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Frosty Mansion by Oxy

Aims 10 10 10 10
Bene 8 9 10 10
bERT 7 9 9 10
Brigidsgirl 8 9 9 10
CC 9 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Christian 8 9 10 9
Davy 9 8 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Dougsan 8 7 8 8
drguycrain 9 9 10 9
Duncan 9 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 9 10 10 10
Enzo 8 8 9 8
eRIC 8 9 10 9
eTux 8 8 10 10
G.Croft 8 10 10 10
g12STL 7 7 8 8
Gerty 7 9 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 10 9 10
John 6 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 10 9
Josi 9 8 10 10
jtrim 8 10 10 10
Kristina 9 10 10 10
Lady Lara 8 8 10 8
Leoc1995 10 10 10 10
Loupar 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 7 10 9 9
Mister-B 10 10 10 10
Moonpooka 9 9 9 10
Navi 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 9 9 9
QRS 8 8 10 10
Ryan 8 10 9 10
Samu 8 8 9 9
Sash 7 8 9 10
Scottie 9 10 10 10
Shandroid 9 10 10 10
Sherry 9 10 10 10
Staticon 9 10 9 9
Treeble 7 7 8 8
Wendee 9 10 10 10
Whistle 8 10 9 8
Xenutia 9 9 10 10
Yoav 10 10 10 10
release date: 18-Nov-2003
# of downloads: 148

average rating: 9.18
review count: 49
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file size: 26.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"At first I'll admit I thought I had some weird deja vu feeling watching the initial fly-by, but that feeling faded away as soon as I started running around the place. Building massive manors was the craft of this author, really, and this one is no different. Progression is based on inventory, so doors open based on what you pick up. It's slightly linear in that regard but as there are several rooms it's easy to lose track of where you need to go to next, and some of the pickups aren't quite as obvious (the firewood, for instance). I'm not sure the short track works as looping background audio, and I only really picked up on some of the concepts because the author gave more context in the walkthrough, except maybe for the mirrored worlds which I failed to grasp. 45 minutes, 4 secrets. 05/22" - Treeble (08-May-2022)
"Dont get me wrong i did enjoy exploring around this mansion and its grounds,rooftops etc it was atmospheric, intriguing and interesting with great textures, good music and objects etc. Unfortunately the finding objects and keys to insert to open doors/areas started to get too repetitive and old about halfway through the level and i was craving a bit more variety in the gameplay like a puzzle or some traps, timed run or challenging platforming tasks for example but i was left disappointed. i liked the idea of being locked in a room a few times and having to explore around to find a way out and the story was very good and how it implements itself into the gameplay with the objects and places to insert along with the readable scrolls but clearly the best was saved for the last here with the interesting mirror task and killer snowmen at the end" - John (16-Sep-2021)
"This level was good at being straight-forward about where to go and what to do next. It was also a confusing level as to what the game was about. You'd think it's a safe game but somehow ends up being a scary/horror one. I think it is an excellent level for a beginner 'raider' to try and complete as it is a fairly easy one. But the level design was good, great work!" - g12STL (12-Sep-2021)
"I recognize that this is an old and already established level in the Hall of Fame with an excellent and well-deserved score, so more reviews was not needed. But i needed to send a review for my favorite level and a inspiration to start building my own levels. A brilliant mansion with a huge map with a lot of rooms to explore and a great atmosphere. There are some minor problems, like flybys, that if you cut them by pressing the "look" button it can prevent a door from opening and Lara will be stucked (for example, the first door at the very beginning of the level). Some strange and surreal things happen, but analyzing the author's other levels, it's nothing unusual, and it makes the level surprising and mysterious. Furthermore, for a level created in 2003, it's very interesting for those who like Mansion-style levels. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a fun 1 hour adventure. As I said, this level was one of my inspirations to build, being one of the first TRLE I played. I don't remember exactly my stats when i played for the first time, but this is a short duration level (no more than 1 hour). My rating for my favorite level is 10/10/10/10." - Leoc1995 (25-Jun-2021)
"A very good level that initially seems easy, but contains its peculiarities that hinder progress (in a positive way, of course). One of the first custom levels I played, and I consider it one of the best. The mansion has great architecture, being very well built and detailed by the customization of items. A frightening atmosphere is maintained throughout the level, with a nice story and a final that I find surprising (Santa Claus?). A Hall of Fame level, so of course I recommend everyone to explore this snow adventure." - Mister-B (25-Jul-2020)
