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Author(s): Cornchild
total rating:8.19 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 8 8 9
Duncan 9 7 8 5
eTux 8 9 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 7 8 9
Jose 8 7 7 7
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 7 8 9
Moonpooka 9 8 7 8
Navi 9 10 9 8
Obig 9 8 8 9
Orbit Dream 9 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 9 8
RaiderGirl 9 8 9 8
Ryan 9 8 8 8
Sash 7 7 8 8
TombRaiderFan 10 9 10 8
vienna 8 8 9 9
category averages
(18 reviews)
8.44 7.94 8.28 8.11

Reviewer's comments

"Very entertaining double level in the TR1 style. It manages to display a very smooth flowing type of gameplay that will not likely have you stymied for long, but nonetheless provides great enjoyment. The Egyptian setting is generally nicely crafted and a pleasure to explore and you get a lot to do for the 40 or so minutes the entire game lasts. The first part provides the bulk of the gameplay, while the second is little more than a quick escape on the jeep (although nicely done nonetheless). The skeletal trumpet players were a nice touch too. Recommended." - Ryan (24-Feb-2019)

"Very nice TR1-style level. Seacrets are very easy to find. Second level is short but memorable (outside, going to safe, helicopter) I didn't find shotgun or uziz. Level is not too easy or hard. This is a good level I have to recommend." - vienna (14-Jul-2016)

"I really liked this TR1-style level. Often the egyptian levels are tedious and repetitive, but this one has an "old times" inspiration, with some traps, climbing, dangerous areas, easy puzzles... I liked the half lineal gameplay in first level; second one is too short; and several good details like the skelies with the trumpets or the man near the helicopter near the end. I missed some more ammo for the shotgun/uzis and some more enemies (triggers in the desert?); also some cameras when pulling certain switches. Secrets are not really secrets, but only pickups you can get near the normal route. The worst was the bad applied textures in many places, specially in small surfaces. Even so is a good level I have to recommend. Good work." - Jose (29-Mar-2012)

"Here's another older level standing for the proposition that you don't need a 200MB download including 75MB of sound files to provide an entertaining raid. This is actually a two-parter, but most of the meat is found in the first section (that took me nearly an hour to complete). The second segment with the Jeep is little more than a 10-minute helping of dessert, but the entire adventure is well lighted and a joy to play. In the first section your task is to find four different artifacts to unlock the door to the second level. Because this involves the familiar "hub" concept, the level is nonlinear and the tasks can be performed in any desired order. However, the outline provided by Obig gives you just enough information to keep you on the right track without having to endure unnecessary backtracking. The secrets seemed rather obvious, at least two of the three sitting right there in plain sight, but since the "prize" in each case was a Golden Rose, it didn't really matter whether you found them or not. It's the standard Egyptian fare, hence the name, but it's a surprisingly rewarding raid. Recommended." - Phil (14-Sep-2011)

"This is a wonderful Egypt level where Lara's goal is to find 4 artifacts in order to get the Scion and take a Jeep ride to escape to Winston (In TR3 outfit) waiting at a helicopter. I found the game play flowed nicely throughout the level with a little backtracking. The enemies are a couple bats and tigers, also 2 mummies. The level was relaxing to play, although there are some surprising traps throughout. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with all the TR1 Egypt textures. Well done. Definitely highly recommended if you like classic TR1 style levels. Found 3 secrets." - Blue43 (13-Jun-2010)

"It's not often I go "Wow!" at an old Cleopal level,but this definately warrants it. The whole double-level adventure so accurately hits all of its targets that it's very difficult to find any fault.Once or twice the texturing shows signs of being applied in a hurry,and the old draw-distance limitations of the original LE are unavoidable; but so much about this adventure is just absolutely spot-on! The gameplay is constantly entertaining(inventive,fast-moving,interesting and often displaying a sly wit)while the atmosphere is often staggering - mostly due to a succession of grandiose chambers,all fully explorable. The adventure flows superbly;the player is never confused;enemies are smartly paced;and the whole thing builds to a superb Finale (complete with friendly Helicopter pilot welcoming you to the adventure's end). A highly reccommended,hugely enjoyable,traditional Raid." - Orbit Dream (29-Apr-2009)

