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Author(s): Lindén
total rating:8.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dya1403 8 8 9 9
G.Croft 8 8 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Ivan 8 7 8 8
Jay 9 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 9 8 8
Jose 7 7 6 6
Kristina 9 8 8 9
LePerk 6 7 7 8
MichaelP 8 7 9 8
Patson 10 10 9 10
Phil 9 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 9 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 9 8
Sash 9 9 8 8
Yoav 8 8 9 9
category averages
(16 reviews)
8.31 8.00 8.13 8.25

Reviewer's comments

"This is a pleasing jungle adventure that should occupy you for about an hour net gaming time (or thereabouts). You are challenged with your running and jumping skills as you have to perform tight timed runs (doable with a bit of practice), outsmart boulders, spikes, spiked ceilings and spiked walls. There are also some rope swings, so have fun with those. I particularly liked the flybys, often accompanied by a nice choice of audio. If you are a jungle level fan or a TR3 fan, I can surely recommend this one." - Ryan (12-Sep-2016)

"This jungle level was for me long and laborious. There are too hard tasks like the timed run in the starting area to the door at the other side of the pool, the hard jumps over the slopes with the spikes below or the rolling ball smashing you before you pull the wall switch. I got trapped behind the high timed door in the corridor with one of the eye pieces too and I had to reload several times. Another tasks are funny though. The author could think about a way to force players to pick up all the armour pieces. There are enough flares, but many rooms are too dark (black) and all the game only with the pistols with very few ammo for the shotgun or the uzis was not a good idea. I didn't like the monotonous texturization and sometimes bad applied textures in many places. Also the fixed cameras were annoying in some places. Not a bad level but I think it's rated too high from another players." - Jose (22-Mar-2012)

"Here's another old level that provides a good bit of gaming pleasure (in my case, over an hour and a half's worth). Although billed as a jungle level, most of the action takes place indoors and you therefore don't have this continuing feeling of being in a jungle environment. There's nothing really new here, but it all holds together well and you get in a few challenging exercises along the way. Part of the game involves picking up five different pieces of body armor, but they aren't associated with the secrets and they aren't required to complete the level, so I'm unsure of their purpose. Monika has provided a concise walkthrough that covers all the bases. A fun level to play, one that I can surely recommend." - Phil (05-Aug-2011)

"Nice level but little too darky and for some momment little borring traps and puzzles, buy on other momment nice for play and relaxing. Good TR3 level with tr4 moments. Atmosphere is okay and changing of indian and tropic island areas with a lot of traps and hidden switches." - Ivan (01-Jan-2007)

"The title of the level was what atracted me in the first place, so I thought I should give it a try. The gameplay was very fluent and I didn't get stuck at all(to my surprise), but I can't say it was a kids-business.Lara falls in a muddy hole somewhere in the jungle and has to make her way throgh many door actioned by MANY levers. Very cool teh scene with Von Croy in the last part of the level, when he asks Lara to give him the armour she worked so hard to collect. He offers her supernatural powers in return, but as we all know Lara she refuses.She likes handling things her own way! hehe... Don't try to kill Von Croy, it's a waste of time.(It's like the case with the egyptian mummies).I had some problems with the game crushing to desktop when I loaded the savegames and I had to redo the last part, but maybe was just my laptop playing jokes on me. Many new ides and logical puzzles and a lot of dark places to explore.I liked the fixed cameras angles(especially the one when Lara runs for her life in the moving spikes trap.This level is perfect for a begginer." - dya1403 (22-Nov-2006)

"I'm still not sure this kind of marriage between TR3 jungle settings and several Last Revelation objects is valid... But I've seen worse much worse. And in the end the mix here isn't too shocking since almost everything is India inspired and only the objects Lara has to use the pieces of armour she has to find (may find in fact since they aren't necessary for finishing the game) and a couple of not at all Indian textures are Egyptian. Apart from that the game has plenty of positive features... The graphics and the lighting aren't amazing but they're ok (in spite of a couple of bugs such as Lara running into a room where spikes are advancing and she has to use two levers and pick up an artefact while having to find her way through invisible boxes which make her moves difficult - I think that has to do with where you've saved your game) and the action is pretty good with timed runs and loads of intelligent mechanisms and traps. Another thing which I disliked was the absence of certain sounds - for example when lighting a flare using a lever or the curious blade trap at the beginning. But this is by no means a boring game and neither is it one of those where you end up running around in circles wondering what the hell you're supposed to do next. In that sense it has a lot to do with TR3. I liked the aggressive (but fortunately slow) zombie-like Von Croy even though I've already seen something like that in a recent level - but this one is older so it is the real McCroy! :) Well Linden I had fun playing your game and I can sincerely recommend it in spite of the few things I may have liked less. In the end it all comes to a matter of taste... And since TR3 is my favorite in the series and yours is a nice sequel to TR3's jungle how could I have disliked it?" - Jorge22 (17-May-2004)

