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Hunt for the Blue Hope II by Seemeister

Bene 10 9 10 9
CC 10 9 9 8
Dougsan 10 9 9 9
eRIC 8 8 8 8
eTux 7 6 7 6
G.Croft 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 9 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 9
JesseG 7 9 7 7
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 6 7 8 7
Kristina 9 8 9 9
Loupar 8 7 7 7
MichaelP 10 9 9 8
Miguel 9 10 10 9
Monika 7 8 9 8
Obig 10 9 10 9
Phil 9 10 10 9
Ravenwen 9 9 9 9
Ryan 10 9 9 9
Samu 10 8 9 7
Scottie 10 10 10 10
Tombaholic 9 10 9 8
Tortoise3 9 9 10 10
Treeble 8 7 8 8
Whistle 8 10 10 8
release date: 17-Oct-2003
# of downloads: 124

average rating: 8.78
review count: 26
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file size: 43.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Mixed feelings towards this double level set. I quite enjoyed the general ambience of the first level, with canals, docks, balconies etc, but not so much the second one which takes place in a series of underground catacombesque environments. Gameplay sadly relies too much on backtracking, so you often find yourself retracing your steps time and time again as you go back and forth opening doors and getting new progression items. There was one tricky precise running jump in the second level which sort of feels like an omen for what's soon coming my way (that'd finally be CIL, yes, Mulf), and there were a few other issues such as one or two unmarked climbable walls, pulling up through a window (?!), scorpions placed in crawlspaces and some apparently random crashes occuring towards the end of the second level. 120 minutes, 6 secrets. 05/22" - Treeble (29-May-2022)
"Lara takes a two-hour scenic route to find a gem situated right next to her ride home. Gameplay is a nice balance of traps, combat, puzzles and exploration. I particularly liked the slope jumps over lava with vase shooting. Unfortunately here was too much backtracking required, and even more if you forgot to pick up something. The pixel-perfect jump near the end also left a sour taste. Enemies are good and varied, and decorative objects are well used. Architecture is good overall, but immersion hurts a little from wrong animations, crowbar doors used as regular doors (but only sometimes, which is even worse) and a urinal that explodes for some reason when you shoot it (but none of the other plumbing). The audio is good except for the ambient track in the second level which has howls that get irritating after playing for a while. Camera cues are sorely lacking, leaving the player to guess what if anything the many switches accomplish. The town is textured well, but the rest of the adventure suffers from massive wallpapering and stretched textures, especially the second level. Lighting is functional but a little dark in places, and could use more color. Overall an unnecessarily challenging raid that can still be enjoyable with a walkthrough at hand. 2 hours 15 minutes." - JesseG (09-Dec-2018)
"Hunt for the Blue Hope II/1- Lara is dropped off by helicopter into water. This part starts off nice and easygoing with a few levers to pull, a fairly easy timed run and a moderately complex block puzzle, but it soon picks up nicely with a search for three cog wheels. A few SAS, guards and dogs to shoot, a torch puzzle and a bit of swimming constitute the gameplay here, along with a few fairly obscure quirks. I liked the church scene part way through.