"The author has done a great job of capturing the look and feel of the Egypt levels from the original Tomb Raider series - it was almost hard to remember I was playing a user created level instead. Thankfully there aren't any panther mummies (they scare the hell out of me) but there are some tigers that surprise you in small places a croc or two and some nasty traps that may have you reloading. Overall a great level with some fun exploring and puzzles and four artifacts to find in an environment we all remember fondly and enjoy playing in. Secrets found: 3" - RaiderGirl (11-Oct-2003)

"This 2 parts-level have become one of my favourites. It was a great adventure. There are no difficult puzzles and the enemies are only a few Tigers Bats and two nicely textured (with Egyptian headgears) Mummies. There are a number of new and good ideas in the level e.g. the Mummies the trumpeting Skeletons the statue the switch and the look of the Keys. The Tigers don't fit to the level but perhaps the Egyptian pharaohs had these animals. In the 2nd level it is an especially great idea that the wooden supporting columns can be shoot and I nearly waited the ceiling to fall on Lara's head. You have to collect 4 artefacts for getting the Scion in the 1st level. You have to run around a lot and look around carefully. In the room with fiery columns I didn't notice for a while that one of the statues is a switch. I found the Uzi but unfortunately I didn't find the Shotgun at least not for my first walkthrough. In the 1st level I found 1 Gold Rose and in the 2nd level 3 so I found total 3 Secrets. In spite of the 2nd level is short but you can drive the jeep and in the end the waving helicopter pilot is frenetic. The added sounds and the textures from the TR1 & TR4 were superb. I strongly recommend it to all of you." - Obig (27-Sep-2003)

"Two small levels which can be played fluently. Not difficult. Simple puzzles. You need to pull switches avoid a boulder here and there and find a total of five artifacts. After that a short run with the jeep and you are done. At the end a helicopter awaits you with a waving pilot. Graphics are well done and reminded me of TR1. Objects were partly changed in a nice way. The scene at the last artifact was very well done - left and right two skeletons blowing their horns and summoning enemies and boulders. Enemies were mainly tigers well placed. I found three roses as secrets. All in all a good relatively simple level. Recommended for everybody." - Navi (01-Sep-2003)

"Egypt Revisted 2: I'm not the world's biggest Egypt level fan EXCEPT when it's the Egypt of TR1. I get such a kick out of seeing those much loved textures again and how wonderful to be searching for the Seal of Anubis the Ankh the Scarab and the Eye of Horus once more. Ah memories memories. This is traditional raiding in the TR1 mode with the emphasis on jumping climbing shimmying block pushing etc. rather than battles or really tight timed runs. There is a timed run over fire blocks in this first section but it won't cause you any problems (provided you find the cunningly hidden pull chain to turn off the fires that is). Enemies are mostly tigers - great big bouncy things that surprise you in corridors - and crocodiles. This part ends with quite a bang in the Scion room with trumpet blowing skeletons tigers bats and boulders. Wonderful. One secret found. Escape With The Scion: A short second part mainly involving a jeep ride with a couple of levers to throw and two more secrets to find. The ending scene with the 'welcome' at the helicopter is priceless. I believe this level builder is only 16 and I sincerely hope he carries on making levels for many years to come. This is a very playable and somehow rather charming level. Don't miss it. 29.8.2003" - Jay (01-Sep-2003)

