interesting construct and there's a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you negotiate each successive level on your journey upwards.No challenge is too difficult for the average player,and a playing time of at least 80 minutes is guaranteed.Another 'oldie but goldie' which I thoroughly enjoyed playing." - Orbit Dream (12-Mar-2010)

"This is one of the few rare gems out there that I wish could get 5th category for review. It has 100% of the "IT" factor regardless of the boring textures and standard object. I just love the architecture and how the tower is built! Also how you proceed up in a cool linear way is very intriguing! For me this is a perfect tombraider game when it comes to gameplay. Not too hard and not too easy. Never boring etc. The level could have used a few more cameras but due to the linear gameplay it was nothing that ruined the experience. It is a pity that the author only has done this level.. :( I would have loved to see similar levels with better graphics and objects etc. Actually, I like this level so much that I got a huge level building boost! Thanks for that, Quentin!" - QRS (22-Jul-2007)

"I absolutely enjoyed the gameplay in this level, it was just perfect - inventive, original, fast and brilliant. Lara's task is to reach the top of a huge and imposing tower, but climbing it is not done in any conventional way. To begin, you have to find a way to reach the area outside the tower, as it is blocked by rocks. Then you have to start exploring around so as to find a gem that will give you access to the interior of the tower so that you can start the ascension, which involves jumping on high ledges around the perimeter of the tower, swimming in pools inside it, locating cartouche pieces and other items, moving pushable blocks on narrow ledges, avoiding boulders, so that you can open up gates in order to move on until you finally reach your goal. On the way, you have to face demigods, golden harpies, scorpions, skeletons and bats. Nice use of known egyptian textures and items, which gain a new dimension thanks to the clever gameplay. The ambience is well-set and atmospherical. Sometimes there are no cameras to help you, but it's not too difficult to locate where to go next, as you can pretty much have control of the area with a few glances around beforehand." - Ravenwen (17-Feb-2007)

"Wow, what an enjoyable level here - I've always had something for heights, so I enjoyed climbing the tower here to its fullest. The puzzles are clever, but never too difficult, and climbing the humongous tower here gives a great feeling of progression thus enhancing the whole experience - I simply loved hoping around the perimeter of the tower at different heights and checking out the surroundings. Forget the expression 'Don't look down!' - you simply have to in this level! The enemies don't play a huge role in this level, but there are plenty to keep you moving - especially a harpy when you're already pretty high in the tower or some crocodiles in some narrow water tunnels - thrilling! If anything - I wasn't particularly keen on the looks (textures + lighting) of the level, I also would have preferred to have found some flares sooner, but maybe that was just me. Nearing the top of the tower (and so the end of the level, which I thought could have been so much better, but it's not that bad) it gets better, though. Highly enjoyable from start to finish, so definitely has to be on your 'to-play' list, especially if you enjoy heights, like I do!" - eTux (06-Feb-2005)

"Well the Game starts with a nice Camera sequence which shows you that you have to get up on the tower...Atmosphere: nice textures detailed I did not see any fault. But you get the typical Egyptian feeling... Some pretty nice Light effects... and a scary green sky... But sometimes a little bit to dark...Puzzles: like always switches and puzzles... but there is also harder stuff - you have to take care not to be spiked or overran by stones... Or that Lara has enough air underwater...Enemies: There are crocodiles harpies and wild boars and some more...Weapons: Lara starts with her pistols and finds until the end also a shotgun and ammo. Sound: right time standard sounds Specials: Lara is clad into black from her head until her toes... The water in the beginning was nice first sinks pushed Lara away from an entrance later it lowers and you could pass trough it...Conclusion: You have to think how to get on and surely you have to reload a lot of times but that does not ruin the game fun... and the enemies are quickly dealt with." - TifaNazah (14-Jun-2004)

"The Tower of Babel revisited I presume. Very clever recycling of Egyptian/Greek textures to make for a small download but still a massive environment. Basically an enormous Tower inside an even larger room. It's a tough climb and has some lovely bits even a swimming pool near the top. A must play." - Duncan (24-Feb-2004)