Hunt for the Blue Hope II/2- The challenge ramps up here with a tricky jump/shoot puzzle, a collapsing tile gauntlet, a flooding/draining sequence and a fun appearing/disappearing ledge puzzle at the end. Overall, I enjoyed the gameplay in this set, as it clicked with me real well, so I highly recommend it." - Ryan (07-Aug-2016)
"As I said in the review for "Hunt for the Blue Hope 1", I mainly played it to continue with its higher rated sequel in case there was story connection (there isn't). The considerably higher ratings made me think that whatever issues I had with the first level would be a thing of the past in here, but comparing my own experience here with that of the other reviewers I'm more than a little perplexed. The level is almost 9 years old now, so maybe it's just a case of not aging well - but I have to say that overall I can't share the enthusiasm others have for it. The list of TR level faux pas-es it gets away with is both staggering and enough for other levels to be torn to shreds over. I suppose one can forgive the wrong animations for switches and searchable boxes - as unsightly as they are, they don't obstruct gameplay. The windows and railings that are arbitrarily made shootable or bulletproof, blue doors that sometimes can be opened with the crowbar, but sometimes require switch-magic, scorpions and bats that attack you while Lara is in a crawlspace are already more of a nuisance, but could be overlooked if it had been the only offense against the players' intelligence. But then there are situations where the level narrows down its target audience to telepaths - I was absolutely astonished that both walkthrough writers matter-of-factly mention climbing through a solid glass window as a perfectly legit gameplay device (and both consequently rate it 9 and 10 in the gameplay category). I'm not saying that to pick on those particular reviewers, as apparently most others didn't find anything odd about that choice too (and the author could've so easily made it more plausible by at least making that particular glass pane destructible). But it doesn't end there - apparently shooting a urinal and a stove, and adding invisible shimmy cracks used to be perfectly acceptable back in 2003. Even worse than that - the second level crashed constantly on reload, and for a moment I thought I would be unable to even finish the game since it crashed when shooting the second vase at the beginning of the level. I managed to circumvent that problem by using a patched exe (extended memory), so at least it is playable through these means. The sad thing for me is that there actually are plenty of exciting and worthwhile moments to be had here, especially in the second level - the collapsible tile run for the rope, the initial jump sequence with the vases, a couple of tight timed runs, the neat underwater boulder run, the great timed vase shooting moment near the very end - but the unfair and the ridiculous sections do their fair share of spoiling the overall experience. The author generally uses cameras and audio well to set the scene, but again - when looking at the looks as a whole, I didn't find the level to be very pretty. The looks are rough - repetitive texturing, flat, uninteresting lighting, unnecessarily large, underutilized rooms, lots of empty space, barely any memorable areas. With all this ranting I don't mean to say that this is a bad level - for me it's rather average with a number of good ideas thrown in, especially in the latter half of the adventure (if you're lucky enough to not have it crash in you, though, as said you can use the advantages of modern day level building to help you with that) - I just can't grasp why more players were not at least puzzled by all the same things I was. For what it's worth, I can give my alternative POV with this review. Found 6 secrets." - eTux (22-Apr-2012)
"Very difficult to play this level (I couldn't play the second) 'cause there are numerous unreal or strange features you'll find. First of all, how can you imagine that you can trespass a solid glass window? The same with the fences near the small bridge. Another times there are some shootable objects difficult to figure out. In the first areas, I had to revisit the underwater tunnels a lot of times. The bug in the cave with shallow waters with the climbable walls is not very normal too. Really a game with new features in that age, but with a lot of backtracking too. Architecture is quite simple, and textures are often repetitive. In the beginning of the second level the game always crashed when I shooted the second vase, so I decided to abandone. Not for my taste." - Jose (19-Apr-2012)
"And again sends us Seemeister on the search for the Blue Hope.
But this time the search takes much longer. Only for the first part I have needed nearly two hours. But this time is guaranteed not wasted. So many doors which one must open. So many ladders whom one must scale. So many opponents ( dogs, SAS-Soldiers and Thughs) whom one must switch off. Aim is to find three Gearwheels. They open the door into the second level. For the fans of Venedig-Levels this first part is a real gold mine.
In contrast to the first part, the second part is quite substantially more difficult. Long diving actions, toxic water, time runs, Pushblockpuzzels, skeletons, dogs, difficult and timed jump actions and still a lot more. It is everything in it what makes be beating the heart of the player. But, finally, one has done all that and stands in front of the reward, the Blue Hope.
