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Planet of the Ancients by uvavoo

Avmaster 10 10 10 10
Bene 8 10 9 9
bERT 8 9 10 9
CC 8 9 9 9
dantheraider 9 8 9 10
DJ Full 6 7 9 7
Duncan 8 8 10 9
Engelchen Lara 8 9 9 8
eTux 8 9 9 8
G.Croft 8 8 10 10
Gerty 8 9 10 8
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 9 8 10 7
Jose 7 7 7 8
Josi 8 8 10 9
Killer Gameplayz 8 9 10 8
Kristina 8 9 8 8
Leisa 10 10 10 8
Loupar 9 8 9 8
MacRaider 8 9 9 7
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Mman 7 8 7 7
Obig 9 9 9 9
Phil 10 9 10 10
QRS 9 8 10 9
Raymond 9 9 10 10
Ruediger 9 8 10 9
Ryan 8 9 9 8
Sash 8 9 10 9
Scottie 9 8 9 7
Staticon 9 9 8 9
Tia Kroft 9 8 10 9
Torry 7 9 10 7
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Yoav 8 8 9 8
release date: 29-Oct-2003
# of downloads: 185

average rating: 8.68
review count: 35
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file size: 38.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Mixed feelings towards this double feature. I actually enjoyed the first part a great deal, loved the valley areas and gameplay had a nice flow to it, ending exactly where it starts, which happens to be the very spot where the four discs you went to fetch are required. There are a few things to note though, such as all switches requiring you to wait for two seconds before they actually activate the triggers (which is why Phil mentions on his walkthrough that sometimes they don't work), camera hints stopped working early on, it was generally speaking a bit on the dark side and I ran out of flares despite playing in a dark room, and some object choices didn't quite work for me, such as the modern swtiches placed inside caves. The second part is more of a facility of sorts with a lot of going back and forth through ventilation systems as you get a few trains moving, other than the special 'unfinished' secret area this level didn't feel like it took as much care as the first part in my opinion. Ah, yes, the hybrid Lara model is also a recurring pet peeve of mine (using young Lara's face textures and the shorter hair). I admit I now feel tempted to look up Close Encounters, hopefully it's on Prime Video. 90 minutes, 6 secrets. 04/22" - Treeble (24-Apr-2022)
"I enjoyed this game, I like space and lab TRLE's though. The lighting was a bit too dark here and there and there was definitely not enough flares. Gather the 4 computer disks and place them to open the next area, which I think was an expansion. I liked the secret area and train subway but it was quiet buggy, Some sections had to be reloaded to work properly but I did enjoy the experience, KG" - Killer Gameplayz (06-Nov-2018)
"This is an ambitious effort for a debut, but maybe a bit too much so. The sneaky homages to well known sci-fi movies are neat touches and the atmosphere and setting is brought off really well with the cutscenes and music files. Unfortunately the gameplay is rather buggy at times and drags the experience down a bit. For one thing, the block puzzle in the first part was a bit tedious but also problematic, and only worked after a few reloads (tip: don't move the blocks off the right tiles to make room. Move the blocks belonging on the far corners first, which will allow you to move the remaining two without any fuss). A few of the switches require Lara to remain stationary for them to activate correctly, but since I knew of this issue from other levels, this wasn't such a problem. I also found that the shooting and the backtracking got a little mundane at times, despite the areas mostly being very compact. The textures are brilliantly used in places (especially in the train station), but lighting was too dark for my liking in places, and it was a bit annoying that no flares were provided. Overall, this is worth playing, but be wary as you could become completely stuck." - Ryan (07-Aug-2018)
"The starting theme here is nice with the blue-ish terrain textures that support the alien atmosphere, details like rocks aren't especially smooth but that feels a little alien too. It kind of becomes more mundane as it goes on though, with the second level looking like an earth train-station/subway outside of the sky. Object use is decent, with some very original stuff at times (especially a UFO moment in the first level), but the enemies pretty much only being modified Ahmets and SAS felt a little bland given the potential the alien theme has. The gameplay is generally fine, but there's the occasional more tedious task (like a block puzzle that goes on longer than it should for how straightforward it is), and there's several bugs too, with some illegal slopes around, one or two parts you can get yourself stuck if you do something unintended, and saving issues in map 2 (with one secret not working properly for me so I couldn't really do it). There's some good creativity and ideas here, but the execution is a little flawed and dated in some ways." - Mman (03-Mar-2018)
"I wish I was here earlier because it seems I know the reason of the flipmap bug. The game begins with a gripping discovery in an alien world. Then it shows a regular human base with just two dead aliens, and totally blows the charm by ending in a regular trainyard. You don't do such things - you don't invite people to a garden picnic and show them a basement instead. The Close Encounters reference is a a truly epic one but unfortunately alone among the defaults, and it doesn't help its totally new objects stand in sharp, uncanny opposition to stock items. Customization should be done with smooth transitions instead. A word explaining the red crystals as no-save zones would be good either, because I had to reload a lot. SUMMARY: Disappointing but also leaving hopes for what comes next." - DJ Full (02-Dec-2016)