"A well thought-out and witty level. I loved the bony trumpeters. Lot's of trapped pick-ups to keep the eyes open. Overall I liked the atmosphere the fog effects and the sense of scale. For me though there were a lot of visual defects a lot of stretched and squashed textures which is a shame. Otherwise I thought this level looked a more like Egypt than a lot of Egyptian levels. The jeep ride at the end was fun but I wish it were longer. There were too many tigers trapped inside tiny areas where tigers could not survive. Such places are for supernatural enemies. These are dinky quibbles on my part for this is a lot of fun and the author is to be commended." - Duncan (01-Sep-2003)

"I really had a great time with the first Egypt Revisited and was very pleased to see the author pretty much kept the same formula with looks and gameplay that made that one enjoyable here. This time there are two levels involved the first set underground with tigers as the enemies and the second outside with again tigers but also a couple of pharaoh mummies that come fantastically creeping out of the sand in the first you have to find four artefacts to open a gate to the objective the Scion then you enter the second where after a couple of traps you get into the jeep and make your way to the end which brilliantly has Winston all camouflaged up waving at Lara while standing next to a chopper. Some may think that this level is a little simplistic and it is at times but the look is so delicious especially for those that loved the early original games and it is just thoroughly enjoyable it is a shame though that the second outside level only lasted for around 10 of the total 55 minutes and that the three secrets I found were just not secret." - Sash (29-Aug-2003)

"Still liking Egyptian levels and this one is no exception. There is even some humor thrown into it. The big mouse like statues and later the skeletons. I had a good laugh seeing them. For the rest you are to find some keys and also the Seal of Anubis the Ankh Scarab and the Eye of Horus to get in the end the Scion and with that you ride yes in a jeep to the waiting helicopter. It was ever so nice to see the pilot waving to Lara when she got out of the underground tomb. The level is rather fast paced and do look good as some levers are nicely hidden. There are also some boulder traps so don't let up your guard. There is some nice jumping to do over lava over burning blocks. As for enemies some beautiful tigers that hardly were hurting Lara and some pesky bats and later some crocs. Even two mummies are having a look at the girl just to check out what she was doing. Found two secrets (golden roses). 25-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)

"A very enjoyable sequel built in two parts about 40 minutes in the main level where you need to deal with plenty of switches of different kinds find two keys and four artifacts battle a few tigers bats and crocodiles and plenty of traps of all kinds. Keep a look out for movable blocks (mostly not that hard to spot). I liked the long climb jump shimmy passages a lot the timed fire pillar run is quite easy and I got one secret in the first part and two in the second (golden roses) which were all very hard to miss. The overall desert/cave setting is really convincing and after picking up the scion (nicely celebrated moment) you get a short escape with the jeep in part 2 (thankfully Indy has dropped the key near his campfire meet two cool mummies and a friendly fellow waiting for you at the helicopter. Nice level in very traditional style and definitely worth a play." - Michael (27-Aug-2003)

"This looks like 'Egypt Revisited' the first level but with a few alternations. There are four tiny artifacts to find and place to enter the second very short level. Your enemies are tigers scorpions and two mummies at the second which can easily be avoided. The traps are few boulders and fires on blocks. One switch in that area with the fires was sneaky. The jeep ride is found in the next level and the way the mummies started raising slowly inside the sand was amazing. In the first level I didn't understand what those tiles that were textured differently and were blinking for. It looked like they could be raising blocks but I never saw them rise. After a couple of levers Lara makes a final jump to get close to the helicopter and escape but the man waiting for her jumping and waving with two hands was hilarious I couldn't stop laughing brilliant absolutely brilliant. You know I could have sworn it was the butler well at least it sure looked like him without the hump. I found three golden roses and although this is a simple level it is surely fun to play." - Kristina (27-Aug-2003)