Result: Download, play and simply have fun. An absolutely successful level" - Scottie (26-Apr-2011)
"Since we've been experiencing an unusual drought in the release of quality new levels, I've continued my practice of going back to the older, highly rated levels that I missed the first time around. Blue Hope 2 presents such a rich playing experience that I felt it cried out for an expanded walkthrough, even though OBig's outline certainly covers all the bases. You have two separate and distinct levels, each of which will consume well over an hour of net gaming time. The first is in a colorful Venice setting where much of the action takes place outdoors, while the second is an indoor adventure with many winding passages and perilous lava/acid water rooms. While both are challenging and enjoyable, there's a serious bug that plagues the entire second level. Whenever you die, or indeed whenever you attempt to load a savegame during play, you crash to the desktop and must restart the game. This defect was noted in the early reviews, and I'm surprised that the builder hasn't taken the necessary steps by this time to address the problem. If he had done so, this release would probably be destined for Hall of Fame status. Nevertheless, anyone who hasn't played Blue Hope 2 should seize the opportunity to do so now. Highly recommended." - Phil (22-May-2008)
"GAMEPLAY AND PUZZLES: I think that this game has everything which is needed to make good gameplay and puzzles. During the game you have to explore a lot, look for keys, solve push block puzzles, figure out how to light a torch, use some swithes to activate flip maps etc. Of course finale including constantly appearing and disappearing blocks was also great. This game has really every sort of tasks to offer. ENEMIES, OBJECTS AND SECRETS: Author has used quite well objects that are not necessary but very nice additions. A good example is beer as a small medipack and bread as a large medipack. The man walking out from church after shooting a bell was also very nice little detail. Enemies are chosen mainly pretty well but I think that dogs is catacombs are not a very good idea. ATMOSPHERE, SOUND AND CAMERAS: This game has well used audio tracks that fit well in the setting and some of them I haven't heard before which is always a good thing. Atmosphere is also nice and cameras used well. LIGHTING AND TEXTURES: I think that this game is created technically better than visually. The biggest problem is that this game looks a little uncomplicated. I don't mean this would be bad looking game but is hasn't real eyecandy to offer. Textures are chosen pretty nicely and lighting is good too but I never stopped completing game just to admire the environment." - Samu (20-Apr-2007)
"Lara is back on the hunt for the Blue Hope, but this time things are much tougher and complicated than the previous one. Technically speaking, I had a very serious recurring crashing issue in the second part, which made gaming really frustrating. I'm sure I would have enjoyed this wonderful adventure much more if I didn't have to restart it every little while. Anyway, the first part takes place in a small town setting, with a lovely harbour and nicely built and textured houses (both inside and outside) and a church via which in the end of this section you enter the catacombs. There is a lot of exploration and action, and like in the first Blue Hope adventure, many things are so well hidden that you have to check every area really thoroughly so as not to miss them. At some point, I found out by chance that a seemingly innocent wall was shootable, concealing a vast water cave behind it. But the real challenge begins in the second part (the catacombs) - practically as soon as it begins, as you have to carry out one of the toughest sequences that involves sliding on blocks while at the same time shooting vases that will open up a gate to exit for you. More challenges await as you move on, and basically you have to explore two main rooms - a lava room and a water room. There are several puzzles to solve, some of which are incredibly inventive and brilliant, and some interesting tough moments as well. One special and very tricky jump over a poisoned pool had me frustrated for quite a while, but then I made it when I didn't even expect it. The moving platforms sequence close to the finale is among the best moments in the series. There are several enemies in both parts (in the first one, you meet many baddies, but in the second one all of them are animals and skeletons). As a side note, it was a funny and nice idea to replace the classic medipacks with bread and beer, it added some realism to the story ;)" - Ravenwen (16-Feb-2007)