"This is one of the levels you never know how to rate 'cause you found good and bad things inside through. I liked the scenes, the animations, lights and textures, architecture looking a real planet outside this solar system, certain environments... On the other hand I found bad placed doors, areas in the second level you can't save your game, malfunction of the cameras in first level (less than a second of view), timed switches you don't know what's timed, a lot of gameplay for the secrets in second level, only two kind of enemies... So I don't know how to qualify this first part of the series; players will need to play to see..." - Jose (24-Apr-2012)
"One may hardly believe it, but I have not played yet this series from uvavoo. I must make up for this absolutely, so I immediately rush into the first part.
The Flyby at the level beginning is really good. However, I lack a prologue. It would have been nicer if one had found out first how Lara reaches to this spaceship. A Readme is quite nice, but an explicatory level is always better. And one or two Flarepakete immediately at the level beginning would have also quite felt well. Though I play with brighter settings, but, nevertheless, it is still quite dark. Moreover, it is bad if one hits already so early on opponents who can endure so much and Lara has only her both pistols. There the balance is absent a little bit. It was a very good idea which one could switch on in the caves in the first level the lighting. This looked very good. Generally I have liked the caves more than the outside area, particularly as one could come in the outside area to the "End of the world". And one could also go ways which were not planned certainly thus. However, the outside area with the big satellite dish looked very good. There one could also see less stretched textures. The single stone down at the big mountain lay a little bit unfavorably. This big mountain reminded me a little bit of the mountain from the film Close encounters of the third kind by Steven Spielberg. Then this also was probably the intention of the level builder, because the melody and the spaceships also fitted to the film. If one refrains sometimes from the appealed inadequacy, this was a good first level.
The problem with the Secret in the second level after the long slant had uvavoo responded. Though I could take the ammunition and the Medipack to myself, however, did not come out any more of the room. And every new attempt failed, because the Flipmap did not function any more. Because I am, however, anyhow no Secrethunter, this has not disturbed me. I have well liked this second level. Pity was only which one could hear no train noises. And also, unfortunately, in this level one could find no Flares. However, on the scale of things this was a good prelude. There I am already curious on part 2 and 3." - Scottie (07-Jun-2010)
"This debut release clearly demonstrates Uvavoo's capacity to build a complex and believable terrain and is a lot of fun to explore! Unfortunately it also demonstrates one of the pitfalls of this type of environment for beginners - illegal joins - which are fairly common in the outside areas, particularly if you, like me, love to explore all the nooks and crannies. Therefore the player should practice one of the basic gameplay functions - save often, with the regular use of a new slot! That aside, there is a lot of exploring to do, and some great looking areas - I particularly liked the communications base in the crater. When you can see them, as this is also a very dark game in the first level and extra flares are not provided, although later there is a torch to help in one of the darkest tunnels. Not sure what the second torch was for though as by then it wasn't needed... But the beautiful terrain made up for the flaws, and there's always the binos if you're desperate (the pistols weren't very effective as flares). There are some very nice touches like the alien spacecraft that fly around, one of which Lara has to summon (in a manner reminiscent of 'Close Encounters') to open the way for her to proceed, and there's an uncommonly used way to access a hidden room without doors. The second level is a complete change as it is set in, of all places, an underground railway! Very surreal - an elevated railway outside would have been a bit more fitting due to the difficulty tunnelling on an alien planet, but that may be being a bit picky ;-) There are some flipmap bugs in both the original and updated second level, and if the player has only played the original short version it is interesting to check out the later extended release (which can be played in isolation if you didn't keep your saves). The most dangerous flipmap in the original second level is when Lara turns off the power to the main tracks - this is the switch directly after using the only data disc in this level. Save before using that switch, and then play through to the end of the level without saving again or the level can't be finished as the rail tracks become live again! Luckily it's not far from the end so as long as you're careful not to get Lara deaded by the Ammuts or guards you should be all right. In the extended release Uvavoo has included instructions on how to avoid the flipmap bugs which makes it a bit easier. On the whole a lot of fun despite the bugs, and it kept me away from reality for extended periods which for me is always a sign of a good level as I am easily bored ;-)" - MacRaider (26-Feb-2006)
