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Author(s): Titak
total rating:8.54 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 9 9 8
eTux 5 10 8 10
Gerty 7 9 9 8
Jay 6 7 9 9
Jose 8 9 8 8
Kristina 8 8 9 9
LePerk 7 7 9 8
manarch2 5 8 9 9
MichaelP 6 8 9 9
Navi 9 9 10 10
Nuri 9 10 10 9
Obig 8 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 9 10
Phil 9 9 9 8
RaiderGirl 7 9 9 8
Relic Hunter 10 8 9 10
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Samu 6 8 8 9
Sash 6 8 9 8
Sethian 10 10 10 10
Velociraptor 9 8 10 10
category averages
(21 reviews)
7.52 8.62 9.05 8.95

Reviewer's comments

"At first sight, this may seem like a typical Young Lara level in that you simply have to follow Von Croy to the finish trigger, while he clears your path of any impeding distractions (ie enemies). This way you end the level in around ten minutes and wonder what the point of it all was. But if you do that, you're missing out on a whole extra hour or so of gameplay. So instead take the time to hunt down all four secrets in the first level to be able to access the second and soak up every ounce of this surprisingly entertaining release. The quaint jungle setting is absolutely gorgeous and realistic, but while the atmosphere is incredibly convincing. Maybe a few too many levers to pull, but as a whole it was great fun." - Ryan (23-Feb-2019)

"I remember trying to play this level years ago and giving up because I found it too dark to see what I was doing (being unable to add flares due to it being a Young Lara level). But on my second try I had no problems whatsoever in this regard. Other reviewers have mentioned eye candy, but as most of the action takes place deep in the jungle I have no idea what they're talking about. Maybe they mean the realistic surroundings, and you certainly do get that as you make your way along Von Croy's path. The main concept here is intriguing and quite unique. You have the option of following Von Croy and finishing the level in a matter of minutes. However, if you leave him at the closed door and go back to do some extensive exploration, you eventually find four skulls that allow you to play a bonus second level that you otherwise would miss, stretching your total playing time to an hour or more. Although the second level is shorter than the first one, it provides a good deal of engaging gameplay. It's been too long since we've enjoyed a new release from this talented builder. High recommendations." - Phil (23-Aug-2017)

"It is one of the most cozy trle games i've played. A whimsical jungle with well hidden objects, a lot of disguised tree lives that you can climb on it!I qualify it like a great, hard level! Recommend it!" - Velociraptor (21-Nov-2016)

"Early Titak - when you want something undemanding and comfy but still feeling like made by a human being. This one is insanely secret-oriented - basically if you don't care about skulls and leave VC behind you can finish the first, and in this case the only part, within five minutes of easy run. But if you decide to go hunting secrets and extra medikits, the game gets incomparably more rewarding. Unfortunately one skull is hidden by plainly unfair inconsistency and you still need this item to visit the bonus level, so at least for me the most reasonable way to experience everything without getting too frustrated was to check the walkthrough after about an hour of running around. SUMMARY: A trip of immersion and exploration without too much of anything else." - DJ Full (22-Jan-2016)

"I Love the atmosphere of this game. I anyway love jungle levels and levels with the young Lara. This level includes a very detailed, big jungle and the best secrets ever! Very cool made, that secrets have their own big rooms, places and puzzles. The secrets are good hidden, so I needed hours to find all of them, but it is worth it's price. The bonus level also includes good puzzles, rooms... I wish, I could visit that jungle^^" - Nuri (12-Jun-2015)

"A good example of a beautiful level (even might be called "work of art") that doesn't really have much to show gameplaywise. I'll say it right away, I didn't like the idea to have virtually no main gameplay at all and let the player search for secrets all the time instead. In my humble opinion a game should stand out on its own and a player should be happy to have played it even if he doesn't find any secrets. There have been many levels which prominently focus on secrets (the best example probably being Codo's Blood Mountain) but all of those at least had a larger part for the main gameplay, but in here, you can finish the game in less than four minutes if you don't. My review would've quite harmed this level if I treated the gameplay category normally, but I took the secret parts and also the bonus level into account. Still, what you'll get here are not the greatest tasks you've ever seen, the game is mainly focused on exploration, mainly finding a lot (!) of floor levers and after some time it became rather tedious. The trap sequences were only a small change, because most traps can be passed easily (and it's somewhat confusing to see a lot of spike textures where there were no spikes at all), but the element of exploration I mentioned is quite achieved and fun. Not to forget all is set in soo beautiful surroundings which are perfectly textured and well lit and have a great atmosphere. The enemies you cannot kill (it's a young Lara level so don't expect weapons) are placed with care, especially the crocodiles, although they can get on your nerves after some time. If only the gameplay had been more achieved, we would have had another top level by the builder who has nonetheless achieved something rarely seen - one of the few totally eye-candy-ish levels built with classic tools only. Took me 35 minutes." - manarch2 (17-Dec-2013)