"I was surprisingly impressed with this level. Even though it doesn't have lots of new objects and only uses the textures from the tutorial level it's still very impressive. Why? Because the whole level is set in and around a tower - that's why. The goal of the level is to reach the top of the tower which of course is harder than it sounds. It really gives you a great feeling of progression when you can see how much further you have to get before the level ends. The gameplay isn't really that challenging but it feels nice to play a level and never really get stuck. The enemies and objects are all things we've seen before but they fit the level. There weren't many enemies but there also weren't many places where it would have been possible to fight a lot of enemies either. One thing I didn't like about the level was that it was so quiet. I would have preferred a little more music but it worked rather well the way it was. The level won't win any awards for its texturing or lighting which both are rather bland. The texturing does what's it's supposed to though and at least the level isn't dark except for in a few places. What made me like this level was the tower and the sense of progression it gave. It took around forty minutes to finish and those minutes were well spent." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"This is an interesting level. Your objective is to get onto the top of a tower. Meanwhile you have to solve puzzles and shoot enemies. There are harpies crocs bats skeletons mummies and demigods on the level. You have quite enough weaponry against them. Right at the beginning of the level find the Shotgun in the water and the UZI the Revolver and the Crossbow from the Secrets. There are 3 Secrets on the level. After a small underwater maze I found very hard the first one: the UZI in a crawlspace behind a sarcophagus. Unfortunately there are no added sounds but the textures are fit well to the level. Find the walkthrough and pictures here: " - Obig (01-Dec-2003)

"No real storyline but a concept level not really Tomb Raider but a challenge: trying to reach the top of a very huge tower. Jumps swims traps and some enemies; everything is there to keep you busy until you have reached the top. The conception of this level is very good. Once you have begun you can not stop until you have finished. Have found only one of the three secrets to disposition (the crossbow after monkey swing under the big wooden bridge). Middle difficulty and definitely enjoyable." - eRIC (22-Sep-2003)

"Soon after loading this up you'll see how awesomely huge this tower is with a well done flyby that just dares you to climb up to the top. There are many levels to the tower and after finding your way onto the first level there are puzzles to solve at each one to gain access to the next level. You'll have to do some careful jumping block pushing switch finding block climbing plus shimmy around a corner or two and there are plenty of challenges like how to raise blocks boulders to get by spiked floors crocs skeletons mummies timed blocks fire tiles and of course great heights. I had an urge to do a swan dive off the very top but couldn't bring myself to do it. I loved the 60 minutes I spent climbing this monster and only wish it had been twice as tall. Secrets found: 1" - RaiderGirl (15-Sep-2003)

"Very clever level indeed. From the initial flyby up the tower that you need to climb you are treated to a very smartly constructed path including swimming climbing jumping movable block puzzles spikes boulders dart and fire traps and two cartouches three gems and a pillar to find and use. Rather many switches but not a problem due to the overall variety. Quite a diverse assembly of enemies too. So all in all a thoroughly enjoyable 80 minutes raid in a not very suitable outfit and I guess I need to try the thing again as I found zero of the 3 secrets." - Michael (26-Jul-2003)

"Lara looks most uncomfortable in that business suit - hardly practical raiding wear I'd have thought. However. Your mission here is to get to the top of a large tower-like structure. Sounds simple? Hmmmm just you wait. Your route isn't always easy to spot and there are some interesting and challenging things along the way including block puzzles boulder runs and some quite gruelling climbing. It's a very tall tower indeed - by the time you reach the top you'll be screaming for oxygen and a team of Sherpas. I found it rather a fascinating level which took me an hour and forty minutes to complete and I found one secret. 18.07.2003" - Jay (19-Jul-2003)

"As the name of this level suggests Lara's objective is to ascend an enormous tower chock full of traps and baddies. First she must open the tower and get inside which is a bit of adventure in itself. Essentially The Infernal Tower was built using the Cleopatra's Palaces wad and texture sets except that the author chose to incorporate the Cairo/Giza Horizon and a custom sky file he imported several items not native to the cleopal wad set and he made the unaccountable choice to dress Lara in Sophia Leigh's tasteless pant suit. The gameplay and puzzles are excellent. The enemies mostly come from the cleopal wad set (demigods harpies skeletons) plus bats mummies and crocodiles. The author did not include the bubbles item so the demigods and harpies fired Lara's (Sophia's?) shins at her. Weapons were well hidden. The .txt file indicates that he placed all the weapons except the grenade gun though I only found the shotgun. The atmosphere was essentially Egyptian which meant that Sophia's pantsuit was REALLY out of place here. (Maybe if he had made a tech city skyscraper ...) Sound was mixed. As Lara climbed higher the ambient sound suggested the passing of time as if evening were approaching. However the lighting understandably didn't change to match. A single ambient sound (or a pair of ambient sounds to contrast inside and outside conditions) would have been an improvement. Music was almost entirely absent as only three incidental music files were used in the entire level. The lighting was well done and the textures were well selected for the environment. Overall the gameplay is the best part of this level which for me lasted 1:50 hours." - Loren (14-Jul-2003)