"I loved this adventure from the opening fly-by to the final run down an underground railway tunnel. Pure quality - and in a 'first offering' level, too. The only 'problem' that I encountered was all the cameras in the first part that are meant to show doors opening, etc. only gave me a fraction of a second to see what was going on. Perhaps I'd triggered something else too soon and it mucked up the rest? All the fly-by cameras seemed to work OK, though. None of this really got in the way of progress, though, so I can't complain. I won't go into details on the looks of this level set as I cannot add anything that hasn't already been said. I will, however, just mention a few of my favourite bits: The initial climbing section, the boulders and two rock bridges section, anything involving sliding blocks and that bit with the big alien ship. I also liked the second part set in an underground railway. Presumably one tube system looks like any other, so encountering one on an alien planet is not beyond the realms of possibility. I can't wait to play the next instalment now and am unpacking it as I write. Excellent set of levels thanks Richard. :-)" - Staticon (12-Feb-2006)
"This is a huge 2 level adventure with a lot of nice features. The first level consist mostly of large outdoor areas with tons of ahmets and SAS to kill. Great textures and superb lighting. The level is a tad too dark though. And no flares arround (I could not find any) The atmosphere is super and you get the feeling that you are trapped in some weird planet. A favorite spot was the area where you were forced to shoot boulders to proceed. And of course the cliff with the hovering UFO :) There was a torch near that spot that I could not find any use for. Maybe a secret? The second level was much brighter and I really loved the builder area :) I was lucky to have read the readme about the flipmap bugs so I saved on many slots. Great way of handling it with the save crystals!! Overall a very solid adventure and I'm looking forward to the next part." - QRS (09-Dec-2005)
"Wow, this just blew me away, its amazing. I love everything about it, the atmosphere, the cameras, everything. This is a wonderful level. I'm playing the second one. I love it." - dantheraider (07-Oct-2005)
"Lara lands on an alien Planet and needs to find four discs to reach an underground complex. In the first part there are a few things to complete to find the disc and Lara meets beasts and soldiers. There are push object puzzles and many levers/switches and also some timed sequences, which could have used some more camera work as a hint. In the second part Lara is in an underground train tunnel. Again, many switches to use and a disc to find. Graphics overall were good throughout the whole game, but my complaint is that it was too dark and I ran out of flares and had to keep using the binoculars. Textures were ok, sometimes a little stretched. But some great ideas here by Richard - something different and I look forward to the sequel. :-))" - Engelchen Lara (16-May-2005)
"Being the 23rd reviewer, do I have a lot of new things to say? The atmosphere was intense! After a short but impressive crash landing sequence at the beginning, Lara in a Star Trek outfit explores the dark planet, colourful UFOs occasionally flying over her head. You've read the rest of the story in the other reviews already. Two minor complaints: I got stuck in an illegal slope where Lara 'did the jig', and there could have been more variety in the enemies, plus the wild beasts could sometimes easily be disposed of, standing on a rock below or above them where they couldn't attack. Nonetheless, playing this level was absolutely fascinating. Now beam me up, Scotty ;-)" - Rüdiger (08-May-2005)
"The first of this two level game had me totally immersed by it's dark brooding atmosphere not to mention the great texturing that really gave the impression of a spooky far of planet. What totally sucked me in were the most brilliantly spine tingling flying UFO moments which were very 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and I wouldn't have been surprised to see Richard Dreyfuss making a papier-mâche mountain (if you've seen the movie you'll understand otherwise you probably think I'm just a nutter with a delusional problem). The level gives you a little puzzling timed run movable block puzzle lever puzzle as well as a small human base filled with guards and strewn throughout the level crocodile headed mini ahmets but your main goal is to collect 4 data discs to reach level two. On the 85 minute hunt that takes you full circle from where you begun at your crashed escape pod right back to it you can also find 2 secrets. The second level in the game had me asking some questions the main one was if I'm on an alien planet then why is there an underground subway on it? Is there some kind of express rail link to Earth or do aliens like rail travel just like us earthlings? Hmm questions without answers! Like most of this kind of level you have buttons and switches with no real puzzling but I did like the moving trains and the 4 secrets were nicely placed. I did however hate the fact that you couldn't save in certain sections or you could bugger up something thankfully though you get warnings with red Playstation crystals when not to save and green when you could again. A nice 35 minute level but it didn't really click with level one." - Sash (23-Jul-2004)