"Another good level from this author, this time with the young Lara and Von Croy in Cambodia. You'll have to llok for four secrets in first level if you want to play the second one. It wont be difficult but it forces players to explore carefully. The levels have a good design, well textured and ornated with all kind of details (as usual) and you'll find a lot of traps to avoid and many floor switches to pull to deactivate traps or open doors to Von Croy. There is a very tricky curved jump in a small spiked room with a ladder in a corner, but generally tasks are not hard and there are enough medipacks to replenish Lara's health when animals (wild pigs and crocs) attack. Short levels but recommended anyway." - Jose (27-Mar-2012)

"This must be one of the greatest and loveliest level sets I have ever played. I do not understand why it hasn't received higher review marks. Is it truly only because it is a Young Lara level and we have no guns to shoot everything in sight? As much fun as shooting can be, I see no reason as to why the lack of weapons in this level should play a part in judging it... it was made to be a Young Lara level. Downgrading it for simply being a Young Lara level is the same like downgrading something for being an Arctic level simply because one does not like Arctic levels. So I have made an effort to review this level for just what it is, as opposed to wishing it to be something different: an incredible and enjoyable Young Lara level. I think the Gameplay is great in this level. Since it is primarily focused around only finding secrets, it seems to be very simple. However, the way the secrets are hidden, the rooms they are kept in, and the traps they are surrounded with, make this an incredible gaming experience. For me, Tomb Raider is about unlocking something beautiful, mysterious, and unknown, and I think Titak captured this wonderfully by having specially designated 'Temple rooms' for each secret. I also think this is one of the best levels I have played when it comes to using the classic Teeth Spikes in creative ways. The way they activate, deactivate, stick out, snap in and out, all depending on different things Lara does, is truly exciting and challenging. I also never noticed how great they look with the tiny blotches of blood on the tips. The Enemies are also placed nicely throughout the level. Even though at one point I was shocked at how many wild boars came stampeding towards me, I felt it was all a reasonable and challenging amount to outrun (or out swim the crocs) without feeling too frustrated that I didn't have guns. The atmosphere in these levels is great... it brings back of mix of memories and nostalgia from the TR3 Jungle and TR4 Cambodia, and as I said before, the sense of awe and discovery one feels when entering a temple area designated specifically to a Golden Skull is terrific. Cameras help out with this as well. My favourite moments were the camera that shows us Lara swimming into a massive chamber from above, and the camera tied with the fun audio track as Lara begins her monkey swing across a big room. Cameras are not overused, and only used in moments when they create a wonderful awe effect... which is as it should be. The opening flyby with the classic TR theme playing is also a great moment. The lighting and texturing is fantastic... need I say more? The jungle looks wonderfully believable with all the foliage and winding areas and corners that often hide nothing, and are only there to give us a large sense of space. And the temple level is great and reminds me of a wonderful re-imagined version of the Angkor Wat in TR4, and that brings back so many memories. Titak's blue lighting that she fills her sacred chambers with has also always been my favourite, and it adds a mystical feel to those rooms. The blue version of the Young Lara outfit she made for this game also compliments the sometimes bluish and sometimes greenish lighting. All in all this is a wonderful experience and shouldn't be passed up simply because of not having guns... it's Tomb Raiding and exploring at it's finest! :)" - Sethian (25-Dec-2007)

"This level has truly good looking jungle environment which is constructed with care. Objects are used well too but gameplay is not particularly interesting. There are only running, easy jumping tasks and some switches to find in this level. This would be much better level if more challenges and thinking was included but it is still an enjoyable raid which doesn't take too much time to complete." - Samu (09-Apr-2007)

"I'm not a huge fan of non-linear exploring levels, but this is really quite superb; a lovingly constructed Young Lara adventure which not only does not irritate (unlike most others of its ilk) but actually tells a suitably majestic yarn in a stunning setting. I needed a few pointers to find the four skulls in the first level, but it's all fair provided you look into every corner (although the 'solid' water-leaves are a bit cheaty, as some were capable of standing on and others weren't); and those who can't be bothered and simply dash through to the Temple at the level's end are abusing the efforts of the builder, as Level Two is a complete change of pace and an excellent example of a linear run to a big objective. It is perhaps a little disappointing that the player never actually gets to navigate Young Lara out of the Temple itself (a flyby does that for you) but this is a tremendous adventure nonetheless. Beautifully assembled (the Jungle and the Temples are thoroughly convincing) with two types of Gameplay, this is yet more evidence (if any were needed) of Titak's excellence." - Orbit Dream (06-Jun-2005)