"A challenging adventure made of two levels. In the search of the infamous blue gem called the 'Blue Hope', Lara will explore thoroughly an Italian village and dangerous underground caves. Many puzzles and challenging tasks to deal with. I like the first half of the 1st level with interesting and logical puzzles to solve, especially the puzzles with the fans that change the current in the sewers. The torch puzzle is very clever too. But in the 2nd half, too much back and fro and some obscure and illogical puzzles (unmarked climbable walls, a window you can go through, shooting a toilet) are annoying. Many nice touches are put in the setting, but on the whole the little town is not very charming. The second level has some really challenging tasks. Some of them are very fun, others less. On the upside: the shooting sequence while jumping on pillars was extremely enjoyable, as were the fun jumps in the toxic pool, some flipmaps are impressive and you get some other puzzles not so easy to design with the Editor. On the downside, it's hard to see something in the big underwater room with sharks (and not enough flares are provided), the invisible crack is always something unfair (you will never see this cheap trick in an official game), and due to a plethora of objects used, the level crashes in some rooms when Lara dies. The setting is OK, not outstanding but functional. Due to the tricky bits, it was a relief when this adventure came eventually to an end. I really enjoyed The Golden Mask more than this one." - eRIC (31-May-2005)
"I found this not a very easy level. There are good parts in the gameplay and some tricky puzzles. Enemies came up often at inconvenient moments. The sharks in level two even followed Lara right into the crawlspace so she couldn't even shoot them properly. Near the end I had to jump over the moving platforms twice because the skeleton wouldn't let Lara aim by hitting her hard. So it had to be eliminated first. What spoiled my playing fun completely were two jumps in the poison liquid room. Even after many tries I couldn't reach the block on the left side and also I couldn't manage to get Lara to the exit opening. Since it is not so easy to get a Mac-Savegame I just had to cheat to continue. When it even takes Michael up to 43 tries to reach a point then I consider it more than difficult. I like challenging parts and I'm really willing to try endlessly but this was just too much for me. Personally I found level 1 more to my liking. Well this is just my opinion. All other things have been said by others already including that it is not one of the too easy levels. (25.04.2004)" - Monika (30-Apr-2004)
"Hunt for the Blue Hope 2 from Seemeister shows how Builders can progress. Hans has his good sides - Cameras Sounds hard-Jumps and timed doors - he went on with them and gave us a lot of challenges and a lot of good ambience. 2 different Levels invite the player to make some journey - first in a little town near a port - after this Lara goes downstairs - under the daylight to go on with adventure. Nice changes in the Menu - Bred and Bear Lara makes some tr5 animations and has the NG-Look (not to forget the nice little salamander in 2. Part that passes by.;-)) Hans doesn't like skeletons but gives them to the player - combining them with rolling balls and Platforms. Searching for the Diamond Lara will meet some dogs Bad Guys Bats and Rats (sometimes coming from behind a Object) - a priest with umbrella Soldiers Sharks Big Bugs - you will get them all! Some of the Levers a well hidden - and the Banana-Jump was really hard for me. A Level you should play - Hans has more of these good ideas - being interested in what more will come from him in future." - Miguel (26-Mar-2004)
"A level not for the beginner or for the experienced who have a short temper and little patience particularly towards the end. In the first section there is a particularly finicky traverse in the cavern to get at the drop switch. However towards the end of the 2nd section the jump to the pillar in the acid lake area is very evil and you have to be extremely accurate in the jump. Also the tedious series at the end was a little boring (but the jar was a good touch). Sometimes when you moved switches what operated was difficult to discover-more flybys would have helped. In all these points spoiled the otherwise good gameplay and have lost marks accordingly. A more technical annoyance was the failure to reload after dying in the earlier sections of part two?? Enemies were bats dogs SAS thugs scorpions crocs mosquitoes and skeletons with the scorpions often placed just around corners. Secrets and pickups were fine some placed in obvious areas others more difficult to get at. Puzzles were varied to working out routes jump sequences and block puzzles. Lighting I found a little on the dark side for too long but I must admit the textures along with the lighting did set a good mood for each section and made the scenarios seem 'real'. If you want to be stretched then try this level." - Whistle (24-Jan-2004)
