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Egyptian Pyramid Temple by Richard Ba

bERT 3 4 7 7
Ceamonks890 4 4 5 5
DJ Full 6 6 8 8
eRIC 3 3 5 7
eTux 2 3 4 5
Gerty 4 5 6 5
Jay 3 4 6 6
JesseG 2 3 5 5
Jose 4 5 6 8
Kristina 3 4 5 5
MichaelP 4 5 6 5
Mulf 2 3 3 3
Obig 5 6 6 6
Orbit Dream 3 3 5 6
RaiderGirl 4 5 6 6
Ryan 4 4 5 6
Sash 2 3 4 4
Treeble 4 4 4 4
release date: 13-Sep-2003
# of downloads: 110

average rating: 4.63
review count: 18
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file size: 16.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Following the builder's recent return, I decided to play his anthology from the beginning, and I see it was a good one - we get a standard tutorial level, but in revision diminished compared to the default one. Yes, you heard right, diminished instead of the usual overdone. Thanks to this approach, the level isn't as boring as it normally tends to be, and I had fun for the 10 minutes it lasted, and from the pool room flyby I can guess the author got bored instead. I wish you could deal with the final enemies, as the inability to do so left a sense of resolution poorer than it could have been. Still, recommended." - DJ Full (22-Mar-2023)
"One of four very short levels released by the builder simultaneously. This one uses the Tut1 wad and textures, and for this reason and because of the basic, rather uninvolving gameplay (run, climb, shoot), it is probably the builder’s first attempt. It is also the only one of the four whose title bears any relation to what we see in-game. The builder’s future trademarks are already in place: there’s a gratuitous flyby; a flipmap (here used in conjunction with an easily avoidable rollingball trap and resulting in pickups that float mid-air); and an attempt at modifying objects, with questionable results (the glaringly yellow pillars). Otherwise, there’s a half-baked attempt at a mirror puzzle (Lara is invisible in the putative mirror), and, most notably, a successful attempt at turning the usually easily ignored TR4 darts into an effective trap, although to do so required a rather unfair setup (Lara needs to get onto a pole while under fire from darts which keep nudging her away from it). The builder achieves a fine flare effect at the end when Lara leaves the pyramid, but lighting is otherwise harsh, characterised by strong contrast between intense placed lights and strong shadowbulbs, and I missed additional flares (MichaelP says one of the scorpions drops some, but I failed to witness the event)." - Mulf (23-Feb-2021)
"This raid is pretty much a remix of the tutorial level. Not a bad way to refine your skills as a builder, but as a player you probably won't see much that you haven't seen before. The lighting is too dark in some places, otherwise it's mostly flat. You get some booby-trapped items to not grab, some enemies to shoot, a cartouche and an eye of horus to assemble, and a pushable statue to drag over a tile. Kind of weird that you have to step on poison water to grab one of the cartouche pieces. The ending was kind of cool with the camera angle over the pyramid. 9 minutes." - JesseG (01-Dec-2020)
"There's not a whole lot to get stuck into in this brief level. A simple statue pushing sequence, a couple of artifacts to find, a bit of climbing, traps and a few ninjas and mummies that don't pose much of a threat. Having said that, the looks are pleasant, warm and attractive and it might be good for a bit of raiding over your coffee break." - Ryan (17-Jun-2018)
"Again the same style from this builder, short and lineal level very easy to play with a fast gameplay. This time includes a "mirror" room, but not really a mirror. I think this author instead of release several small levels like this, could build a larger level to get better ratings. Enjoyable again." - Jose (25-Jan-2018)
"Pretty much the same as the builder's initial debut in terms of quality(only set in an Egyptian tomb in much the same vain as the TRLE tutorial level, with the lighting being noticeably darker in certain areas, compared to before.) So if that sounds up your alley, you could sure as heck play a lot worse than this." - Ceamonks890 (18-Jul-2015)
"Yep, you've guessed it: another quickie from Richard. This time around it's slightly darker than the previous entries but still very fast paced as you move from one room to the next in quick succession until you eventually make your way out of the pyramid. 10 minutes, 1 secret. 09/14" - Treeble (26-Sep-2014)