"It's nice to play a French level for a change since we don't see that many French people around sites in English... You know usually there's something about the levels you can tell more or less where it comes from America England Japan France whatever... That can be said about Tower of Hell starting out with Lara's outfit (although I'm aware that it was borrowed but from a French person so...). I liked its originality a kind of a non-Egyptian Egyptian level where the aim is to manage to start climbing a tower and get to the top of it while making a lot of jumps all around it and having to make risky (even though not really tricky) jumps to the outside at times. I only found one secret the revolver - thanks to Sash from the forums - which came in very handy since I was meeting a couple of demigods right afterwards in the middle of a clever not boring as often happens block puzzle. I also found some ammo here and there that could have been secrets. But there might have been more I guess... A little after the beginning of the game in a place with two boulders and spikes there might have been one but I'm not sure. If there was any there I couldn't find it. Before reaching the top of that place when Lara has to climb up some stairs and reach steps with lit torches there is also an unlit torch there - I still wonder if that has no meaning... And when Lara gets to the top and has to slide down a ramp there's another boulder awaiting her if she gets back there a second time... Anyway unfortunately there was some lack of cutscenes even though the game flowed well just the same. More unfortunately there were a couple of bugs such as Lara passing through blocks and birds flying through the roof... It's a nice level though and I had fun playing it. When I arrived at the end and saw the water hole that triggers the end I was sorry that there wasn't a little more (even though I was surprised to see a water hole that could only lead to the room where I'd just been at the top of the building). There isn't much that's complicated about this well balanced level but it isn't too easy either - don't you go complicating it as I sometimes did you'll only get stuck for no reason. A nice mix of challenge and relaxation after some more complex game. I do recommend it and my only real complaint is the fact that this is one of those custom levels (not too many thank God) that make my computer go a bit slower for some reason (bad for the eyes!) - of course you could always say it's my fault for not buying a new one..." - Jorge22 (14-Jul-2003)

"The start of this level is a flyby and you see a tower well that is the one you have to climb. What stands out in this level the jumping. There is a lot of jumping to do and that suits me fine. Even with the heights I just lined Lara up closed my eyes and let her jump. I'll know if she screams I did do something wrong. But nevertheless this is a nice gem for a first.... even a double gem. Some swimming some traps and there is even a nice timed run in it. The couple of block puzzles might stop you in dead your tracks but it was fun to figure them out. You need to find several items like a crowbar always handy some gems and also 2 Cartouche and a Pillar. Enemy wise there are harpies warthogs crocs and demigods not many though but I didn't miss them. And I made it to the top. Found 2 secrets. 07-07-2003" - Gerty (10-Jul-2003)

"I liked this level. There is a high tower in the middle of the outside area and every puzzle helps the player climb this tower until you reach the top. Gems a pillar two cartouches are some of the items needed. Boulders and fire tiles are traps to be found along with crocodiles a skeleton or two demigods and scorpions. The concept is original although not unique we have seen something similar in the past. I would have preferred it a little longer and not that easy to reach the top. Nevertheless it's a fun level which involves also some swimming and underwater levers but mostly jumps. A good level to play." - Kristina (10-Jul-2003)

"Although the idea with the tower is not new anymore it is employed better than everywhere else so far. From the opening flyby you are sure it will be fun to find out how to climb to the top and the creator has tricky traps and dangerous jumps for you before you get there. Also included are action scenes such as the shooting with the 2 demigods. A real challenge everybody should enjoy. Only two minor design flaws: Lara wouldn't go swimming in that thick black dress and the paperthin walls simply cutting off the area from the darkness around don't look nice from above a few mountains on the horizon would have served better." - Rüdiger (10-Jul-2003)

"This is my type of level. Here you are presented with as the title suggest a huge tower and your task is to scale its impressive heights but the path is not an easy one. There are well -hidden levers to find angry guardians to ward off and puzzles to solve. All this whilst performing meticulous jumps around the side of the tower as you creep ever higher knowing one wrong step will lead to an ignomious death. It took me 90 minutes of creeping crawling shimmying and head scratching to finally get to the top and I enjoyed every minute." - Torry (09-Jul-2003)

"In a nutshell Lara has to climb one huge monolithic organic tower and in a nutshell it was pulled off so well that my only disappointment was that the tower wasn't even taller so that I could play on. You should spend about an hour traversing in all kinds of ways to get to the top and the finish along the way having to empty areas of water figuring out a couple of really well designed movable block puzzles avoiding some nice boulder traps and completing one not too difficult timed run to a raising block. Enemies aren't a main factor but there are a few demigod and harpy moments thankfully few and far between but if you find some of the secrets revolver uzi and crossbow of which I only found the revolver then these enemies are taken out very easily. The only oddity about this great level was that the author chose to dress Lara in a black pants suit which for the environment and type of climbing she had to do was just plain odd in any case this is a lot of fun so check it out." - Sash (07-Jul-2003)
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