"This jungle - similar to TR3 - is really cool. Swimming in an underwater maze many switches to pull and open gates timed raising blocks. You find many objects and deal with familiar fighters from the past. Took me while to play this level... well it's never too late wonderful and fun level indeed." - Yoav (13-May-2004)

"You are going to die. I think this level is all about re-enforcing that fact. You start off in a room with many closed doors. Behind each door is a level to open another door. But to get to that level you must negotiate a trap (and that's the best word for they're not really puzzles). These traps will kill you again and again until you figure out how to beat them. This got really frustrating for me so I can only give it a 6 for game play. Besides that it is a great looking level. The monkeys don't disappear after you kill them which is good. Check out Lara's left hand when she lights a flare. Not really my type of level but I can appreciate the creativity that went into creating it. All up it is worth playing so start downloading. ;)" - LePerk (05-Aug-2003)

"This is the nightmare version of the jungle levels from TR 3 with some difficult moves and traps that had me reloading more times than I care to admit. In my quest for two hands and two eye pieces I came across boulder traps from hell slide/jump puzzles over spikes raising and lowering blocks with birds flying around attacking lots of spike filled walls and ceilings - some with timed switches difficult slides where you have to jump at just the right second underwater tunnels - lots of hazards to get around but ultimately lots of fun. I found five secrets and four armour pieces and loved the secret room at the end with a mention of someone we all know and love." - RaiderGirl (23-Jul-2003)

"I have to say that this level was very interesting and presented some real challenges. Linden's timed doors especially had me ready to quit this game more than once. Just when you think you'll never get through the door zoom there you are! The atmosphere was really great. Truly reminiscent of the original level. Some very very dark corners but with plenty of flares to go around. To start off you have to race through one of those timed doors and then a circular knife trap and if you've gone too far through the door the knife trap will be almost impossible to get through. There are boulder traps and several underwater areas. Quite a few switches to pull and some with surprises when you pull them like the floor going out from under you but it is intentional and part of the game plan. There are lots of different areas to explore and you can very easily miss a secret or a pickup if you don't do a thorough job of it. I use the binoculars in every dark area and I believe I got all the secrets (6) and picked up all but one medipack (which was impossible to get without getting Lara killed). There are areas to be wary of and they are pretty well marked but just because an area is red doesn't necessarily mean it is dangerous. Enemies are (in no particular order) harpies rats water reptiles condors native warriors and monkeys. Traps are (also in no order) spike walls and ceilings poison floor spikes boulder traps timed doors circular knife traps fire blasts fire platforms spike balls and spike pits (I may have forgotten some). There are invisible platforms in a couple of areas that need to be discovered. There is one particular jump sequence that leads to a second jump sequence that I found most challenging and had to reload many times before I finally got it correct. I would have given this one higher marks in Sound but I thought some of the sounds were more like mechanical sounds machinery and steel type of sounds and not fitting with the ancient sights. There is one timed door that you can get stuck in if you don't do it correctly but other than that I found no 'bugs'. A wonderful level nicely done by Linden." - Patson (22-Jul-2003)

"For sure if you like timed runs this is a level you shouldn't miss. Even if you don't like them you should give it a try. There are 6 secrets to find (I only found 3) and also the pieces of the suit of armor scattered around are fun to collect. And if that is not enough you need the two Hands the Eye pieces a Cartouche and the Amulet of Linden. You start with a slide in an Indian Jungle environment and not even 5 minutes into the game you'll have your first timed run. There is plenty to do here as rope swinging swimming jumping. Don't forget the red herrings he has thrown in. There are some nice traps too boulders emitters spikes and the likes. Although there is a fair amount of levers and hardly any camera work this level shouldn't give you any problems as far as loosing your way is concerned. As for those spiked walls once you know what to do there are quite easy they do luckily disappear into the wall so you can come back to get your items. Almost at the end you meet Von Croy and I jumped in my chair when he started to speak. The enemies are some monkeys and yes I shot them as they started to bite Lara rats natives crocs and vultures. In my download I ran into an invisible block in the last spike room just keep going straight and you will be able to flip those switches in time though. This is the best Linden made yet so where is the next one? 13-07-2003" - Gerty (20-Jul-2003)