"A great level from my favorite builder Titia! In this two part level Lara and Von Croy explore the jungles of Cambodia to find the temple of the Iris but to get access there we need to collect the four golden skulls in the first level. The first level can be finished in as much as fifteen minutes without the skulls and they are hidden very well in this level. I liked the idea of jumping on lilypads to get into a shrine where one of the skulls were that was very original. I didn't really like to jump over a floor of spikes and some of the tiles are safe but they don't look like it anyway that was rather easy to figure out. In the second level we start off in an area that looks kind of like the starting point from TR4's 'Angkor Wat'. However the level turns into a beautiful and innovative adventure. The aim in the second level is to get into the chamber of the Iris and free Von Croy. On the way in the temple there are some tricky swims spikes and some tough jumps not to mention boars chasing you. All in all a great level starring Young Lara. Not to be missed." - Relic Hunter (08-Aug-2004)

"Your work seems to be simple but is not. You can get through the level by following your mentor but the proper objective is getting the 4 Golden Skulls as you will get the 2nd level with them. And faithfully to herself Titak hid them well. :) First I found only one Skull on the 1st level and it's hard work and great adventure collecting all of them. You are roaming about with the little Lara without weapons and binoculars so you must look around carefully. And Lara must run away from the wild-boars and crocodiles. I found 7 Golden Skulls but getting the last one was very hard in the room with ropes. The added sounds are good: the birds' twittering the monkey's mumbling and the voice of Lara's mentor. The textures are also good: they are a bit dark at some places and we don't have flares. I can recommend all levels made by Titak as well as this one. It was a great adventure wandering about both the Jungle Fever and Temple of Ruins levels." - Obig (16-Oct-2003)

"I'm not usually a big fan of young Lara levels (a girl should never be without her uzis) but the author did a great job on this one. It looks so much better than the training level we remember from TR 4 plus it has much better traps and more challenges. It still has you racing Von Croy to grab the Iris though as soon as you reach it the level is over and you're shown a flyby of the rooms from the second level. Both levels have a lot of exploring in well built environments plus at least six secrets to find." - RaiderGirl (10-Oct-2003)

"Two beautiful levels with Young Laga (always a pleasure to play with her again). She starts in the Jungle and later moves on to the Temple. Puzzles are not all that tricky. Lara needs to pull levers to open a certain door (reminds me of TR4 with Von Croy - she does not find the backpack but at the end the Iris). Enemies are warthogs and crocodiles. In the first level there are four golden skulls to find and they are well hidden and require a lot of work to get to them which is not easy to accomplish. Many traps diving jumping - a bit of everything :). Graphics and architecture of both levels are carefully put together - I liked that a lot. If you keep your eyes open then enough pickups are provided. In the second level Lara needs to pull many levers again find and use two gems and swim a lot master traps and rope swings. Here I found only one of the three skulls. Camera and sound were well added especially at the end when Lara finds the Iris. A level with Young Lara that is really worth playing. Recommended for adults and children :)." - Navi (01-Sep-2003)

"Oh dear it's young Lara and I do miss my binoculars and flares - there are some dark corners in this jungle. Also guns would be nice as the water's full of crocodiles and Von Croy doesn't seem inclined to deal with them. Ah well. The jungle setting is nicely done and as usual seems to invite a lot of exploring but pickups are understandably confined to medipacks and gold skull secrets. If you fail to find all four skulls the level ends very soon otherwise you get another area to explore very much like the original Angkor Wat level. Enemies are equally obviously few and far between - crocodiles and wild pigs. There are levers to pull some swimming to do and lots of spikes to avoid. Take time to admire the scenery it's well worth looking at. 20.08.2003" - Jay (29-Aug-2003)

"If you follow Werner von Croy this level will be over in a jiffy. Only complaint I would have that at places it was rather dark even playing it at night with all the lights out. If you like exploring this is the level for you. You need to find all the secrets (Golden skulls) to get to the bonus level. Is this the newest fad? So explore and explore some more. As always I got stuck at the weirdest places plainly overlooking a very obvious corridor is an example. That will teach me not to run through a level. Young Lara in the jungle and there are warthogs some will Uncle Werner kill. Then there are the crocs you have to out swim. Still don't like Young Lara levels but the story here is great. The jungle as well and I am a sucker for jungle levels. 16-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)