"Good level with a storyline that appears very easy in the beginning, the progression is straightforward for 15 minutes but then the place really opens up and it is a big mansion to visit , in some places there is more than one way to proceed , even some things that seem to be optionnal ; well it is like in real life when you can make your choice. Oxy is gifted to design settings that can ressemble to real places , and you can expect and enjoy custom textures and objects. The gameplay is based on exploration and retrieving/using objects. It can become confusing if you forget an object en route, and in the end the first time i played the level i finished with a few objects in the backpack ( a bird and some snow flakes ) , anyway even so the level ended when giving an energy drink to Von Croy. I reloaded a save so to see all that happens in the final section. Excellent sounds and attention to details." - eRIC (17-Oct-2019)
"Now this is absolutely brilliant. This is by far the most visually pleasing of all of Oxy's levels, and the construction is absolutely spot on. The textures are very well done and did make running around in this vast mansion a bit more bearable than it otherwise would have been. You'll be doing your fair share of that too. It doesn't get excessively tedious, but the backtracking did get a bit wearying and the way forward isn't always that clear, so I did get confused on more than one occasion. The flybys were also a bit glitchy in places, and the main looping audio track was a bit annoying after hearing it for about an hour continuously. But the custom objects are really neat additions (the angel statues and the homicidal snowmen in particular) and the construction well up to standard, which still makes it a very worthy raid." - Ryan (27-Feb-2019)
"I liked how the atmosphere was very spooky. There were also many secrets and hidden features. However, the story was a bit confusing at times." - jtrim (27-Feb-2018)
"A fascinatingly atmospheric level to explore with plenty of twists & turns along the way, as Lara finds herself venturing into this place to rescue Von Croy, a fellow colleague & Santa Claus of all people, from the spirits of those who've yet to find their rest. And combined with the well-utilized objects & effective texturing/lighting, it does the job expertly in crafting a convincing locale that's become completely derelict, since its owner passed away. Gameplay revolves around mainly exploration through the manor for items needed to progress forward(with plenty of pesky bats, undead skeletons or 'snowmen with guns' that can be taken down with a couple of pistol shots or a well-timed grenade, depending on the situation). So in conclusion, an hour-long adventure that is well-worth taking(especially for some of the more quirkier & bizarre elements demonstrated)." - Ceamonks890 (16-Aug-2017)
"Excellent use of the textures and the snowmen, I liked how you need to pick up so many of the same object instead of picking up the different keys." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (10-Oct-2015)
"A good story for a good level. Certainly the gameplay is not very difficult 'cause the new objects you're going to find wont be placed so far and it's not difficult to figure out where to place it; even so I missed some puzzles and not only place objects and keys to open doors. There is a very good atmosphere according with the history and the scenes are very well lightened. I only found some small defects like a bad placed door, a camera without the "One shot" button and several small triangle textures, but the game is very worth to play and recommended for everybody. A great work." - Jose (26-Apr-2012)
"A huge map with a lot of rooms to explore, strange ways of progressing via unmarked triggers, picking up items - you thinkg this is a bad level? Well, think again, as Oxy managed to build a fun level with actually ridiculously linear gameplay, as she leads through this mansion with a lot of notes, hints and items which receptacles could be seen much earlier, also with a lot of doors closing behind you. The best thing about this level are the funny objects and enemies though - there's a large variety in them and the manor is beautiful looking. The highlights IMO are the birds that appear when placing a bird statue, the agressive snowmen and the death figures that require powder to help you further. On the other hand there was a skeleton that appears after pushing a vase that can be quite pesty if you didn't go on the search for the grenadegun first, that could have been avoided. The atmopshere that is quite sterile outside and full of life inside is fantastic, as well as the texturing, but there were a few camera problems of which at least one can be pretty annoying; the cameras don't prohibit Lara from moving so she can skip them even if they trigger anything (at least there was a warning from Oxy's great walkthrough), and one is starting again and again so that it was actually good that you can skip them. Gameplay had a few highlights such as the underwater maze with a few medikits to collect that opened doors, the climbing over the roofs and not to forget the four-part mirror room at the end which was quite ingenious, but here and there I wished a few more creative puzzles as in this mirror room. All in all a level that is highly recommended because of its breathtaking uniqueness. 50 minutes." - manarch2 (03-Apr-2012)