"Very very short Egyptian level ! Under 10 minutes. Solidly built and well textured, the looks are good and warm, despite the fact sun bulbs are missing, the level was pleasant and atmospheric. It is a bit dark , I was glad I came to the end for I used the 3 flares and there is not more of them. There is a big flaw to this level as you can't quit it (I had to reboot the PC if I wanted to quit before the end), fortunately at the end it crashed to the desktop :)" - eRIC (27-Jan-2008)
"A short ten minute level with the looks of the tutorial levels and the puzzles and enemies that go along with it. The authors done some great work with the camera though and put a few sneaky traps in as well. Quite a few puzzle pieces to be found along with at least one secret." - RaiderGirl (28-Oct-2003)
"A very short simple tutorial level. Find a cartouche an eye of Horus kill a ninja or two and some scorpions. Make your way to the outside and get a brief glimpse of what looks like an interesting scenario just before the level ends (I really wanted to go on at that point ah well). I found one secret - a load of goodies which I didn't need at all but I suppose it's always nice to have a full backpack. About ten minutes of completely pain free raiding. 22.09.2003" - Jay (22-Sep-2003)
"It maybe would have been a better solution if the author had edited together the 4 self-contained levels. He maybe would have got a far mach better appreciation. So this is a very short level again. You have to find 2 Cartouche Pieces and 2 Eye Pieces which aren't well hidden. I found 1 Secret containing the Uzi and the Shotgun. There is nothing special in the textures and the added sounds are from the original game. There are no puzzles. The enemies are Beduins Scorpions and Mummies. Possibly this level is a bit longer than the author's other levels but still it's quite short. Although it's good for some relaxation after a harder level.:-)" - Obig (18-Sep-2003)
"If this author is a beginning level builder then he can continue as far as I am concerned. The gameplay may not be something to write home about but he sure can put some drama in the way he uses the camera. Little Egyptian level in which Lara tries to escape a pyramid hindered by the regular enemies (pyjama people scorpions and mummies) and collecting ring and cartouche pieces. I love the way the author now and then lets gates/doors open just by collecting and so not always PUTTING pieces. Another level that is over soon let's just hope he's willing to put more thought into gameplay and he may come up with a biggie sooner or later." - bERT (15-Sep-2003)
"A tutorially inspired level with a handful of ninjas and mummies the first easy to rid yourself of with the collection of two shotguns and two uzis and the second easily avoided because well they're deathly slow mummies. This lasted 11 minutes with one secret found and the only standout point was probably the brightly golden pillars at the start of the level." - Sash (14-Sep-2003)
"A first try and the tutorial level is the best to start with. We have the same setting with some alternations such as golden columns and it's rather short seven minutes. There are ninjas scorpions and mummies and as for the puzzles you will use a cartouche and the Eye of Horus. I found one secret and didn't have enough time to get the second shotgun because the spike balls were faster than Lara. Take a look at it to see Lara's nice custom outfit." - Kristina (14-Sep-2003)
"A short tutorial alike level with some additions like the mirror room the shining pillars with the most interesting even being the rolling ball trap for which I almost fell. Found 1 secret - straight at the start. The fly-by was interesting but seemed a bit amateurish - but liked the final camera shot with the pyramid on the background. A very short attempt - which seems more like an experiment for the author instead of a playable level for players out there." - eTux (14-Sep-2003)
"Lara in custom outfit with pink lipstick in a classic Tut1 environment. The golden shining pillars are almost blinding so make sure you do not miss out on the early secret. Not too much to do in the 10 minutes here: push an object collect cartouche and eye pieces a simple mirror room boulder and dart traps a few scorpions (one of them drops flares) ninjas and mummies." - Michael (13-Sep-2003)
"A very short level. Get Cartouche and the Eye visit a mirror room some climbing a bit swimming shooting ninjas and that is it. The level ends when Lara jumps out of the Pyramid. 12-09-2003" - Gerty (13-Sep-2003)
"A pleasant quite well-made little level; which contains absolutely nothing interesting at all." - Orbit Dream (13-Sep-2003)