"I've enjoyed every moment of this great game; now I'm playing the second part and I hope it will be as good as the first part. Lara crashes into a strange and dark planet and she has to find five data disks to continue her travel. That planet is full of strange things that I would never expect in the outer worlds i.e. a train station and a military base. But on the other hand there are some UFOs and flying saucers that makes the 'normal look' of the Sirius V planet. There are no green people but SAS and crawling mutants. I finished the game in 2hr49min with 6 secrets (one of them into another). I loved the secret room without textures. The UFO at the mountain top and the 'sound' puzzle. Really worth to play." - Loupar (06-Jul-2004)
"Lucky me! I played the non-buggy version! I did manage to get stuck between a rock and a hard place a few times...those illegal slope locations someone mentioned? Anyway over all I thoroughly enjoyed playing this level except...way too dark at times for my taste with not enough torches or flares (which I ran out of and started firing pistols to be able to see). The timed runs were timed perfectly and I had no trouble with the trapdoor others talked about. I love doing a puzzle that gives a flyby every time you place something correctly and had no trouble with the colored boxes. I did get confused by the walkthru and thought I buggered the game when I couldn't get in that passage to hit the switch at the stone bridges before going up to the bridge. I had a time trying to find the way up but eventually found the route. I love shooting rocks to make boulders fall passages open well I love shooting stuff period! The 'under construction' room was very interesting and looked much harder than it was. Probably due to my failing eyesight. LOL I loved the 'close encounters' hill and the ship was awesome. Cut scenes that give goosebumps on high! I thought it was an odd place for a train station but it was a bit confusing at times and not near as exciting as the first part of this level but I had a mission to accomplish and I did! I found all the secrets (there can never be enough) I love hearing the 'chime' when I found one and a secret behind a secret...even better! All in all it was a very enjoyable game but as I live in Sunny California I couldn't play some parts in the daytime. Other than that this type of game is perfect to my liking. Thanks for the great time Richard!" - Leisa (05-Jun-2004)
"Yep I had as much trouble as anyone which is a pity as I would given this one a higher gameplay rating. I loved the high bridge and the radar installation. Of course the space ship was terrific. I was puzzled by the tube station but what the heck. A lot of fun to play." - Duncan (07-Feb-2004)
"This is a fairly involved and equally ambitious two level excursion into 'Close Encounters' territory. The idea was brilliant however the execution failed to deliver due to the 'bugginess' of the game. Even though the author tried his best to rectify the flipmap problems some remained even into the fifth version of this. Lara was on a mission direct from Mulder no doubt to track down the alien nemesis and the graphics and textures brought the whole thing off well. Gameplay was fluent and indeed interesting but the level was way too dark in my opinion. There were hardly ANY flares scattered about but the binoculars worked (as they should). The scenes with the flying saucers were brilliantly done as was the whole conceptualisation of the environment. In the first level you are on the hunt for 4 access discs and the route to locate these is full of woe. I encountered flipmap problems with the timed trapdoor in the antenna dish area (as did many many other players). The timed run was simple but the damned trapdoor remained glued tightly shut no doubt due to the alien excretions along its perimeter. My advice is to simply do it over and over again because at some stage the almighty will smile his benevolence and open said trapdoor. The other area of concern was at the crater where you had to call the alien saucer by doing the 'Close Encounters' theme by pulling switches (nicely thought out I may add). Here my saucer failed to materialise (probably because on its first pass it caught a look at Lara's bOObs and was off to get all its mates). So I replayed this section from an earlier save and praise the lord he came to the rescue again and flip mapped me into alien heaven. The second level bore little or no resemblance to the first and I'm at a loss as to why exactly it was included in the package. Here you were in an underground railway terminal doing exactly what I'm unsure. The trains and their movement were exceptional and the author gets extra points for that alone. It's a relatively standard seek out the switch type of level and it ended rather abruptly as Lara hightailed it along the tracks in search of............ Well your guess is as good as mine. Overall though definitely worth a play even with the inherent problems and the author should take heart that we do understand the technical difficulties inherent in the editor." - Torry (04-Jan-2004)