"As near to a Venice level as makes no difference except this is mixed a little with other texture sets. There is a harbour to begin with with boats that you can't drive and then there's a bridge over a canal and in this canal starts a somewhat confusing frustrating and ultimately very satisfying series of actions to get the crowbar the torch gear wheels a rose and turning on and off propellers and that's all before you get to run around the streets. Very well hidden switches in the water areas. I loved that timed run with the jump-ups. Memorable touches are the rats that run out of the barrels and set it rolling across the floor shooting an oven to start a fire so you can light the torch the flyby after shooting the bell with the priest the wooden bridges that roll in and out the tightrope walk the awkward key under the snake basket shooting the vase in the water (a hint: jump up and you can shoot it when Lara bends her knees). Not to mention some great camera angles (could have done with a few more camera shots though) and in a huge water room with sunken structure and two sharks when I finally found the crawlspace and turned around it was a brilliant sight to see the shark stuck in the crawlspace trying to get at me. Entering the second level is a nightmare a jumping sequence while shooting vases to open a gate. That took at least 10 goes to complete. And things become very exciting thereafter. Loved all that stuff over the lava breakable tiles switches shimmying and crawlspaces. Yes crawlspaces are interesting in this level and just when you think it can't get any worse there are scorpions in the crawlspaces - you have been warned. In fact this whole second level is a great bit of daring do. One room has square ledges that appear and disappear over lava and you have to cross over at three times while trying to dodge skeletons and pull switches. Phew! I did have to look at the walkthrough to find out which door opens first in this room. That was sneaky. This is not really for beginners and even experienced players will have difficulty for example: the block pushing puzzles the swimming stuff even those jumping sequences. I'd recommend using a flare or two if there seems no way out of a situation i.e. some blocks are so well blended with the walls it's impossible to see them. Excellent levels great imagination well done Seemeister. I've just read the other reviews and I have to say on my Mac I had no crashes at all it's usually the other way round." - CC (26-Dec-2003)
"The first level of the Blue Hope 2 is very well done it has a lot of exploration few puzzles and original settings. I've loved it. The second one is a constant crash to the desktop: extremely dark and confusing because the textures are always the same and although the gameplay is even better than the first level (more puzzles and harder) the result is annoying. Found 4 secrets in 3:20 hrs of game time." - Loupar (01-Dec-2003)
"'Blue Hope 2' is one hell of a game served up in two levels sure to challenge the best - and I do mean the best TR players. First things first if you can't be patient then don't start 'Blue Hope 2'. The version I played - and most people as of 11/12/03 - will crash about 25 to 40 times before the end. I hate games that crash. I love 'Blue Hope 2'. The first level includes an underwater maze that is truly simple once you figure it out. Use a walkthrough and you should sleep with bedbugs for a million years. Think your way through the maze. It is simple. Another puzzle that is absolutely wonderful is with a torch. This is the second torch puzzle that has all but driven me 'round the bend and it is beautiful in its simplicity. Again don't bother with a walkthrough. The puzzle is simple if you think it through. How come your walking on the roofs? Level one has well placed enemies always showing up at just about the most inconvenient time. Save your revolver ammo. Level two is where your skills will be put to an almost ultimate set of tests and the system crashes will be maximized. Be patient. Level two will also offer a tricky jump over poison water I could not make. I tried more than a hundred times from different positions and never made it. For the first time in all the time I have been playing computer games I had to request a savegame so I could finish. Very humiliating (and humbling?). Another wonderful challenge is having to cross a bed of lava on moving platforms after shooting a vase from the platforms. Tough and a lot of fun. Without the crashes and the impossible jump this is a quad 10. With them (no penalty for the impossible jump since it must be me) it is close. The music was a bit lacking the windows that could break looked just like windows that would not break (not fair) the guy who walked out of the chapel was never explained (should have been) etc. Yes I'm picking at small stuff. Play it you'll love or quit in frustration." - Dougsan (14-Nov-2003)