"Egypt Revisited 2 - What I noticed first after a few steps is the exceptionally beautiful fog effect (no matter how strange this may sound - PC players you have to disable the 'Volumetric FX' function in the graphic setup - that's the only way the beautiful distance fog that is used here works). Am also happy to see that the author has improved his lighting skills cause it is so much better than in his previous levels and when you think of it - it's hard to imagine that the author who once created the 'Underground Temple' would create such a great level as this is. Anyway - there are a lot of rolling balls to avoid here and it's very fun to do so - the room with the burning pillars confused me at first but after some exploration everything made sense - also liked how the mouth of the jackal was remade to work as a switch - well done! I liked climbing up the rocks at one point too - the course was nicely made there. The scion room was great liked the use of the objects and enemies here. So what would be my complaints or things I'd recommend the author to improve? Firstly it's rather short - it took me only 30 minutes to get through - of course I'm glad the gameplay isn't dragged so much to become a tedious long-lasting adventure but I'd just like to spend more time in here :). And I wonder what the tigers were still doing in the Egyptian environments? There are also some minor flaws like an illegal slope and some missing textures on a pillar - the author should use the functions in the LE to detect those. Also there was no real story to the game and usually that means - no actual reason to wander around the tombs even if once you find the scion you are aware of Lara's reasons for coming here. But I'd recommend the author to work on that - even a silly story will do - just give the girl a reason to explore your level :) Also found 1 rose here. Otherwise - a very fun level even if some of the tasks reminded me a lot of 'Egypt revisited 1'. Escape with the Scion - A short 6 minute ending to the level which includes a short jeep ride. There're 2 rose secrets here that are in plain sight but it also has some high-lights in the short time you're here. For example the room with the bright light and the lever a bit further from the campfire and the rose is very beautiful - the room with the other rose and the lever that opens the gate has a great way of 'introducing' the mummies - which are remeshed rather well by the way. Also the final room with the bridge where Winston is waving (looks hilarious you just gotta see this lol) near the helicopter and where the level ends is great. All in all - a great effort from the author - the puzzles are inventive even if remind me a bit too much of those in 'Egypt revisited 1'. Well worth a try - even if you're not keen on Egyptian levels - cause this one is different." - eTux (27-Aug-2003)

"A great fun level which takes you back to the Egyptian tombs of TR1 textures and rooms with the same cave and sandy areas some of us love so much. To begin with there's a route through a small cave to enter a lever and key find area then move on to the main sphinx room with the many doors to other areas. 'Here in these places you have to find the four stones to open the door to the scion room. Along the way there's also keys to find several levers to pull blocks to move and a timed run over burning pillars. Traps are boulders mainly two of which are well placed behind doors to catch you unaware and not the usual up a slope in front of you job nice stuff! There's also some blades to deal with moving block walls and a well hidden door that has you wondering what you've to do for a while plus a few sneakily placed hang levers. To escape with the scion using the jeep was fab and the guy at the end was so funny waving at Lara what a great addition and good ending to this level. Enemies are bats tigers (far too many really coz they were kind of expected at every move in the end) crocs two mummies and a couple of harmless skellies. When you pick up the scion it's just brilliant what those skellies do with their trumpets lol I loved that bit. The rooms were so TR1 and yes I'd seen it all before but I always like to see these textures still used and the gameplay was more than enough to keep me interested. So a superb level all in all and one that has to be played. Recommended as a smaller type level easyish gameplay interesting and fun with some great moments." - Moonpooka (27-Aug-2003)

"Yeah I enjoyed the sequel to Egypt Revisited. It was jam packed with puzzles and loads of traps to try and avoid. The rollingball featured in many aspects of the level. It kept falling down and you had to try your best to void it. There is an objective which Lara must collect 4 Egypt artifacts and place them to open the doors to the great Scion. I did have a massive heart attack when I picked up the scion.....Nah I won't tell u play it and you'll see. When Lara collects the Scion she has to make her grand escape outside in the Jeep. The Jeep ride was fun to play and Jeeves and a helicopter wait for Lara on top of the Egyptian ruins. It was a fun level to play and full of traps! It took me just under 50 minutes to play and was great fun!" - TombRaiderFan (26-Aug-2003)
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