"I like this custom level very much despite some bugs especially at the end when de-electrifying the subway. If I saved there loading it back it changed to reverse (tracks were electrified and the light was red). However using this I would have had the chance to cheat I finished it without saving from the first de-electrifying. It is an alien-type level might be the best of its kind so far. As an overall conclusion it is a great adventure congrats' to the editor. There was maybe one thing I missed; maybe the gunmen could have been aliens with different heads. Already seen custom levels like that from other authors. If the first level was alike the next one will be bug-free and even more fantastic. This level became one of my favorite ones for ideas and textures applied I have not seen before. UFOs were gorgeous and so were the bases. The first level hides 4 Data Discs but the 3rd and the 4th one has the same location with the latter accessible at the same place where the third one was when the water turns to ice. Here I just lingered on for a while not having been able to figure that solution out. :) Enemies were gunmen and ugly beasts with several difficulties making the level harder. I found two secrets on the first level which was the UZI and UZI ammo and medipack climbing down the ladder beside the houses. There are a few things though I still don't get. There was a lever to be pulled where I was pushing 4 blocks. I have completed the level both with using it and not ... so what is it for? And there were two torches I could make no use of but lighting. Texture is fab so are added sounds. With my recommendation I am looking forward to possible sequels to it. Walkthru pics and saves are available here: " - Obig (22-Dec-2003)
"Great opening flyby of space and planets (a simple but effective idea) with the shuttle crashing onto an alien world. And I love Lara's outfit (very StarTrekie) and hair she has her teenage Lara face I prefer the adult one. Very very dark environment to meet the alien beasties and making your way onto and inside the rocks. I had to read about blowing up those crates I couldn't figure out how to go on. A hint for the moving blocks room move the three that are together first. I placed the one on its own first and snookered myself. The caves with slopes and rolling rocks is very convincing. And theses caves bring us out to a bridge and very well constructed base with satellite dishes. I loved all the climbing. About that timed run my trapdoor didn't open until I pulled the switch and waiting a second before moving off then it opened. (Echoes of a past level in Venice). Loved the idea of shooting rocks. What a wonderful sight of those UFOs flying over that 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' type mountain terrific. I liked the idea of what I can only describe as a hologram room (an untextured room) that becomes textured after a switch and trying not to be run over by the trains (great). I just thought it a bit odd to have a train station on another planet but who cares it was terrific. Highly recommended level." - CC (16-Dec-2003)
"This is a delightful two-parter primarily because of the spooky and other-worldly atmosphere of the first and longer section. Its subtitle (Star Wads) is a take-off on one famous sf film but the special effects encountered in the level are more reminiscent of another equally fine film: Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I waited until the revised version was released so I never encountered any of the bugs mentioned by those who played the initial release. The author redid the second level for the revision to add some gameplay; and although it plays out like a more routine train station episode it was nevertheless fun and challenging in its own right. This is a notable maiden voyage by a new level builder and I hope more projects will be forthcoming from him soon." - Phil (01-Dec-2003)
"To be very honest I was mighty peeved playing this level as there was an enormous bug in it and that meant starting over five times before the bug was really gone. A tip next time get some Mac players and PC players for beta testing there are plenty around and some of them are mighty good at it. I played it on both computers and on the Mac the sound was much better as I heard the engine of the aircraft before Lara crashed and also the Close Encounter of the Third Kind tune when flipping levers. Also it was much brighter on the Mac. I had a good laugh reading Star Wads in the title and when encountering the first UFO's you could definitively hear a WOW in this house. Still don't know what to do with that second torch tough. In the second level there is a nasty bug as you must disable the tracks from electricity but using a saved game turns it on again and when Matthias played it with a new download a couple of days later at my place the train already moved at the end part. Enemies in here are mutant beasts and guards. Doing the block puzzle was easy probably was my lucky day but the door where one could find the first torch in one game it was already open and in another not very strange. Loved the puzzle with the stone bridges that was a new one. Apart from the small bugs this is a great level to play so when is the next one Richard? 03-11-2003" - Gerty (20-Nov-2003)