"Well I have just finished this game and I am still stunned. The final room with the changing platforms and skeletons has to be experienced to be believed. Still can't believe I got through this one at all. Very difficult jumps in places particularly the toxic water room and must admit I wasted time by trying to climb the greenery on the walls. Anyway in level 1 the only real problems I had was finding a ladder by the large fan in the water maze which was my own fault. I loved the church and the priest was a nice touch he went very well with the heavenly music. Climbing a painting I would not have thought of without a hint. Downside for me was the trouble in spotting levers especially the one that you had to backflip onto a slope to pull. I never saw it. Enemies were just right with the odd shootout to liven things up occasionally. Level 2 was a lot more sophisticated with the jumps etc over lava rooms. I must mention the invisible crack in one lava room that I thought was a bit much. There was no sign of it here at all you just had to launch Lara at a pillar. I mean it's hardly fair is it? Having said that I must admit this level was my favourite of the two. The toxic water room was a humdinger and this was followed by the moving platforms room. Phew!" - Tortoise3 (13-Nov-2003)
"As a big fan of the first 'Blue Hope' level by Seemeister it was a nice surprise to see the release of this sequel. Here Lara's task is even more complicated in her quest for the famous diamond. In part 1 Lara explores an 'Italian village' in a series of moves which are maybe a little too self-consciously non-linear. This part of the game is more exploration and puzzle-oriented. I don't know if it's my TRLE but I rarely got cut scenes after pulling a switch which made the quest all that much more challenging. In part 2 Lara enters the secret catacombs beneath the village for a more mystical and eerie experience. The gameplay in this part is more skill-oriented with some rather fun tricky jumps and timed sequences (or both together). Included is one of the most fascinating rooms I've seen in a TRLE level with bridges that furl and unfurl. After finishing with all 6 secrets I was still curious about a door opening above a slope in level 1 which I never reached. I also never reached the top rolling bridge area of the aforementioned room. Still a thoroughly enthralling game and very worthy successor of the original 'Hunt for the Blue Hope'. Seemeister may not be the most prolific author but he does deliver the goods." - Tombaholic (11-Nov-2003)
"It is a great two-level adventure make sure you don't miss it. However levels are not linear at all sometimes I was just pacing up & down to figure out what to do next - there are a lots of good ideas hidden in it like taking your hands on the torch throwing it thorough the gap shooting the kitchen cupboard to pieces to light your torch the Old Key hidden in the basket on the second level the mobile bridge of the lava hall hidden rifts in the cliff to grab tightrope walking and so on. Enemies are of a great scale too including prowlers gunmen bats dogs crocs skeletons scorpions jackals and sharks. I have found all 6 secrets at the same time it is to be admitted that with one of them I succeeded for the second walkthru only. :) But that was the best at the shark part for they could easily be killed. There are a couple of timed runs especially on the second level and some precise jumps to execute too. To be frank it is not too easy at places like in the acid room to grab the corner of a pillar for an instance. And to avoid getting as thin as a sticker I had to second-load at the rolling rock in the water ... couple of times. :) In the first level we adventure through a city district reminiscent of Venice with wonderful textures especially inside the church. In the second level we are going underground for the Blue Hope where the level divides in two parts a lava and a water part. Both of them have a Green Gem to collect also we have to pay attention to the Silver Keys needed to go on with the levels. Added sounds are just great too with a very much eyeful texture. I can recommend it to everyone a great fan-made two level adventure to which a walkthru pics and saves are available here: " - Obig (08-Nov-2003)
"I'm going to start by saying when I got to the end of this game all that came to my mind was a disappointed 'Oh no is that all?'. So my main complaint about Blue Hope 2 was that it finished so soon. There are two very different parts in this game. The first in an Italian city/village where your mission is to find three wheels in order to place them in a mechanism and open the way out to the second level. Great atmosphere clever puzzles several secrets (I don't know how many exactly but I couldn't find the way to get the one in the room below after the tightrope crossing) just about enough enemies - thugs dogs and some SAS - some swimming some shooting things and a ghost-priest (?) with his umbrella as soon as you open the church's gate. I loved exploring this little Italian ambiance... All very well done. The second level immediately starts out with traps and more traps thus giving the main tone to the rest of the adventure. I hear there are some bugs here but fortunately all I ever got was a crash once and a total paralysis of the game another time. But that was all so that never made it less enjoyable. Lava spikes some hard jumps some thinking to do and varied ambiances. Very good and very clever too. The atmosphere the lighting the textures seemed perfect. That final room with the ever changing blocks must have been the cleverest of the level. Really well done even though it can be a little draggy to have to go back and forth jumping over the ever disappearing blocks - but I believe the rolling boulder in the middle of the room somehow symbolizes precisely that. Then comes the Blue Hope. I hope Lara won't get any bad luck for having found it. I felt lucky for having played this great game!" - Jorge22 (03-Nov-2003)