"Jungle Fever (5/8/9/9 40 min. 4 secrets): An Angkor/Jungle setting and as we all know by know the overall setting is beautifully rendered. Young Lara follows Von Croy along and if you just do that the level is over after 11 minutes and you wonder what it is all about. A few spikes a few levers a few warthogs and a few crocodiles along the way and a nice little cut scene too. But if you did read the readme you know there is much more to this and I spent quite a bit of time finding the rather well hidden four golden skull secrets which give you a whole lot of extra gameplay and allow for your way into the bonus level. Temple Ruins (6/7/9/9 30 min. 2 secrets): This is the run to the Iris this time Young Lara actually leading Von Croy along (and locking him for a while along the way). Rather linear and uneventful with spikes darts and blades to harm you a few warthogs and a long swim a shimmy and a rope swing passage. Two gems (Crystals of the Dancing Light) are needed before you (almost) get your hands on to the Iris and the adventure ends with a flyby. All in all most definitely worth to look at (also at the nice custom title flyby) and the quest for the secrets in part one is quite a challenge." - Michael (24-Aug-2003)

"Beautifully designed the first of the two levels has young Lara searching through a Cambodian jungle sprinkled with temples on the search for 4 golden skull secrets but finding them is easier said than done. It is the prerogative of the player if they choose to go hunting for them as you can finish the first level without them but to access the bonus level they are imperative. The bonus level starts and has sprinklings of the original Angkor Wat level but that didn't bother me too much as it was different enough and in the end you only spend around 20 minutes in it looking for 3 golden skull secrets of which I only found 2 and finally reaching the Iris. On these journeys you are accompanied by Von Croy well when I say accompanied in the first he pretty much just leads the way to the end and you go off to do your own thing and in the bonus he stupidly imprisons himself while you do everything and he then gets released at the end to obviously take all the glory. For lovers of secrets these are a really nice set of levels if at times in the first a little disorienting but for those that want some really good puzzling and action then this will probably not fit that bill. I say though that this is one to check out if for none other than the really lovely setting." - Sash (23-Aug-2003)

"These are two enjoyable little levels featuring young Lara being escorted by Von Croy. I finished the first level in about 15mins but I didn't get any of the four golden skulls you need to play the second level so I played again. Just search around the well constructed jungle and you will come across the first two skulls. To get the second two think of the first puzzle in TR3-Crash Site. Then you enter the second level. Nothing to difficult just watch out for all those spikes and floor blades. Both level look great the second level all looks pretty much the same but you won't get lost in the Angkor Wat inspired level because the game play is very linear. Fun no stress good looking raiding." - LePerk (23-Aug-2003)

"I admit I don't like levels with young Lara mostly because you have no flares or binoculars but I really liked this one. As you can imagine the Angkor Wat is used for this gem. Lara has to find four golden skulls to access the bonus level inside a beautiful jungle with wild boars and crocodiles inside the pools. The setting is great I loved it the trees and greenery are well made. Von Croy is present but soon leaves Lara to find the secrets and waits by the exit. The first time I went through the jungle I missed all the skulls and I am glad the secrets are accessible in all times so I went back. That happened because the locations of the skulls are all well hidden except one which is visible but not so easy to access. I loved one particular area that was as big as the main forest and had a temple like structure. The whole level is very interesting but you have to explore much and keep your eyes open for holes and one walkthrough area with leafs. The bonus level started looking exactly like the original Angkor Wat but soon after it changes completely and the exploration becomes interesting again. The traps are mostly spikes and blades in the floor the small ones that fit in one tile. The enemies here are only a few crocodiles. I would have added some bats in both levels. Finally Lara finds the Iris and frees Von Croy which in the mean time was trapped behind a gate because he chose the wrong way. I found only two out of three skulls in the second level which makes it six in total. Great level and recommended to get away for a while from the shooting-killing and finally get some pure fun." - Kristina (18-Aug-2003)

"As all of Titak's levels so far - this too has been fabulous in the way it looks but most of those I've played are not very well constructed puzzle wise and rather short. This level is more for the players who like to explore search for secrets as basically that's the only quest here besides getting through it - not a good idea in my opinion - sure the areas are very beautiful and the secret level is a nice treat with lots of beautiful effects and fun tasks too but it's a shame to see such a beautiful level with such a great potential being so weak gameplay-wise. I haven't played all of Titaks levels yet but even if this one is very beautiful it feels like a waste for those who get to the end in 20 or less minutes without the secrets." - eTux (18-Aug-2003)
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