"A wonderfully different package that you get here. Neat title flyby Lara in a Star Trek outfit and an impressive intro as she crashes with her shuttle on a darkish planet where the ahmets and crocodiles decided to breed a dangerous creature. The planet atmosphere comes across really well and you get a sequence of not too hard gameplay sequences including a bit of jumping exploding a wall a movable block puzzle which I found a bit tedious boulders and things to shoot and a timed run. Overall there are five discs to collect and use in both parts and easily 20 of those beasts to kill and another 15 or so guards which I thought became a little repetitive after a while. Also there are only two secrets that are not too hard to find in Part 1. The moving of the big radar is nicely done and the over-flying UFOs (small and large) make for truly impressive moments. Some raising blocks and toxic pools are also used to good advantage. After about 90 minutes you reach part 2 and infiltrate a nicely built subway station with shiny floors killing another bunch of guards and pulling a whole load of switches in the 20 minutes you spend here. Again the driving trains are impressive but make sure you avoid saving in this part as you otherwise may fall victim to a save bug which prevents you from switching of the electricity on the rails. All in all a very enjoyable experience and highly recommended." - Michael (14-Nov-2003)
"Startrek-Lara I'm a fan of Startrek so that's already a good start. But it's a great level overall and I had a good time playing even if I did encounter a bug (the timed trapdoor just opened after many tries) and the four-fires room was hardly doable (for me anyway). A dark rocky planet is where Lara crashes with the shuttle and she has to find a way through a base to a train station. The train station is very nice especially the trains you see passing I would like to know how they keep the floor so shiny though never seen that in a station before. And I loved the way everything was custom made like the title flyby and load screen it looks great. And the big UFO was great too. A must play level imo if only for the way it looks. Have fun!" - Josi (12-Nov-2003)
"Well an interesting adventure in outer space I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I had to play it many times due to some bugs. In the first part you collect 4 data disks go around in a huge circle and end up where you started the level what I liked very much since there was no back-tracking involved. The puzzles are entertaining but simple - especially liked the effect where shooting the boxes blew up a wall and so allowed you to access another room. The boulder puzzles were clever as well. The second part is shorter more switch/shooting based and unfortunately I had to use dozy here. I had turned off the electricity off the rails accidentally ran on the train so had to reload but the flipmap was turned off and Lara burned on reloading. Partly that was my fault since I didn't keep any earlier saves but I simply couldn't bother replaying the game again and dozied to the end of it (sorry). Overall a nice experience am looking forward for more levels in the 'Star Wads' series." - eTux (10-Nov-2003)
"Starting off with a cool title flyby and Lara crashing on an alien planet this adventure begins. Run around the moon-like and base surroundings before you get down underground and in to a train station. In the first part you have to find four discs to open up the entrance to the second part where you have to shut down the electric system so that you can walk on the tracks. Timed runs (not too hard...) strange enemy monsters guards and block puzzling are some of the obstacles here. The 'Star wads' the Star trek outfit and the 'Close encounter' music gives the right science fiction touch to it all! Great level for everyone to play. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the sequel! I also want to mention that the download I have (November 6) is absolutely bug free!" - G.Croft (08-Nov-2003)
"Well I guess I must have had the same problems as everybody else. Then I downloaded the new tr4 file and the ice finally turned to water. But strange things kept happening though... First I had to try several savegames until I could find one that worked from beginning to end - nothing missing being able to get through open doors etc. Then I had to spend the entire second level with a dreadful screeching sound (I eventually got used to it) but I suppose that was my fault for not having downloaded the sound files correction. Anyway the most simultaneously hilarious and horrible thing that happened (fortunately I'd seen the level ended right there) was at the end of the final tunnel. I saved and then approached the train. I died instantly. Then everytime I reloaded Lara was away from the train where I'd left her but totally in flames! I wonder... Was that the ghost train curse or something? I also managed to use the switch inside the closed area by the train - just had to jump inside - but I couldn't figure out what it was for. I went down the hole to investigate but I couldn't find a thing except for a couple of enemies on a way that led me back to the station. But let's try and analyse the game without all the bugs that kept haunting it... It is indeed original neither too easy nor too hard the settings are very beautiful and original even the train station and I was able to enjoy it in spite of all I mentioned. I am unable to give it the maximum rating though. But I am able to give it a good rating with the sole advice for those willing to play it that this must be the most buggy level there ever was in TR history TR5 included. I hope the author will make a continuation (he said something about it being in broad daylight so he must have meant the next) which I'm anxiously waiting for. And of course I hope the curse of strange events has ended with this first part... ;)" - Jorge22 (07-Nov-2003)