"I don't know how to start this review. I feel I've been through a war and returned; wounded but still (barely) standing. This is not a level for beginners. Although the first part is filled with swimming (timed and otherwise) a clever torch puzzle a clothesline tightrope and a very sneaky search for a third gear wheel nothing prepared me for the second part. It's a whirlwind starting at the very beginning and the author keeps it going until the very last minute with disappearing platforms that are only part of the puzzle. I must admit it took awhile for me to find the door that the lever opens. There is also a difficult jump over toxic pools that had me thinking of going to a savegame. I did need a savegame for a bug with a rolling boulder that wouldn't let me proceed in the game. Another bug had me dumped to the LE when using a key but that was easily fixed. There's good use of light/darkness here and some great touches: personal pictures of the author's family and a man'(priest?) walking out of the church doors and then appearing later and walking through a wall. Very imaginative and clever gameplay and puzzles and do be beware of spiders in crawlspaces. Some constructive criticism? hmmmmmmm please next time give us a jump that can be made in 40 tries instead of 80(in other words: halve the frustration level)......and the desks need a bit of work. This has to be one of the best of 2003. Not to be missed for an unforgettable experience.. Thank you Seemeister." - Bene (26-Oct-2003)
"I started this level and was at my wits end before I finally found a lever in the water that made things happening. From then on it was a tad too much back and fro for my liking. On the other hand I loved this little village type setting in the first level and there are some great puzzles and even great traps. Finding keys and doing some tight rope walking not my forte I have to admit. Shooting windows swimming on even when the big fan was off dying when I swam too near it. Finally getting that torch and also a way to get out of there was not that easy but Hans has some brilliant solutions. The second half was really really frustrating as reloading or dying threw my game to my desktop EVERY TIME a major headache and that is why my points are a bit low in gameplay. And as I died a lot you can imagine what kind of language I did use sitting behind my computer. But there was also a WOW on this end when I entered that room with the rolling bridges. There is some very hard jumping to do breakaway planks (mostly I don't hate them but in here grrr) sneaky cracks to shimmy another tight rope walk fire emitters that burned Lara way too often very hungry sharks to evade..... all that for getting two gems and some keys so Lara could get her hands on the Blue Hope. Could have used a bit more flares but it was worth it though. Found 6 secrets 21-10-2003" - Gerty (24-Oct-2003)
"This starts off in a nice little Italian town full of alleyways fountains underwater areas thugs guards dogs and rats on steroids. The exploring is great fun shooting out windows and railings tightrope walking across washing lines leaping from balcony to balcony ransacking rooms (do note the charming pictures of the author and his family on some of the walls) finding keys pushing levers collecting gear wheels and picking up plenty of bread and beer (re-textured medipacks). Fabulous fun and some excellent audio to enliven the proceedings. The second part is set underground in lava filled caves with some interesting jumps to achieve. There are collapsing bridges some really sneaky shimmy cracks a timed wade (yes really) and a fascinating underwater area with two sharks getting in the way. Just lure them back the way you came and dispose of them at your leisure so you can explore in peace. There is a timed run over disappearing/reappearing blocks to shoot a vase that is a swine and a jump in the toxic pool room that seemed to take for ever to achieve. Enemies are skeletons scorpions jackals and flying bugs. After you have found the Blue Hope you can go to your waiting helicopter - a really nice closing scene. Excellent raiding. 23.10.2003" - Jay (24-Oct-2003)
"Wow! What a level! Challenging puzzling jumping great surroundings - it has it all! Start off in an Italian village where you have to find three cogwheels to open up the door to the catacombs where the search for the big diamond 'The Blue Hope' continues. Tricky jumping timed runs and swims timed shooting while jumping at alternatively disappearing and appearing blocks target shooting while sliding down jumping slopes and mind boggling puzzles. Hard but not undoable. Great atmosphere with all the little details (e.g. the pictures on the walls) and the sound is perfect. I love it!" - G.Croft (23-Oct-2003)