"If there were a price for the most quirky ideas, Oxy would occupy guaranteed one of the first places. Her exuberant imagination is as a rule a profit for us level players. Here she has again delivered a small taste of her skills. I have never experienced it that a snowman shoots back. Or that an eagle not attacks, but on the contrary Lara shows, where and how it goes on. However, this small assistance is not necessarily necessary, because the player ordinarily always knows how it goes on. By the very good camera work the inclined player cannot get lost at all. It was a little bit annoying which one finds the Grenade Gun for my taste a little bit too late. Though the health loss by the first skeleton is not serious, but it annoys me when I encounter enemies, for which I do not have appropriate weapons in luggage. Ordinarily I use only both pistols, but they are ineffective for a skeleton. However, this was the only negative point in an otherwise excellent level." - Scottie (11-Jul-2011)
"Beautiful, warm piece of Christmas reminiscence. One of those little adventures I like the most. Kept in climate of Advent Calendar, although it is not one of those levels, includes beautiful storyline, great atmosphere and a feeling of a duty to complete a mysterious mission. The idea of a set of multiple mirror rooms is very well executed, and the evil snowmen attacking Lara there positively surprised me. Also, as long as there are not so many builders creating custom-made secrets, it's great we can find such pickups hidden in this level. Good job, Oxy. You've made my day. SUMMARY: Want some relax? Play it now. Great winter level." - DJ Full (21-Sep-2010)
"there are some many treasures to find here.... Quite linear gameplay, some puzzles perhaps a bit to predictable. Anyway: Searching the "hearts of gold" and the "powders of life" was a very funny thing. The whole game consists of exploring, there's nothing challenging to do here. But it's the atmosphere that makes this game a really great one. All rooms a very well decorated wit love to details. Lightnig and sound are supporting the perfect spooky scenery. Highlight there is a mirror-sequence near the end. A perfect level for friends of a creepy ambience. Highly recommended!" - Christian (08-Sep-2010)
"The atmosphere of this level was well done. i greatly appreciate that the author used frequent skeletons as an enemy, yet provided the firepower necessary to actually do them in. And the recurring black-robed ghoul really was eery. The only confusing part was leading santa clause at the end (or rather, not really having to lead him anywhere at all despite the game instructing you to do so). Still a great level all around." - drguycrain (12-Aug-2009)
"Frosty Mansion can hold it's own against the levels of today any day. This is one of the most beautiful levels you are likely to find. The wintry atmosphere is gorgeous and the objects in this level are top-notch. Oxy interweaves a great storyline complete with letters to find that makes this experience really enriching. I never experienced any bugs in my game like others did, so that is nice. This is one not to be missed." - Shandroid (02-Nov-2008)
"If this is one of those infamous house levels, I never would have known it. What we have here is an eye-pleasing wintry quest throughout an extensive estate for quaint artifacts that open doors, lift gates, and occasionally resuscitate a dying bird. Along the way you have the unenviable task of killing Frosty the Snowman and his cohorts after having fed an assortment of ghouls and angels. There's much charm here, and it's quite suitable for the kids and for less experienced raiders. The builder has provided her own walkthrough (an outline, really) with a touch of wit in keeping with the lighthearted mood of the level. I was entertained for nearly ninety minutes, even with the walkthrough's assistance, so download and play this one now if you haven't already done so. Highly recommended." - Phil (17-Aug-2007)
"I had to give a 9 for Enemies, Objects & Secrets just for the snowmen alone! That was a master stroke and a truly unique idea as far as I've seen. The gameplay and puzzles deserved a 9 for me simply for the unusual idea of placing firewood in the right place! I thoroughly enjoyed this level because for once it allowed plenty of exploration and time to admire the scenery, providing a nice change of pace from the often frantic gameplay that Tomb Raider levels can induce. Sometimes a more relaxed raiding experience is just the ticket and Oxy has definitely provided us with a beautiful, mystical level that encourages belief in the more unreal side to life. My only complaint would be that it ended somewhat abruptly, but this was a small thing and easy to overlook in such a wonderful piece of gameplay. I will definitely be looking for other creations of Oxy's!" - Xenutia (02-Jan-2007)