"What a spectacular beginning to this level with Lara crash landing a shuttle on a dark barren planet inhabited by ahmets. The atmosphere is really excellent - spooky and alien - and I loved the 'Star Wads' joke and Lara's Star Trek uniform. You get to do some interesting mountain climbing before you reach a heavily guarded compound in your quest to find four data disks that give you access to the brilliantly well constructed underground train area. The booking hall with its shiny floor was most impressive and the trains (with their accompanying audio) were so realistic. I really loved this level with its marvellous alien space craft superb textures and clever special effects. Initial bugs now seem to have been completely addressed by the author so I highly recommend that you download and play right now. I just can't wait for the next installment. 6.11.2003" - Jay (07-Nov-2003)
"Despite bugs that have now been fixed in the new download this is a real crowd pleaser. From the beginning with the load screen and intro and flyby you know this has the promise of a very unusual very well designed level. Since it's night torches are found to relieve the darkness and I liked the green shining floor in a dark cave that shows the way. Dark and spooky at times with the sounds of approaching creatures heard well before they are seen. The author doesn't disappoint as we are treated to actual flying saucers that advance the story line but if any 'little green men' were around I didn't see them. The only negative was a choppy disconcerting sound loop. Many thanks to Richard. Not only for giving us an unforgettable level but for being there to help with problems. It was much appreciated. Looking forward to more.......soon I hope." - Bene (07-Nov-2003)
"The best Level I've played of the last 5 month. The space with the moon high up over Lara the big rocks the alien base everything looks very good. The author spent much time on creating this level. Lara crashed with her Shuttle und she is looking on an area which is not friendly. Animals which are really not from earth hunting Lara thru this Level. In the Base of the Aliens Guards will make Life hard to Lara and the timed Switch which opens one Door on one of the Roofs is really a hard job to get into the Door. In most cases there are switches which opens the next door. One time there is a riddle in a room where Lara must push the colored Boxes into the right Place- This requires the whole logic of Lara to get the right Box into the right Place. The best thing I have ever seen was the big satellite dish in the alien area. Cameraviews show Lara the big area which is very helpful to play. Don't be angry about some bugs in this level the author provides Solutions for every Problem in the forum. To get into the second part of this Level Lara needs four data disks which must be placed in the Computers on the left near the crashed shuttle. On her Search for them she passes Rocks with burning wood on them and really dark areas. In dark Corners Lara hears the approach of these animals. Lara has for her defense the Pistols and the Uzis. Collect ammo as much as you can because you'll need them in the level. Same for the medipacks. Look for switches which are hidden in the dark. Lara comes through toxic rooms where some of the data disks are hidden. After using the data disks in the computers she finds herself in an underground-station where subways are driving and she needs to shut down the electric power to get to the outer space. Nice looking advertising the time tables of the subway keeps Lara looking for a short time. After getting out of the subway she runs to the next switch and pulls it. Then she lets herself drop down in the hole and back through the big cave where one Guard and two monster are waiting for Lara. After all the Level is really cool and don't think it isn't worth playing because you'll miss some of the best designed Levels I've ever seen. The Download is quite huge but it is really worth to download it. Everybody should play this Level even Beginners." - Avmaster (07-Nov-2003)
"One thing for certain the atmosphere is fantastic it's very eerie and dark so you never really know what's lurking in the shadows. His use of lighting and texturing is very good in my opinion and the puzzle blocks were splendid. The area by the satellite dish tests your skills a bit there are many enemies to face (I was chased by about 5 guards at one point lol) and also includes a good timed run. I had great fun with this level despite the bugs that came with the first release." - Tia Kroft (07-Nov-2003)
"Two excellent level in the first level you need to find 4 disk so you can proceed to the next level there you came to train station and you need to stop the electric current flow on the railroad tracks to finish the levels I enjoy to play this levels thanks Richard." - Yoav (05-Nov-2003)