"This double level is yet another good example that it helps to play many custom levels in order to come of with creative gameplay yourself when building a level. Many hours of fun await in this sequel to the author's first work from long ago. Hunt for the Blue Hope II/1 (9/9/9/8 1:45 hours 4 rose secrets): Lara is dropped by a helicopter into the bay of the city. This part is mainly about exploring an opening up the areas finding a few keys and the three gear wheels which are nicely put to use near the end (nice reference to the author's profession too). Lots of things to do such as starting and stopping fans under water a nice movable block puzzle tightrope walking a battle with SAS and dogs target shooting the bells of a great little chapel the priest walking out of it (later reappearing as a ghost) and a great cave area below the bathroom and a great torch puzzle. I liked the pictures of the author's family on the walls the beer and bread as healthpacks solid camera work the flickering light and many other nice touches. Some criticism? Well minor stuff that does not interfere with the fun such as: jump switches hidden in the dark (one of my pet hates) why can some railings and windows be shot and others not the desks can be walked through the statue has no backside and the box opening animation is wrong. But all in all thoroughly enjoyable. Hunt for the Blue Hope II/2 (10/9/8/8 1:10 hours 2 rose secrets): If there was anything missing in part 1 it was difficult action that needed skillful handling of Lara's moves. Part 2 offers plenty of that. The course is fairly linear but very diverse with slope jumps combined with vase shooting collapsible tiles lava burners well hidden switches and crawlspaces movable blocks a great room with bridges and then a water area with a timed raising block an underwater building nice jumps around a toxic pool and definitely a highlight the room with the flipping floating tiles near the end. Enemies are very cool skeletons bats scorpions dogs and a few crocodiles and sharks. The tricky jump in the pool room took me 43 tries until I made it. Five keys and two green gems help you to find the Blue Hope Diamond at the end and escape to your waiting helicopter. I was able to play the level with the original scripts but did have occasional crashes when reloading. After a restart it did work ok though. Texturing and lighting in the second part is a little bleak and it's rather dark so a few more flares would not have gone amiss. The biggest downside is the underwater boulder as you can easily escape it alive but are stuck then and need to reload a save. Bottomline this is 3 hours of fun filled and very diverse net gaming that you should not miss. Classic TR at its best with a whole lot of creative ideas added. Great stuff Seemeister!" - Michael (21-Oct-2003)
"A level which reminds an older one by the author but only by title because the rest of it is quite enjoyable with nice puzzles included. There are two levels in this game with the second one making it very hard to play because of constant crashes let's begin with the first one though. The game begins with Lara falling in water and has to find some keys operate switches and levers to access different parts of the houses around with one goal to enter the search and access the second level. This task is not easy as you will have to pass through dogs SAS rats and solve a very nice torch puzzle. I really liked the underwater channels and the areas are connected and this is definitely the author's best work to date. Walking to the roof tops is one of the things I liked best along with the shooting the bells over the church. There was someone coming out after the bells rang I wonder who it could have been. Unfortunately as much as I enjoyed the first level twice as much I got frustrated with the second. Upon the beginning until the end I had constant crashes everywhere once even while shooting the second vase in the lava area with the slopes but the worst was at the underwater place with the big building there wasn't a single area down there I could save and safely reload. The author kindly offered his help whom I have to thank for that and with many different scripts but none of them seem to work at least for me. I wasn't going to give up this level though after all I am a very stubborn Greek woman and continued searching for keys and gems which eventually lead me to the Blue Hope. The skeletons dogs bats and sharks in this level were considerable obstacles. Lara's health is liquid and bread a nice idea often encountered lately. One thing that gave me more than the usual trouble was the disappearing platforms and four switches that had to be used in order to open a door so one can imagine how many times the platforms have to be used often with fatal results. If it wasn't for the crashes it could have been an excellent game and although I decided not to subtract any points from the game play category I would very much like to see that problem corrected soon enough. I found six secrets which were golden roses. One of the good levels we have and deserve a place in every raider's collection." - Kristina (21-Oct-2003)