"Really strange but nice level! Although it isn't a perfect game I reccomend it because it's particular..." - Davy (26-Jun-2006)
"This level is really extraordinary and I haven't played many this kind of levels before. This level include many nice rooms inside the huge mansion and couple of outside areas. Atmosphere is quite nice including good cameras and some mysterious musics. There are also moving snowmen, santaclaus and many other nice things in the level. Despite the environment looks good and the level is technically well created I just don't like this kind of levels very much. This was maybe a bit too strange level for me or something. Still this is good work and I will never forget this." - Samu (03-Apr-2006)
"This is a great level with fine graphics, a good story and a lot of cool and new things. I would have given this level a better rating if it had not been infested with bugs. I had to play it 3 times to avoid all bugs and get all secrets. The first time I got stuck near the end with no way of ending the level and the second time I managed to end it earlier using a bug (to my surprise!) I still love this piece of art though. Not hard, nor easy. All the hints you come across which adds to the story. The sound is great and the graphics extremely good. Prepare yourself for a neat end sequence! 2005-04-30" - QRS (01-May-2005)
"I just recently discovered oxy' s levels starting with her last one Skeletons last will. When I first played this latest level I wasn't really convinced off oxy's talents as a levelbuilder...although...her early work - like frosty mansion- is much more quality visual attractive more believable realistic music and a good story with real emotional tension near the end. The level isn't really difficult to play but it is really a bad point that she made one big fault: almost all the camera sequences weren't set to fixed camera with the result that I had to do several parts off the level over and over because the cameras activated doors. Anyway gameplay is really fun and isn't boring for just a second good level to play when you just feels a little bit down it gives you a warm happy feeling ;)" - Enko (26-Jan-2005)
"Such a charming level. I think that everything I would have written about here has already been covered in other reviews but I will just add that from the perspective of an eternal beginner this level is a joy to play. So much to see and do things to pick up and spirits to meet. The whole thing is beautifully constructed and what an array of custom objects. If you haven't already done so play this level. You will not be disappointed. And one other thing on a side issue; I was rather amused to see that the wallpaper in many of the rooms in the manor house is exactly the same as the paper on the walls of one of my bedrooms. LOL." - Staticon (02-Sep-2004)
"This was a very unique level (from what I've played so far anyways). I really enjoyed the gameplay searching for what I needed to pickup to advance. I even got stuck a couple of times lol. The enemies were just bats and skellies easy to dispatch once you have the grenade launcher the angels were cool the secrets were inventive. Overall a great fun play!" - Brigidsgirl (22-Apr-2004)
"Well this has to be one of my favourite custom levels to date! It as absolutely brilliant! There isn't one thing wrong with this level. I love the music the mansion in which you play the story is clever the enemies: guards disguised as snowmen lol and giving powder of life to the creepy ghost figure in TR5 (in labyrinth level as young Lara). The items were clever and original: mama's roses and using logs to put in fireplaces. This is a definite must to download You don't know what you are missing! I used to see this level a lot and never downloaded it until now and I'm glad I did! It is beautifully constructed. Oxy is the best for making buildings. Her other levels have great atmosphere too! The poor girl trapped in the mirror is clever too and Santa Clause! Don't hesitate a moment longer! Download this now!" - Aims (02-Mar-2004)
"'Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the ...' Better late than never. Libby (my wife) and I just finished celebrating a belated Christmas for one reason or another and in the spirit of the season I played 'Frosty Mansion'. It was all I had hoped it would be and more. Total playing time for me was a little less than two hours. In keeping with the season (?) the killing was limited to putting the undead to rest and reviving positive spirits. I found the game to flow very smoothly and had no problem at all understanding what to do next (with the exception of the large urns which I was convinced should be moved all over the place when ...). I very much liked this level. It shows a great deal of imagination thoughtfulness and creativity. Well done Sophia." - Dougsan (04-Feb-2004)