"What a wonderful atmospheric Level. I was really enchanted. It starts with a nice opening flyby Lara crashes with her spaceship onto the planet at night. So it's rather dark but you can manage it without flares because you get torches for the really dark places or you can put the light on (nice effect). On her way Lara encounters ugly beasts and SAS the latter ones especially on the base area. On the way her alien friends in a big UFO are helping her. So she gets all the four needed disks to enter the second part around a metro station. I can only say again: perfectly done. Altogether she had found two secrets. Gameplay and puzzles are not that difficult and in big parts linear but you get all what has to be in a level: jumping sequences block puzzle timed sequences switch puzzles and flip effects ... . That leads to the bugs. Yes in the original version there had been quite some bugs but hopefully they'll all be removed soon. So I would say a must for everybody." - Raymond (05-Nov-2003)
"UFO alert but no little green people in sight. Are they hiding inside the caves around the mountains? Do they plan to take control of our planet or they have just come here to plunder? I will leave you to answer those questions yourselves by playing the level but I will tell you that it is quite nice set at night with a beautiful moon. At all times space ships are hovering over Lara's head small ones and sometimes bigger ones which have probably beamed the creatures with the weird noses that you will encounter around the areas you will explore. The search for four disks goes through areas with houses and satellite dishes guarded by men dressed in black. Are they human? Why are they hiding behind those masks? Maybe they are mutants part aliens part humans but I won't reveal that information either. Lara after releasing a few rocks nearby the stone bridges has one more dangerous task to find and pull four switches in the area with toxic water and come out alive to be able to search for the train station. The mother ship strangely appears to be helpful and destroys a rock on top of the 'Devil's Tower' allowing our heroine to drop on the water inside the Tower. The way to the station will soon be clear. Upon arriving at the train station although people seem to have vanished the trains continue to be on schedule. Be aware though you must deactivate the power on the tracks to reach the tunnel which is currently blocked. Lara must reach the switch near the tunnel and release the train that will destroy the rocks blocking the tunnel. Now she can escape and call for reinforcements to fight the alien element that has appeared on this dark side of the mountain this spooky night. If it weren't for the torches helping her to find her way and the secret moving blocks triggering the secret entrances to open she might never have done it. Someone dropped a scroll with a clue on the 'Devil's Tower' perhaps an unfortunate human trying to escape but came to his death. Stay tuned for the next episode of 'Planet of the Ancients' there will be more than the two secrets found in the current episode and it will probably last longer than the two hours this one took. P.S. Congratulations to the author for his support and for his immediate response to our crusade on destroying the fearful 'BUGS'." - Kristina (04-Nov-2003)
"These two levels breathe so much atmosphere I did not mind having to restart 4 times because of the buggy versions that were made public at first. This game is by one of those 'all-in-one' builders who take time to make us a custom load screen in-between-level screens a new fly-by and an intro sequence to the first level. All that sure adds up to give us top entertainment. Ok now dear old Lara crashes into this planet with vast areas strange beasts lurking and guarded by people not really happy she landed there. In level 1 we look for four discs in order to reach the metro station from level 2. Those four discs are obtained by some original gameplay sequences. One includes pushing around blocks either by doing this mindless or by using logic (that is if you're not colour blind) another one with a timed sequence but the most brilliant one (though not that difficult) is the one that brought us much misery at first (because of the bug in the first versions) but in the end (when the bug was fixed) a brilliant sequence straight from Close encounters of the third kind: really magnificent with that big UFO and several smaller satellites hovering above a crater. Level two is more straightforward but certainly adds to the storyline in that we have to make our way out of a metro by fiddling with the electrics down there. On the downside I do have to mention that the four-block puzzle from level one does not work without failure: there were occasions mentioned whereas you put the four blocks as they should be but the blue block did not rise. You just had to pull one block away again and push it back in place. Also here and there some illegal slope occasions you may encounter because there's so many smaller reachable places one tends to go for in order not to miss any secret (found only two in level 1 and none in level 2). But these are minor flaws. As we are lead to believe there will be follow ups to these levels and I am definitely looking forward to them." - bERT (04-Nov-2003)