"Many many tricks and traps in this fun level. It all begins in a center area where there are many doors you need to open through out the game. You start off immediately with two pretty tight timed runs and then you have to be careful where ever you go.... The quest is to find the 'Amulet of Linden' ;-) and then find the way out. You can also find the 5 pieces of armour and 6 secrets. You will encounter amongst other; natives monkeys rats and an undead VonCroy!" - G.Croft (19-Jul-2003)

"Linden is beginning to establish himself as one heck of a level builder. This 75 minutes jungle/India adventure is full of interesting gameplay elements - mainly originating from a central room where you branch off to find two hands a cartouche and the two eye pieces to finally end up where you began and end the level. Along the way you are treated with the finding of 5 or 6 secrets (of which I liked mainly the first with the invisible platforms) and the five pieces of armor (although those are optional). What I thought was most impressive was really creative use of cameras several short timed sequences above and under water good use of moving spike walls and a very cool scene with Von Croy. Maybe a few too many switches along the way but all in all excellent fun." - Michael (18-Jul-2003)

"I must say I like Linden's levels; there's something very satisfying about them and this is his best to date. It's an India/Jungle adventure this time. I was standing there at the beginning of the level admiring the scenery when I suddenly realised the monkeys were biting me - not the friendly species we've become used to. You need to open all the doors leading off the first pool area and complete a variety of challenges in each part. All the classic tomb raiding elements are here including tight timed runs swimming boulder dodging rising blocks general leaping about like a mad thing and some really excellent spiky moments. Lovely gameplay. Not too many enemies - a South Sea Island native or two those hard to kill vultures and a sneaky crocodile lurking in some shallow water and ultimately you get to meet a zombie Von Croy. This level kept me happily occupied for more than an hour and a half and I still only managed to find two of the six secrets. However I did find all six quest items. 13.07.2003" - Jay (14-Jul-2003)

"By far the best in the series so far and just to my tastes this one finds Lara in India searching for an artefact the Amulet of Linden uh huh that' right the Amulet of Linden these kooky authors and who would she happen to meet along the way but none other than Von Croy but not your usual Von Croy no now he' a zombie and he is building super soldier monkeys yep you heard me super soldier monkeys oh those silly deranged authors. The theme to a lot of the puzzles in this 70 minute level seems to revolve around timed runs and swims and some of these quite tight though nothing that isn' doable so don' let that put you off at all. There are plenty of other things to do and things to find 6 secrets of which I found 4 and 6 quest pieces as well as some nicely executed traps the worst of these involving moving spiked walls and ceilings wait till I get my hands on these freaking authors. You end this level where you began just a storey above though I found a way to get here at the start and finish in about 1 minute that's what you get for being nosy and if you are lucky I say this with tongue in cheek you again will be like me and nose around just before the end to find a hidden little treat from another author a deadly one sadistic bastard authors now their ganging up on us well I've had just about enough of them oh who's kidding who I loved this level. (Said in Oliver Twist accent) Please Linden can I have some more!" - Sash (10-Jul-2003)

"Linden has created a wonderful level. It's obvious that since the first release much improvement has been made and we have a simple but very enjoyable level. Often we tend to rate levels high that are complex with mysterious puzzles and new enemies or objects. I agree that when someone has worked hard to give us an entertaining level with every tool available and has succeeded deserves a recognition. The levels though like this one that are simple but clever are underestimated. I found this to be a pleasant level with hands the Eye of Horus the armor pieces and Linden's Amulet lol and therefore I owe it to the author to show my appreciation. It's an India like level with many doors that hide a small adventure behind them. We see boulder traps rolling balls spikes and a nice sequel with spike walls. The raising blocks may not always be what they seem; be sure to explore everything and every possibility. As enemies there are no so friendly monkeys condors crocodiles and natives. The secrets are not very hard but since I am not good at that department that's my excuse I found four and five of the six artifacts. I was missing one gauntlet. I went back to the level after finishing it to search for other secrets but I guess some of them are not that easy after all. During the ninety minutes it lasted I was never bored or stuck with no way out. Definitely one of the good levels out there. Keep them coming that's what I say we need more of these." - Kristina (10-Jul-2003)
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