"I was so blown away by what Oxy had done visually with Night Castle and then here comes along this 75 minute level that actually tops its predecessor with a gorgeous manor full of secret passages set in a snowy wonderland. What though made me even more happy was the fact there was some actual gameplay involved this time thank you Oxy that revolved almost exclusively around finding an array of nearly all never before seen artifacts such as golden bibles snowflakes bluebirds and many more this also extended to three of the four secrets. But what was probably most impressive was that this game actually had a storyline that held it all together from start to finish unlike any other game I have ever played so make sure you read the readme first or I think some things may not make full sense to the player and be lost on them and from reading some of the reviews I think this may have happened. This story finds Lara going in search of the granddaughter who is trapped in another world behind the mirror of a dead woman whose spirit roams her home and who Lara must come into contact with on several occasions to get help to move on and find the girl her apparition appears not as a very grandmotherly figure though but more like the Grim Reaper and on first meeting was very disconcerting but after that I was happy to meet her. The highlight though was probably meeting the giant snowmen now don't we all love Frosty this time though these symbols of happiness and joy are packing heat so don't feel bad about taking them out after all they're only snow but what was with Santa who you meet at the very end maybe it's all the eggnog he drinks when going from home to home but does that really mean he has to pull a knife on Lara could be his way to handle those that have been naughty and not nice!" - Sash (24-Jan-2004)
"A very beautiful level in a mansion that is haunted but there's no need to be afraid of the ghost he will help you get through. You can help him by giving potions of life so he can open doors for you. You'll walk through beautiful rooms climb chimneys walk on the roofs and a snow covered outside area. You'll meet some bats and skeletons find flowers snowflakes bibles and angel hearts. Don't give the energy drink to Von Croy before you find the scroll that tells you to do that otherwise you may end the level to soon and miss out on the mirror-part and that would be a shame." - Josi (13-Jan-2004)
"Frosty Mansion is one of the most beautiful levels I've played. The snowy gardens the house and its surroundings the rooms (perfectly textured) the storyline.... All the game is like a dream; there are only few enemies (skeletons and bats) but action is not necessary in this case. Lara only has to find the Mama's love objects to find the granddaughter captured in the mirror. I've enjoyed every minute and every room in this level. I love it. I think that Frosty Mansion is a jewel and a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you." - Loupar (05-Jan-2004)
"I must begin by stating that I usually do not like mansion type levels. However this is such a variation on the theme as to be set apart from the other mansion levels I have played. Enough interest is generated to overcome the usual run around and open doors syndrome typical of this type of level. The story line is good with the puzzles being what to pick up and where can I find it. Novel objects unique to this level prompted me to give it the high mark as there are few enemies (bats) but again towards the finish you encounter very unusual 'snowmen'. The atmosphere is rather dark and the textures because of this tend to appear to be rather alike. There is however thought been put into the various scenarios with good use of camera angles. Definitely a level worth playing" - Whistle (03-Jan-2004)
"I haven't played levels in a long time and this level was the perfect way to start playing again. Wonderful mood and music and the setting was beautiful creative and enjoyable. Not too many enemies and some really neat puzzles. Not too hard but that is a plus in my book. A bit dark sometimes. My compliments to this designer - keep up the fabulous work! I think you're going to be one of my faves." - Lady Lara (06-Dec-2003)
"What can you say about a level where you can't trust Frosty the Snowman and Santa carries a knife? Just this: well done! A huge mansion level that is very well laid out and for once actual has the feel of a real building (as much as the forced proportions of the TR4 engine will allow). This is one of the most original levels I've played and it is based on a story line rather than random game events. Pictures and beings in the story actually relate to each other but that can be hard to perceive without reading the author's walkthrough. For me it's one of the best." - Duncan (27-Nov-2003)
"I can't say that the gameplay is hard or challenging or thrilling but it is simply SO charming! The undead grandmother that can't find peace the trapped granddaughter the birds the lovely angels and finally VonCroy and Santa! Also the surroundings are awesome! Sophia is an excellent mansion architect - you just have to stop and look at all the details that make this look like a real home. The cupboards the carpets the curtains the flowers the books - I could go on and on! This level you just have to see to believe!" - G.Croft (26-Nov-2003)
"From the initial breathtakingly beautiful flyby to the ending with Santa (yes Santa) this level just shrieks talent and originality. The storyline is charming the surroundings gorgeous and there are lots of interesting objects including angels that animate when you give them golden bibles marvellous 'grim reaper' apparitions you need to supply with powder of life and blue birds that you need to bring back to life. Enjoy exploring the huge mansion and grounds - they are beautifully constructed and well worth spending time just admiring. You will find two scrolls to give you clues as to your mission four secrets (I loved the snowflakes) and a variety of fascinating artefacts to use. The ending is superb with the mirror between worlds effect and the homicidal snowmen are a sight not to be missed. The only real enemies are skeletons and you get a grenade gun so they're not much of a threat. The emphasis in this level is really on exploring and finding artefacts so don't expect timed runs or anything of that nature. However I defy anyone not to enjoy this one or fail to be massively impressed by it. I loved it." - Jay (25-Nov-2003)
"Yes yes it is truly an awesome setting maybe even more detailed and carefully put together than her Night Castle - but it remains a Mansion level and I am afraid I still do not like the gameplay a mansion level typically has: run around a lot pick up things here and there and find the receptacles for them to progress. In this 75 minutes raid you do a lot of that too only spiced up by an occasional movable block and the only reason it doesn't feel all too bad for me are those really nice objects created by the author and a supporting storyline that works really well. So fantastic atmosphere textures and objects (roses snowflakes the ghosts and angels and the items you need to give to them - just to name a few). The flybys could still use a bit of refinement and at least one is missing a one shot trigger and for all of those the code bit should be set to prevent Lara from moving while the flyby runs. Lighting is well done but I found a bit too dark in places although you do have plenty of flares. The snowmen near the end are the most hilarious enemy I have seen in a while. So all in all this will have you sit in awe and marvel at the scenery and the magic of the place and therefore is simply a must-play level. The four secrets are not overly hard to find and Val's rabbit picture clearly adds to the final room where Von Croy Santa and the Grandma's daughter meet up to celebrate the completion of the level. Very unique and highly original! Keep building Sophia!" - Michael (24-Nov-2003)
"This is the most fun I have had in a level in a long time. Just proves killer puzzles timed runs and jumps are not necessary to create a wonderful adventure. The setting is terrific the best house/castle I have seen to date. A little dark in spots but enough flares are provided. Highly recommend and have fun." - Sherry (23-Nov-2003)
"I really enjoyed this level. For the hour and 15 minutes that it took to complete it I didn't once wonder what to do. Gameplay flowed easily from one room to the next. I call the atmosphere 'beautiful and varied'. Experienced level creators call it 'good texturing'. Whatever you call it the level was a joy to look at while playing. Lara must go in search of golden Bibles to give to angels find bags of powder to give to grim reapers move blocks etc and various other pickups to end up meeting with Von Croy Santa and a surprise guest. There are 4 secretes of which I found 3. When searching each room do so thoroughly. There are many pickups that are out of the ordinary. Pickups are often necessary to open gates and door so be vigilant. Also move as many blocks as you can or else you'll have a tough time with the skeletons. They and a few annoying bats are the only enemies that come at you. Don't kill the vulture but be wary of the very tall snowmen! This is a wonderful level. Fun fun fun and very creative. " - Wendee (22-Nov-2003)
"This level is a masterpiece. I really liked the story. Lara's task is it to free Sophia she finds wonderful items to open doors. Puzzles are not difficult but well crafted. A lot of running is required climbing through chimneys finding keys. Graphics are top notch and you can see how much care Oxy put into that (fantastic). There are new objects and I liked them a lot. Especially the vultures that do not hurt Lara. Enemies were not many but that suited the level. Camera and sound were added in all the right places. The atmosphere was overwhelming. One of the best custom levels for me and I recommend it to everybody." - Navi (22-Nov-2003)
"I am still in awe. The careful texturing objects and architecture alone and the tasks and the way how Lara is moved from one stop to the next is nicely done. Lara meets the ghost world a dead guy asks for her assistance and she needs to find plenty of items and use them at the appropriate places so that the way is shown to her. All enemies were well placed especially the snow men were fun (the grenade gun helped here). Sound was well added and supported the atmospheric flybys. Thank you Oxy and we hope there are many more levels to come from you that impress us just as much and tell a nice story. :)" - Engelchen Lara (22-Nov-2003)
"Here is one great level I played from the beginning to the end without ever really getting stuck - wow! The first thing that gets into one's eyes: this is architecturally as beautiful if not more as Oxy's first level. And it also has things to do apart from lighting fires - wow again! A lot of things to do really... Finding multiple very interesting objects and using them and also four very creative secrets if I'm not mistaken. I found them all - rewow that's not very common! It's also spooky I loved that first creepy music that kept looping and looping but it was no nuisance. You get to go so many places that you sometimes wonder if you're taking the right turn but in fact all roads lead to Rome in this level and that lets you flow which is great. Great atmosphere great objects great characters great ambiance I really liked it. Only two times did I get a little confused: firstly when I placed a dove on a pedestal and a condor appeared - what on earth was it doing there? Well since nothing seemed to happen I just kept going... Then near the end it took me a little while to understand I had to fight the snowmen - that was a really interesting idea! Is the game going to continue? In the end as I gave Von Croy an energy drink Santa appeared from a door holding a knife and coming in our direction. Was he some kind of murdering Santa? Then the game ended. Weird... Well I suppose we shall see... maybe. (November 21 2003)" - Jorge22 (22-Nov-2003)
"Yes I believe we have another master level builder here another stunningly beautiful level. A huge mansion (NO don't run away). I loved the outside areas covered in snow loved the trees with snow on even those rearing horse statues are white. I loved ALL of it. Let me congratulate you Oxy on the huge improvement in the flybys. Gameplay here is about finding things but this time you have to do a bit of work for and with them. Beautifully retextured items and what a shock I got when that first dead monk took the bag. A long way into the level I discovered some things had to be shot like a table or beds; some things had to be moved like urns some things had to be used like the bible and flowers; so take your time and see what you can do as well as admiring the gorgeous scenery indoors and outdoors. Loved the ghost monks and the angels (did you notice they are breathing!) and they acquire a halo and those snowmen were brilliant frolicking in the snow so don't annoy them by aiming your weapons at them or you'll be sorry. We get to meet the butler and the maids and someone else special (I hope he uses that knife to cut his way through the dust in the chimney!). Really Oxy if there was a category for originality I'd score it 100%. I had a key I didn't use and artifacts so there must have been a lot more to do. So I'm keeping this and I'll definitely play this again. Excellent work. A very suitable level coming up to Christmas. For everyone else YOU MUST SEE THIS." - CC (22-Nov-2003)
"Oxy-dishy-lous mansion level this is. I want to live in it right now even with the spooky bony figures roaming. Well if anyone can beat the looks of this one our big boss would have to up the maximum rates for it. You start off outside and go through it as the unfortunate in any creepy mansion movie do it mysteriously closing doors trapping you inside picking up things that make things happen in other places and such. Exploring slightly dark areas until you realize that piece of cloth you thought was hanging there is actually a creep in a black dress: I nearly jumped out of my seat. Gameplay wise it gets a bit samey too much towards the end (find key just laying there and open door) and could do with a bit more challenge but the strange end rooms with snowmen moving about and the daughter of the house mysteriously standing there made up for that. Also the diverse mixture of objects to find is a plus (fire wood energy drink books bibles golden hearts) making it quite entertaining. And first time I see a secret hidden under the b.. (nah see for yourself). Finished it without Santa and Christmas tree two mamma's booklets the first time so there seems to be an unintended (?) shortcut. Nevertheless enjoyed this mansion jewel very much and oxy is definitely on my Favourite Builders list." - bERT (21-Nov-2003)
"A wonderful level throughout stunning mansion and some fine searching for items. Here is a spooky mansion at its best with skellies ghosts and some rather amusing snowmen. Not a mass of enemies just those skellies but with all the other various things to do it really wasn't essential. This level also has a wonderful story to it and a very nice ending in fact it's the nicest ending I've ever come across. New items and new costumes all were simply superb and this level is a must to play. I can't think of a single thing I didn't like everything was perfect running around this huge place with its beautiful scenery furniture and additions to release the spirits of the house. A top class level and a fabulous piece of work." - Moonpooka (21-Nov-2003)
"A beautiful haunted snow topped mansion in which Lara must find and release her best friend who has become imprisoned in a mirror between this world and the next. Helping her by opening doors after Lara picks up objects is the young women's dead grandmother. Lots of custom objects including a pile of wood and a small bird that must be put on a birdbath. This level is at times dark but with more than enough flares. There's skeletons and the Grenade Gun to make them go away. There's snow snowmen and even Santa and a Christmas tree. And of course secret hallways. Good storyline camera work music and beautiful textures make this the level we were all hoping for.....and leaves us wanting more. Good work Oxy. Well done." - Bene (21-Nov-2003)
"As Sophia claims she loves to make textures and new objects and there are plenty of those in this level. As you will find out what your goal is by picking up a scroll you are on your way in this magnificent mansion. There are about 25 objects to pick up lost my count with the snowflakes though and a few of them Lara takes with her. There are two small bugs one is an invisible door block and one is a loop in the flyby but they don't hinder the gameplay at all. Just enjoy the scenery and examine every room carefully as this mansion is huge. Wouldn't mind to live there though. There aren't many enemies some very pesky bats and skeletons but you have a plethora of grenade ammo and even the launcher. Don't shoot the vultures as that isn't needed but Snowy the Frosty Snowman is up to no good as he has something you do need. In a way there is so much going on and it is rather straight forward but you have to remember where you haven't been yet then you can't get lost. The finishing trigger is when you give Von Croy something and Santa is there overseeing it all. By that time the daughter is freed from the mirror. This is again pure eye candy there is more gameplay than in Sophia's first level but your main goal is still picking up artifact and using them. One question though there is still one ghost that didn't get a potion and did you also noticed that Santa has a mean looking knife in his hands? Think I got 4 secrets a snowflake a stone rose a medipack and a horse statue.19-11-2003" - Gerty (20-Nov-2003)
"Wow! What can I say about this level that hasn't already been said. I play the level three hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. Everything about this level is excellent. Lighting camera work gameplay and puzzles. It is one of the best house levels I have played." - Yoav (20-Nov-2003)
"I can't believe the wonderful atmosphere and the amazing mansion the author has created. She certainly has a unique talent as far as architecture and designing is concerned. Lara is outside the mansion with snow around and statues trying to get in and collect various objects such as golden hearts bibles mama's books of love and mama's flowers. Those items along with keys will help her open doors and access rooms with ghosts that need the power of life which is also spread around the mansion. I loved the rooms and the angel statues the snowmen the Santa Clause and the granddaughter. I am still amazed by what I saw and I think no one can ever surpass this mansion. All the new custom objects with one of them also being the firewood are very pleasant to the eye. As for the game play although the enemies are only bats and the snowmen which do not attack unless provoked is rather easy with four secrets of which I only found two the statue horse and the snow flares. I would like to know what the other two were though as I am sure they must be original as well. At the end Von Croy is waiting to get his drink next to the Christmas tree in the big living room. I had so much fun in the one and half hour I spend that I didn't want to leave. Don't rush through this just take your time and admire the awesome setting. I hope Sophia will not stop here and will give us more of her talent. Excellent work don't miss this one." - Kristina (19-Nov-2003)
"Fantastic looking just as her previous level - charming nicely textured and lit this overall is a pleasant experience in a fantastically structured castle and its grounds. No complaint in that area as I don't know how Sophia could top herself with an even more stunning environment. The gameplay has improved - in the way that there is one and that it follows a certain storyline what is great and I liked very much. It is not the standard & challenging gameplay many of us are used to but still very interesting and fun in a way. What I didn't like though was that usual pickups like flares and medipacks were essential for further progression also shooting the beds and vases or simply approaching fireplaces (like in the first bible room) was a bit too illogical for me but I liked the level all the same. There aren't many enemies but the 3 snowmen at the end are funny and original! Highly recommendable - even for small children!" - eTux (19-Nov-2003)